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Eight Washington-themed costumes to wear for Halloween this year


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It’s officially October, it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume! Sure, you could go for an old watch, but why not pay homage to some of this year’s news? Washington has been the backdrop for many costume-worthy events and characters, making it the perfect inspiration for a spooky season. Here are eight ideas.

Bernie Sanders Grand Opening

The Vermont senator donned a casual look for the dedication ceremony, instantly becoming the viral meme of the day. And yes, her ensemble has already turned into a “sexy Bernie Sanders” costume.

What do you need: Brown rain jacket, comfortable woolen mittens and disposable mask.

Bonus points: Sit in a chair all night long with your arms crossed. Don’t talk to anyone.

Zebras on the run

There is no such thing as the perfect group costume… Gather a team of five friends to pay tribute to the zebras that broke free in Upper Marlboro, capturing our hearts in the process.

What do you need: Black and white striped outfits, animal ears and an indomitable spirit.

Bonus points: Leave the Halloween party without saying goodbye, then quit the network for a month (and it’s not over).

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Space Cowboy Jeff Bezos

The owner of the Washington post took a 10-minute trip to space in July with his rocket company, Blue Origin. The Amazon founder inexplicably donned a cowboy hat before and after the launch.

What do you need: Space suit, cowboy hat and western boots.

Bonus points: Buy all Halloween candy. Accumulate as much as possible.

brood X

After 17 years of cold underground, Brood X’s cicadas have dominated the airspace this summer. The more people you can involve in this costume, the better.

What do you need: Red sunglasses, costume wings and antennae.

Bonus points: Be as strong as possible all of you. night. long.

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AOC at the Met Gala

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used the Americana theme of the costumed gala to make a political statement. The representative wore a dress created by activist and designer Aurora James bearing the message “tax the rich”.

What do you need: A long white dress engraved with red paint.

Bonus points: Redistribute wealth (king-size candy bars) to candy treats.

Joe Manchin and a protester in a kayak

This couples costume is perfect for partners who always seem to be fighting. Protesters kayaked to the West Virginia senator’s barge – named “Almost Heaven,” naturally – to challenge the centrist’s resistance over the latest budget reconciliation bill.

What do you need: Orange life jacket and a kayak paddle for the protester. Costume, salt and pepper headdress, flag of West Virginia for Manchin.

Bonus points: Arguing all night over the abolition of filibuster.

Sexy Capitol Fence

Fences were put up around the Capitol following the January 6 uprising, remaining intact for six monthsmuch to the chagrin of the people of Capitol Hill. The barrier returned later before the far-right rally in September. But who said the theater of security can’t be so sensual?

What do you need: A section of chain link fence, fishnet stockings and a barbed wire helmet.

Bonus points: Go beyond your welcome. Then, once everyone thinks you’re gone, come back.

Photo by Evy Mages.
Photo by Evy Mages

Kyrsten Sinema

The Arizona senator is known for her eclectic ensembles, including colorful wigs on the Senate floor. But lately, she’s been in the headlines for a far less amusing reason: to slow down the passage of the reconciliation package without publicly explaining its purpose.

What do you need: A bright blonde or platinum wig, funky glasses and a party dress.

Bonus points: Throw a thumbs down every time you are asked a question.

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr.
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr.
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