BarTrack Launches “Bean to Glass” Draft Beer Education Series

Inventory management and data technology company BarTrack announces the launch of “Grain to Glass,” a free nine-part series blending draft line quality and beer education with actionable training and best practices. From Grain to Glass offers training courses for the beer industry that will help brewery, restaurant and venue staff improve the quality of draft beer.

Hosted by Brewery Educator Josh Lindsay, Draft Systems and Solutions Technician, Advanced Cicerone® and Certified Cider Professional™, the From Grain to Glass series takes hospitality teams on an educational journey, sharing important best practices and troubleshooting on the topics most relevant to quality beer, including line cleanliness, temperature, pressure, and even pour technique. The first modules in the series, including the introductory video discussing the importance of quality of draft beer, are available now, and new modules will be available every month.

“With the right education and the right resources, it’s possible that every pint will be as good at the local bar as it is straight out of the brewery tank,” says Brett Danielson, co-founder and CEO of BarTrack. “We are thrilled to partner with Josh on this educational series, as we share a passion for the industry and want to improve beer quality for the benefit of breweries and beer lovers.”

Brewery and hospitality teams of all sizes will find value in the series. Topics focus on empowering frontline staff through educational training videos that include practical steps to maintain draft quality, ensure beer is delivered as expected, and ways to avoid beer foam, thereby improving profitability and brand perception.

“As the only quality-focused draft monitoring system in the world, BarTrack is a leader in the industry and its team of experts is extremely knowledgeable. Their dedication to improving beer quality is one of the reasons I decided to partner with BarTrack for this series,” says Lindsay. “Brewers can share the From Grain to Glass library with their retail partners and internal teams to ensure the best drinking experience wherever their beer is enjoyed.”

Grain to Glass is brought to you by BarTrack, the innovative team behind the industry’s first beverage sensor that monitors nearly a dozen beer-specific variables and has no moving parts or obstructions. BarTrack makes it easy to manage a program project by producing detailed real-time reports on flow and drum levels, line temperature, pressure, chiller health, line cleanliness, and more. giving brewery and hospitality teams the ability to automate inventory management and identify causes of waste. BarTrack combines this powerful data with a team of experienced consultants who work to ensure quality drafts alongside its hotel partners.

“We are publishing the From Grain to Glass series to help educate our industry on the importance of quality draft beer, not only for customer happiness, but also for maximizing profitability,” says Danielson. “We often find that waste occurs because the lines are not maintained consistently, or the temperature and pressure cause a lot of problems and foamy beer. Armed with the right troubleshooting training, brewery teams can make small changes and have a big impact on quality. »

The first two installments of the From Grain to Glass series are now available on Youtube. Sign up for the BarTrack newsletter to receive updates when new videos drop on the Grain to Glass website.

About BarTrack

Founded in 2018, BarTrack is a hospitality company that has revolutionized the way bars, breweries, restaurants and stadiums manage their inventory and eliminate costly waste. BarTrack’s flagship offering is a first non-intrusive beverage sensor technology platform with no moving parts. The company’s sensors and web-based software enable better inventory management and improved draft system diagnostics by monitoring a dozen beverage-specific variables. This, combined with POS integration, provides a comprehensive view of the causes and impact of waste on the bottom line.

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