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Farm & Sea Cajun Grill to Open in Grand River Factory Outlets


Extract from the Tribune staff reports

LEEDS – Grand River Factory Outlets are excited to announce that Farm & Sea Cajun Grill will be joining them as the newest addition to their restaurant selections. Farm & Sea Cajun Grill is a unique concept developed by partners Pia Yuensuk and Josh Wang. Together they bring over 40 years of experience in serving delicious food to the public.

Farm & Sea Cajun Grill (Photo courtesy of Dona Bonnett)

The Farm & Sea offers made-to-order Cajun seafood as well as a house menu of American dishes. This is a must-see, whether you are looking for a quick, casual meal or a restaurant-style meal made to order.

Some Cajun dishes they offer include calamari, shrimp, fish, fried oysters, half-shell mussels, and seafood platters. House-style favorites include meatloaf, roast beef, roast or baked chicken and Salisbury steak. One of their specialties is the po boy sandwich. Vegetables and sides include Cajun potato salad, blackened open face potato, coleslaw, fried okra, mashed potatoes, dirty chicken rice, fresh green beans , steamed vegetables, cinnamon sweet potatoes, pasta and more. Some items are seasonal and only available at certain times of the year.

Still got your mouth watering? Wang’s favorite dish is the seafood platter containing fried shrimp, half-shell mussels, oysters, fried fish, and squid. Yuensuk says his favorites are fish, Cajun oysters and squid.

What makes Farm & Sea Cajun Grill so unique? Not only will you enjoy a delicious hot meal that is sure to please, but the service you receive is second to none. Their passion for cooking and serving the public is extraordinary. They love everything about service to their customers and are happiest when people enjoy their food. Josh doesn’t call himself a chef, but has explored cooking all types of food and is excited about the variety of the menu with this new venture.

Yuensuk and Wang also own the Teriyaki Express, located in the food court of the Grand River Outlets, and the Hibachi Express, which will soon open near UAB. This couple are family oriented and have a five year old son named Justin.

Farm & Sea Cajun Grill is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and opens on Friday October 15th. Make sure to stop by to meet Yuensuk and Wang. The venue is located in the Food Court, Suite 360, at the Grand River Outlet Stores in Leeds. The opening hours of the restaurant follow the same hours as The Shops.

For more information, please contact Yuensuk at 205.218.2431 and visit www.shopsofgrandriver.com.