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“Barter system”: Internet users are amused by a monkey who keeps the man’s glasses on until he hands over a box of juice


A hilarious video of a man negotiating with a monkey after the animal took away a pair of glasses amused internet users after it went viral on social media. “Clever, Ek haath do, Ek haath lo. (Give with one hand, take with the other), ”IPS officer Rupin Sharma tweeted as he shared the clip featuring the two’s brief interaction.

In the 10-second clip, which has garnered more than 25,000 views, the monkey is seen sitting on top of a caged structure, a pair of glasses in hand. Below, a man tries to hand a box of juice to the animal in an attempt to retrieve the glasses.

While the monkey at first seems reluctant to return the glasses, he eventually gives them to the man after accepting the box of juice.

Watch the video here:

The post was met with several funny reactions online. Many have pointed out that they too have faced similar situations, especially in temples. “I had to face a similar situation at the Jakhu temple in Shimla. A monkey also (k) took my glasses away and I had to haggle over a bundle of roasted channe, ”one user tweeted.

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