“The opening of the HONOR Smart Manufacturing Industrial Park last year was an important milestone in our success in integrating our R&D capabilities into our manufacturing processes. The consolidation allows us to better leverage our expertise in both areas,” said George ZhaoCEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd. “In addition to bolstering our manufacturing capabilities, the Smart Manufacturing Facility is home to world-class production, testing and quality control equipment that ensures our premium products meet our customers’ high expectations.”

Seamless integration between R&D and manufacturing

Operational since September 2021, the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park is the brand’s first self-funded factory. Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities to support all aspects of smartphone manufacturing, the park is key to ensuring the quality of the brand’s premium offerings. With 20 percent of the staff working in the park being R&D personnel, HONOR integrates its R&D resources into core park capabilities, maximizing the synergy between the two and enabling manufacturing technology to keep pace with innovation.

Customized Production Line for HONOR Magic4 Pro Innovations

Coming to select international markets from this month, HONOR Magic4 Pro debuts with AI Privacy Call, a painkiller feature that massively minimizes sound leakage during voice calls; Ultra-Fusion Computational Photography, a camera solution that allows users to take full advantage of the smartphone’s multiple rear cameras; and the LTPO Quad-Curved Display, a stunning display that delivers immersive viewing experiences. Each of these features poses a set of unique manufacturing challenges, the solutions to which are only made possible by HONOR’s synergy of R&D and manufacturing.

With each generation of smartphones, smartphone manufacturers have continually moved the receiver to the upper bezel in an attempt to increase the display area. However, the closer the receiver is placed to the edge, the more pronounced the sound leakage during voice calls, leading to privacy issues.

To solve this user problem, HONOR has identified and solved more than 100 technology challenges and created AI privacy call. This innovative feature uses the industry’s first smart dual-sound unit, which includes a bone conduction component using piezoelectric ceramics that is mounted directly to the screen. Due to the nature of glass, the assembly process requires extreme precision – even minor manufacturing deviations will permanently damage the panel. Working hand in hand, the R&D and manufacturing teams met the challenge in three months. Concerted efforts have resulted in the creation of the high-precision automated assembly equipment, which relies on computer vision and algorithms optimized for achieve 0.01mm accuracy and 99.99% yieldcontributing to HONOR’s ability to meet consumer demands for the HONOR Magic4 Pro.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro is also equipped with a powerful triple camera combination supporting Computational ultra-fusion photography. The complexity of the solution in the new flagship smartphone required double camera calibration equipment compared to what was required for its predecessor. Benefiting from improved calibration and testing procedures, the Triple Camera system, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, delivers more detailed images with more authentic colors throughout the supported focal range.

Advanced assembly processes are also adopted for the Four-curve LTPO display on HONOR Magic4 Pro. Leveraging a state-of-the-art configuration of six-axis robotic arms, high-precision cameras, and computer vision algorithms developed by HONOR, the editing equipment operates with a precision range of ±0.075mm and produces products with a low manufacturing tolerance of only 0.1mm, further demonstrating HONOR’s superior manufacturing capabilities.

The park is also equipped with state-of-the-art labs, including Reliability Lab, Regulatory Lab and Environmental Protection Lab, with which HONOR performs more than 200 reliability tests on the HONOR Magic4 Pro to ensure its superior quality. . For example, the HONOR Magic4 Pro is tested to have a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value – which measures the radiation emission from the smartphone – this is 56% below the limit of the most stringent industry standard.

Three pillars of manufacturing excellence

Automation, digitalization and smart technology are the cornerstones of the park’s core manufacturing capabilities. The Park works with 75% of its production line automatedminimizing the risk of human error. In addition, more than 40% of automated production equipment is developed in-housewhich serves as further evidence of the tight integration between the Park’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

All key equipment in the production facility supports digital control systems, enabling HONOR to better manage the entire production line and achieve better efficiency as well as improve product quality.

Made exclusively in the park, the HONOR Magic4 Pro represents the best of HONOR’s manufacturing capabilities, which global consumers will soon be able to experience first-hand when the flagship smartphone arrives in select markets starting this month.


HONOR is one of the world’s leading providers of smart devices. It is dedicated to becoming a global iconic technology brand and creating a smart new world for everyone through its powerful products and services. With an unwavering focus on R&D, it is committed to developing technology that enables people around the world to go above and beyond, giving them the freedom to accomplish and do more. Offering a range of high-quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables to suit every budget, HONOR’s portfolio of innovative, premium and reliable products empowers people to become a better version of themselves.

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