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Ireland raises privacy issue over Facebook smart glasses


DUBLIN (Reuters) – Irish data privacy regulator said on Friday it asked Facebook to demonstrate that an LED light on smart glasses recently launched by the social media giant is “an effective way” to let people know whether they are filmed or photographed.

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) is Facebook’s main regulator under strict European Union data privacy laws, as the company’s European headquarters are based in Dublin.

Facebook connected glasses, created in partnership with Ray-Ban maker EssilorLuxottica, allow users to listen to music, take calls or capture photos and short videos and share them on Facebook services at home. ‘help from an associated application.

“While it is recognized that many devices, including smartphones, can register third parties, it is generally true that the camera or phone is visible as the device through which the recording takes place. , thus warning those caught in the recordings, ”the Irish regulator said in a statement.

“With the glasses there is a very small light that lights up when recording is in progress. It has not been shown to DPC and Garante that full field tests have been performed by Facebook or Ray. -Ban to make sure the LED indicator lights up. Is an effective way to give notice.

The Irish regulator said it shares the concerns of the Italian data protection regulator, the Garante, who asked Facebook for clarification on September 10 to assess the compliance of smart glasses with privacy laws. [L1N2QC2KU]

He also said he wanted Facebook to run an information campaign to alert the public to how this new consumer product may result in their images being less obvious.

(Reporting by Graham Fahy; Editing by Alex Richardson)

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