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Mets, Down by Three Runs Twice, return to Topple Nats, 8-7, in Game 1


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More than 24 hours after the start, the Mets won the first game of the series against the Nationals 8-7.

The game kicked off Tuesday night, but the teams only managed one inning plus a batter before the rain at Citi Field got too heavy to play. Before the delay, however, the Nationals pushed three points out of a Juan soto Homer before Carlos Carrasco could record an exit. The Mets picked up a point with consecutive doubles with two strikeouts by Pete Alonso and Dominique smith.

Carrasco authorized Riley adams reach to open the second, but the refs then called on the tarp.

Two hours later, play was officially suspended and postponed to resume at 4:10 p.m. Wednesday. And It is when the madness started.

Rich hill volunteered to throw in relief on Wednesday (he was lined up to pitch that day, anyway), and he started the game with three strong executives against the Nationals roster. (He allowed the Carrasco runner to score, albeit on a missed ball from Smith.) The Mets managed to come back to a 4-4 tie with a three-run third inning. Joe ross, also, thanks to the RBIs of Jeff McNeil, Michel Conforto and Jd davis.

But the Nats, who had set up strong batsmen on Hill in innings two to four, took the left-hander to start the fifth inning. Hill has allowed three consecutive base runners, capped by a Luis Garcia double which brought two points. He left the game without recording a strikeout in the fifth.

Garcia came to score on an Adams single Jeurys Familia, but the Nats didn’t score after that, thanks to scoreless innings from Miguel Castro, Drew smith and Trevor May.

That left the Mets with a 7-4 deficit.

Conforto managed to pick one up in the next frame with a single RBI that brought McNeil home from the start. (Juan Soto threw the ball to the wrong cutoff player, which, in addition to running 3-2 with two outs, allowed the squirrel to score.)

Two frames later, Pete Alonso crushed his third hard-hit ball of the game – this one, a 108 mph brace just inches from a stalled homerun – to bring the Mets to 7-6.

Mets, Down by Three Runs Twice, return to Topple Nats, 8-7, in Game 1

Then, with a little help from the lifter bricklayer thompson, the Mets took him home in eighth grade. JD Davis opened the set with a brace, then, in Jonathan villarDavis’ attempt to sacrifice Davis in the third, Thompson threw the ball incorrectly in the first and the ball jumped into the outfield. Seven all.

Naturally, Brandon drury, the Mets’ top pinch hitter of all season (10-for-21 in pinch-stroke scenarios), arrived two hitters later with Villar in third. He placed a 97 mph lead on the second base sack as the infield played, and the Mets took the lead for the first time in 43 innings. I repeat: 43 innings !!

Edwin diaz stopped the Nats in an eight-length ninth, which included a strikeout from Juan Soto.

The Mets’ offense managed to save a game where they used two starters – Hill and Carrasco – and those starters allowed seven runs and recorded just 12 strikeouts. It was the team’s first win in five games, and it just might be the most energizing of the year.

Mets, Down by Three Runs Twice, return to Topple Nats, 8-7, in Game 1

The Mets have one more game scheduled for Wednesday, and it will start around 8 p.m. It will be reduced to seven innings due to the rules of the doubles program.

Marcus Stroman (7-11, 2.83 ERA) will take the mound against the Nationals, who plan to use the shortened game as a bullpen game. The Nats have the fourth-worst reliever ERA in the majors since the All-Star break.

Mets, Down by Three Runs Twice, return to Topple Nats, 8-7, in Game 1

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