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Emily Adams Bode Aujla likes ChapStick and Chanel


Menswear designer Emily Adams Bode Aujla, whose collections feature deadstock and vintage-inspired fabrics, has a penchant for items that stand the test of time.

Style file

JEWELRY : Apart from my late Aunt Mahri’s signature gold bracelet, I wear Indian gold earrings and bracelets, most of which I received at our Punjabi wedding ceremonies and have not taken off. since. Around my neck I wear my hand-woven Prounis Duo Loop-in-Loop chain.
GO-TO SHOE: Chanel pumps.
DAILY UNIFORM: Bode quilted pants with an antique white blouse and my Bode safari jacket in black linen.

Handwoven Prounis Duo Loop-in-Loop Chain

Chanel yellow mesh and suede pumps in kid skin

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on beauty

MOUSSE: Mexican Tuberose Soap by Buly.
MAKEUP ESSENTIALS: Classic ChapStick and Chanel ballerina nail polish.
HAIR BRUSH: A brown Italian tortoiseshell brush with white bristles. Milanese pharmacies and grocery stores are the best kept secret places for a classic and timeless hairbrush.

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Buly Mexican Tuberose Soap

Image may contain: cosmetics, bottle and shaker

Chanel ballerina nail polish

At home

FURRY FRIEND: Our dog, Monday.
AROMA: Oud by Diptyque.
FURNITURE: Green River Project [cofounded by her husband, Aaron Aujla] Half Moon stools with Bode Senior Cord upholstery.
BEDDING: Stacks of crazy Edwardian duvets cover white linen sheets with vintage Marimekko pillowcases.
FLOWERS ON THE TABLE: Marigolds, tuberose, lilies, hydrangeas.
WASHING UP: Villeroy & Boch fish plates from my childhood home.
GLASSWARE: Baccarat Nancy cups and my grandmother’s juice glasses.
READING: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight Letters to Yves by Pierre Bergé, my mother laughs by Chantal Akerman I saw the future and I’m not going there by Peter McGough Bresson sur Bresson: interviews, 1943-1983 by Robert Bresson.

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“Bresson sur Bresson: interviews, 1943-1983”

The image may contain: furniture and ottoman

Green River Project Half-Moon Stools

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The menu

ORDERED : Spaghetti al limone, green beans and black salt caesar from Supper’s restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village.


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