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Dubai hotel breaks world record, erects 54,740 glass pyramid


The Palm Hotels and Moet and Chandon Vineyard in Dubai entered the New Year by breaking the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the erection of the world’s largest drinking glass pyramid of 54,740 glasses on December 30 2021. The record to beat was 50,116 glasses.

Photographs of the towering structure were shared on Instagram by Atlantis, The Palm. With glasses stacked on top of each other, the pyramid looks stunning in the glitzy photos shared online. They also shared the video of a GWR official handing over the certificate.

See the pictures :

“The record to beat is 50,116 glasses. So with a total of 54,740 glasses from Atlantis, The Palm Limited was successful, ”the GWR official said in the video.

“It was a sturdy free-standing three-sided pyramid made from commercially available drinking glasses. Each of the pyramid’s three bases measured 6.1m (20ft) with a center height to the top of 8.2m (26ft 11in), ”Guinness World Record confirmed on its website.

“All eyes were on this towering structure as we officially broke the Guinness World Record for ‘Largest Drinking Glass Pyramid’ in partnership with @moetchandon and Luuk Broos events. It took 54,740 glass cups and over 55 hours of work to create this 8.23-meter-high tower, ”Atlantis, The Palm wrote on Instagram.

“After what has been a difficult year for all of us, it is a pleasure to be here today to drink a toast into 2022,” said Timothy Kelly, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Atlantis Resorts and Residences in a press release cited by Travel and leisure.

“The Champagne Tower has traditionally been a beacon of greatness and bounty and we would like to toast a New Year filled with both in abundance,” Kelly added.

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