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“I Wasn’t Thinking:” Second Orange County MP Suspended Over TikTok Videos With Sexual Lyrics


ORANGE COUNTY, Florida. – A second assistant in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is sanctioned for recording TikTok videos of himself containing questionable content while on duty and in uniform, according to an internal investigation.

Records show that Deputy Sha Quan Smith-Ramsay’s TikTok account emerged as officials investigated a separate case involving Deputy Shelby Abramson’s online presence, for which she was punished.

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Using the Captain_Shaq21 handle, Smith-Ramsay posted 88 videos on TikTok between May 14, 2020 and January when the investigation began. Of these, 53 showed Smith-Ramsay in uniform or identified him as a law enforcement officer.

Investigators said they combed through the footage and determined that 10 of the videos reflected poorly on the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, either due to sexually explicit song lyrics, profane language, or because it seemed to express a disinterest in his work.

In one of these videos, Smith-Ramsay is shirtless in front of a mirror with a beer in his hand. Responding to a comment that the officers were “fat and out of shape,” he replied, “Well, I guess I’m fat because I love beer, but hey, (expletive). If I’m an embarrassment to the community, my bad. I guess we all love donuts (expletives).

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Another had the caption “late night shenanigans” and showed another deputy driving his patrol cruiser doing something on his phone when lights flashed in his direction. The clip starts with “22” from Taylor Swift playing and ends with a voiceover saying, “(Expletive), I hope the (expletive) you do.”

The deputy in this video said he was unaware it was being filmed and did not consent to it being uploaded as he usually does not show up in uniform on social media. Smith-Ramsay also admitted that he did not have a conversation with this deputy before posting the video to TikTok, according to records.

Other songs with secular or sexually explicit lyrics used in the videos were “oops” by Yung Gravy, “Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar and “Kream” by Iggy Azalea with Tyga.

In the latter, the words played were: “Open the safe, (expletive) has a lot to say.” Boom. (Expletive) in your face, it’ll put you in your place. Boom. Seven letter on the plate (expletive) you in the brain. (Expletive).”

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The video showed Smith-Ramsay first in civilian clothes, then in a bulletproof vest, then the video ends with Smith-Ramsay in uniform as a smoke filter appeared and Smith-Ramsay leaned forward. before to synchronize the lips with the last curse of the extract of the song.

Investigators also questioned a video of him messing around on his phone, whirling around in his chair, playing with his glasses and generally appearing to be bored at work. The text of that video read, “When it’s Friday and you (sic) wait until 4:00 PM to start your weekend,” while the caption reads, “Why does time go so slowly? “

Smith-Ramsay was asked about the 10 videos in February and said he didn’t think they were questionable when he recorded them, but looking back he can understand how they might present the office of the sheriff in a bad light, according to records.

“I wasn’t really thinking,” he says.

Investigators determined that even though Smith-Ramsay was using a personal account, the content poorly reflected the sheriff’s office.

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“When creating the videos containing the inappropriate content, Deputy Smith-Ramsay wore the Orange County Sheriff’s Office uniform issued by his agency and, on several occasions, worked on duty in a work environment. These videos provided the public with an image that discredited members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and did not align with the values ​​of the organization, ”the report said.

Smith-Ramsay was ultimately found guilty of violating departmental policy by engaging in improper conduct and, as a result, was suspended for 100 hours. The Orlando Sentinel was the first to report the suspension.

His suspension comes shortly after Abramson got into trouble for his social media activity. Similar to Smith-Ramsay, the videos on her page showed her lip-syncing with songs with inappropriate lyrics while in uniform.

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