Home Outlet store Have they ever opened a store in old Andersons west of Toledo?

Have they ever opened a store in old Andersons west of Toledo?


Columbus-based discount retailer HomeBuys opened its first store in Toledo this week in the former The Andersons general store space in Talmadge and Monroe.

TOLEDO, Ohio – It’s been years since shoppers set foot in the old Andersons store on Talmadge Road. The iconic store in western Toledo closed in 2017.

But after years of empty, while undergoing major renovations, a new business has finally moved in; Columbus based liquidation store, HomePurchases.

“When we market it, we have to say we’re in The Andersons because everyone knows The Andersons,” said Tom Sanner, HomeBuys vice president of operations.

The Andersons General Store has taken up residence on the corner of Monroe and Talmadge for many years and to this day customers miss it.

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“I bet I was here every other day just to buy nuts and bolts or we bought a lot of our meat here,” said former Andersons customer James Dolinar.

Now a new store is hoping to capture that magic. HomeBuys started in 2015 in Columbus. It now has seven locations across Ohio and Kentucky.

“We’ve been open part of the week and the traffic has been incredible,” Sanner said.

Sanner grew up in western Toledo and says he knew this was the perfect place to open a store.

“We’re almost like the original Big Lots in that we buy closeouts from all the major retailers,” Sanner said, “and we mark them at about half the price of other retailers. And we fill the gap. store.”

Selling everything from groceries and housewares to clothing and furniture, customers are happy to see the storefront reopen.

“They have a variety of everything, the prices look good,” Dolinar said. “I bought wine and different stuff, but the prices are really good I think.”

Client Kristi Brown was also impressed.

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“As soon as I walked in and saw all the decorations and items in the house, that was it,” Brown said. “I was calling my sister like you should come here.

Sanner says they are looking to open more locations in Toledo in the near future.

The store will have its official opening this Friday. There will be free coffee and donuts, and in return at the Andersons, a wine tasting.

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