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All-New JTF Discounted Home, DIY & Food Mega-Store to Open in Hull Very Soon


A brand new mega discount store with everything you need will be opening in Hull very soon.

The former Halfords unit in Clough Road will transform into a JTF Mega Discount Warehouse in October.

Bargain hunters will be happy to hear that the store will provide home, craft, food, drink, cleaning, pet, garden, and even Christmas items.

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The new JTF store will be based in the former Halfords unit, Clough Road

JTF has stores in other parts of the UK – with Leeds and Lincoln currently the closest outlets to Hull.

But now, customers who want these discounts will be able to get them in town in just a few weeks.

Although no fixed date has been confirmed, a JTF spokesperson confirmed that the store “will be launched within the next two weeks.”

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A spokesperson for JTF Mega Discount Warehouses said, “We are excited to open a new store in Hull as we have wanted to do so for some time.

“We think Hull is a perfect demographic for us.

“We are excited about this new store because the premises and location are excellent and exactly what we were looking for.”

The new store will create around 30 jobs specifically for the inhabitants of the region.

The applications are open now, and for more information about the store click on here.

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