Jeffrey Dahmer Real Glasses, Prison Bible, Letters and Belongings for Sale, Price, Where to Buy and Online Website Link

Ever since Netflix premiered its new crime thriller based on the acts committed by Jeffrey Dahmer the series became an instant hit, in the midst of it all an interesting fact has come to light with its glasses available for sale now

Apparently some of Jeffrey’s personal effects, such as his glasses, letters from the prison Bible, and a few other items are up for sale.

Jeffrey Dahmer Real Glasses, Prison Bible, Letters, Belongings On Sale, Price, Where To Buy And Website Online Link

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has garnered a lot of attention since its release and so far the series has already been watched in over 60 countries.

Now, many are genuinely curious to learn more about Milwaukee’s Cannibal cases. Here are all the details you might need to know.

According to a report by TMZ, Taylor James, who runs a cult called Collectibles in Vancouver, Canada, is the one currently holding Dahmer’s glasses along with other items such as his prison bible, letters, old photos among many other things.

According to the outlet, James got his hands on the items a few years ago after contacting one of Jeffrey’s father’s former housekeepers.

Following which, he agrees to sell the collection on his website, keeping part of the profits.

These collectibles can be purchased by visiting the official website. Some of the items which are enlisted on the website here

Dahmer’s psych report,
Dahmer’s monthly budget,
his booklet on religious prison, and more.

Speaking of his furniture, after the announcement of the verdict in the Dahmer case, it was announced that all of his items would be auctioned off.

However, the families of the victims at the time did not like the idea.

In a report by The Independent, they wrote, “there had been fears that memory hunters would use his murderous tools to torture other victims.”

In the end, the auction never took place. According to a Washington Post report, the serial killer purchased the items for $407,225.

The leader of the group, Joseph Zilber, decided to buy a few items from Jeffrey, including a refrigerator, knives, hypodermic needles, and other items to destroy.

At the time, the families of the victims were also compensated with money.

Let’s get back to the question of what happened with Jeffrey’s apartment. Well, as we saw in the series, Dahmer’s apartment was demolished after all the tenants were asked to leave.

According to Yahoo, the field still remains empty to this day. However, after the building was demolished in 1992, the land was purchased by the Campus Circle Project for $325,000.

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