Home Glass brand Jones Sign acquires National Mallfront and Design of Phoenix, Arizona

Jones Sign acquires National Mallfront and Design of Phoenix, Arizona


Storefront capabilities expand at Jones Sign with acquisition

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin., July 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Jones Sign Company Announces Acquisition of National Mallfront and Design located in Phoenix, Arizona. The acquisition aligns with the strategic direction of the company and expands its capabilities to include entire storefronts that incorporate glass, doors, fascias and cabinets. The agreement was finalized on 1st of July.

Louis Vuitton store, Plano, Texas

“National Mallfront and Design has done an incredible job for top brands and we are honored to continue its legacy”

“National Mallfront and Design has done an incredible job for leading brands and we are honored to continue its legacy,” said Patrick patrick, Executive Vice President of Jones Sign. “This acquisition allows us to take any storefront or branding project to the next level.”

National Mallfront and Design currently serves the retail, hospitality, restaurant, banking and finance industries of all sizes. The company manages all phases of the showcase architectural process, from idea generation to design, fabrication and installation.

Jones Sign reports that the company name will remain the same and the current 50 employees will keep their jobs in Phoenix, Arizona. National Mallfront and Design will be led by Jones Sign and John mortensen, president of Jones Sign, will be the new president.

About National Mallfront and Design
National Mallfront and Design designs, manufactures and installs the complete storefront and specializes in custom and creative “out of the ordinary” storefronts, entrances, signage, light fixtures, marquees, architectural sculptures, displays, gazebos, water walls, glass, tile and granite floors and skylights. The company has carried out work in United States and Europe for well-known brands such as Fox Sports, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Warner Bros, Merrick, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Prada.

About Jones sign
From custom facades and canopies to complete structures and other architectural elements unrelated to signage, Jones has been transforming buildings, complexes and more for over 20 years. Most recently, Jones Architectural Creations completed the porte-cochere and accompanying elements for the new Las vegas hotels which opened earlier this year. Based at From Father, Wisconsin. with 14 sites across North America, the Jones team of designers, engineers, fabricators, installers and project managers can help with all or part of a project for a streamlined process. Modular fabrication and installation is also used rather than spending months on site building an architectural feature. For more information contact John Mortensen or visit jonessign.com.

Warner Brothers store, Trump Tower

Warner Brothers store, Trump Tower



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