Mysterious glass balls spotted on the surface of the Moon by the Chinese rover

A pair of mysterious glass balls have been discovered on the surface of the Moon by the Chinese lunar rover.

The semi-transparent spheres measure up to four centimeters in diameter and were captured by Yutu-2’s panoramic camera.

According to a study published on Tuesday, the bizarre objects are located on the far side of the Moon, which Yutu-2 has been exploring since 2019.

Unfortunately, the washing machine-sized robot was unable to analyze the chemical composition of the “spherules”.

They have been singled out as targets for further study because they could help shed light on the Moon’s early history.

Small glass spheres are a relatively common sight on the moon, although they are typically less than three millimeters in diameter.

They are created when the silicate material is subjected to very high temperatures – both of which are readily available on the moon.

Typically, spherules are leftovers from when the Moon was volcanically active or are created by meteorite impacts.

The extreme heat generated by the latter was most likely responsible for the bullets found by Yutu-2.

Yutu-2 has been on the Moon since 2019.
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“Transparent and translucent glasses on the Moon are less than 1 mm in diameter, and the larger ones are dark and opaque,” the researchers write.

“The globules were recently formed or exposed, as evidenced by their intact shapes and the exposure of their surface.”

Further study of the spherules could reveal new information about the composition of the Moon’s mantle and impact events.

The research was published in the journal Science Bulletin.

Yutu 2 has traveled a full kilometer since landing on the far side of the Moon in early 2019.

It celebrated three years of exploring the far side of the rocky satellite – the first rover to do so in history – on January 11.

This isn’t the first curious discovery that Yutu-2 has made.

Super moon over night forest
The spheres are likely leftovers from when the moon was volcanically active.
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In December, China’s space agency shared an image of a “mystery house” captured by the rover on the far side of the lunar surface.

The cube-shaped object emerged from the lunar horizon near the Von Kármán crater in the South Pole-Aitken basin.

Scientists couldn’t agree on what it was, while online conspiracy theorists were adamant it was an alien-built structure.

It took a few weeks for Yutu-2 to get closer to the object and take a better picture. Experts eventually concluded that it was an oddly shaped rock.

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Luz W. German