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Granny Chic has had an update – here’s your guide to doing the ‘Grandmillennial’ style the right way


As someone who prefers no-frills fashion, I tend to avoid anything that is too bohemian and picky, to keep the decorative details on the periphery. Of course, I could take a favorite piece of clothing and embellish it myself, but the result wouldn’t be worthy of a photo in a national newspaper.

And so, to Boden Breton statement with embroidered lower sleeves, a neat way to add a decorative touch to an outfit without going overboard. Choosing a more elaborate version of an item you love and will wear over and over again makes good sense. Boden’s fancy army green military jacket (pictured) features embroidery on the sleeves and back. Paired with jeans and suede ankle boots, this stood out in the right way and wouldn’t take me too far out of my minimalist comfort zone.

None of my grandmothers wore items adopted by the great millennia – but, hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a little nostalgia, even if it’s misinterpreted. And my grandmother took apart old sweaters and other pieces to reuse wool, knitted multicolored quilting squares, then sewed them together to make blankets. When I left home, I took my comfort blanket with me. I kept it on for years but ended up getting tired of lugging the heavy bedspread from one rented apartment to another. Sorry, nah. When it comes to sustainability and survival, the great millennia are about the money. Recently I tore a favorite Cos dress by grabbing the pocket and rather than throwing it away I plan to visibly mend the tear. The patched up garment might not end up in a museum, but at least I can cherish it for a few more years.

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