New York Fashion Week has regained its buzz, Launchmetrics Data Shows – WWD

New York Fashion Week has regained its mojo, with media impact from the recent September edition soaring 145%, according to charts from Launchmetrics.

The four main fashion weeks generated more media impact value for the spring 2023 season than the fall 2022 shows six months ago thanks to theatrical shows, savvy use of celebrities and influencers and to a wide audience in the Asia-Pacific region.

In releasing its Spring 2023 information on Wednesday, Launchmetrics said fashion month generated $938.4 million in media impact value, or MIV, a rating system that assigns a monetary value to every post, interaction or article about a brand or an event.

He highlighted an “emerging trend” of runway moments featuring surprise celebrity appearances, such as Paris Hilton at Versace, Cher at Balmain, Kim Kardashian at Dolce & Gabbana, Lil Nas X at Coach and Bella Hadid at Coperni, where she walked in a white spray-painted dress over her almost naked body.

Traveling fashion shows, such as Fendi in New York or Victoria Beckham in Paris, were also new to the season.

Influencers have been gaining momentum, with their share of voice more than doubling since last season and generating $214 million in MIV over the four fashion weeks, Launchmetrics said.

The giant Vogue World show, marking the fashion title’s 130th anniversary, topped the catwalk rankings in New York, with Fendi coming in second with a show that rolled out collaborations with Marc Jacobs and Tiffany & Co.

Milan Fashion Week increased its media impact by 82%, with China rising to third place in the country rankings, up from 17th place.

South Korea was the largest audience for the Prada show, boosted by the presence of celebrities such as Jaehyun, Song Kang and Twice. Gucci’s show featured 68 sets of identical twins, but one woman, Chiara Ferragni, earned the brand nearly a million in MIV.

Dior retained its number one position during Paris Fashion Week thanks to strong celebrity and influencer attendance, earning $34.9 million in MIV. Balenciaga’s “Mud” show came second and Valentino climbed to third place after finishing seventh the previous season.

Overall, the French fashion capital saw its media impact jump 48% to $384.2 million.

Significant interest in London Fashion Week from China, India and Indonesia underlined its MIV, which rose 3% to $41.8 million. A group show for emerging creators called On-Off topped the runway charts, with 98% of its media impact credited to mentions from mainstream media titles. Richard Quinn came second and Nensi Dojaka third.

Non-curriculum exhibitions have had a varied media impact, with Alexander McQueen’s exhibit at the Frieze art fair grossing $1.6 million in MIV; Los Angeles, California, Ralph Lauren’s $9 million event, and London, England’s postponed Burberry show, generating $17.8 million, boosted by the presence of Thai actor Vachirawit Chivaaree, better known as of Bright.

Luz W. German