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The location will remain closed until or unless its last quote is cleared.

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This article is based on company publications and accredited media reports. Information linked in this article is attributed to the following outlets: The US Department of Labor and


I’ve written extensively on the Dollar General channel for NewsBreak. Two of my articles particularly relevant to this article are “Plans For Dollar General Closings in 2022” from May 4 and “Dollar General Location Unexpectedly Closing” from October 20.

The company tends to permanently close stores without extended notice, usually for strategic reasons. Occasionally, however, such as with store location that we will discuss in this article, other reasons, including quotes, cause the problem. More often than not, quoted stores reopen once said quotes are cleared. In other cases, they remain closed in the event of a dispute.

On October 22, NewsBreak published, “U.S. government cites general dollar for multiple security breaches. Are there any closures planned? my article which also directly addresses the issues presented here.

As an excerpt from the article: According to an Oct. 17 report from the U.S. Department of Labor, in an urgent press release titled “Update: Inspections find general dollar continues to disparage safety as violations, penalties pile up for blocked exits , hazardous storage areas,” the financial penalties the company faces this year are currently approaching nearly $1.7 million, and since 2017 nearly $10 million.

The U.S. Department of Labor statement went on to state: Dollar General Corp. and Dolgencorp LLC — operator of more than 18,000 Dollar General discount stores in 47 states — again ignored federal workplace safety standards, this time identified during inspections at four locations in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. The company faces $1,682,302 in proposed penalties after those inspections, part of the more than $9.6 million in total initial penalties the company has received since 2017.

Now comes word of another location unable to reopen due to a recent citation that has yet to be cleared.

Let’s explore further.

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According to an Oct. 18 article from, a local North Carolina outlet, the recent quote is causing consternation on behalf of the store’s consumers.

The article “Local Dollar General Closed for Sprinkler Maintenance Non-Compliance” states: Deputy Fire Marshal Robert Bishop temporarily closed the Dollar General at Rutherford College on Monday after he failed to complete annual maintenance on his fire sprinkler system after being warned the inspection was in late Oct. 6, according to information from Bishop. He had warned the store it would be closed during an inspection on October 6, and store management and staff were also notified of the violation during inspections on August 29 and July 28, according to Bishop’s information. That location will remain closed until its fire sprinkler system has been repaired, Bishop said.

No reopening is planned at this time.


As this Dollar General location is expected to largely reopen once the quote is cleared, especially given the clearing of past quotes, it will nonetheless remain closed until then.

As always, if there are any relevant updates, I’ll share them here on NewsBreak.

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