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A short list of things prohibited by the NBA: Ninja headbands, tinted glasses, etc.


The NBA is a sports league that generally gives players the freedom to wear whatever they want, with many players entering games in trendy outfits. The same can be said for accessories on the field, and there are a lot of players who wear shooting sleeves and other things in order to help them on the field.

Despite this, there are still things that have been banned by the NBA. The league usually explains why they ban things, and there’s usually a pretty good reason for the decision. Basketball Instagram page dunk. recently posted a list of banned NBA items, which features items like tinted glasses and logo cuts.

Some of these decisions are quite straightforward. Dwyane Wade’s tinted glasses are mentioned as having been banned because people could not see his eyes, which Brian Windhorst said would give him a “competitive advantage”.

After a practice exam at league headquarters in Manhattan Thursday afternoon, the league rejected the shaded glasses Wade planned to wear against the Knicks. Officials determined there was too much of the dye and it would have given him a competitive advantage as opponents couldn’t see his eyes.

Cutting of the logo was prohibited because it was a non-NBA logo. The player featured on the dunk. pictured, in this case, is Iman Shumpert, who was ultimately forced to remove the logo from his hair. According to a Forbes article that quotes Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver, “commercial logos” were only allowed on shoes.

Displaying a company logo during games is indeed against NBA rules. Section 5 of Section H of the Detailed Comments section of the NBA rulebook, which governs “the conduct and dress of players / teams”, reads: “The only item bearing a” logo “commercial that can be worn by players is their shoes.”

The forbidden chains seem pretty straightforward. While chains can be a great fashion statement, they appear to have the potential to cause a neck injury as mentioned in the post.

Headbands inside out may not seem like a big deal, but in 2010 the NBA made sure to prevent players from wearing them inside out, even including it in their uniform rules.

While these are all items on the Instagram post’s list, there are certainly other things the NBA has banned. In 2019, the NBA decided to ban the ninja headbands which were popular among gamers. In explaining why players were not allowed to wear these headbands, the NBA said the ninja headbands had not “passed the league approval process” and that “the teams had raised concerns about Security”.

There was also the Dennis Rodman No.69 shirt case. Despite Rodman’s attempt to wear it, the NBA quickly banned it, likely because of the implications behind the number. Mark Cuban, however, keeps a copy of this jersey in his office. So far, no NBA player has worn a jersey with this number.

It remains to be seen if the NBA will take more action to ban certain things in the future. They usually don’t do this frequently, but you never know what will be the next thing that catches their attention.

Most of the NBA’s concerns about banned items usually stem from safety concerns or the desire to maintain a good image. You can’t really fault the NBA for being careful about these things, even though some of the bans seem a little weird.