Every Beyoncé Look From Her Album Cover We Have (So Far)

Happy Birthday Beyoncé to everyone celebrating.

If you’re like me, you’ve listened to his seventh studio album – an hour and two minutes of pure club escapism – a few times since it was released last night at midnight. “Alien Superstar” and “Summer Renaissance” are currently fighting over my favorite song right now.

Luckily, this is just the first part of a three-part drop (and we hope the other parts will include a visual album.) All the while, Beyoncé was quietly teasing us with visuals – adorned with GCDS and Harris Reed — on his Instagram for a while now. It’s clear that Beyoncé is in her capital-F fashion era. On the album, she names Chanel, Versace, Balenciaga and even Telfar; and in her album cover, her fashion choices reflect edgy and experimental brands like Schiaparelli, Mugler and Gucci.

We’ve broken down some of the new looks so far.

Photo: Mason Poole

On her site, there is an image of Beyoncé holding what appears to be a stiff black liquor, sitting cross-legged in a custom Mugler ruched dress structured with a metal bustier. Her tiny sunglasses sit low on the bridge of her nose, and a microphone anchored in a gun-shaped stand rests right next to her on the crushed red velvet of the seat. She looks listless at best.

From left to right : Photo: Mason PoolePhoto: Mason Poole

From left to right : Photo: Mason PoolePhoto: Mason Poole

Then, wearing a custom Alaïa dress, Beyoncé seems to levitate in one of the photos, like the goddess she is. In another Alaïa ensemble, she sits perched in a black lace bodysuit, her legs wide apart. Hot.

In another image, Beyoncé climbs a red staircase in black patent platforms (comfortable!) and a black molded leather bustier with conical breasts from Schiaparelli. It’s impractical and fantastic (imagine turning around in a crowded bar with those puppies), but maybe all breasts should be made pointy again like our 1950s predecessors and their beloved bras.

Speaking of boobs, elsewhere, a flowing silver Gucci gown drapes Beyoncé and a singular side of her chest as she sits beneath a disco ball. Her hand covers just enough of her exposed chest for Instagram not to censor the image. In shimmering silver lipstick and jewelry, she finds herself the center of attention, somehow eclipsing the disco ball hanging just above. It’s Leo season after all.

If you too are in the mood to free the boobs like Beyoncé does all through her album art, she’s selling “Alien Superstar” pasties on her site right now. While the average person might not be able to adorn their body in Mugler, Schiaparelli and Gucci, we can slap dazzling pasties across our chests, call it a fashion statement and, for one night, be transported somewhere else as we dance our way into a new rebirth.

Luz W. German