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Liquor crisis: Delhi drinkers invade government stores as private outlets close shutters | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: As private liquor stores closed their shutters for 45 days from Friday following an order from the Delhi government, alcohol lovers flocked to government outlets to quench their thirst .
Private liquor stores in the nation’s capital will not operate in 105 of the 272 municipal wards between October 1 and November 16 due to the implementation of the Delhi government’s new excise policy which will take effect in from November 15th.
The Delhi government recently unveiled its new excise policy for the year 2021-2022 with the aim of securing optimal revenue for the government while eradicating the sale of fraudulent alcohol or unpaid alcohol in Delhi. It also aims to transform the consumer experience, in addition to simplifying the very complex and highly regulated excise regime, ensuring the ease of doing business in the whole trade and not allowing the formation of any monopoly. or cartel.
The ignorant of the public have reached private outlets, only to come back disappointed after learning of the stores’ closings.
There are a total of 849 liquor stores in Delhi, of which 276 are privately owned, the rest being operated by Delhi government agencies.
Owners of cigarette shops located near private liquor vendors also appeared angry as they feared a loss of business during the 45-day period. “You tell me how I’m supposed to earn. My main source of income was the location of my store which was right next to a liquor outlet,” a disgruntled tobacconist told IANS.
The rush to government liquor stores was also more due to Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 which is a dry day across the country.
Despite knowing the pandemic has not gone away and the country still experiences nearly 300 deaths every day, social distancing rules were blatantly flouted as soon as people reached liquor stores. Apparently having no fear of dying or contracting coronavirus, people could be seen breaking the rules in several places in the nation’s capital.
A disgruntled drinker, who couldn’t get a bottle of alcohol for at least 30 minutes, told IANS he tried to maintain social distancing, but there had been a huge influx of people. “The government or the police should have made arrangements in advance to attack such a crowd,” he said.
According to the Delhi government led by the Aam Aadmi party, new auctions have been launched to resume alcohol sales across the city, meaning those who previously held a liquor sales license but did not been able to win the offer this time around, will no longer be able to stay with the same company.
The government, as part of its new policy, will renovate liquor stores, commonly referred to as “thekas”, which will not have windows opening onto the road. The stores will have a whole new look that people can enter and browse the products.