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Amazon Buyers Love Hoki Found Silicone Pet Feeding Mat


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Whether you’re a new or seasoned pet owner, it’s no secret that pets and hardwood floors don’t mix. If you’ve got a messy eater on your hands, Amazon shoppers have found an affordable solution in the Hoki Found Silicone Pet Feeding Mat, which many have praised for protecting their floors from crumbs, spills and more.

Thanks to its water-resistant silicone material, the premium mat contains spills and mess in its frame. It has a gripping effect on food and water bowls for avoid spills from your “sloppy drinkers”. Plus, the mat rolls up easily when mealtime is over, or if you want to have it handy when you’re on the go. It comes in five sizes and multiple colors to suit your space and your pet’s needs.

Buy it! Hoki Found Silicone Pet Feeding Mat, $ 17.99; amazon.com

In their reviews, Amazon buyers said they Buy this product again in the blink of an eye ″ over its absorbent counterparts. Several also said that its durable material was strong enough to withstand the scratches and chewing of pets, and it didn’t budge no matter how hard their pet tried.

“This is the best pet placemat. I have six other placemats and after purchasing one I am replacing them all with this mat. ” a customer raved. “[It’s] easy to clean [and] does not need to be put in the washer like fabric rugs do. The material doesn’t slip no matter what you put it on. I have them on tile, hardwood and carpet. You can’t find a better rug, especially at this price. ”

For reviewers with multiple pets, it provides broad coverage. “I have two filtered fountains for my three cats and one of them loves to play the game ‘spill water on new floors'” another client wrote. “We agreed that walking in a lake of water as we got up to work at 5 am had to stop. We got them and they work perfectly.”

And best of all, the rug makes cleaning easy. “This lightweight silicone mat is perfect for pets who bulldozed their dishes all around the floor like my cats are known to do.” an appraiser has vouched for. “Now I just have to deal with the meat thrown on the carpet; what can I say, my cats don’t have good feline eating manners.”

No pets? No problem! Amazon buyers have also found the mat useful in cleaning up human messes. In fact, the same use it as a tampon between their midnight snacks and their glass bedside table: “It’s hard to clean the juice between the glass and the wood, you have to remove the glass.” Now I don’t have to do it anymore. ”