Glass Hammer shares brand new video for The Years Roll By

American progressive rockers Glass Hammer have released a video for a brand new song The years go by which you can watch below. This is the opening track of the band that just announced their new album, At the doorwhich will be released on October 7.

At the door is the third and final installment in the band’s epic Skallagrim trilogy, following on from dream city (2021) and Skallagrim – Into the Breach (2022). The album’s narrative concludes the sword and sorcery inspired tale of the howling sword thief, a desperate man who has lost his lover and his memory.

“Of course, as with any Glass Hammer concept album, there’s more to it than just a plot,” says creator Steve Babb. “On the surface it seems to be about magic swords and heroes, but it’s actually a story about confronting evil, how to survive it, and how to deal with despair and heartache. And most importantly , which is why the pursuit of deep and lasting joy in an often joyless world is worthwhile, even when all available evidence suggests it is unfindable.”

Babb says he chose to open the album with a ballad. “…something ethereal, something reminiscent of what our fans call classic Glass hammer. The years go by fits the bill, I think. Of course there will be a lot of metal and prog on the new album. The next music video I intend to release hits hard!”

Babb is joined on the album by longtime musical partner Fred Schendel, vocalist Hannah Pryor and Aaron Raulston, while Yes vocalist Jon Davison and vocalist John Beagley make guest appearances.

The Skallagrim saga also saw Babb publish a novel, Skallagrim – In the valleys of Pagarnaearlier this year.

Pre-order At the door.

Luz W. German