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Art-centric couple hand-transformed their Miami apartment around 1980


The two-bedroom oasis of Mahtani and Fuchs is a beautiful, highly organized collection of the pieces they have amassed on travels around the world. Mahtani said with a chuckle, “I’m a metaphysical and nerdy person, and I walk around all day saying how lucky we are to have been in so many places, to have tasted so many flavors. and met so many people. “

Some of the items they have recovered include ceramic pots in the shape of female icons Iris Apfel and Frida Kahlo by a Brooklyn-based potter. Misty mae, a three-dimensional canvas covered with colorful spiky bulbs by a Mexican artist Sharon Berebichez, and a large-scale cartoon-like portrait of a cow the couple literally bought on their way to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, among other pieces stacked on shelves and hung on the walls of the ‘apartment.

After Fuchs stripped the original floors, one of the couple’s beagles, Georgie (named Georgia O’Keefe), climbed onto a vintage Cherner chair.

Photo: Michou Mahtani

Fuchs removes the last of the original tiled floors before laying huge 30-by-60-inch ones.

Photo: Michou Mahtani

For Fuchs, however, traveling is a double adventure as he manufactures his goods in India, China, France and Egypt, among other countries. “We like to walk around each factory and meet and get to know the artisans,” he notes. Some of these makers are in Murano, Italy where they hand-blow the colorful colors of Fuchs drinking glasses with artistic details – lavender-colored discs fused to the body of the glasses, diagonal green and yellow stripes and a thin layer of 24k gold leaf – that give the cups a candy look. He also designs funky Murano light fixtures, including the chandelier which features strands of black, amber, gray, and white glass balls that hang above the rustic farmhouse table for 12 in the couple’s dining room.

The same textured Barbarossa leather wallpaper that greets guests in the hallway wraps around the living room wall, giving it a moody and glamorous feel. The lamps, all designed by Fuchs, and the pair of antique Chinese cabinets, bring out the darker tones of the wallpaper and the lighter tones of the tiling that Fuchs himself laid.

Photo: Josue Acosta and Michael Stavaridis

Brilliant pieces that could almost double as art work masterfully in the couple’s eclectic, layered home. Interiors are a delicate balance between unique decor and things Fuchs has done himself, such as stripping floors, painting bathroom and guest bedroom walls, installing closets, and replacing bedroom doors. kitchen cabinets.

Fuchs painted his master bathroom design on a piece of paper before translating it to the walls.

Photo: Michou Mahtani

After Fuchs and Mahtani agreed on the palette and pattern design, Fuchs took some brushes and acrylics and painted the entire bathroom.

Photo: Michou Mahtani

Mahtani says, “I really believe in creating a framework to showcase Thomas’ work,” some of which, of course, include his own work. In the master bathroom, for example, Fuchs had a plan for the plain white walls, which now sport his serene watercolor design. Before applying his pattern to the wall, however, he traced it on a piece of paper to make sure he and Mahtani would be happy with it. After both giving the go-ahead, Fuchs spent an entire day recreating his art on the walls with a brush and a few acrylics. And, in the guest bedroom, Fuchs painted all but one of the walls lacquered green, creating the perfect backdrop for the couple’s incredible and extensive collection of dog paintings, which Fuchs has arranged and hung.

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