Arcadia Earth presents HoloLens | Times Square Chronicles

HoloLens are augmented reality smart glasses that engage visitors on a journey to planet Earth, with an ethereal orb as a guide to learning and action.

Rolling out this month, Arcadia Earth will be the first immersive environmental art exhibit to use HoloLens, Microsoft’s augmented reality headset that allows users to introduce interactive holograms into their real-world experience. Users activate the world around them by looking in the direction of the holograms they see, bringing them to life and unlocking hidden gems, environmental facts and realistic animations. The exhibit is a great way for families and friends to immerse themselves in new visions of our planet and give back to affiliated environmental organizations.

Arcadia Earth is a large-scale, multi-sensory journey through underwater worlds, fantasy lands, through inspiring art installations. Powered by augmented reality, virtual reality, map projection, and interactive environments, you’ll learn how small lifestyle changes can have a massive impact on the future of our planet. This next-generation art exhibit, designed to spark the conversation around today’s most pressing environmental issues, is the first augmented reality journey across planet Earth.

Arcadia Earth is located at 718 Broadway near Washington Place.

Luz W. German