5 food products are recalled in Canada and one of them is due to the presence of glass

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency regularly maintains an up-to-date list of food recalls in Canada and several notifications have been issued recently.

In some of the recalls, the CFIA warns of undeclared allergens that can cause reactions in sensitive individuals.

For items contaminated with microbes or containing foreign matter, the agency advises not to “use, sell, serve or distribute” the affected products.

Stay safe, people!

Fresh Cheese Paneer

On August 4, a notification was issued for Mother Dairy brand Paneer fresh cheese. The item is being recalled due to the presence of “microbial contamination” in the form of E. generic coli.

The affected product was sold in Alberta.

Lasagna products

On July 29, a notification was issued for certain Vicentina Fine Foods Gourmet brand lasagna products due to the presence of undeclared eggs.

The affected products, listed below, were sold in Ontario:

  • Meat Lasagna
  • Meatless Lasagna
  • Pesto lasagna
  • Spinach and ricotta lasagna
  • Vegetable lasagna

Dill pickle flavored vodka

On July 28, a notification was issued for Sask Prairie brand dill flavored vodka due to “foreign matter” in the form of pieces of glass.

The affected product was sold in Ontario.

Some dark chocolate bars

Also on July 28, a food recall warning was issued for certain Groove Chocolate brand and Daniel Chocolates brand dark chocolate bars due to the undeclared presence of milk.

Products include:

  • Daniel Chocolates Dark chocolate 66% cocoa.
  • Groove Chocolate Dark Chocolate 66%.
  • Groove Chocolate 66% dark chocolate with sea salt.

For more information on affected products, including UPCs and codes, you can consult the CFIA list.

The products were sold online as well as in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario. They may also have been distributed nationally.

Asian Style Sesame Vinaigrette

On August 25, a notification was issued for Irresistibles brand Sesame Asian Style Dressing due to microbial contamination in the form of spoilage.

The dressing was sold in Ontario and Quebec and other details such as codes and UPCs are available in the listing.

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Luz W. German