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Good specs make a fashion statement | The life


In case you don’t really know me, I think now is a good time to let your readers in on a little secret; I love fashion and when it comes to options, especially in terms of eyewear, I’m all for it. That’s why I’m super excited to have a myriad of different glasses to choose from now; I have eyewear options as far as my little eyes can see (no pun intended).

Sometimes, if I’m feeling funky, I pop my fly in purple and yellow bumblebee glasses that are sure to brighten up any potentially dull outfit. Other days when I want to channel my inner chic, I choose my chunky black pair. They make me feel like I’m all about business. And, sometimes, I go full retro with my pink and transitional duds, which are perhaps my favorite of them all.

Whatever the occasion or the mood, funky, classy, ​​studious or even, and often times, a mix of all three, I have just the right pair of specs. And as all fashionistas know, accessories are always the most important.

As I often point out, it’s the little things in life that make it great, like a day when you have the right accessories that match an outfit, or when your glasses have the power to make you feel chic and fabulous that, let’s be honest, we could all use a daily dose.

I say, if you have to have glasses to see, why not make them spectacular just for fun?

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