Car break-ins near Billings West cause frustration

BILLINGS – Friday didn’t get off to a great start for Nadia Stryker.

“I went downstairs and the whole window was smashed and there was a hammer sitting right here on the dashboard,” she said.

Someone had broken into his brand new Jeep which was parked on the street in front of Billings West High.

This is not the first time she has been the victim of a car break-in since moving into the apartments. She says it has happened twice already.

“I had glass all over my car and in my kids’ back seats,” she says.

The thief fled with Nadia’s wallet with her debit card inside but left everything else behind.

“Around eight o’clock we started getting emails saying our card was being used at Wal-Mart. So that was great,” she says.

She’s not the only one feeling the frustration of having her car broken into. Nick Kravitz is in Montana on a hunting trip and had been staying with a friend to find his truck – parked near Nadia’s Jeep – also had smashed windows.

“Thank goodness I took my bow, camera and wallet inside and my camera bag, but I still had a few lenses here and they took all my civilian clothes. They took two of my lenses. They took my drone. They took my binoculars. I reckon it’s about seven thousand dollars worth of stuff. How frustrating and infuriating is that? It’s truly sad. It makes me sick that people can steal. It really is a kick in the knees,” he says.

Police said they received reports of several cars being broken into in the same area overnight.

Luz W. German