Opening of the Japanese pop-up store Mister Donut at Jurong Point

Mister Donut is the largest donut franchise chain in Japan and is very popular there. (PHOTOS: WAttention Plaza/Facebook, Getty Images file photo)

SINGAPORE – Mister Donut is coming to Singapore for the first time – for a limited time only.

WAttention Plaza announced in a Facebook post on Wednesday (July 13) that it will feature a pop-up Mister Donut store starting Friday at its basement event space, one level off Jurong Point.

The store will operate from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. for a month, but will be adjusted based on stock availability of donuts, the event space planner said in response to Yahoo Style Singapore’the requests.

“We plan to sell a maximum of 3,000 pieces per day. But due to test production, the quantity will be adjusted depending on the situation,” he noted, adding that the store may close for the day if donuts sell out before closing time. .

There is hope for those wishing to see a permanent Mister Donut outlet in Singapore. In response to a comment on Facebook about whether such an outlet will open here, WAttention Plaza said it depends on the success of the pop-up store.

“The company (will consider) permanent outlets after reviewing the situation of this kiosk. Please support us to make it (a) a success!” WAttention Plaza wrote in their reply.

A total of 16 artisanal flavors will be sold at the pop-up store: Pon De Ring, Pon De Ring Strawberry, French Cruller, Angel French, Old Fashion, Chocolate Fashion, Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Golden Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate, Honey Dip, high sugar, chocolate ring, strawberry ring, angel cream and pastry cream.

They cost between $2.30 and $2.50 each, depending on the flavor. WAttention Plaza says Yahoo Style Singapore that customers can purchase six flavors for $13 or 10 for $22 and that there will be no limit on the purchase quantity.

Mister Donut is the largest donut franchise chain in Japan and is very popular there. The Pon de Ring, made up of a circle of interconnected balls of dough, is his signature.

Open since 2014, the space at WAttention Plaza features more than 10 retail and food kiosks selling items ranging from traditional Japanese handicrafts to Japanese snacks, sauces and dry goods.

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Luz W. German