Davina India and the birth of 3D digital fashion

Davina India and the birth of 3D digital fashion

Mihaela Manova, The Miami Student

Let’s talk about digital fashion.

From CGI influencers like Lil Miquela to brands like Danit Peleg who create 3D printed clothing, fashion is evolving. But now a new artist has caught the attention of the public. Her name is Davina India, because many people have known her since a viral tweet presenting its futuristic chrome clothes and accessories rendered in 3D.

India is an artist and a leader in the evolution of futuristic fashion. She began to create pieces of her own imagination, using materials and textures from the world of graphic design to create her work. With digital fashion being a world of endless opportunities, India has created pieces ranging from accessories like sunglasses to shoes and even dresses.

According to WeTheCool Magazine, as a self-taught 3D fashion designer India started to take an interest in fashion by making shoes and accessories out of paper. She then went on to study fashion design in Germany, obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

After graduation, India discovered 3D modeling programs and started to experiment. During her studies, India liked avant-garde silhouettes that you couldn’t do in real life. She is inspired by nature with its colors and variety of species, while being strongly influenced by science fiction. She likes to use chrome and glass textures, generally moving away from the serpentine tendril pieces.

During her design process, India relies on music to put herself in the zone. From artists like Grimes or Gesaffelstein, she lets music inspire her work, often making models immediately after they come to mind.

In the future, India hopes to collaborate with musical artists for album covers. In the next steps for her brand, the designer is also interested in the production and transformation of her designs into real clothes through 3D printing.

Currently, the University of Miami offers free 3D modeling software and tutorials open to any student. When selecting a program on the Autodesk website, Miami students are entitled to a free one-year pass for any software.

India’s work is completely digital – these clothes don’t exist in real life. But the designer believes this approach is innovative and realistic in the age of virtual reality.

During an interview for VisualAtelier8, India spoke about the importance of her work in the field of 3D design and the current fashion industry. With the sustainability debates and the rise of fast fashion brands like SHEIN, India considers its work to be one of the most enduring.

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“3D and virtual reality are the future,” she said in an interview with VisualAtelier8, “and we are about to enter a world where we make the impossible possible.”

According to The Verge, India is right. Gucci has released virtual luxury shoes that can be purchased through their app. The lime green and fuchsia sneakers are designed by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele and feature the “GC” logo.

These virtual sneakers are titled The Gucci Virtual 25 and can be worn in augmented reality (AR) or in apps like Roblox and VRChat. This virtual pair can be purchased for $ 12.99 (in the Gucci app) or $ 8.99 in the Wanna Kicks AR app.

In the future, the fashion world expects a new kind of fashion designer. As they can adapt through the virtual reality of social media, their collections will prevail in pieces that no one else has created in the real world.

As a rapidly changing society, we are constantly consumers of new trends and influences. Will this be the most sustainable form of fashion? India thinks so.

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