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Ashford Lidl: Resident raises traffic concerns over plans for new discount supermarket


A resident has expressed concern about traffic around the site of a future Surrey Lidl.

Lidl recently announced that it has obtained a building permit for a new store in the Ashford area as part of an expansion – the supermarket giant announced in June 2020 that it plans to open 28 stores in across Surrey.

While many branches, including branches on Woodbridge Road in Guildford and Upper High Street in Epsom, have already opened, the location of the new Ashford branch will be on the site of the old sales warehouse at Hitchcock and King detail on Stanwell Road, near Ashford station.

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But residents worried what that might mean for traffic.

A resident writes to Surreylive in response to the news, said the Ashford area could benefit from a large, low-cost supermarket, but not on this site.

Jo McLuskey said: “This is not a suitable site for a busy supermarket, mainly because the limited visibility makes access too dangerous. the site until the very last minute.

“If an alternate access road were to be constructed from Church Road, the same issue would apply, with oncoming traffic being hidden from view by the other humpback bridge.

“The roads in this area are already very busy, and the extra traffic drawn into a supermarket would cause unacceptable traffic jams and more pollution through which students at Thomas Knyvett College and St James’s Boys School would have to walk every day.”

Others were more in favor of a budget supermarket. Write on the Surreylive Development Facebook page, Rob Davis says, “You’ll be happy to know that without Aldi or Lidl, your weekly groceries at the supermarket would make more money. It is thanks to them that the prices are kept as low as them. may be in the industry.

Responses, overall, were largely positive – from a community consultation exercise that saw 253 response forms completed, 88% of respondents showed support for the proposals, with 9% against and 3% unsure. .

Messages supporting the proposals praised him for the creation of local jobs, the convenience for residents (Staines or Feltham are the nearest Lidl branches) and the potential increase in trade to Ashford, after a difficult year for many city centers.

In addition to traffic problems, the community consultation saw opponents claim there was a minimum requirement for more supermarket supply.

Although Lidl did not respond to a request for comment, a local advisor previously told SurreyLive that Lidl has made plans for road access around the site.

Cllr Olivia Rybinski, a local councilor for United Spelthorne, told SurreyLive last month: “I’m sure residents will be delighted to hear that we will have a Lidl near Main Street. Although there are entry and exit issues, Lidl has plans in place to ensure that there will be safe access to and from the site.

Surreylive first reported that Lidl submitted a planning request to Ashford in August 2020, with a Lidl spokesperson explaining at the time that this would involve a multi-million pound investment in the region – Lidl GB recently increased employee salaries, making it the highest-paying supermarket in the country.

The Access and Design Statement prepared on behalf of Lidl GB states: “The proposals represent a significant financial commitment to the region on the part of the applicant, who expects the store to function well, provide valuable local jobs. and increased economic activity. “

An access and design statement prepared on behalf of Lidl GB, dated November 10, explains that the application site is approximately 2.7 acres and will have 141 parking spaces for customers, including eight disabled blue badges, nine parents and children, and two with access to a fast charging station for electric vehicles.

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