11 supermarket chains with senior discount

Everyone is looking for ways to save these days, and grocery shopping may be an option if you’re a senior. Many supermarkets across the country offer people over a certain age a percentage off their bill. Grocery stores typically choose one day a week, known as senior discount days, to extend this offer to their older customers. Discounts tend to range from 5-10% off your grocery bill or on certain items.​

Keep in mind that some major grocery chains, including Safeway and Giant, don’t have a company-wide senior day, but individual stores may give a discount, so it’s best to check. at your store. Veterans can also save on groceries, with some supermarkets offering similar discounts to people who served in the military. With that in mind, here’s a list of 11 grocery stores across the country that have implemented senior discount days.​


Pitches: Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas and other central and western states

Age for reduction: Varied

OK: The senior discount is available at select stores nationwide. Customers are encouraged to contact their store to confirm if there is a senior discount.​

2. Bashas

Pitches: Over 100 stores in Arizona

Age for reduction: 55+

OK: On the first Wednesday of each month, customers aged 55 and over receive a 10% discount on their purchase. Customers must use their thank you rewards card to receive the discount. Discount cannot be used for prescriptions, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, postage stamps, gift cards, Western Union, taxes, fuel, or lottery tickets.​

3. Brookshire Food and Pharmacy

Pitches: Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas

Age for reduction: 60+

OK: Every Tuesday and Thursday, customers 60 and over can save 5% on their grocery purchase when they use their Brookshire Thank You Card. Eligible adults must request the discount at checkout. The discount does not apply to milk and other dairy products or a host of other things including fuel, tobacco and prescription drugs.

Luz W. German