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FALL FOR THE COLOR | Washingtonian (DC)


What about fall? On the one hand, it’s a transition phase, a one-way ticket to the magic of winter. On the other hand, with the leaves slowly changing and the temperature steadily dropping, it’s a sustained stretch begging us to take a break and really think about what matters most to us.

This season, it’s about indulging in all that is good. Maybe it’s reconnecting with a friend over a plate of pasta (and a few glasses of champagne) while admiring a canopy of fall foliage. Maybe it’s the discovery of a new signature scent, one that will transport you to this moment every time you wear it. Or after dark, it’s all about investing in your precious sleep with the perfect pajamas.

With fall comes the opportunity to start afresh, the unofficial New Year, if you will. We invite you to CityCenterDC where we are dedicated to finding (and sharing) those beautiful moments of joy.

Here at CityCenterDC, we prioritize restful sleep. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Palmer Alley is now home to the very first American pop-up from the luxury sleepwear line Claire de Lune. The brand’s philosophy is simple but essential: to cultivate soothing rituals for a good night’s sleep. Slipping into their cute pajamas, made with 100% pima cotton sourced from the brand’s home country of Peru, is a good place to start. Plus, these chic ensembles, decorated with botanical prints, solid hues or houndstooth and then finished with covered buttons, live long after sunrise and come apart elegantly from day to night. Visit the Claire de Lune pop-up store located in Palmer Alley until April.

For more, follow @clairedeluneusa on Instagram.

Designed for the stylish jet setter, this luxury luggage collaboration marries modern, minimalist suitcases from Tumi with centuries-old knit patterns from Missoni. Going to the departure lounge has never been so beautiful.

Spend a leisurely afternoon at Centrolina, the CityCenterDC restaurant of Chef Amy Brandwein, a talent nominated by James Beard for four consecutive years. His seasonal approach to authentic Italian cuisine offers a tasty and downright unforgettable dining experience. Case in point: Centrolina’s current menu, a mix of meticulously crafted plates, rich pasta, and roasted meats and fish prepared in a wood-fired oven.

One of the most notable is Polpo, a thoughtful antipasti dish that gives a new twist to traditional panzanella. The star is the grilled octopus, which mixes with the classics of chopped salad: toast, tomato, strips of red onion, olives, chopped basil and aioli. It’s a sumptuous starter for a dinner or even a mid-afternoon meal, as Centrolina is now open for lunch. For more, follow @CentrolinaDC on Instagram.

Embrace a world of fall hues by visiting our immersive installation in Palmer Alley.

There are many reasons to fall for fall. CityCenterDC aims to capture this fleeting beauty with our iconic leaf installation, DC’s annual exhibit appearing in Palmer Alley. A rich canopy of fall leaves – depicting the transformation of brilliant garnet into burnt orange and finally the final scenes of amber yellow – sits atop our bustling covered walkway which houses boutiques like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. There’s a romance inherent in it, the perfect place to tag an Instagram-worthy selfie, or take a family photo, which will be remembered long after the season is over. Bonus: Tag @CityCenterDC and #CCDC on your IG Snapshots to be featured!

Nothing compares to hand-picking the freshest, most exquisite foods – we eat with our eyes, after all. At CityCenterDC Farmers Market, you’ll witness a kaleidoscope of colorful produce and groceries delivered by local growers, manufacturers, and food vendors. Browse through all the ingredients you could need to make a farm-to-table dinner or, if you stop to satiate your appetite for lunch, shop for ready-to-eat meals at local restaurants, like DMV Empanadas, Hilana Falafel , Timber Pizza Company and many more. The Farmers Market returns to The Park at CityCenterDC every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. until November 23.