Give your house roof a nostalgic touch with Mangalore tiles from Nuvocotto

Posted: Posted Date – 1:05 PM, Tue – Jun 14, 22

Hyderabad: Beautiful Mangalore roof tiles have dominated Indian roof designs for decades. Tell us, don’t you pass by the tile-roofed houses of Mangalore just to breathe nostalgia? What if we said, “You can have such a roof for yourself too?” Well, Nuvocotto is the brand that brings you the most popular and premium Mangalore tiles (as well as other tiles).

Although Nuvocotto offers many types of floor and ceiling tiles, this one has its own charm. The universal availability of Mangalore tiles makes them the preferred choice of designers, fabricators and end customers. Nuvocotto has a range of Mangalore tile patterns, and we’ve noted each one for you.

They offer six different designs for this tile, namely, Mangalore tiles: these are the classic, natural red Mangalore tiles, with a size of 10×16 inches; Mangalore Tiles-Smart: These are the evolved versions of the classics, but they look even more authentic. Its size and color are the same as the previous ones.

Now, if you are looking for something undeniably extraordinary, Nuvocotto also offers Mangalore full glass tiles and semi-glass tiles. These tiles will give your roof a magical look by reflecting the sky. Besides these four, Nuvocotto also has Mangalore Penta and Ridges roof designs which come in natural red as well as transparent patterns.

All of these Mangalore tiles from this exceptional terracotta brand look like a work of art. They will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but also make it stand out from the crowd. Mangalore tiles have a long lifespan. They can stay for up to fifty years unless outside forces break them.

But why Mangalore tiles?
These tiles from Nuvocotto have good ventilation and provide natural insulation, making your summers more joyful. They are aesthetic. There is no doubt that clay tiles are also best for coastal areas where heavy rains crush the roofs, but Mangalore Sloped Roof Tiles are made to survive that.

Made from premium quality materials, Nuvocotto’s Mangalore tiles are durable, sturdy and long lasting. Whether it’s your homes, commercial shops or villas, Nuvocotto tiles can beautify them all. The elegant and nostalgic feel of the Mangalore tile is unmistakable. As this is the most common tile, experts for the installation and maintenance of these tiles are commonly available.

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Luz W. German