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How to wear a mask without misting up your glasses | South Coast Registry


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Across the parts of the country where masks are now mandatory in supermarkets and on public transport, a new dilemma arises: how the hell can I prevent my glasses from misting up? People need to see the prices of the items or the money in their wallets to pay for a ticket – but they are blinded as the air at the top of the mask condenses as moisture on the lens. One technique is to prevent the air in your mouth from escaping through the top of the mask directly to the lenses. “Unfortunately, there is no magic trick like putting on the mask or goggles first that will stop the fogging. Improving the fit around the curve of the nose and cheeks is the best approach,” according to two academics. from the University of Adelaide, Craig Lockwood and Zoé Jordan. Surgeons have been there before. They have to wear masks when wielding the scalpel (where getting a millimeter wrong is a matter of life and death). “Get a roll of micropore tape – $ 2 from any drugstore. Stick the mask along the bridge of your nose and cheeks. Then, glasses over. Another way is to put on the mask. a handkerchief folded over the bridge of your nose, “according to Dr. Julie Miller, who says she cannot operate with foggy lenses. Use the tissue if the duct tape is irritating, she advises. Dr Antonio Di Dio, general practitioner from Canberra, also advises: “Stick the top of the mask on your face so that the steam does not rise. There is an elegance problem with this solution, according to Dr. Di Dio. He thinks it might make you sound like a “jerk” or a “serial killer.” A variation on the “seal top of mask” solution is to use a twist tie like the ones you get for sealing bread bags, or even a pipe cleaner. You can mold either at the top of the mask to give a snug fit across the bridge of the nose. Many ready-to-wear masks have built-in nose bridges. The Victoria Health Department says a stocking as an extra mask layer can also help: “If you want to improve the fit of your mask, you can add a nylon stocking to the mask and tie at the back. of the head.” The other idea is to treat the lens glass to resist the moisture in your breath. Soap helps. According to the Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons: “Immediately before wearing a face mask, wash the glasses with soapy water and shake off the excess. Then allow the glasses to air dry or gently dry the lenses with a soft cloth before putting them on Now eyeglass lenses should not fog up when the face shield is worn. “Craig Lockwood and Zoe Jordan of the University of Adelaide advise,” Wash your glasses with water and soap (like regular dish soap), then dry them with a microfiber cloth. This type of cloth is usually supplied free with each pair of glasses. “You can also buy inexpensive microfiber cloths from most optometrists. Tissues can leave lint, which attracts moisture to the lenses. Soap reduces surface tension, preventing fogging from sticking to the lenses. glasses. “They say shaving cream will do the trick, too.” Apply a thin layer of shaving cream to the inside of your glasses, then wipe it off gently. The residual shaving cream will protect the lenses from fogging. . “And there are anti-fog sprays on the market:” You can use a commercial anti-fog spray that dries clearly. But make sure this is compatible with your lens type or the existing coatings on your lens. . You can buy a defogger spray online or from your optometrist. “It is worth experimenting. The amount of fog on your glasses depends on the temperature. If you are outside and it is cold, they are fine. t more likely to fog up because hot air hits your body cold lens. Try to place the mask on the outside of the lens. Specsavers says, “The reason your glasses keep fogging up is because your breath is escaping through the top of your mask. If you can seal the top of the mask with the weight to your specifications, you might find it much easier. The company also suggests contact lenses as an alternative. But wear a mask. It’s the law.