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Double Weapon Little Girl Video Seen Over 2 Million Times


Viral video footage of a seven-year-old girl firing two guns simultaneously has sparked an online debate over gun safety and Second Amendment rights.

In a clip posted to Twitter by LiVe2DaNceATL, a child named Autumn Fry can be seen firing two pistols, one in each hand, at an offscreen target.

Autumn Fry, who wears headphones and goggles in the video, then stops to check if one of the guns is empty before throwing it to the ground.

She then continues to fire the remaining weapon until she also runs out of bullets. Once the shot is over, she turns to the camera and smiles.

“Say whatever you want, but she won’t be anyone’s victim,” read a caption accompanying LiVe2DaNceATL’s tweet.

The video has been viewed over 2.3 million times at the time of writing, garnering over 1,500 retweets and 6,475 likes in the process.

It comes from Autumn’s Armory, a content center focused on images and videos of Autumn Fry using guns.

The channel currently has 158,000 subscribers on YouTube and another 43,000 on Instagram, posted under the handle autumns_armory.

Autumn Fry’s dad, Randy Fry, said News week: “We created the YouTube channel because Autumn is an amazing little girl who is both a lover of guns and a pro at handling them.”

“She has been shooting since she was very young,” he added. “The channel needs to show the world that some children are capable of much more than we expect.”

Randy Fry said the channel showed that “with the proper handling of guns, they don’t necessarily have to be something to fear or to hide”.

“The people of Autumn’s age are the future of guns in America, and we hope that when others see what Autumn can do, they will be inspired to at least give it a try themselves.”

Fall Armory Currently has 76 videos listed on YouTube, including clips of her testing everything from Ruger Blackhawk 10mm revolvers to AR-15 style rifles while her father films and comments on her efforts.

The images in the viral Twitter post are from a video Autumn’s Armory posted on another video-sharing platform, Odyssey.

It was released last year as a result of a review of a Kel Tec P17 pistol. According to the clip, Autumn was 7 at the time.

The video is not available to watch on his YouTube channel.

In a previous Instagram post, Autumn’s Armory said he’s been banned from YouTube multiple times for content violation and urged fans to watch more of their videos on Odysee.

This particular clip has caused a stir since it was posted on Twitter, with some expressing support for the actions seen in the video.

Jakejakestorm described her as “an example of how to raise a strong, independent and confident woman”.

WhatsATomato commented: “Well done! My son shot rifles when he was 9 years old. Now at 11 he easily hits targets 1.5 km away.” Real61311501, meanwhile, suggested the girl “seems to know more about gun safety than most adults.”

Others, however, expressed dismay at the images.

“I’m all for the 2nd Amendment, but stuff like this is just an annoyance,” KnobberSlocker wrote. “Teach children to respect firearms and gun safety. It is just nonsense and sends the wrong message. MichelMiron6 also warned that the girl “would probably accidentally kill her mother or her little brother or sister”, adding that “children should not play with guns”.

Bearright8, meanwhile, added, “I wouldn’t throw a gun on the ground. Do it too often or hit the wrong rock and she’ll be disarmed.” AlexHadwen was also very critical of the video, presenting it as an example of “why gun violence is rampant”.

“I wonder why a civilian should have access to anything other than shotguns and shotguns, everything going on here is the continuation of a big problem in American culture,” he said. .

Besides a strong social media presence, Autumn’s Armory also has an online store, hosted on the Bonfire website, offering t-shirts and other items with images of assault rifles, Autumn Fry and unicorns holding firearms.

A still image from a video posted by Autumn’s Armory of a young girl shooting two guns.
Fall Armory / YouTube