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Authorization request for the new REIDsteel factory in Christchurch


PLANS have been submitted for a new factory and a new space for the construction company REIDsteel.

The company has been granted permission to demolish the existing buildings of the former Peeks Party and Monkey Madness store on Reid Street.

A design and access statement submitted with the request read: “As a result of continued expansion REIDsteel is on the verge of becoming too large for its current facilities, they are operating at the maximum power that the current site can handle, which limits future growth and development.

“From an operational point of view, the current site also presents significant challenges, it is impossible to completely separate the operational heavy truck traffic from the pedestrian routes, as workers move between separate buildings. Large steel components are involved in multiple paths between processes, which increases risk and requires careful management to ensure high levels of health and safety.

“In order to realize the company’s ambitions as a leader in steel construction products, REIDsteel recognizes the need to bring all manufacturing processes together under one roof. A new installation will resolve the issues described above. And the new building should also serve as a showcase for products manufactured by REIDsteel.

The statement said the layout of the new facility has yet to be fully settled and determined as the company reviewed its work processes.

He added, “The plant layout sees the main area of ​​the plant being in the central workshop, with the linear processes running from south to north. Large gantry cranes will run the length of the plant.

“The smaller manufacturing, warehouses and maintenance areas are distributed around the remaining internal volume, the final layout is always subject to change but based on the required safety margins between spaces, and including for dedicated pedestrian routes between processes, we know the footprint area of ​​the manufacturing facility is sufficient to accommodate them.

“The wellness facilities are located between the manufacturing and office buildings, these central resources for all members of REIDsteel.

“They are sized and arranged to allow for breaks, rest, refreshments and also offer sufficient flexibility to be used as a space for staff training and corporate meetings.

“The office was designed around the complex connections between different departments and their individual needs.

“Careful consideration of the location of the open plan offices versus the smaller private cellular spaces also influenced the layout.

“Above the office, a roof terrace offers other outdoor amenities, in a more secluded and private location, away from the hustle and bustle of the ground floor and service yard.