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Chelmsley Wood revamp: Lidl or Aldi-style discount store, nightlife and 100 homes among foregrounds


A major Chelmsley Wood town center transformation project has reached an important milestone.

Cabinet members of Solihull Council have given the go-ahead for a public consultation on preliminary plans for the first phase of a Chelmsley Wood master plan to improve the town centre.

It focuses on redevelopment of the neglected northwest corner, where the police station, Job Center and former library site are located.

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A discount food store, which could potentially be a Lidl or Aldi style retailer, a new town square, up to 120 new homes, offices, an improved selection of shops and bars, and leisure venues and entertainment to create a nocturnal economy are among the first proposals put forward by Solihull Council.

The council’s report reads: “Chelmsley Wood town center requires investment to ensure it remains strong and vibrant and to provide high quality services to residents and visitors and remains a important source of local jobs.

“The proposals presented for public consultation attempt to strike the delicate balance between development that is transformational and ambitious, but also realistically deliverable.”

The report also refers to the need to retain Chelmsley Wood Police Station in the town centre, either in its current building or in a new or renovated site nearby.

Any proposed redevelopment of the northwest corner should also first provide a replacement home for the Job Centre.

According to the report, it could be part of a new “public sector centre”.

The council has identified a need for a 25,000 square foot discount food retail store, as well as a potential of up to 15,000 square feet of retail space, including food and drinks.

A new connection would be established between the new town square and the existing shopping district.

There is also talk of diversifying the “retail focus from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.” by introducing residential and leisure spaces to help create a night economy.

Chelmsley Wood Police Station

The program could see the redevelopment of vacant sites like the former library space, which is currently used as a car park, as well as underused plots such as the area around the police station and the DWP office.

Council leader Conservative Councilor Ian Courts said the vote to go ahead with a public consultation was a “big step forward”, but he admitted the project was “difficult”.

“This is another major project, alongside the redevelopment of Kingshurst, which could create new opportunities for people in the north of our borough and follows Asda’s successful investment in the centre,” said Clr Courts.

“The aim of this work is to ensure that Chelmsley Wood town center continues to thrive and meet the needs of the local community.

“We know from talking to local residents and shoppers that they would like to see a better selection of shops and bars as well as other leisure and entertainment venues.

“There is also a desire for a community hub, more green spaces and an improved public realm. In addition to better bus services, people also want better pedestrian safety.

“It’s a long list, but addressing these issues is central to our thinking.

“It will take several years to deliver as this is a challenging project, but we will work closely with stakeholders and landowners to deliver the right solution to local residents.

“At Thursday’s meeting, we approved the next phase of consultation around the northwest quarter of the city, which will help us come up with a series of options for redevelopment.

“With this feedback, we can better understand the implications of the various options and begin to craft a workable master plan.”

The consultation is expected to run from mid-February to the end of March this year.