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Dairy maker Sapins targets 100 biz crore, launches new products


Sapins, one of the leading dairy manufacturers in Kerala, has set a target of reaching 100 crore in 2022-2023 through the launch of new products.

The company also plans to launch flavored yogurts, milk drinks and ice cream in 2022, said Gigi Thomas, chief executive of Sapins Farm Products.

It unveiled a new corporate identity sporting a young and fresh look and launched a bunch of new products in new packaging designs. The new visual identity and new products were launched by filmmaker Anu Sithara, Sapins brand ambassador.

New products launched include milk in recyclable glass bottles, jarred curd, salted and unsalted table butter, fresh Malai paneer, pradhaman palada and Danedar cow ghee.

Gigi Thomas said that the new products are introduced in accordance with the ever changing demands of the market. Milk in recyclable glass bottles is our giant step towards a clean environment as sour milk is launched to meet the growing demand of the new generation.

Along with the new products and the new look, the brand has also launched social and environmental initiatives. The company has increased the number of women employed at all levels. Even earlier our ratio was in favor of women at 60:40 and now it has even exceeded 70:30 with more hiring in production, sales, customer service, administration and HR.

Sapins Dairy has been operational since 2010. The company set up its main factory in Kizhakambalam near Kochi in 2014 to process 50,000 liters of milk per day. The unit has the most modern production lines with separate capacities for curd, ghee, paneer and butter and four milk variants. Fir trees also adopted a group of villages around Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu.

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