I tried Leeway Home’s dinnerware set

Don’t get me wrong, I love living with my significant other. But after years of growing apart, mixing our personal homeware collections proved to be a challenge. My partner complained that we had too few forks. Our pre-pandemic parties left shards in my wine glasses. I hated his dishes so we invested in an expensive new set which was quickly discontinued as soon as we broke a few bowls. The cupboards were filled with an ugly mish-mash, and it made me want to throw it all away and start from scratch with everything.

But starting over can be a daunting task. Even when you find a brand that offers coordinating sets that you like, you still have to choose the dishes, cutlery and glasses separately. It would take time and money that I just didn’t want to waste. Luckily, a little internet research led me to the solution I was looking for: The Full Way by Leeway Home. Launched in 2021, Leeway Home brings premium tableware directly to consumers at a lower than premium price, and best of all, you get everything you need in one box for just $275.

What do I mean by everything? The 44-piece Full Way includes four of the following: dinner plates, side plates, bowls, mugs, utility glasses, wine glasses, dinner forks, dinner forks, knives, dinner spoons and teaspoons, all neatly and securely packaged. security one box. The products are designed in New York and have a modern and accessible aesthetic. Think West Elm or Crate&Barrel, but much more affordable and already bundled for you. There are nine colorways to choose from – five more subdued solids and four whites with bold striped rims. I went with the solid light blue to start with, but the newly released pink is calling my name. The colors can easily be mixed and matched so I’m definitely considering it.

The dishes are in glazed stoneware with a nice weight. They are microwave and dishwasher safe and are designed to be durable for everyday use. (And before you ask, no, I’m not going to drop or chip one for testing purposes.) Each piece is hand-finished, so they’re all unique and slightly irregular, which gives a feeling artisanal. That doesn’t stop them from stacking neatly in the dishwasher or in my cabinets. And they are all good size. The dinner plates are about 10.5 inches so I can stack the veggies on the side, and the side plates are just over 8 inches, perfect for two slices of toast. The mugs easily fit my 14 ounce morning coffee with room for creamer, and the bowls are only 6 inches wide but they’re plenty deep. If you like sundaes and large portions of cereal, you won’t be disappointed. Part of me craves tall, shallow soup bowls in addition to very cereal-friendly bowls, but I spy their versatile Leeway Dish and might nab a few to complete the set.

Cutlery skips ornate designs and opts for functional, sturdy handles with an elegant finish. The set is standard 18/10 stainless steel and offers everything you need, and nothing you don’t. For example, my last set of cutlery had long, skinny dessert spoons, which even someone like me who makes desserts for a living doesn’t need. The spoons in the Leeway set let you take the big bites you really want to take. And yes, there are finally enough forks. After several cycles in the dishwasher, everything is still shiny and solid, and I have yet to bend a scoop to dig into a container of hard ice cream. My only minor complaint with the set is that I wish the knives were slightly less angled at the top to give me more surface area to spread (other peanut butter lovers will know what I mean).

Finally, the all purpose glasses and wine glasses are mouth blown and also microwave and dishwasher safe. The wine glasses are my favorite, quite elegant with long thin stems and a slightly angular shape, neutral for any varietal. You don’t have to worry about committing a faux pas when putting white wine in a red wine glass because they’re designed to be used with any wine, including sparkling wines like champagne. The versatile glasses fit easily into an 8-ounce pour and pass the ultimate test for a baker like me: the opening is wide enough to dip cookies. If you’re a beer fan or just a drink-gobbler, you might find this a bit limiting. But never fear, they have 18 ounce highball glasses you can add to your order.

Overall I like the Full Way because it makes life easy in so many ways. It is perfect for everyday use, as it covers all the basic needs in terms of size, variety, maintenance and storage. It also takes the guesswork out of shopping because you don’t have to worry about coordinating items, buying them separately, or worrying about a high price tag to get everything.

It’s a great starter set for fresh grads getting started on their own for the first time or even wedding registries because it doesn’t look like a typical starter set you might get at an Ikea or Target. It feels premium without having to invest so much to get it. And if the Full Way is too much or not quite what you want, Leeway offers smaller sets, add-ons, and you can even create your own kit if you want to customize it. But for me, the Full Way was the easiest choice. The only difficult part was choosing my first color.

Luz W. German