Can you wear white after Labor Day? These Long Islanders show you how

It’s a familiar story: you can’t wear white after Labor Day (unless you get married, of course). The fashion “rule” is said to date back to the 19th century, when it was created to distinguish the wealthy. And while widely respected, even today, that executive order isn’t exactly set in stone for many Long Islanders.

“I wear white all year round and my mother-in-law likes to remind me that Labor Day is over, but white is never over for my wardrobe,” says Kathleen Newman Bennetter, 47, president of the fashion and lifestyle consulting group NewmKat PR. .

Fun platform sneakers and jackets like these from TandyWear at Commack, in white, of course, can keep some summery fun in your wardrobe well into the fall.
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Luckily, there are ways to incorporate white into your attire without completely neglecting the color for much of the calendar year. The key? Stick to one white item at a time.

Regarding Newman Bennetter’s own design philosophy, she says, “In the fall, I wear white or off-white Bermuda shorts with a chunky knit or tweed blazer, and it looks fresh and modern. For winter, I like the all-white look and use different shades of white.”

Adds Newman Bennetter, of Garden City, “At Christmas, I wore an off-white satin bias skirt with an oatmeal sequin collar cardigan and black Carolina Herrera heels.”


Many Long Island boutique owners also wear white after Labor Day. Malik Dupri Morris, 27, owner of the Malik Dupri clothing store at Roosevelt Field Mall, says he’s always interpreted the saying as, “Don’t wear white pants after Labor Day.”

“I knew it was a thing, but I never really wondered why,” he says. “Growing up as a Jamaican man, let me tell you, ‘white pants were a staple,’ he adds. “Honestly, I feel like if you want to rock them, go for it. Don’t listen to anyone telling you what you can or can’t do. Just make sure your form is on fire.”

Morris recommends turning to accessories when looking to incorporate a subtle pop of white into a fall look. “At the end of the day, I feel like fashion in New York is so diverse, so adding bold, seasonal colors tends to enhance the vibe of your outfit. Some of our sunglasses white accents any outfit, so we can just add them to top it all off.

Alex Christian Maccaro, 33, a conservation researcher at the Nassau County Museum of Art in Oyster Bay, says he limits white clothing to dress shirts or T-shirts. “I’m more subtle with my fall fashion choices.”

Madison Mckean, 23, from Nesconset, says she too continues to wear white all year round, although she follows her own rules.

“It’s easy to tell the difference between the whites that are okay to wear after Labor Day and those that aren’t,” she explains. if the answer is yes, that means it’s probably not a good choice after Labor Day.

This means focusing on the clothing material at hand. “When I dress in white for fall, I usually choose heavier white pieces,” Mckean says. “I prefer comfy white sweaters and love when it’s cold enough to wear one with my favorite jeans. I also have a favorite white scarf/beanie set that I wear when it’s really cold.


Tandy Jeckel, owner of clothing store TandyWear in Commack, suggests some tips to keep in mind when it comes to wearing white after summer.

1: “Pay attention to the fabric. Heavier materials go perfectly with jackets and sweaters.

2: “Remember: When it comes to style, white is a shade, not a color…many variations of whites and creamier whites – like ivories and winter whites – are easier to mix with warm fall/winter colors.”

3: “We say when creating your look, keep the whites on your body in your clothing selections. Save white accessories – like shoes, handbags and jewelry – for your summer wardrobe.

Luz W. German