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August 3, 2022



The crew hopes to reopen in more central premises.

Bristol record store Idle Hands is closing its store, currently located in City Road.

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Owner Chris Farrell decided not to renew the current lease, noting that the COVID-19 Christmas wave in the UK, as well as Brexit, had heavily impacted the store.

However, he hopes to move the store to more central premises, with a “new strategy to make the business more sustainable”.

He launched a crowdfunding campaign to help defray both the moving costs, as well as the financial hit of the closure.

“Any money raised will reduce ongoing costs. These costs include: storing stock while finding a new location and ongoing overhead costs that would normally be covered by store revenue,” he explains.

“In the unlikely event that a new location cannot be found, the funds will be used to terminate the activity.”

Visit Crowdfunder for more information and to donate.

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