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Blended Roots opens in Bluffton


BLUFFTON – There is a new store in Bluffton where local artisans can sell their pieces.

Blended Roots at 242 E. Cherry St., Bluffton, held its grand opening on Saturday.

“It’s a consignment, full of handmade or refurbished items,” said Julia Keizer, store manager and co-owner. “Everything here has its own personal touch of different people, local and a little far away. We also have some from Toledo.

The response from traders has been overwhelming and Keizer said they need to revise their business plans.

“We needed a bigger store. We have had a wide range of people contacting us. We initially had a smaller building in mind in Tommy Plaza, so that was the original plan, but we had an overwhelming response so we had to get a bigger building, ”Keizer said.

The building housed the Bluffton Mercantile store.

Keizer says they’re trying to make the best use of the space they have.

“We’re trying to fill it up a bit more. We started hanging these pallets from the ceiling so we could hang things higher up. Almost all displays that have something on them are for sale. We try to use every inch that we can, so that we can get as many designs from anyone here, ”Keizer said.

There is also an area for children to do their own crafts during certain times which should be available in about a month.

Providing people with an outlet to sell their designs is something that is exciting for Deputy Director Hayley Regan.

“I like the way we have people from all over the place. We have a variety of things and it’s really cool to see the things that people come up with, ”said Regan.

Keizer agrees.

“It’s pretty amazing and it’s really cool to be able to see these sales go by and these creations come out too because it’s really cool to see what people can create with their hands and what they come up with on their own. . It’s amazing, ”Keizer said.

Blended Roots is open 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.

Blended Roots gives people an outlet for their creations.

A new consignment store, Blended Roots, is now open at 242 E. Cherry St. in Bluffton.

Contact Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Myleene Klass thinks Emma Raducanu can inspire a generation


Myleene Klass has revealed that Emma Raducanu inspired her own daughters to reach for the stars after her stunning victory at the US Open.

Pop star turned woman entrepreneur Klass spoke exclusively to Tennis365 about the most talked about teenager in the world who created one of the greatest stories in tennis history when she won her first Grand Slam qualifying in New York.

Speaking to us in association with CooperVision as she launched her myopia eye awareness campaign, mother of three Klass couldn’t contain her excitement when she spoke about 18-year-old Raducanu.

“It has become a verb in our home“, old Listen star Myleene said with a smile during our zoom call. “

“We tell my two daughters that they can ‘Raducanu it’ when they tell me that they can’t do something and that she is just wonderful. She is such a phenomenal role model.

“I had a daughter who looked like me when I was growing up in Norfolk and now my daughters have this amazing tennis player who represents so many people.

“Emma spoke about her mental toughness and everything she put on our TV screens at the US Open encompasses everything we want to see in our children as parents.

“You want your kids to understand that it takes hard work and determination to be successful in life and how wonderful it is to do it at such a young age that she understands that she needs to take care of her. body and mental health to achieve their goals.

“She speaks the same language as our children and is a perfect role model. Emma has done so well in her A levels and is such an inspiration on the tennis court as well, so she is an overall winner in life so far.

“She’s an example of someone who has reached the stars and got there and is proof that you don’t have to rank. Emma tried many different sports, took up tennis and what a great decision it was. It will be great to see his career develop from this incredible starting point. “

Klass has suffered from ocular myopia throughout her life, a condition that blurs distant objects, and she believes Raducanu’s success underscores the importance of eye health to children.

“There might be another Emma out there, but she wouldn’t be able to fulfill her dreams if she had a problem with her eyes and couldn’t see the ball properly,” she added.

“You need to get your kids checked early in life and make sure their eyesight is good, because without it it can be a life of headaches and shock, so we need to take our eye health very seriously. “

Myleene Klass is teaming up with CooperVision MiSight 1 day® contact lenses, in a campaign to raise awareness about the increase in myopia in children and the ability to slow its progression with their specialized contact lenses. For expert advice and to hear Myleene’s experience growing up with myopia, visit www.coopervision.co.uk/brilliantfutures.

The “whole family fell in love with royal blood” by Lars Ulrich


Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has expressed his affinity for British rock over the years, professing his love for Oasis. years, royal blood. In fact, Ulrich reveals that the Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher duo made quite an impact on his family as a whole.

Speaking with NME about her Royal Blood fandom, the Metallica drummer recalls hearing about the duo for the first time “probably in the NME“when the band’s self-titled debut album in 2014 came along.“ Our whole family fell in love with it, ”Ulrich said.“ It was my kids’ favorite band and album. The first time [Royal Blood] played in San Fran, my wife and I met them and spent time together. We ended up driving them around and showing them the landmarks.

Ulrich shared how Royal Blood had impacted his sons, commenting that his eldest son’s first band had already had six Royal Blood covers in their live set. “They were basically a Royal Blood cover band. Now he and his brother have a band in LA called Taipei Houston. It’s a very Royal Blood inspired duo so still seven-eight years later, Royal Blood is a much of our family’s musical enjoyment. “

There is a mutual admiration between Royal Blood and Lars, as Royal Blood recently covered “Sad But True” as part of Metallica. Blacklist covers the compilation coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the eponymous release of Metallica.

Thatcher told NME of the support of Ulrich and his family: “This is crazy! Having someone like that in your group and not just supporting them but thinking you’re awesome is such a nice feeling.

While Metallica is currently looking back on its historic release, Royal Blood is back with some new music this year. Scalable Typhoons The album arrived in April, featuring stars such as “Trouble’s Coming”, the title track, “Limbo” and “Boilermaker”.

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The brave lose a stupid game in a stupid way, 6-5


I’m not quite sure how to wrap this up, so I’ll just say it: The 2021 Atlanta Braves were beaten Friday night (or Saturday morning) in 11 innings by a flying sacrifice from former comrade Kevin. Gausman. Yes, Kevin Gausman, who was at bat because the Giants were not in a position to play. They came back to the top of the ninth thanks to a three-run homerun from Travis d’Arnaud, had to play by the stupid extra-inning rules still in place for some reason because Will Smith gave up a two-out, two – home run to Donovan Solano, survived a potential late-game situation in the tenth, just to lose to the combination of Kevin Gausman and Jacob Webb who flew a strikeout at second base. Yeah, I don’t know. There’s a good team somewhere on this list, but they’re pretty good at hiding behind substantial dunes of really dumb stuff.

Now that you know the basics, I guess we can talk about the game as it happened. The Braves actually took an early two-point lead against Logan Webb, as a two-man rally paid off. Freddie Freeman and Austin Riley both scored singles, and Adam Duvall hit a weak flare that landed right in right field and bounced off the wall, scoring them both. The problem was, Ian Anderson immediately returned those runs, hitting a teeing ground, then ceding a clear homerun to Brandon Belt. Anderson had a bizarre exit, suited to this bizarre game, in which he went from dominant to horribly erratic, often in the span of a single round. It’s unclear exactly what torments him, but even after a decent outing against the Marlins, he hasn’t returned to where he was.

Things only got worse for Anderson and the Braves late in the second, as Brandon Crawford fired a high fastball and hit it to the left for a solo shot into the opposite field. In the fourth, it was LaMonte Wade’s turn to add to his tally, as he led that frame by filing a 2-0 suspended change for a solo shot. After that the game was pretty quiet for a while. A walk with two strikeouts followed by a chased double from Anderson, but AJ Minter struck out Crawford to keep the lead at two. Anderson finished with seven strikeouts on just two walks, but allowed four runs on three longballs in 5 2??3 sleeves. Webb finished strong, throwing six scoreless frames after his first two runs, gutting the Braves overall with nine strikeouts and zero walks. Chris Martin and Sean Newcomb threw scoreless frames in relief, while the Braves were beaten 1-2-3 by Dominic Leone in the eighth.

It set up the ninth, with Tyler Rogers on the side … and something amazing happened. Riley started the round with a hard hit single. Duvall followed with one of his own. Eddie Rosario also lined up hard, but straight to an infielder, for the first out. Next was Travis d’Arnaud, and somehow, after allowing four homers and leading most of the game … the Braves leading?

The Braves didn’t get anything else on Rogers, but all they had to do was get three strikeouts not to lose a standings game to the Phillies. They do not have. Will Smith came for his first appearance at his old playground. It didn’t go well. Or, well, he did, until he didn’t. First of all, Smith had a pop-out. Then he struck out Wilmer Flores on a home failure. He was ahead, 0-2, over Donovan Solano, who has just been activated from the injured list. Then he threw up a fifth straight cursor, the only one in the streak that was anywhere near the zone… and he crashed into the left corner of the field for a solo equalizer homerun. Look, I appreciate Will Smith’s unwavering dedication to making sure every Braves fan understands how reckless it is to spend real assets on relievers, but man stop it. Seriously. Smith also nearly ended the game by giving Curt Casali a home run, but it looped foul and he pulled it out.

So if that wasn’t crazy enough for you, the Braves and Giants now had to face the ridiculous spectacle that we currently call “extra innings”. The Braves didn’t score early in the 10th against Tony Watson, even though Freddie Freeman shot a two-out ball that was caught on the left center warning lane. Tyler Matzek then gave them another chance to win it by throwing a scoreless and dramatic 10th: Matzek took Belt out, intentionally made Buster Posey walk, got a forced second strike, intentionally made Kris Bryant walk, a ran the count all the way to Crawford, then eventually got him to hit hard ground to bypass the third out.

At 11, the Braves failed to score against Camilo Doval despite hitting two more balls with decent chances of scoring a point: Riley hit a strong (100 mph, hitting probability 0.570) but straight to the third goal, and Rosario finished the round on his own .360 hit probability pitch. Which took us to the crazy lower half of the 11th.

It started (and ended) with Jacob Webb, who has had a pretty unfortunate streak of extra innings this season. That too was unfortunate, as Webb started the frame trying to take the gift runner off at second and fail miserably, allowing the winning run to move to third. This led to an intentional walk, followed by a shallow volley that did not provoke a lead, then another intentional walk to bring up the pitcher’s place. Players out of position, the Giants had Kevin Gausman at bat for Doval. Webb edged Gausman 1-2, but then missed with a fastball, then missed with a change. I was shocked that Gausman actually swung the field 3-2, but he hit it 256 feet to the right, and Crawford was able to score and score before Joc Pederson’s throw at home.

It was a baseball game. It was fun for a little while. Hope you enjoyed staying awake to watch 2021 Atlanta Braves baseball. There will be more tomorrow as the Braves try to protect what is now a two-game lead in the division.

Government-subsidized stores opened across the country


Government-subsidized stores opened at various outlets of Food Management and Trading Company and Salt Trading Company on Friday.

Stores selling daily essentials at subsidized prices will serve customers throughout the festival season through November 10.

Consumer rights activists viewed the initiative with skepticism, saying that selling a limited number of products in a few outlets of state-owned companies would not have a huge impact on the market.

The program will not help control prices, benefit target groups, or provide relief to consumers, they said.

Food Management and Trading offers a discount of Rs 5 per kg on all types of rice, wheat, lentils, threshed rice and flour. Mustard and sunflower oils are sold at a discount of Rs 5 per liter and soybean oil at a discount of Rs 10 per liter. Karnali beans and buckwheat are cheaper by Rs 10 per kg. Live goats are available at a discount of Rs10 per kg.

Food Management and Trading Company operates 43 outlets in 39 districts.

“The maximum quantity allowed per customer and prices can be set based on inventory and consumer pressure by conducting internal discussions and creating a working procedure,” the company said. Separate sales quotas have been set for urban and rural areas depending on the food situation.

The company brings in around 2,000 goats from Hetauda and Dang. Himalayan goats are unlikely to be brought to this Dashain due to high prices and the difficulty of importing them from China, officials said.

Mohan Prakash Chand, managing director of Food Management and Trading Company, said Mustang farmers were selling Himalayan goats at prices ranging from Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 and even more per head. “We cannot buy goats at these prices and sell them to consumers,” he said.

Salt Trading Company will sell subsidized food products such as rice, pulses and lentils, spices, edible oil, sugar and salt at its 42 outlets across the country.

Dairy products such as milk, paneer and ghee produced by Dairy Development Corporation will be sold at reduced prices in these subsidized stores.

Consumer rights activists have said the subsidized stores the government has opened targeting low-income consumers and rural populations never benefit.

“Unless subsidized stores are opened in the country’s 753 local units, target groups will never be able to benefit from government discounts,” said Madhav Timilsina, president of the Consumer Rights Investigation Forum.

“In addition, the sale of a limited number of goods will have no effect on the market prices which the government intends to stabilize by opening these subsidized stores,” he said, adding that the subsidized goods should be delivered. to different locations by truck if the targeted people are benefit.

“When the prices of edible oil jumped more than 17%, the cost of sugar reached Rs 100 per kg, pulses and lentils became more expensive by 10%, and almost all food products became more expensive. costly, offering small discounts will not help lower income consumers, marginalized groups and people who have lost their jobs and sources of income due to the pandemic, ”he said.

“Even people residing outside of the Kathmandu ring road cannot benefit from government-subsidized stores because they have to spend more on travel than they save with the discount,” he said.

Some consumers have complained about the quality of food products sold in subsidized stores in the past.

Pabitra Gurung, a Thankot resident who bought Karnali beans from a subsidized store in the last Dashain, said the beans were of poor quality and did not cook well.

“I had bought 2 kg of beans at Rs200 which I had to throw away because they did not cook well,” says the 48-year-old housewife.

Timilsina said consumers have complained in recent years that food products purchased from subsidized stores are of poor quality.

Consumers have also complained in the past that food products sold in government-subsidized stores can be bought in the market for less.

With the increase in consumption during the festival period, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply also decided to carry out an intense and joint inspection of the prices, quality and quantity of the goods. on the market.

Sales of food and non-food items like clothing and electronics double during peak festival seasons, and rising consumer spending increases the risk of business fraud.

The Department of Commerce, Supply and Consumer Protection will hold discussions with private sector organizations such as the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Confederation of Nepalese Industries and Department Stores on the operation of subsidized stores, as they spread to different parts of the valley.

New discount store arrives in Myrtle Beach looking to hire


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A discount retail store with most items for $ 5 or less will soon open in Myrtle Beach.

According to a press release, the most recent pOpshelf location in the South Carolina market will be at 1101 Seaboard Street.

“We are excited to expand pOpshelf’s offerings in the South Carolina market with the addition of a store and look forward to seeing customers visit the new store later this fall,” said Matt Frame, operations manager of the pOpshelf store. “We invite customers to explore our stores and discover the possibilities of home decor, beauty, party, specialty foods, electronics and more. At pOpshelf, there is changing pleasure in every find, happiness in affordability, and joy in the stress-free shopping experience we provide. We are looking forward to welcoming customers to our new store!

Another pOpshelf location in Columbia will also open in the fall, with the retailer planning to evaluate additional areas in South Carolina for possible future stores.

The retailer opened in Nashville, Tenn., Last fall and currently plans to operate approximately 50 locations and 25 stores in one store in various markets by the end of fiscal 2021.

Officials say each pOpshelf store is expected to create up to 15 new jobs.

Applicants can apply here or texting JOBS at 38228 for a link to the careers page.

Copyright 2021 WMBF. All rights reserved.

The dirty secret of clothes is released


Instead, due to the pandemic, she was in custody in Brooklyn when news broke that dozens of major consumer clothing brands were refusing to pay factories for completed orders. The orders represented billions of dollars and the livelihoods of legions of impoverished people, mostly women.

“In the midst of this terrifying crisis, these really huge, profitable companies – their instinct wasn’t to protect the people who work for them, it was to screw them up,” Cline says. “It was too much.”

She launched a campaign called #PayUp, alongside activists and others following the fashion industry, demanding that brands, including H&M and Zara, pay what they owe. Factory owners have been exceptionally open with the press about the extent of the problem, Cline says. They rarely speak ill of their customers, whose whims control the fate of factories. But in this case, what did they have to lose?

#PayUp has gone viral. Over $ 22 billion of those unpaid bills have since been paid. But the bad taste in Cline’s mouth hasn’t gone away. For years, she had written extensively on brands’ efforts to do better on labor rights and the environment. But because fashion has largely escaped the official pollution and waste regulations that governments apply to industries such as petroleum and agriculture, clothing companies were watching and reforming themselves. Now Cline couldn’t muster even skeptical optimism.

It was time, she thought, for fashion to stop being. And she was not alone. In recent years, awareness of fashion issues has surged like a wave in society, especially among young people. The pandemic has only accelerated the process, with injustice and environmental degradation attracting the attention they rarely received before. Now Cline and other voices – activists, writers, non-governmental organizations – are calling for change, with real rules on the industry.

A glimpse of the future

The social problems of clothing manufacturing, which relies on low wages and long working hours, are no secret. But what you might not know is the depth of fashion’s sustainability problem. Along with little black dresses and trendy sneakers, clothing manufacturers are producing tons of trash and oceans of contaminated water. Clothing production doubled between 2000 and 2014, and many pieces are now only worn a handful of times. Every second, clothes from a garbage truck are thrown away or burned. The fashion industry is a conveyor belt transporting natural resources through landfill at breakneck speed.

The solutions explored by the clothing brands themselves typically resemble using a pipette to put out a forest fire. Recycling cotton makes more use of the material, but recycling shortens its fibers, which must then be combined with fresh cotton to make a garment.

The best ideas involve the concept of circularity. “This means moving to a system where we no longer extract new materials from the earth,” says Elizabeth Segran, a fashion reporter for Fast Company.

If fashion were circular, the materials of one garment could be used to make a new garment after the first one is worn. They should be chosen from a list of materials that can be recycled endlessly. That’s a tall order at the moment, as the best-known examples are glass and aluminum, which are unlikely to be used much in clothing. And there is almost no infrastructure to do it: there are few supply chains of recyclable substances and no good way to recover the materials from the consumer.

Still, if brands are using materials that can be recycled multiple times, but not endlessly – like the PET plastic used in water bottles, which can be used to make polyester – and if they can invest in it. infrastructure and logistics to recover and reuse their products, just as they have adapted to e-commerce over the past 15 years, there may be a way forward.

Chloe Songer and Stuart Ahlum, founders of sneaker brand Thousand Fell, see their company as a pilot project for this potential future. Both had worked for several years for major clothing brands and kept an eye on researching new types of materials.

“Textile vendors and factories had heard the consumer want something more sustainable,” says Ahlum, and he and Songer had seen enough textile innovations to launch a first product that matched the bill. “By that I mean better [use of] carbon, water and energy across the entire supply chain than traditional leather, traditional rubber or traditional foams, ”he says. And “we could actually recycle a lot of that stuff.”

They chose a simple white sneaker, the kind that people could wear everyday for months on end until it was really worn out, then tossed in the trash, and designed it so that at the end of the day. its life, it can be disassembled and many of the components recycled.

From the way Songer and Ahlum talk about materials, you can begin to see a future in which companies have endless foods of plastic or synthetic cork or vegan leather that are marketed as finished products and come back as raw materials. (The company name reflects the founders’ interest in new types of “scraps,” an old term for leather or hides.) At the end of this month, the company will launch an online system for its recycling process that will allow consumers to track the material fate of their shoes and use credits when purchasing new ones.

This proto-circular economy is an appealing vision, but relying on companies alone to make it real is not enough, especially huge ones like Gap and Inditex, which owns Zara. “What we risk is that they are doing just enough to stop us from asking for real change,” says Cline.

In other words, they will only leave if they are pushed. We don’t have time to wait for them to move on their own.

Elizabeth Cline, author of “Overdressed” and “The Conscious Closet”.Keri wiginton

Real responsibility

In February, Segran wrote an article for Fast Company calling on Biden to appoint a fashion czar. “The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions,” she wrote. “It must be regulated like the other major sectors. The story sparked a movement: Activists wrote a letter signed by more than 80 groups, including fashion brands and nonprofits, urging the president to choose someone to take charge of this disaster at high speed, someone to inaugurate policies that make brands responsible for the environmental and social burdens of their products.

Cline was one of the signatories of the letter. “Although [the United States has] a huge fashion industry and is a leader in terms of design, we don’t have a lot of breakthroughs in Washington. And at the moment, we are late in this political conversation, ”she said. “We believe that every conversation the White House has on climate, energy or sustainability or domestic manufacturing should include people from the fashion industry.”

Elsewhere in the world, there are signs of what could be. When brands miscalculate demand, they often burn or destroy unsold clothing en masse – a practice France has now banned. The European Union’s Circular Action Plan includes another idea Cline hopes to have legs: a demand for extended producer responsibility. This would force companies to take back and recycle or otherwise treat their products once they have reached the end of their useful life. “It would be such an easy thing for the United States to adopt,” she said. The EU also plans to establish rules encouraging manufacturers to use recyclable materials.

In addition, the EU passes human rights laws that oblige companies operating in the EU – whether it is simply having a store there or having their headquarters there – to s ” ensure that their supply chains, wherever they are in the world, meet certain standards. . If they don’t, there will be financial consequences. “This marks a big step forward from self-regulation towards real accountability for brands,” says Cline.

In recent months in the United States, Cline has campaigned for the Garment Worker Protection Act in California, which would hold fashion brands legally responsible for ensuring workers earn at least minimum wage. She took on the role of director of policy and advocacy at Remake, an organization focused on overhauling the fashion industry, and fought for the renewal of an international agreement to protect factory workers from tailoring at work.

Almost 10 years after Cline helped revive the consumer staples movement to extend the life of clothing, the movement has gathered pace. People are now committing on social media not to buy anything new. Younger generations are showing increasing awareness of the fashion industry waste problem. In June, online resale firm ThredUp and research firm Global Markets announced that second-hand clothing sales are expected to quintuple over the next five years. That’s fine, says Cline, but changing consumer behavior is only a small part of what’s needed.

“My job has changed a lot over the past year,” says Cline. She now believes that instead of getting people to buy smarter or less and expect brands to reform from within, there is a need for change in the public sphere. “Instead of putting so much pressure on our consumers, we need to review what our citizens are capable of,” she says. “Which is a lot.”

Veronique Greenwood is a science writer who frequently contributes to Ideas. Follow her on Twitter @vero_greenwood.

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max now available for pre-order


Apple is now accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13‌ mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max through its online showcase and through the Apple Store app.

Pre-orders are available in over 30 countries and regions around the world. Those who have used the “Get Ready” function to prepare pre-orders will only have to press a button to place their orders.

This year’s iPhones are similar in design to last year’s models, but feature improved camera capabilities, a smaller front notch, faster A15 chips, improved battery life, 128GB of storage. starter and ProMotion technology for Pro models.

The iPhone 13‌ mini is the more affordable of the new iPhones, priced at $ 699, while the ‌iPhone 13‌ mini is priced at $ 799. These iPhones are Apple’s cheapest flagship devices, featuring a diagonal dual-lens camera setup and lacking some of the bells and whistles of the Pro models. You can get the ‌iPhone 13‌ and 13 mini in Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, and (PRODUCT) RED.

Apple iphone13 colors 09142021 large
For those who want the best possible tech no matter the price, Apple has the 999iPhone 13 Pro‌ for $ 999 and the ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max for $ 1,099. Upgraded models feature stainless steel bezels, triple lens camera setups with improvements to wide, ultra wide and telephoto lenses, ProMotion chips, A15 with a faster 5-core GPU and up to 1 TB of storage. The ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ and Pro Max are available in Silver, Gold, Sierra Blue, and Graphite.

iphone 13 pro colors
We haven’t heard any rumors of significant supply shortages this year, but it’s always a good idea to pre-order right away just in case. Some colors, such as Sierra Blue, are likely to be very popular and could sell out.

Major U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, are also accepting pre-orders for new devices, as are other carriers around the world. Retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart also offer pre-orders.

Along with the new iPhones, Apple is offering new iPhone cases and accessories, and for those who don’t know, the iPad mini 6 is also available for purchase right now. The Apple Watch Series 7 won’t arrive until later this fall and cannot be pre-ordered with new iPhones.

In the United States, customers can purchase the new iPhones from the four major carriers using Apple’s site or the “Apple Store” app, or choose a version without a SIM. Purchase options include carrier payment plans, ‌iPhone‌ upgrade program, Apple Card monthly installments, or full payment.

Customers who pre-order any of the new ‌iPhone‌ models can expect to receive their devices on Friday, September 24, the official release date of the ‌iPhone 13‌ line.

Navalny app removed from online stores when Russian polls open


MOSCOW (AP) – An app created by allies of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny disappeared from Apple and Google stores on Friday as polls opened across Russia for three days of voting in an election parliamentary.

It comes as Russian authorities seek to suppress the use of smart voting, a scheme devised by Navalny to promote candidates most likely to defeat those backed by the Kremlin.. This weekend’s election is widely seen as an important part of President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to consolidate his grip on power ahead of the 2024 presidential election, for which control of parliament is essential.

Apple and Google have come under pressure in recent weeks, with Russian officials urging them to remove the app, which includes smart voting, saying failure to do so would be interpreted as interference in the election and threatened them with fines.

Last week, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador John Sullivan about the situation.

Representatives from Apple and Google were invited to a meeting at the upper house of Russia’s parliament, the Federation Council, on Thursday. The commission said in a statement after the meeting that Apple had agreed to cooperate with Russian authorities.

Apple and Google did not respond to a request for comment.

Google was forced to remove the app because it faced legal demands from regulators and threats of criminal prosecution in Russia, according to a person with direct knowledge of the case who also said police officers Russians went to Google’s Moscow offices on Monday to enforce a court order. to block the application. The person spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday that the presidential administration “of course” welcomes the companies’ decision to remove the app because it complies with Russian laws. Peskov said the app was “outlawed” in Russia.

In recent months, authorities have unleashed a sweeping crackdown on allies and supporters of Navalny in an attempt to suppress smart voting.

After recovering from poisoning with a nerve agent last year, Navalny was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for parole violation in a previous conviction. He says the poisoning and sentencing were politically motivated – accusations the Kremlin denies.

Its main allies have been accused of criminal charges and its Anti-Corruption Foundation, along with a network of regional offices, have been outlawed as extremist organizations. This exposed hundreds of people associated with the groups to prosecution. Many of his main collaborators have left the country. About 50 websites managed by his team have been blocked and dozens of regional offices have been closed.

The authorities have also decided to block the Smart Voting website, but some Internet users can still access it. The Navalny team also created a Smart Voting chatbot on the Telegram messaging app and posted a list of Smart Voting approved candidates in Google Docs and YouTube.

Navalny’s close ally Ivan Zhdanov tweeted a screenshot of what appears to be an email from Apple on Friday, explaining why the app should be removed from the store. The screenshot cites the designation of extremism for the Anti-Corruption Foundation and allegations of electoral interference. “Google, Apple are making a big mistake,” Zhdanov wrote.

Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s top strategist, wrote on Facebook that the companies were “bowing to the Kremlin’s blackmail.” He noted that the move does not affect users who have already downloaded the app and it should work fine.

Peskov called the smart vote on Friday “yet another attempt at provocations harmful to voters.”

As voting began in Russia on Friday morning, long lines and large crowds formed at some polling stations in Moscow and other cities. Russian media attributed them to state institutions and companies forcing their employees to vote.

Peskov dismissed the allegations and suggested that people queuing at polling stations voluntarily went there because they had to work weekends or wanted to “free” on Saturday and Sunday.

Dr Anna Truchina, a radiologist at a Moscow hospital, told the PA that she had visited a polling station in central Moscow “to be honest, because we were forced (to come and vote) because of my work. Frankly speaking. ”

She added: “And I also want to know who is leading us.”


Kelvin Chan in London and Vladimir Kondrashov in Moscow contributed reporting.

Naples lamp repair shop turns off lights after 40 years


Gregg Cantor is a brilliant guy, and it’s not just because he’s surrounded by glowing light bulbs all day.

He is the owner of Lamps ‘N’ Lights, which is home to the city’s highly regarded source for lamp and shade repair, both racked and designed. It is perhaps the only store with such a selection of jewels, those decorative trims on the lamps: polished steel knobs, crystal creatures, Delft globes, lacquered shells, microfiber chenille sprays and carved stone.

One recent afternoon, an interior designer was poring over a catalog of sample trims – braiding, ribbon and thin gold piping – for a lampshade that could also get a custom fabric through the manufacturer under Lamps ‘N’ Lights contract.

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It’s an art, and it’s one of the things that kept Cantor’s orbit around the Lights for 40 years. But that ends on September 30, when it will close its doors for new activities. Luckily for his customers, employee Steve Richvalsky, an electrician by training, will run the repair business at a new nearby store that will offer lampshades and repairs as part of his business.

It’s art as well as light

Cantor’s approach has always viewed lamps as more than utilities.

“I see myself more as an artist than a clerk. I want to dress the lamp as much as possible,” Cantor explained. Its showroom has three pedestals where customers can view their lamps in the different shade styles Cantor offers.

These shades run the gamut of styles and sizes, from boxy to skirt to tubes with the diameter of a utility town line and even an image hat silhouette. Surprisingly, most of them are in shades of white or black.

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It’s a question of efficiency, according to Cantor’s logic. Shades of colors that he can order, and in perfect harmony with the customer’s needs.

“But if I were to try to store the colors, say, for blue, which one should I store? There’s midnight blue, Mediterranean blue, sky blue, French blue. There’s midnight blue, which is almost black, and the navy “, explained. And, he added, in what sizes and shapes should he store them?

Gregg Cantor, the owner of Lamps 'N' Lights store on Central Avenue in Naples, is retiring from the company after 40 years.  He closed the business at the end of September.

The problem with someone with an artist’s eye is the customer – and they’re becoming the norm – who just wants to buy a shade. They arrive with a photo of the lamp on a cell phone. This, says Cantor, “is like trying to cook without a spice cabinet.”

Cantor is a man who comes through his artistic taste from his parents, who in 1970 opened a store called “The Ultimate Look” in the mall opposite what is now Coastland Center.

“My mom was a fashionista. Both my parents were great dressers,” he recalls. Their son absorbed this sense of style. For an interview, he’s polite, ready to shoot in a soft black suit with a touch of mixed red patterns in his tie; even on work days, his Oxford blue polo shirt and powder-white pants are straight out of an impressionist painting.

VW buses give way to Stiffel lights

This attention to style hasn’t always been the case for a young Gregg Cantor, who returned home with a four-year degree in agriculture, a two-year degree in electrical work, and unemployed.

“I was a mixed hippie and wanted to rewire a 1946 GMC truck,” he explained of the second degree.

“I hung out with hippies who loved Volkswagen a lot and learned a lot about what’s called the turn of the key, but I didn’t really know much about the electric end of the car. So I went back to school to learn it.

“It was a perfect education for lamp repair.”

So when Natalie and Bernie Cantor decided to take over a nearby lamp store, Gregg Cantor was the natural owner. Or, at least, semi-natural.

“I was at my wit’s end. I had a job in airplane engine altimeters in Miami. I wasn’t happy doing that,” he admitted. “It was only meant to be temporary.”

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Gregg Cantor, the owner of Lamps 'N' Lights store on Central Avenue in Naples, is retiring from the company after 40 years.  He closed the business at the end of September.

When the store opened on October 1, 1981, Gregg Cantor was in charge. Being a brilliant guy, he knew he now needed night classes to learn accounting. In those years, budgeting was paramount as summer business was non-existent.

“The first year we were open I looked across US 41 the day after Easter. I could crawl on my knees and palms on this road and not get hit by a car.” , he recalls. “My parents shut down their business from May to September every year.”

After becoming his own company, Lamps ‘N’ Lights, Cantor moved it to the corner of Central Avenue and 10th Street South, as it held out for the rest of her 40s.

This is the charge of the light brigade

It has won the strong loyalty of customers in Old Naples. Ted Nearing from Naples clearly remembers the talk he received from his wife, Gayle Gordon Nearing, who owned a bedroom decorating boutique, And So To Bed. He had taken one of his lamps to another repair shop, with dismal results.

In one of the last weeks before Cantor left the company, Nearing was trying to get a repair date at the store when there were still two professionals, and the schedule was crowded.

“Everyone in Port Royal,” he said, “is trying to get their things fixed. I also try to make mine, because it fixes everything perfectly.

The repair work – 50 percent of his business – also made the lamps and lighting business interesting for Cantor. Few things about the lamps are standard. Much of the Lamps ‘N’ Lights inventory consists of spare parts.

Part of the inventory of the Lamps 'N' Lights store on Central Avenue in Naples.

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“You need specialized parts. You need colored threads,” Cantor explained. “A lot of electricians come to us for specialized parts.”

He and Richvalsky were considering an unusual request that afternoon, a chandelier adorned with glass and metal with twisted rods – which may mean similarly twisted wiring inside.

Sometimes the repair is surprisingly simple, such as the lamp just won’t turn on. Cantor will examine the bulb on the lamp and find that it is an LED bulb with a screw base below the shoulder – the small ledge at the top of its metal section – which is too short to reach the connection. in the lamp. Solution: Find a different brand of bulb.

From October 1, Richvalsky, a professional electrician, will tell customers.

“I’m not retiring. I just want to do something different,” said Cantor, who has been studying finance on his own for nearly a decade and, at 71, wants to add more accounting and IT to his career. skills. So he doesn’t promise what his next job will be:

“My career right now will be as a student.”

For Gregg Cantor, it will also be a success. After all, he’s a brilliant guy.

Harriet Howard Heithaus covers the arts and entertainment for the Naples Daily News / naplesnews.com. Contact her at 239-213-6091.

The where and when

Lamps and lights

Or: 995 central avenue, Naples

When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday

Following: 239-262-5535 or lampsnligts.com

Fashion editor Marie Claire’s favorites on Dior.com


Fortunately, this year, our annual post-winter wardrobe refresh coincides with the launch of Dior’s new online store, Dior.com. From September 14, Australians can now have Dior delivered right to their doorstep, including the latest collections of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories, fine jewelry and watches, and household items. Dior House.

Need some inspiration? Here, fashion enthusiast Naomi Smith shares the ten favorites she’ll be buying on Dior.com in September.

  1. The trans-seasonal jacket

“This jacket will be the basis of my new Dior wardrobe. I love this black version in wool and silk. Not only will it be a year-round piece, but I know I’ll always see it integrated into every collection that Dior’s artistic director, Maria Grazia, designs, which means that every six months I’ll be notified of what I will carry with. “

  1. The tote bag
Dior Book tote

“Love this new season’s Leopard Print Dior Book Tote in the biggest size possible. For me, the leopard print is a classic that I will use forever – it’s always chic. The velvet of this design adds that extra layer of richness and color. I’m constantly lugging around a computer, notebooks, and magazine issues from the office – now I’ll be able to throw them all in and out.

  1. The blouse
Dior off-the-shoulder blouse

“This pretty white blouse is the perfect piece to dress up in summer. I love that the sleeve has a button down design with a cuff detail. I’ll wear it over my shoulder with tailored pants to go out. It can also be worn on your shoulders for the office. It is an extremely versatile piece that can be dressed from top to bottom.

  1. The belt
Dior Diorpolytechnique belt

“This belt will be so versatile in my spring wardrobe and will go perfectly with tailored pants, jeans, a simple black dress or a skirt. I love the details, especially the golden buckle and the extra length to wrap around and fold over. It will really update my wardrobe.

  1. The little bag
Dior Caro round clutch with chain

“I love this round clutch bag with gold chain because it’s the perfect bag for parties. It’s small with a long chain so you can wear it over the shoulder or across the body. The gold chain is like a piece of jewelry, adding an element of luxury to any outfit.

  1. The ruffled skirt
Dior ruffled midi skirt

“I love this sheer black tulle skirt – it’s so versatile. I would wear it with my black jacket and white shirt or with a big, brightly colored oversized sweater with matte black tights underneath and lace-up ankle boots. Or for in the evening, team it with a bustier – with or without the white shirt.

  1. The Boot
Dior D-Fight boot

“I still love chunky boots, not just because they are comfortable. When you’re wearing something super dressy, it’s always good to bring it down to a cooler, more comfortable level – it’s just better. They’re also great with jeans, leggings, or a simple knit dress. They are timeless.

  1. The silk scarf
Dior Oblique Square Scarf

“I love this touch of deep burgundy red to add to my wardrobe. The classic Dior logo is always chic, and I love a scarf for the summer.

  1. The big gold chain
Dior 30 Montaigne necklace

“A chunky gold neck chain has been at the top of the fashion must-have list for quite some time now. This Dior one is perfect to complement simple black sweater dresses, or with any type of evening or day dress. I also like gold with denim. You could wear this necklace with anything in your wardrobe.

  1. Sunglasses
Dior rectangular sunglasses

“Sturdy and chic sunglasses enhance any wardrobe. These tortoiseshell glasses are my favorite shape – classic but still bold, retro yet modern. Sometimes tortoiseshell is also easier to wear because it looks more flattering on your skin. I also love the stripes on the side – that extra detail is so chic.

Sponsored by Dior.

Elon Musk and Grimes spotted leaving New York after Met Gala


Back to business.

Elon Musk and Grimes were spotted leaving the Big Apple on Wednesday after a few days of chatting with some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment.

The couple attended the 2021 Met Gala on Monday, and Page Six exclusively learned that Musk, 50, hosted an all-star party after the chic event with guests including Lil Nas X, Leo DiCaprio, Chris Rock, Rami. Malek and the Scooter music mogul. Braun at the Zero Bond Private Club.

Elon Musk and Grimes
Musk and Grimes confirmed their relationship in 2018.
Diggzy / Jesal / Shutterstock

Fashion’s biggest night – held annually at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – is probably a special place for Musk and Grimes, who made their official red carpet debut in 2018.

They then welcomed their first child, a son named X Æ A-12, in May 2020.

After a day of recovery from this year’s Met Gala, Musk and Grimes, 33, were pictured leaving their Manhattan hotel in casual clothes and face masks due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The duo’s dog, we’re told, was accompanied by his own security and driver. It does not appear that the couple’s child was present.

The couple's puppy is being escorted by her own personal security.
The couple’s puppy is being escorted by her own personal security.
Diggzy / Jesal / Shutterstock

Grimes was seen wearing pink and blue tie-dye pants to match her pink locks, a black blazer, an Alexander Wang tank top and a gray sweater around her waist. The “Delete Forever” singer also accessorized her look with a silver bag and blue, circular sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Musk kept his outfit much simpler with black jeans, a black cap, a black bandana around his nose and mouth, and a trendy SpaceX t-shirt.

The CEO of the aerospace company was likely to leave town as soon as possible on Wednesday to monitor what we now know to be the successful launch of SpaceX’s historic all-civilian flight into space on Wednesday night.

Musk tweeted Thursday, “I just spoke with the @ inspiration4x team. Everything is fine.”

Dog Haus gears up for new dual drive-thru store design


Photo: Shutterstock

Dog Haus is preparing an ambitious new prototype.

The fast and casual gourmet hot dog chain, which has 40 traditional restaurants and nine ghost kitchens, has yet to open a drive-thru restaurant.

There are plans to have a drive-thru unit later this year, when a franchisee opens the chain’s first in West Virginia.

But the Pasadena, Calif., Based chain recently released preliminary plans for a new prototype, a prototype with traditional drive-thru and an advance order pickup lane for customers to use as well. than by third-party delivery drivers.

It will likely be late next year or even early 2023 before the new design is released to the public, said Quasim Riaz, founding partner of Dog Haus.

The second drive-thru is located right next to the kitchen. Employees at the back of the house can simply put food in lockers, to be picked up by the drivers on the other side of the wall. A QR code tells the customer which locker to open and opens it, Riaz said.

“The world has changed,” he says. “Now there is mobile order pickup. We wanted to do something more in tune with the times.

Drive-thru, and often multiple drive-thru, are at the heart of many new restaurant designs. Taco Bell’s new “Defy” prototype, for example, features four drive-thru services, and Portillo’s and Shake Shack are also brewing new restaurants with multiple pickup lanes.

Convenience has long been at the heart of Dog Haus operations. The chain was one of the first to adopt virtual brands, launching several early in the pandemic. The concepts were created by examining the most popular research on third-party delivery apps.

The chain’s virtual brands include Plant B (plant-based foods), Jailbird (chicken), Bad Mother Clucker (chicken sandwiches), Big Belly Burgers, and Bad Ass Breakfast Burritos. All of them continue to perform well, he said.

The move was a pivotal “glass break emergency” that turned out to be a big hit for the channel, Riaz said.

“We have had tremendous success,” he said. “We believe that when this pandemic is finally behind us, (consumers) will develop habits that they will not give up. We think it wasn’t just a sign of the times, it was a change of times. “

The new design of the Dog Haus store will retain the same number of seats as its previous locations, although the design refines the brand’s industrial look for a more post-modern vibe. It will include a covered terrace with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

“It will always be a Dog Haus,” said Riaz. “More refined and more modern.

Feelcare 7 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame Reviews


Feelcare Smart WiFi 7 inch Digital Photo Frame: Specifications

Resolution: 1024 x 600 IPS panel
Dimensions: 7.99 x 5.59 x 0.87 inches
Wireless: Yes
Touchscreen: Yes
From a distance: No
Integrated storage: 8 GB
Motion sensor: No
Music player: No
Video: Yes
USB / SD slots: Yes No
Cloud Services: No

The Feelcare Smart WiFi 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame is a tabletop photo frame that specializes in beautiful renderings of your photos. With a discreet and discreet design, it blends into any room. images are crisp and clear on its large screen. The frame works through a proprietary mobile app and also allows you to manually upload images via a micro SD card directly into the frame, which saves the photos and videos to the built-in memory. Our review of the Feelcare 7 inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame will show why it is also ideal for family members who are not so tech savvy.

Feelcare Smart WiFi 7 inch digital photo frame: price and availability

The Feelcare Smart WiFi 7-inch Digital Photo Frame is a small, high-quality, connected touchscreen frame, available in black or white for $ 100. It fits perfectly on a desk or nightstand or displayed on the wall.

Feelcare Smart WiFi 7 inch digital photo frame: design and interface

The 7 inch Feelcare Smart Frame is a compact and practical photo frame. Its black or white matte plastic exterior is understated and subtle, so it looks great in any room. You control the frame only through the touchscreen, so there’s no remote to lose sight of.

7 Inch Feelcare Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame Reviews

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The Feelcare Frame’s removable peg acts as a frame stand, so you can position it horizontally or vertically, with your photos intelligently rotating to automatically adjust to orientation.

7 Inch Feelcare Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame Reviews

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

In addition to the table stand, cutouts on the back of the frame allow you to mount it to the wall in either orientation.

Feelcare Smart WiFi 7 inch digital photo frame: picture quality

While not as high-resolution as some of Aura’s digital photo frames, the photos on the Feelcare’s 1024 x 600 pixel resolution IPS display were crisp and clear. A wide viewing angle for this IPS panel ensures that your images are easy to see wherever you are in the room.

You can use the touch screen to directly adjust the brightness and control the frame settings. Once you’ve uploaded a bunch of photos, you can also slightly adjust the way they’re cropped and up or down to get the best angle on your subject. You can also hide or remove the photos you don’t want in your slideshow.

The Fill Frame feature is especially useful for removing borders from the aspect ratio to display crisp, focused edge-to-edge shots or play back videos for 15 seconds. You can add a caption, but with a viewing area of ​​approximately 8.5 x 5.5 inches, captions can take up too much room to be enjoyable.

Feelcare Smart WiFi 7 inch digital photo frame: app

There are many ways to fill the Feelcare frame with pictures and videos. You can use the proprietary Frameo app for iOS or Android to download images over the air, or you can manually upload images via a micro SD card directly into the frame, which has 8 GB of internal storage.

Via the app, you can receive photos from your friends and family from anywhere in the world and add up to 500 friends who can be allowed to send photos to your frame. Friends and family can send the same photo to multiple frames at once. Or you can add photos from photo sharing utility to your smartphone gallery. The frame does not offer cloud storage or online backups, so all photos sent to the frame are stored internally.

7 Inch Feelcare Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame Reviews

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Feelcare uses the Secure Device Grid (SDG) for secure, encrypted communication between the app and the photo frame to ensure that your photos remain private and are only decrypted and stored locally on the frame.

Feelcare Smart WiFi 7 inch Digital Photo Frame: Verdict

The Feelcare Smart WiFi 7 inch Digital Photo Frame is a minimalist device, but in a good way. While it lacks fancy extras – and sadly, a motion sensor – it excels in what it offers – a sturdy, small, and light frame with a clear, bright screen and a wide viewing angle. for a table or a wall.

This basic type of presentation is probably what most people are looking for in a digital setting. Without adding any complexity, it still allows you to adjust the images in the frame – horizontally or vertically – so that they always look their best.

Bee Box Auction Opens Online | Sun News


KENDALLVILLE – The Art on Main Street Bee Boxes in Kendallville will go up for auction on Saturday, but those interested can bid early online.

“We had MANY people asking us if they could bid on the Bee Boxes in advance. For this reason, we have set up an online auction here: https://www.32auctions.com/BeeBoxAuctionSaid Kristen Johnson, President of Experience the Heart of Kendallville.

Pre-auctions will be accepted until 2:00 p.m. on Saturday when the live auction begins. The online site also includes a “buy now” option for people who wish to purchase a box for $ 400.

Each bee box includes 10 frames and can be used for a fully functional beehive.

The live auction will take place Saturday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Hosler Realty and will include food and spirits. The auction is for adults only, even because wine and beer will be served.

The annual Art on Main auction is a main fundraiser for Experience the Heart of Kendallville, the city’s official Main Street organization. This organization is necessary for the city to be eligible for certain grants, including the $ 600,000 streetscape received in fall 2019 and the recent $ 2 million PreservINg Main Street grant.

Kendallville is moving forward with plans to hire a Main Street Administrator, a staff member who will be able to manage the ongoing downtown revitalization efforts and overall improvement of the Main Street Corridor.

The city is budgeting $ 20,000 in financial support for the position, with the Kendallville Redevelopment Commission in discussions to possibly match that amount from their fundraising account to tax increases.

From guac to sea glass, greens inspire more top colors for 2022


Next year continues to look like a big year for green, with two more paint companies announcing a shade of green as the color of the year for 2022, on the heels of PPG’s announcement that “Olive Sprig.” would be its next flagship color.

In an ad sprinkled with hunger-inducing Tex-Mex credentials and citing a Harris poll in which guac overtakes salsa in the crisps category, Glidden announced that his tangy paint color “Guacamole” would be his choice for 2022.

“We’ve all recorded beautiful green kitchens and earthy-inspired bedrooms on our Pinterest and TikToks boards over the past year and a half, driven by our need for calm, regrowth and rejuvenation after going through these ‘free times. previous “” said Kim Perry, Glidden’s paint color expert said.

Around the same time, Behr Paint Company – a brand sold in Home Depot stores – announced that a silvery shade of pale green, “Breezeway” was its color of the year for 2022.

While Glidden remained stuck with an earthy fruit, Behr went with a coastal sea glass inspiration as Americans seek fresh air after a tumultuous few years filled with political discord and the coronavirus pandemic.

“A new year offers the opportunity to embrace a sense of renewal and pursue untapped passions,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and design services at Behr. “… Breezeway inspires us to fully embrace the hobbies or adventures, both near and far, that we are passionate about. We look forward to a color that welcomes a sense of hope for renewal, restoration and healing. “

Paint and color companies have been heralding the color of the year choice for years, and although sometimes every company chooses a drastically different shade, in recent years the trends have been evident, starting with dark blue and becoming greener with teal undertones until this year, when companies get really green.

The color choices can affect what you find on the runway or in the upholstery and decor, but they also reflect the mood of the country.

Calling “Olive Sprig” their “Hero Color,” Amy Donato, PPG Senior Director of Color Marketing, said, “Our theme is“ Horizon ”, better days are coming and new things are coming. of us are optimistic about the future, and everyone is aiming for a better destiny beyond the horizon. “

[email protected]

Sainsbury’s announces new rebate program for a wide range of customers


Sainsburys is set to offer discounts through a digital loyalty program.

The supermarket giant – the UK’s second largest – will offer discounts to its loyal shoppers.

The chain, which operates stores across Birmingham, will use its digital loyalty program.

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The “My Nectar Prices” offers will be added to the other loyalty point offers already available on the application.

Sainsbury’s says the new program is intended to entice shoppers to use its in-store Smart Shop scanners.

Customers of the store can do so from Wednesday of next week, via a handset or cell phone.

Custom digital discounts will be rolled out from that date.

Loyal buyers will be able to get lower prices at checkout.

Discounts apply to 10 Sainsbury’s and branded products, the chain said.

These will be modified and selected week by week.

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There is a reduction of 10 percent – minimum – depending on the distribution chain.

Sainsbury’s Marketing Director, Mark Given, told Reuters: “Advances in cloud computing and automation mean you can now process truly unique offers that are personalized to you with more real-time data.

Earlier this week, the supermarket giant confirmed it will close all stores on December 26, Boxing Day, this year.

This year’s holiday falls on a Sunday, with shops in England only allowed to trade for six hours.

Other retailers to make similar announcements include Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Poundland and Home Bargains.

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25th Anniversary Lillian Church of Christ Garage Sale, September 16-18


BROKEN ARC — The ladies of Lillian Church of Christ have been organizing all week to prepare for their annual garage sale fundraiser. For 25 years, the women’s group has held the garage sale to raise money for funeral dinners, awareness, special projects such as a new mat for the shrine or other events. The long-running garage sale is the main fundraiser for the Lillian Church women’s group and this year’s sale has even more to offer as it had to be canceled last year due to COVID-19.

The sale will take place at Phyllis Bigbee’s home located at 1936 Myers Road. (Go west on Memorial Drive and north on Myers Road. The house is on the east side just before Paulson Road. Look for the blue tarps on the porch.)

The sale will take place Thursday September 16 and Friday September 17 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday September 18 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Phyllis Bigbee has been running the garage sale for 25 years. She and Judy Sikes told KCNI / KBBN that it was fun to put up for sale knowing they were helping clean up old items and giving others the chance to use them. Items that are not sold are then donated to Crossroads Mission in Kearney.

“The very first fall we lived here, one of the girls said, ‘How about we have a garage sale?’ Never had one before, never expected to have one but we have had 25 since! said Phyllis Bigbee.

Garage sale items available include glassware, dinnerware and dinnerware sets, flower vases, home decor, photo frames, holiday decorations, toys and games, books, clothing, shoes, electronics, some new items still with the labels on them, collectibles, exterior items, kitchen gadgets, jewelry, crafts and much more! Items are organized by category and clothing organized by size.

Large items such as a 43 inch LG smart TV (only used 12 months), a wooden desk and a few shelves are also available.

Judy and Phyllis both grew up in the community of Lillian and are proud to call it their home of church. Judy Sikes said her parents and grandparents also attended the small country church north of Broken Bow. She said he’s been around forever and he’s still “alive!” “

“It’s been a long time. There’s a lot of legacy in there, a lot of families that have lived there for a long time. It was fun,” said Judy Sikes.

Check out the garage sale for bargain prices plus free cookies for buyers (while supplies last) to celebrate 25 years of the Lillian Church of Christ Women’s Garage Sale!

“We’re ready! It’s organized, we’re ready to ride! Tomorrow is going to be a good day,” Sikes told KCNI / KBBN.

Discover Your Brand Style With Macy’s Fall Fashion


NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – This fall, Macy’s (NYSE: M), the ultimate style destination, is inspiring shoppers to find their signature style with must-have looks from top brands at incredible prices for apparel, beauty, home and clothing. accessories. The branded style celebrates the magical moment when what we wear transcends just being clothes and becomes a true extension of our unique and ever-changing being. Need help finding your brand’s style? For more inspiration and expert advice, check out Macy’s presents the edition, a digital destination for all the trendiest looks, curated by experts from Macy’s Fashion Office. Plus, check out the trendy products that are sure to be Macy’s new obsession. contemporary buying guide. With so many ways to shop, from the Macy’s app or macys.com To visit your local Macy’s or enjoy contactless curbside pickup, scoring the best fall looks and deals has never been easier.

“The fall fashion craze is definitely in the air and we’ve identified the must-see trends to embrace the change of seasons,” said Durand Guion, vice president of Macy’s fashion office. “From chic, monochrome shades of gray to vibrant bursts of color that will brighten up even the darkest days to come – we are confident that we have selected the perfect options to help our buyers discover their branded style.”


Macy’s fall campaign, “Trademark You,” celebrates the magic of great outfit and the power to create brand style. The energetic place bursting with captivating fashion and quick vignettes follows four women as they create their signature looks. Whether it’s putting on a bright purple coat as she walks into a room full of peers in blue suits, wearing a tweed suit with combat boots, or finishing the perfect look with a pair of buckles. On-trend ears, the spot showcases these stylish women dressing in a way that feels personal and unique. Produced by Macy’s in collaboration with BBDO, the campaign is deployed on television, in print and digitally.

Fall 2021 trends

This fall, wear your favorite pieces anywhere, whether it’s the first day back at the office or a glamorous waist-up look for a day full of virtual meetings. Here are some of our favorite trends:

Everything about Hue

This fall, get ready to go out in some bright, bold color from head to toe. Color blocking takes shape in mixed and matched pieces paired with accessories in hues that are sure to pack a punch. Whether it’s an oversized coat over a matching ensemble, or a pop of color in boots or ankle boots, the more color the better. Beauty is highlighted through rich, pigmented colors that stand out on the cheeks, eyelids and lips. Multi-purpose products create a monochrome look on the face.

The gray area

A sophisticated take on classic fall pieces, undertones of gray are the new black. From tone-on-tone looks in knits, outerwear and separate pieces to basic fall accessories made with soft volume materials and chain hardware elements, shades of gray can seamlessly transition from one to the other. ‘a comfortable lounge look to a dressy outfit. Punctuate this monochrome look with lug sole boots. Complementing the “gray tones”, the smudged and smoky eyes replace the minimalist trend that has dominated in recent seasons. Moody metals bring expression and edge to any outfit, but are best served with a nude lip, natural, feathery brows, and a cool face palette.

Down to earth

Inspired by the colors of fall, men’s pieces in shades of brown, burgundy and terracotta add a sophisticated touch to the traditional fall style. Suits, outerwear and athletic recreation get a modern update by mixing textures of leather, suede and cotton to create an on-trend layered outfit.

The legacy of tomorrow

This season, create remarkable home spaces using interesting decorative pieces with the idea that these items can and will be passed down from generation to generation. Different spaces in the house expand to accommodate the entire span of life, with the WFH being an important element, as well as recreational games. Color is rooted in warm hues and natural woods are important. Well-being is centered on clean air and bedding.


Presentation of Macy’s new private label for the home, Oake. The lifestyle line includes carefully designed elements and carefully chosen textures for a luxurious yet affordable experience achievable in every home. Modern designs allow anyone to create a stylish raised bedroom and bathroom. The assortment is launched with textiles including bed sheets, duvets, quilts, duvets, towels as well as decorative pillows and throws. Inspired by the elements of nature, the line has been designed to include selected items made from a blend of cotton and TENCELMT Lyocell fibers made from renewable wood sources and others made from 100 percent cotton with an Ethicot blend, a recycled cotton made from pre-consumer textile waste. Many items are produced in green by OEKO-TEXMT certified, which guarantees that an item is free from more than 350 harmful substances. In honor of the launch, Macy’s donated 50,000 trees to One Tree Planted. These trees will be planted in California to help replenish the forest cover that was lost in the devastating wildfires of 2020.

Style icons

Style icons is a limited edition collaboration with five black visionaries to help advance the fashion world. Exclusive drops on ready-to-wear, men and footwear include Zerina Akers for Bar III, Misa Hylton for INC International Concepts, Aminah Abdul Jillil for INC International Concepts Shoes, Allen Onyia for INC International Concepts Men’s and Ouigi Theodore for Sun + Stone For men. These dynamic creations return for a third edition with unique and must-have fall clothing on September 23.

Conscious beauty for good

It’s time to find your new favorites, nourish your skin and make a positive contribution to the planet by purchasing new Macy’s products. conscious beauty guide. Discover carefully created, toxin-free beauty products in categories such as makeup, skin care, hair care, perfumes, and bath and body. Macy’s New Conscious Beauty Buying Experience empowers customers to bring cleanliness to their routine with top brands that make all the difference. Buy and enjoy products formulated with clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients.


Dress kids in style with Russell Wilson’s signature children’s clothing line, 3BRAND. Named after Wilson’s close connection to number three and his Seahawks number, the collection is a mix of sports, fashion, music and lifestyle. 3BRAND offers cool and comfy graphic t-shirts and matching sets for the ultimate combination of fashion and fun.


Calling all sports fans! Macy’s and Fanatics, a leading licensed sports merchant and a global digital sports platform, have partnered in an exclusive long-term partnership to expand the online assortment of equipment and high-quality clothing for customers who shop on macys.com and the Macy’s app. Customers can show their team pride and enjoy shopping items from all professional leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and NASCAR, as well as hundreds of professional teams and academics.


Be inspired by endless colors with high technology and ultra-long-lasting results with MAKE UP FOR EVER. Co-created by a collective of makeup artists, high performance products allow people to unleash their personal advantage. From her iconic Ultra HD foundation to ultra-pigmented satin-finish lipsticks, wow in face-to-face looks throughout fall. Available on macys.com from September 20.

Pet’s by STORY

Buy everything you need for your favorite four-legged sweetheart on STORY. Discover an assortment of the best brands and products for your furry animal including BarkBox, Parisian Pets, PLAY, Haute Diggity Dog, Bocce’s Bakery and UpCountry through fashion, toys, accessories and treats. From trendy collars to trendy hoodies and special flavored treats, STORY is the ultimate destination for all things pets.

Sunglass Hut Sunglasses Ray-Ban X Facebook Smart Glasses

Classic rock sunglasses with a surprising touch. Ray-Ban Stories offers a new way to capture, share and listen with Ray-Ban smart glasses from Sunglass Hut. The design meets Facebook technology and is the first generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses. Ray-Ban Stories bring the best of your phone so you can stay connected and keep tabs on the world around you. Available in three models, in a range of solar and transparent lenses. Buy now at your local Macy’s and online at macys.com September 20.

About Macy’s

For over 160 years, Macy’s, Macy’s, Inc.’s largest retail brand, has served generations at every stage of their lives. Macy’s customers come to us for fashion, value, and high quality products. We are proud of our heritage and the unique role we play in American culture and tradition. We celebrate occasions big and small and have created decades of memorable experiences with Macy’s 4th of July fireworks® and Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade®, as well as spectacular fashion shows, culinary events, flower shows and celebrity appearances. With the collective support of our customers and colleagues, Macy’s is helping to make a difference in every market we serve, by supporting local and national charities through fundraising and volunteer services. With fashion, value and celebration as a guide, Macy’s makes life brighter for our customers, colleagues and communities.

! Murcia Today – Get a great deal with discounted vouchers in Alicante


Publication date: 09/13/2021

The city council promotes a voucher system to stimulate local commerce in Alicante and help buyers save a few dollars

The Municipality of Alicante is encouraging shoppers to take advantage of its Bonos Comercio 2021 vouchers which can be redeemed at local bookstores, stationers and establishments.

Up to four vouchers, worth € 10 each, can be used in a single purchase, and can be downloaded to a mobile device or printed.

The initiative, with a budget of 100,000 €, aims to offer financial advantages to families and 4,811 people have already benefited from the device. which also aims to “revive the commercial fabric and local consumption in Alicante”.

“The council created Bonos Comercio 2021 to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, help retain and attract new customers, while raising awareness among consumers of the importance of shopping locally,” said the trade and hospitality advisor, Lidia Lopez.

There are around 5,000 still available for use in September, and can be downloaded or printed by visiting citaprevia.alicante.es. Select the date you wish to receive the bonds, enter your DNI / NIE and your email address and access the Bono Comercio program. Once completed, the request will be sent by email and the voucher will be valid for 10 calendar days from the date selected.

Discounts can be used in food establishments, clothing, shoes, accessories, textiles, stationery, IT, hardware stores, jewelry stores, bookstores, opticians, hairdressers, dry cleaners.

IMAGE: Ayuntamiento de Alicante

4 challenges I overcame while working in the business development of a luxury company


Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs.

Opening a flagship showroom for an Italian design brand in New York presents all kinds of challenges. I did a project like this when I was early in my career in my twenties. I had no experience in business development, I didn’t know how to secure high-end projects, and on top of that, it was my first time working in the luxury design industry.

The brand I worked for is very established overseas, but that doesn’t automatically translate into the US or some other geographic market. In my experience, it’s like building a startup from scratch. The company had virtually no sales in the region, few customers and no distribution network. I started from scratch, and luckily I had a mentor who taught me everything about business development, sales, and high-net-worth client development. But it was physically located on the west coast, and most of the time I had to figure it out by experimenting.

I keep getting requests to help other companies with a similar project, so I decided to share with you the top four challenges that I encountered and overcome when opening a brand new showroom for a luxury designer brand in the United States.

Challenge # 1: Invest in a showroom location

When choosing a location for a new showroom, you need to think about who your customers are and where they are, both retail and online.

It’s worth investing in a smaller space where valued customers navigate and a much larger boutique in a part of town that your customers will never travel to.

As the location for the luxury showroom I opened in Manhattan, I chose the D&D Building (Decoration & Design Building). D&D is a well-known design center where interior designers and decorators come to buy furniture, interior design, etc. for their affluent clientele.

My goal has always been to transform the showroom into a destination where customers can experience the brand and not just buy products. I did this in several ways:

  1. I have held in-store workshops to educate customers on the craft and offer behind-the-scenes details.
  2. I teamed up with artists and presented their works at events.
  3. I created a salon where designers could relax and present ideas to their clients.
  4. I made the customers have fun while spending time in the showroom.

Challenge 2: Prospecting customers from scratch

The benefit of choosing the right location for your business ensures you get valuable traffic from the start. Even if you start with a blank slate like I did, customers will find out about you and visit you. You’ve already done half the work.

But you can’t just rely on foot traffic. You want to have an organized approach to prospecting from the start. Since I didn’t have an existing client portfolio, I started from scratch and cold called the Top 100 Interior Designers list and invited them to the new D&D showroom. I remember it took me 16 tries to get a “Yes” one. Mastering the conduct of cold calls is an art in itself and worth learning.

Challenge # 3: Design a retail store concept that enables transformative experiences

The only space available in the Design Center was a long, narrow 750 square foot space on the 5th floor with a single window at the very end. It was rather difficult, given that I wanted to display large colored Murano glass chandeliers with a lifestyle brand approach and provide a lounge space.

The solution of a gallery-style boutique was the most appropriate given the space constraints. When it comes to visual merchandising, make sure you consider the four key elements: store exterior, store layout, store interior, and interior signage.

The most important thing is to think through what kind of brand experience the store will allow and to harness the full potential of the space. Ultimately, you want your brand to become a transformative agent for your customers, delivering transformative and creative experiences.

Challenge n ° 4: Build a team of brand custodians

Finding the right members for my sales team has been the most difficult challenge. Selling luxury isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as is connecting and engaging with affluent buyers. Many people are intimidated or uncomfortable giving high prices. I have seen hesitation even among the most talented salespeople when it comes to telling the price of luxury. Others are too sales-oriented and forget to develop a fiduciary relationship with customers. The solution is to train each member to become a brand owner and product expert, rather than just a business associate. This way, you make sure that the engagement comes first and the transaction comes second.

The best street style at New York Fashion Week Spring 2022


No one knew what New York Fashion Week would look like as it approached its first real IRL catwalk schedule since January 2020. But one thing was still guaranteed: the street style would be particularly up to par. Posting fit photos just isn’t the same as being professionally photographed in all the glory of your look, and on Wednesday, the first full day of the shows, the excitement of the newly awakened peacocks was palpable. Obviously, Telfar’s “bag safety program” has worked: the coveted bags are everywhere, spanning the full spectrum of colors and sizes. As for the rest of the trends, well, it’s just getting started. Stay up to date with Tom Ford’s grand finale on Sunday, here.

Monochrome accessory for the second day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

A viewer wears enough pearl necklaces for a handful of Harry Styles on the second day of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Street style on the second day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

A black leather blazer is calling The matrix in mind on the second day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Black leather once again on the second day of the 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Street style on the second day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

A spectator doesn’t let the rain beat down on the second day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Alok Vaid-Menon on Day 2 of the Spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Becky Akinyode on Day 2 of the Spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Moschino resurfaces on the second day of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

A moment of tinted glasses on the first day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

A welcome face mask sighting on the first day of the Spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Sky blue and delicate earrings on the first day of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Street style on the first day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Another blue and white Telfar combo on the first day of the Spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

No more pearls on the first day of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

An entirely monochrome accessorization of the Telfar bag on the first day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Camouflage cargo pants à la Bella Hadid on the first day of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

A spectator transforms a corset into casual attire on the first day of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Aaron Maine of Porches keeps it simple on day one of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Chloe Wise embraces both asymmetry and geometry on the first day of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

A spectator joins Kristen Stewart in avoiding a traditional shirt on the first day of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Onlookers soaking up the sun on the first day of the spring 2022 New York Fashion Week season. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Telfar bags make their appearance at the Maryam Nassir Zadeh show on the first day of the spring 2022 season of New York Fashion Week. Photograph by Timothy O’Connell for W magazine.

Largest factory in the world to suck carbon from the sky and store it for millions of years lights up in Iceland


The “largest factory in the world”, built solely for the purpose of extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it, has just been commissioned in Iceland.


Built in the Hellisheidi geothermal park, the company hopes it is just a stepping stone needed to multiply the model by 80 and thus eliminate millions of tons of CO2 by the end of the decade.

A climate solution as direct as there may be, the Orcas factory, one of the many solutions to climate change offered by the Icelandic company Carbfix, takes CO2 from the air before separating the carbon from the oxygen, mixing it with water and sending it deep underground in formations basaltic rocks where it mineralizes.

With 16 sites recycling CO2, Climeworks, the Swiss company that supplied Orca with the CO2 intake fans, is extremely happy to have participated in a project that will permanently eliminate carbon, rather than just recycle it. They say green technology can be replicated easily and on a large scale, wherever there is renewable energy and storage available. Orca was built next to a local geothermal power plant, so it runs entirely on renewable energy.

RELATED: A new sustainable roofing material can naturally keep buildings cool without air conditioning

The company says it can extract 4,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year, the equivalent of taking 870 cars off the road. On its own, that’s a small impact for the $ 10 to $ 15 million it takes to build, but as companies press more and more to provide carbon offsets for their operations, the technology offers huge appeal though. costs go down and production is increased.

For example, offsetting emissions by planting trees is a good thing, but it takes 50 years for a tree to collect enough CO2 to actually sequester it. If the tree dies before this period, it is as if the company had done nothing.

TO VERIFY: Branson-backed company captures megatons of carbon injected into concrete, and Amazon builds headquarters with it

A Canadian company, Carbon engineering, which received $ 25 million in government funding, is building technology that directly captures CO2 from the air and stores it as compressed gas, or creates a near-carbon neutral fuel.

They are currently building what they call the world’s largest direct air capture plant in the southwestern United States which, when operational, will remove more than a million tonnes of carbon dioxide from atmosphere each year, or about the equivalent of 40 million mature trees.

But for Carbfix, knowing that the carbon is stored in the form of igneous or metamorphic rocks deep underground where it won’t emerge for hundreds of millions of years is the most verifiable way to demonstrate their commitment to tackle the climate crisis.

FOLLOWING: Researchers extract carbon from the sky and convert it to instant jet fuel, reshaping aviation for good

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Crep Collection Club opens flagship store in Bluewater


A trendy sneaker store opened its first flagship store in Bluewater after two years of online-only retail.

Crep Collection Club offers a premium selection of sneakers, including highly sought after and exclusive offers.

Customers will be able to purchase limited editions of Jordan 1, Air Force 1 and Air Max Nike in the all-new 1,042 square foot space.

Jamal Okubule, Founder of Crep Collection Club, added: “To be able to get launched at Bluewater is amazing.

“We are able to bring the best of sneaker lines to a whole new audience.

“Bluewater, with its range of retail brands and strong experiential offering, was a remarkable choice for us when selecting a destination for our debut.

“We are proud to have taken this next step in physical retail as part of our brand expansion. ”

Robert Goodman, Senior Center Manager at Bluewater, said: “At Bluewater, we strive to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible and we are delighted to welcome such an innovative brand as Crep Collection Club here.

“Trendy products have always been appreciated by our customers and the arrival of this new store, with its exclusive lines, will considerably enrich our offer. ”

LG Introduces New Foldable Display Technology That Is Hard As Glass With No Creases



RejZoR, 15 hours agoWtf, does all your comment mean same? You jump between things to such an extent that he … moreWhat I led was iboy. The foldable display mechanism of eg mate x2 it has the corner design. Now there is no more crease, is there? And it is a plastic display stand. And this type of design is awesome, so no creases. But that’s because he doesn’t use glass. The utg Sammy used on z fold 3 and z fold 2 is due to the gap in display 2 (although on z fold 3 they covered the area from which water and dust can get into the components or basically the ip index) and that’s how they got glass. In addition, glass is more expensive to repair and glass is also more fragile. While literally a plastic screen will never crack
I had a Sammy galaxy alpha with a plastic back and it fell about 100 times over the 6 years it lasted and the broken glass on my new phone literally shattered when I dropped it on 2 feet high and it also fell in the mud with the case. So yes. This is the point that I say glass is inferior to plastic (I mean glass is superior at some points, but yeah, I’m guessing it’s not as superior as you mentioned and the plastic is not that bad as you mentioned


  • Anonymous
  • gnQ

RejZoR, 12 hours agoUnlike you, I am consistent in my demands and stand firm with what I have said before even though … moreI grant you … you are a coherent tr0lll


  • Anonymous
  • Lfr

HovadoLesni, 13 hours agoblah blah. A lot of Apple fans keep telling me that. Just wait for the iFold and you will have a … moreApple did its best, that’s what they’ll say then


HovadoLesni, 13 hours agoblah blah. A lot of Apple fans keep telling me that. Just wait for the iFold and you will have a … moreUnlike you, I am consistent in my assertions and stand firm with what I have said before, even if and when Apple releases it.


  • Anonymous
  • yJp

Shreyas, 15 hours agoWell I know a guy whose OnePlus Nord 2 with GG 5 broke right after falling from a tablet … moreGlass is also expensive to replace


RejZoR, 22 hours agoI don’t care about folding devices as long as they use fragile plastic screens … moreblah blah. A lot of Apple fans keep telling me that.

Just wait for the iFold and you’ll all go crazy after the foldables. Soon … 2027


  • Anonymous
  • 802

RejZoR, 22 hours agoI don’t care about folding devices as long as they use fragile plastic screens … moreNewsflash: People using the foldable don’t care about your opinion.
If it’s not for you, why say that in every article? Go to your Apple forums.
It doesn’t matter whether RazerJoker likes or approves these foldables or not.
The reality is, you are so envious of Android phones, your hate pours out every time.


  • Anonymous
  • Mkm

RejZoR, 22 hours agoPeople unknowingly thinking that foldable OLED displays don’t break … Never seen JREs … morePeople who can afford a foldable don’t worry about accidentally damaging the screen.
Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Huawei Mate X2 are in the ultra premium segment, they are not for the poor like you


Dudenoway, 15 hours agoNo. The plastic screen does not crack iboy. And it is almost impossible to make a turn … moreWtf, does all your comment mean same? You jump between things to the point that it just doesn’t make sense. Boy. Yes, the folding displays creak. You have no idea how folding screens work, do you? The inner layer is brittle and is designed to bend to only one axis. If you bend it to another, it will break and die. Entirely.


IpsDisplay, 07 Sep 2021If this article makes flexible, the strength of the glass now If we ALREADY use smartphones with … moreWell I know a guy whose OnePlus Nord 2 with GG 5 broke right after falling off a table.
Whereas my Nokia 6.1 Plus withstood a “throw” without a single scratch. Please note, my Nokia didn’t even have a certification for the rear window.

It’s just a matter of the angle of impact. And as JRE said, “glass is glass, and glass shatters”


RejZoR, 22 hours agoPeople unknowingly thinking that foldable OLED displays don’t break … Never seen JREs … moreNo. The plastic screen does not crack iboy. And it’s almost impossible to make a collapsible glass that won’t crack. And even if they do. Then this is only possible with the fold option. And no one wants wrinkles. And it is still useless to use cracking glass instead of plastic which has no downside except for scratches which you just can’t touch your fingernails on the screen and you won’t get any scratches


Duck of death, 19 hours agoI owned the original Z Flip for a year and a half. I dropped it several times. No bumpers … moreWhere the hell did I say something about Sammy or the Surface duo? Sammy may be good at glass making, but please stick to my comments point.


Anonymous, 18 hours agoThe V60 may be a downgrade from the V50 since the V60 has no ultrawi … moreV60 still my favorite! ??


Again, leave it to LG to find the cool stuff. I still can’t figure out why ppl let LG down. ??


  • Anonymous
  • KZK

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021Problem with LG Mobile. – LG was much more popular in the Americas compared to Europe … moreThe V60 may be a downgrade from the V50 as the V60 doesn’t have an ultra-wide front camera and doesn’t rely on the pogo pin for its detachable DualScreen case, but it’s still better than the flagship offering from Samsung in 2020. It took Samsung eight months since launching the V60 to create its own affordable flagship with the S20 FE, but Samsung was still not getting it right. The only cool features of the S20 FE are the well-polished DeX desktop mode and the 120Hz screen refresh rate. Everything else is still LG’s victory – 8K video recording, headphone jack, Quad DAC Audio and FM radio . By the time Samsung introduced the S20 FE to the world, people had already bought the brand new V60 for under $ 600 which automatically made the S20 FE worthless.


  • Anonymous
  • vGE

Duck of death, 19 hours agoI owned the original Z Flip for a year and a half. I dropped it several times. No bumpers … moreok, the og flip might be well built, but let LG do what it does


  • Anonymous
  • vGE

Anonymous, 23 hours agoDon’t worry, you’ll get your iFold years later when foldables are common on Android. it is very true


  • Asal arnold
  • 7k3

I have tasted all the flavors of smartphones. LG is the best flavor of all. I am still using LG v20. They are kings of sustainability. If there are breakthroughs in the tech industry and when it’s perfect, the answer is LG. It’s a shame they left the smartphone industry


Dudenoway, 22 hours agoYes, I would really like my more foldable 1.5k to fall and crack like a spider web instead … moreI owned the original Z Flip for a year and a half. I dropped it several times. No bumpers, only a Dbrand skin on it. Not a scratch. It looked brand new when I traded it in for the Flip 3. Samsung knows how to make extremely durable phones. They have been doing this for decades.

Meanwhile, that useless Surface Duo is also useless whether you drop it or not.

Talking about terrible build quality. This Surface Duo is known to be very poorly put together, the screens come off, the battery blows up the phone and everything. So maybe you don’t start talking about quality when you want to promote it?


  • Anonymous
  • tDQ

the problem is that it can not withstand strong pressure

9/11 artifacts share ‘pieces of truth’ in victims’ stories | News, Sports, Jobs


Jan Ramirez, chief curator of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, right, sifts through a collection of condolence cards for a 9/11 victim that were donated to the museum’s archives, July 16, 2021, in Jersey City, NJ. years, the museum has collected some 22,000 personal artifacts to help tell the stories of those who have died and those who were fortunate enough to survive. Many of these personal effects were recovered from the ruins of what were once the Twin Towers. Other items were donated by survivors or the families of those who perished. (AP Photo / Robert Bumsted)

NEW YORK (AP) – For nearly six years, Andrea Haberman’s ashy and damaged wallet remained virtually intact in a drawer at her parents’ home in Wisconsin, along with a partially melted cell phone, her driver’s license , his credit cards, his checkbook and his house keys. Rust stains had formed on the edges of his glasses, their lenses had shattered and disappeared.

These everyday objects were the remnants of a young life that ended when a hijacked airliner struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Haberman was 25 and was about to be married when she was killed on a business trip from Chicago – her first visit to New York.

His things, which still smelled of Ground Zero, mostly evoked grief for Haberman’s family. To ease their pain, they donated the artifacts to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

“These are not the happy things you want to remember someone by”, said Gordon Haberman, his father.

The collection of some 22,000 personal artifacts – some on display at the 9/11 Museum and others on display in other museums across the country – offers a mosaic of lost lives and survival stories: wallets, passports, baseball gloves, shoes, clothes and rings.

“Each person who is part of this count was an individual who has lived a life”, said Jan Ramirez, chief curator and director of the museum’s collections.

“We knew that families – the people who lost a loved one that day – were going to need a place, a way, to remember the person who never came home from work, who didn’t. never returned from a flight “, Ramirez said.

Many of these personal effects were recovered from the ruins of what were once the Twin Towers. Other items were donated by survivors or the families of those who perished.

A wood square, screwdriver, pry bar and tool belt represent Sean Rooney, vice president of Aon Corp. died in the south tower. The essence of Rooney was that of “a builder,” said her sister-in-law Margot Eckert, making carpenter tools donated to the museum on “The perfect antidote to destruction”.

Rooney had called his wife, Beverly Eckert, at their Stamford, Connecticut home after being trapped by fire and smoke on the 105th floor. He spent his last breaths recounting happier moments, whispering, “I love you,” as he worked for the air.

His remains have never been found.

Beverly died eight years later in a plane crash on her way to her husband’s high school in Buffalo, New York, to award a scholarship in his honor. Before she died, she had put aside the items she hoped would help tell her husband’s story – that of a weekend carpenter, handyman and Habitat for Humanity volunteer.

“We have a grave for her, we don’t have a grave for Sean,” says Margot Eckert. “Artifacts are becoming very important. And the artifacts are the facts that someone has experienced. These are the facts you can touch.

For Robert Chin’s family, the story was one of a love for softball. They recounted his first hit – a practice on the third base line – while playing for Fiduciary Trust International. To help him savor the moment, his teammates scribbled congratulatory notes on the ball before presenting it to him.

Among the names on the ball were Pedro Francisco Checo and Ruben Esquilin Jr., also who died with Chin that day. This dusty softball that Chin had kept at home is one of the memorabilia in the 9/11 museum’s collection.

Not all donated artifacts are in the name of those who have died. Some were from those who survived September 11.

Linda Raisch-Lopez donated her bloody patent leather heels to represent her will to survive a day she ran for her life.

As she descended a stairwell from the 97th floor of the South Tower, she slipped off her heels. and walked through the debris barefoot, according to the museum’s account. Somewhere on the way to a jetty on the Hudson River, she had slipped into her shoes, smeared with blood on the tan leather of her severed, blistered feet.

Only a small portion of the museum’s collection of artifacts is never on display, as there is too much to show at one time. When not in public view, the artifacts are kept off-site, most at a facility across the Hudson River in New Jersey and others stored in a warehouse near Albany, New York. Rows of shelves are stacked with boxes filled with tragedy and remembrance.

“Each piece is a small part of a puzzle” Ramirez said. “Having these important little pieces of truth, these palpable pieces of truth – these bridges for people to engage in history – is the reason we do what we do and will continue to do what we do. “

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Little Miss Lion 2021 | News, Sports, Jobs


– Contributed

As part of the Toronto Art Festival festivities over Labor Day weekend, the Toronto Lions Club continued its long-standing tradition of crowning Little Miss Lion, with the 2021 honors going to Victoria Dear. The court included, from left to right, Myah Wickham, Haley Bodnar, Dear, 2019 winner Pria Frey, Brooklyn Allison and Olivia Morris. Little Miss Lion will represent the Toronto Lions Club in Homecoming and Christmas parades. The Toronto Lions Club was established in 1957 and is working to make Toronto a better place to live, according to member Jay Foster, with projects such as building the shelter; the creation of the Newburg landing; be active with young people through the Close-Up program and the GOOD program within the primary school; sponsor sports teams and homecoming festivities, including the parade; and fundraisers like the club “Famous barbecue chicken” at the festival. The club offers free eye exams and glasses to anyone in need locally. The club is unique in that it had one of its members, the late James Coffey, president of Lions International. Brandt Boka is president of the organization, which meets at 6.30 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursday in Karaffa commune. The second meeting of each month is a dinner meeting. New members are always welcome. Applications can be submitted online or anyone interested can join a member and attend a meeting.

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Lubbock Habitat for Humanity hosts home dedication ahead of Blitz Build Labor Day


Lubbock Habitat for Humanity hosted a house dedication ceremony on Saturday afternoon in the 400 block of North Guava Avenue.

Raider Red was on hand for the event, along with owner Tamarsha Stevenson, her family and church, and volunteers who helped build the house.

Lubbock ISD construction students did the first work on this house at the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center as part of their CTE program. Stevenson will close the house the week after the grand opening and Hart Moving and Storage has donated a free move for Habitat’s new owner.

The house’s dedication will prompt Habitat supporters to officially launch Blitz Build 2021 on Labor Day morning.

Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Christy Reeves talks about the Stevensons, left to right TaMarsha Stevenson, her 6 year old daughter Trinity Mannahan and Aunt Patricia Johns outside their new home.  Lubbock Habitat for Humanity celebrated the dedication of the Stevenson family home on Dartmouth Street on Saturday September 4, 2021.

Blitz Build 2021 kicks off Monday at 8:30 a.m. at 404 North Guava Avenue. Hundreds of volunteers from across the Lubbock community will converge on the Habitat construction site starting Monday morning to build three new Habitat homes in thirteen days. The Blitz will continue from Labor Day through September 18 with volunteers working mornings and afternoons every day.

“We brought back the Blitz Build last year as an annual event and built two houses in ten days,” said Christy Reeves, Managing Director of Lubbock Habitat. “This year we are building three houses, and the support from donors and volunteers has been incredible. We still need people 18+ to sign up and help make this happen. “

Each of the three houses has a theme. There will be a construction for the women, a construction for the students for the students and a construction for the Church of the Apostles. Volunteers can select which house they want to work on when they arrive each day. All construction costs were funded by local businesses, foundations and churches. In-kind donations of flooring, roofing and bricks also helped Habitat. In response to the recent lumber crisis, a company that has just arrived in Lubbock, Rhodes, USA, is helping Habitat build affordable steel-framed homes for the first time. Rhodes USA has donated the frame of an entire house and volunteers have been assembling the frames at Rhodes Headquarters for weeks.

Worship Center Bishop Samuel King leads a prayer.  Lubbock Habitat for Humanity celebrated the dedication of the Stevenson family home on Dartmouth Street on Saturday September 4, 2021.

“We are very grateful to Rhodes USA for helping us find a solution to the lumber issues this year,” said Reeves. “This innovative approach to residential construction makes our volunteers and our construction team very enthusiastic and ready to learn how to build steel frame homes for the first time. This Blitz will be an incredible adventure.

Three owners have been selected to live in these Blitz homes and will be working on the homes periodically during the thirteen day event. Habitat owners are required to spend “sweat equity” hours doing construction and attending owner education classes. These courses cover financial literacy and other relevant topics. Once the homes and owner hours are over, these people close the home and pay Lubbock Habitat an affordable, interest-free mortgage. Lubbock Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical, non-profit, Christianity-based ministry that gives a helping hand, not alms.

Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Christy Reeves talks about the Stevenson family and their new home.  Lubbock Habitat for Humanity celebrated the dedication of the Stevenson family home on Dartmouth Street on Saturday September 4, 2021.

Any individual, group of employees or organization interested in volunteering can register today at lubbockhabitat.org. No construction skills are required. All volunteers receive a free T-shirt. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided through generous donations from numerous food sponsors.

Save Huge Savings on the Coach Outlet Labor Day Sale


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Coach Outlet is organizing a labor day massive sale this weekend, offering an extra 15% off Coach handbags, sweatshirts, accessories and more. The top rated finds are already reduced by up to 70% off, but add the code SUPPLEMENT 15 to unlock an additional 15% savings over the Labor Day weekend.

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Whether you need a new watch or a new satchel bag, Coach Outlet allows you to make huge savings across the board. Here are the best finds from the Coach Outlet Labor Day sale:

Shoulder bags

Coach shoulder bags are on sale for Labor Day 2021.

Satchels, shoulder bags and tote bags

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Trench coats, watches and scarves on sale over Labor Day weekend.

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Prices were correct at the time of this article’s publication, but may change over time.

Supermarket operator Spinneys begins redesign of stores from first-ever outlet in United Arab Emirates


Dubai: Emirati supermarket Spinneys goes back to its roots. The brand has undertaken a complete overhaul of its King Faisal Road store in Sharjah, which is also the premier location in the United Arab Emirates.

The 22,000 square foot store is now outfitted with “Arab-inspired interiors” as Spinneys begins rolling out new store experiences. And in a nod to current trends in the supermarket space, the King Faisal Road facility also features a cafe, as operators strive to extend shoppers’ time in-store.

“We remain committed to providing exceptional customer service at all times,” said Sunil Kumar, the CEO who previously worked as an Assistant Store Manager in the same store. “We look forward to welcoming familiar and new faces to the store.”

In its 60th year of operation in the United Arab Emirates, Spinneys operates 65 stores there. “The current redesign is not part of a major rebranding – but a redesign of store design, bringing in a new look with Arabesque design accents,” said the CEO. “This includes improved amenities for our fresh departments, expanded offerings and the introduction of Spinneys Kitchen Cafe – for a totally improved shopping experience for our customers. The main brand, which stands for best quality, superior service and freshness, remains in place. “

A brand new exhibition and exciting workshops at the Oceanside Museum Of Art


Arts & Culture Summer may be coming to an end soon, but things are only heating up at the Oceanside Museum of Art

Wednesday 1 September 20210

Summer may be coming to an end soon, but things are only heating up at the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA). This month, enjoy live music, engaging workshops and a brand new exhibit. Find out more about everything happening this month below.

First Friday Artwalk | Music at the Museum with The Anthony Cullins Trio

September 3 | 5 pm-9pm | 704 Pier View Way

Explore the OMA’s exhibits for free from 5 p.m. and take in the free concert from 6.30 p.m. as Oceanside’s first Friday art walk continues into the night with the explosive sound and epic blues-rock guitar riffs of the Anthony Cullins Trio. Capacity is limited and entry to the show is free, but guests are encouraged to book a ticket in advance with the option to reserve a VIP table for four. The evening will also include a cash bar with the option to purchase your drink tickets here in advance for quality beer, wine or wine by the glass.

Tickets are free and VIP tables are $ 50.
To book a ticket, click here.
To book a VIP table, click here.

Two-day workshop: The Watercolors of Georgia O’Keeffe

September 13 & 15 | 1 pm-4pm | 704 Pier View Way

A master of watercolor painting, Georgia O’Keefe has produced over 200 watercolors in two years. Explore his techniques in various landscapes, skies and mountains by performing several studies before performing a final painting. Join OMA art instructor Robin Douglas for a fresh take on the diverse environments of Oceanside through the lens of this iconic artist, taking further inspiration from the Outdoor Festival jury exhibit 2021 currently on display at the museum. All supplies for your original artwork including high quality watercolor paper will be provided.

Tickets cost $ 90 for visitors and $ 60 for OMA members.
To purchase tickets, click here.

Official opening reception

September 18 | 4 pm-6.30pm | 704 Pier View Way

Join the OMA team and other art lovers for an evening celebrating four of the museum’s latest exhibitions, Divisions by Dean Ramos, Smallest Places by Melissa Walter, Contemporary Portraits of the Simay Collection and Migration by Charlotte Bird. Enjoy a refreshing evening as you explore what’s new at OMA this season and connect with the many artists who fill the museum with exceptional creativity and vision. The evening will begin with a VIP hour at 4:00 p.m. exclusively for members of the OMA President’s Circle, followed by general admission at 5:00 p.m.

Tickets cost $ 10 for visitors and free for OMA members.
To purchase tickets, click here.

New exhibition | Migration by Charlotte Bird

September 18 – January 9 | 704 Pier View Way

Artist Charlotte Bird is a fiber artist based in San Diego and Alaska, fascinated by the cycles of life in nature. In particular, the plight of the Sandhill Crane, its annual migration from Alaska to California, Texas, New Mexico and Mexico, their elaborate rituals and dances, and the challenges they face in an era of climate change and destruction of their habitat. She is troubled by observations that climate change is slowly and subtly changing bird life. The success of the Sandhill Crane is based on its ability to adapt to a variety of habitats ranging from the Arctic to the subtropics. Birds cannot adapt to nesting areas flooded by melting permafrost or flooded feeding areas
in Nebraska and California.

On a simple level, Migration introduces visitors to the wonders of American Sandhill Cranes; on a deeper level, to connect people to the challenges facing cranes and other natural wonders in an era of climate change and habitat destruction. The gallery will be installed with life-size fabric cranes and weeds, and a cloud of small cranes will be installed across the stairwell in the gallery.

Tickets cost $ 10 for general admission and are free for OMA members.
To purchase tickets, click here.

A brand new exhibition and exciting workshops are taking place this month at the Oceanside Museum of Art

Taste of art | Catch the big wave

September 30 | 6 pm-8pm | 704 Pier View Way

Immerse yourself in the legacy of one of Japan’s most influential artists, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), and her iconic Great Wave landscape print that took the world by storm. Join OMA Art Professor Robin Douglas to create large-format paintings, epic ocean scenes, and meaningful symbols, all fused to represent the power of nature. Sip refreshments as you create your own piece of art. All supplies for your original artwork will be provided.

Tickets cost $ 50 for visitors and $ 40 for OMA members
To purchase tickets, click here.

About the Oceanside Art Museum

Since 1997, OMA has served as an anchor and catalyst for change in northern San Diego County, serving as the premier art venue along the cultural corridor between Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tijuana. OMA exhibitions feature works by artists, showcasing innovative and dynamic exhibits of important local and regional art. The museum’s galleries are redesigned for each exhibition, surprising visitors with a fresh and exciting visual transformation for each new installation. For more information on Oceanside Museum of Art, visit here.

See you there, San Diego!

Best of the week, September 2, 2021


Saint Cloud

In line

Whether it’s a long lunch in the winter or a soft drink on the roof in the summer, a knit is your friend. And local brand St Cloud – by a Country Road alumnus – is listing its line of Palm Springs-inspired ribbed-knit dresses and polo tops in its online archival sale. Prices start at $ 30 with nothing above $ 80.

Until 11:59 p.m. Sun 5 Sep

Glasses index

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Shop sunglasses from some of the world’s most coveted brands including Gucci, Zimmermann, Le Specs, Karen Walker, Cartier and Saint Laurent, up to 80% off at the Eyewear Index warehouse sale.

Until 11:59 p.m. Tue 7 Sep


In line

Get up to 50% off boots, heels, sneakers, men’s shoes and more during the Bared Footwear end-of-season sale.

Until 11:59 p.m. Thu 2 Sep


In line

Sustainable modern furniture brand Koskela is moving to new digs after 10 years, which means it has to empty stock from its Rosebery warehouse. It cuts the prices of furniture, housewares, light fixtures and vintage pieces used to decorate the space for two weeks. This means up to 70% off Quadrant sofas, Jake dining chairs and tables, and ethically sourced household items (including blankets, cushions and sleepwear); up to 50% reduction on suspensions; and up to 30% reduction on floor mats.

Until 11:59 p.m. Sun 12 Sep


In line
The sustainable bedding brand Ettitude is offering a 20% reduction on its entire line of silky linens, towels and bathrobes. Use code COMFORTFORALL at checkout.

Until 11:59 p.m. Mon 6 Sep

Bed wires

In line
Buy 15% off everything from Bed Threads, Sydney’s beloved linen brand, during its anniversary sale. Use code HAPPYBDAY at checkout.

Until 11:59 p.m. Sat 11 Sep

Friends with Frank

In line

Melbourne-based outerwear brand Friends With Frank kicks off its end-of-season sale next week, with up to 40 percent off-site. Browse bestsellers such as the Mimi, Cleo, Matilda and Camilla dress at 15 to 40 percent off.

Until 11:59 p.m. Wed 8 Sep

The Dom

In line
The Dom is a new Australia-based online outlet for designer fashion and streetwear. Still in its pre-launch phase, Broadsheet readers benefit from early access with the code DOMXBROADSHEET. Browse hundreds of brands including Lee Mathews, Manning Cartell, Matin Studio, Superga, Abrand, The Upside, Muscle Nation, Thrills, Academy Brand, Ellesse, Neuw and First Base.

For a limited time

Love honey

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Indulge yourself with discounts on the Love Honey range of sex toys, lingerie and accessories. Buy 30% off sex toys from top brands and up to 50% off lingerie.

Until 2 p.m. Mon Sept 6

guy swim

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Australian swimwear brand Fella is slashing the entire site by 50% just in time for the warmer weather. Browse bikini tops, bottoms and one-pieces in a rainbow of colors. Use code FEELSLIKESUMMER at checkout.

While stocks last

Jac Gifts

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The French-inspired lifestyle brand Jac Cadeaux is withdrawing 50% of its range of fine knits and luxury cashmere pieces, for a limited time.

While stocks last

The 6 best music videos of August 2021


Each month, we list the most memorable clips and celebrate artists who innovate with their visuals.

6. Monaleo: “Suck it”

Director: Cash Jundi

Monaleo’s latest single is a deliciously arrogant clinic where the up-and-coming Houston rapper prepares head-banging beards targeting ‘fake bitches’ all over the place (see: “Busting at your noodle, tryna boil your linguine “). In the video, she wears heart-shaped sunglasses and a peach velor tracksuit with the hood up as she spends quality time with a friend in a huge white Bentley. Monaleo spoils generously, whether it’s on the freeway exiting the sunroof, shopping with bags on designer bags or dancing loudly in the front seat. That she does all of this while verbally destroying enemies with surgical precision is further proof of her inability to fuck.

5. Peggy Gou: “I’m going”

Director: Inji Seo

Electronic artist Peggy Gou brought in a Seoul-based illustrator Inji Seo, known for her characters streaked with neon and positive for the body, to design this technicolor journey from sea to space. A comic book version of Gou, sporting a Sailor Moon costume, commandeers a ship that doubles as a nightclub for his pom-pom crew. But as she and her squad are ready to toast with glasses of champagne, a fleet of vile pirate rabbits arrives. Even though both sides fire rockets in an attempt to destroy each other, the Lisa Frank clip’s aesthetic makes it all look downright happy. The twist ending (involving a giant giraffe) makes me want Adult Swim even more to order a full version of Seo and Gou’s fantasia series.

4. Eye Circuit: “Dogma”

Director: Haley Fohr

The credits of this self-directed clip of Circuit Des Yeux, aka Chicago artistic rocker Haley Fohr, allude to its strangeness: both kite wranglers and drone operators were needed for this surreal journey into the subconscious. Clad in a cape and a stain of red paint over her eyes, Fohr wanders through a field where two oracles clad in red veils usher her into a tent with a mystical dressing table inside. As she slips into more captivating reveries, the camera lingers on images of a ship at sea, red cloth floating in the air, and mysterious rockets exploding in the distance. His impressionistic fervor will likely inspire your own daydreams – or perhaps nightmares.

3. Magdalena Bay: “Secrets (your fire)”

Directors: Magdalena Bay

Pop duo Magdalena Bay turned to vintage online resources like GIF and r / Forgotten websites as inspiration for their upcoming debut album, and their obsession with Web 1.0 continues in this video, where the two members are immersed in another dated digital world. They perform “Secrets (Your Fire)” in front of the unforgettable green hill of Windows XP wallpaper before we get into exponentially weirder scenarios that include frenzied infomercials, World of warcraft cosplay and a fire-breathing saxophone. It is a lark of the year 2000 which makes it feels like being on the internet early, glitchy pop-up ads and all.

2. Baby Keem / Kendrick Lamar: “family ties”

Director: Dave Free

Here’s an endless blitz of captivating, disconnected scenes that grab your attention. Whether Baby Keem dancing in silhouette through a sample of paint; Kendrick stomps in front of a flag for his creative endeavor pgLang as the camera gazes in wonder from below; or a surprise cameo from Normani, each scene overlaps into a stunning collage. The frantic rhythm follows the lively bars of the song. “I dodged the pandemic / I dodged the militants overnight / I am not a trendy subject,” Lamar reminds us coldly.

1. Caribou: “You can do it”

Director: Richard Kenworthy

It’s hard to find fault with a clip made entirely of adorable dogs frolicking and jumping in exquisite slow motion. Canadian experimental pop vet Caribou’s hypnotic latest track is a shameless tribute to dogs of all stripes: small dogs, big dogs, puppies, dogs with a complete lack of paw-eye coordination – everyone gets a bit of sparkle. And then, as the song goes up via synths and a looping vocal sample, the Frisbees come out. Yes they can do it!

Architecture heats up with the greenhouse effect


You might think of a greenhouse as an outhouse, a small structure in a garden for growing plants under glass. It could be considered as a place of agriculture on an industrial scale, enveloping an artificial landscape.

You might think of it as the genesis of modernity, the ground zero of contemporary architecture – a legacy that began with the Palm House in Kew Gardens and the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park in the mid-19th century and has continued to encompass the great stations and halls, before shaping the shopping centers, leisure centers, holiday parks, airports and museums which became the architectural expressions of late capitalism.

Or it could just bring hints of global warming, climate catastrophe, greenhouse effect.

Whatever you think, the greenhouse is making a comeback in architecture in the most unexpected way. They appear everywhere, from the work of this year’s Pritzker Prize winners Lacaton & Vassal to the encapsulation by Carmody Groarke of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Hill House. From Moscow to Mars, they become the default signifier of our brand of modernity.

Lacaton & Vassal have wrapped French social housing in glass. . . © Philippe Ruault

View from a living room which opens out through glass doors and onto the exterior glass wall of the building

. . . create an area between the interior and the city for the inhabitants © Philippe Ruault

It is a curious phenomenon which seems to recognize the fragility of architecture and our place in the world. There is no more clich̩ Рor better Рmetaphor for precariousness than the glass house. But its use resists this interpretation, seeking instead a way for the modern era to coexist with older structures, recognizing difference, climate change and cultural change, the nature of mass production, and some futility.

In one of the most influential buildings of recent years, De Vylder Vinck Taillieu’s Caritas Psychiatric Center in Melle, Belgium, the architects inserted seemingly standard greenhouses into the shell of a historic hospital. This can be a commentary on the changing nature of institutions (literally introducing transparency) but it also suggests an attitude to history, allowing the fabric to remain as a romantic ruin while partially and lightly inhabiting it. . The fragility of a greenhouse contrasts with the heavy confidence of the 19th century: it is an illuminated and sheltered place that is uncertain. In the context of a hospital, he asks questions about how we deal with mental illness as a society.

A striped brick building with a pointed roof

De Vylder Vinck Taillieu’s Caritas Psychiatric Center in Melle, Belgium, uses the building envelope. . . © Philippe Dujardin

Free-standing greenhouses are found in the pillared shell of a brick building

. . . and put greenhouses there, introducing transparency and lightly inhabiting a romantic ruin © Filip Dujardin

The tradition is not entirely new. Already in the early 1970s, Swedish architect Bengt Warne wrapped old houses in greenhouses, preserving their fabric while modernizing their appearance and thermal performance. He introduced a zone of nature, a buffer zone between landscape and interior that is not quite one or the other.

Jo Taillieu, who has since formed his own practice, continued exploration in the Paddenbroek educational center in Gooik, Belgium, enveloping the buildings of an abandoned fruit farm in a large greenhouse structure that both plays on the agricultural origins of the site and creates an internal landscape of historic buildings as rooms.

A long, low silver building shines in the sun, flanked by trees
OMA architects wrapped the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow in inexpensive translucent polycarbonate © Iwan Baan

OMA Architects had previously wrapped the Garage, a Communist-era canteen in Moscow, in inexpensive translucent polycarbonate, contrasting the fragile layer of the new pearly with the solid and confident modernism of the defunct building to create a striking artistic hub.

French architects Lacaton & Vassal have built their careers on cladding buildings in delicate layers of translucent materials. What is unusual about them is that their attention is not focused on world-class institutions but on social housing. By wrapping the modernist slabs in layers of polycarbonate or glass, they allowed the inhabitants to remain in place during the execution of the work, their communities intact. The new envelope then offers an enlarged exterior, an area between the interior and the city that has itself become a kind of greenhouse, with stacks of gardens in the sky and brightly lit areas that residents can inhabit.

Tall buildings seen from afar in a meadow beyond a river

The FRAC gallery of Lacaton & Vassal in Dunkirk is clad in corrugated polycarbonate. . . © Philippe Ruault

The space between the two glass walls of industrial appearance with a glass roof

. . . which creates a new zone between the two layers of material © Philippe Ruault

They applied the same techniques to the FRAC gallery in Dunkirk in 2019, where they built a greenhouse-shaped structure to mirror the reused and reused industrial hangar next door. The new structure is clad in corrugated polycarbonate, a ghostly echo of the cracked pewter next to it, a translucent shadow. This is a particularly striking effect at night when the industrial hangar darkens and the new building begins to shine like a paper lantern, a play of positive and negative, of weight and ephemeral and, no doubt, of d industry and art.

Last year, architects Carmody Groarke locked Mackintosh’s Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland, in a steel box covered with chain mail as part of a conservation project. The effect here, a sort of diaphanous box, is both to protect and to expose. After the shock of the damage to Mackintosh’s Glasgow School of Art in the 2018 fire, this house, arguably Mackintosh’s best, has appeared extra-precious and the showcase effect suits it well, adding to its mystery. The similarity with the work of Lacaton & Vassal in Dunkirk is clear.

A large warehouse-like structure with translucent sides and a steel enclosure covers a small building

Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland suffered water damage. . . © Alamy Stock Photo

The structure seen from the inside, with the small building on the left and the new sheet steel wall on the right

. . . Carmody Groarke therefore locked it in a stainless steel wire mesh to protect it, while keeping the building visible © Alamy Stock Photo

You could argue that this phenomenon in architecture – greenhouses and glass boxes, display cases and poly-agri enclosures – is a manifestation of angst, an idea that either architecture must be protected or we must be protected in its breast. But I would say there is something more.

After astronaut William Anders took the “Earthrise” photo of Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve 1968, the inhabitants of the planet he captured were mesmerized by the delicacy of its glowing atmosphere, the membrane that allows us to live our life. Awareness of the impending climate catastrophe has rekindled this understanding of fragility.

German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk has written extensively on his theory of modern architecture as a manifestation of the bubble idea, from the Crystal Palace to the glass-roofed arcades of Paris to the capitalist recreation megastructures. The French philosopher Bruno Latour also sees our understanding of space in these terms, what he calls the “Umwelt”, the world as it is experienced by an organism – that is to say mainly us.

A two-story house with a flat roof sits in a large translucent structure
Maison Latapie de Lacaton & Vassal in Floirac-Bordeaux, France © Philippe Ruault

The architects of the 1960s nurtured a fetish for mega-infrastructures, entire worlds under glass, air-conditioned, whose inhabitants never left their personal bubbles. Buckminster Fuller even imagined Manhattan under a glass roof. With our malls, airports, data centers and distribution centers, the prophecy has gone from visionary to mundane; it is the daily requirement for many. But this new manifestation of the bubble is something else. Delicate and intimate, it is a daily showcase where architecture and its users are like objects in a museum showcase.

While half a century ago bubble architecture was a way to create artificial worlds (which themselves recur in the interplanetary visions of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos), this new architecture, rather than d ‘insisting on artifice, highlights the authenticity and value, the uniqueness of the historical object and our separation from the authentic, its inaccessibility in our time. It is a way of remaking architecture as a curator, building without committing. A greenhouse or a polycarbonate box is a ready-made, a deviation from design through the adoption and adaptation of everyday life and the catalog of parts. He makes us understand that the material, the dwelling and the Earth itself are fragile and precarious, a heavy burden for a delicate box.

Edwin Heathcote is the architecture and design critic of the FT

Eye and face protection trends


Splashes of chemicals, steam burns, foreign objects in the eyes, scratches on the cornea – these are all common eye injuries that occur in the workplace.

And they are all preventable.

“There are countless statistics showing that a high percentage (some suggest as high as 90%) of eye injuries occur because people don’t wear eye protection,” says Matt Block, director of health and safety services. security at Magid. “It is essential to strike a balance between protection and employee comfort” to ensure that workers wear protective eyewear.

With Block, Safety + Health spoke to Jason Lee, Head of Health and Safety Services at Magid, and Zach Richmond, Group Product Manager at Milwaukee Tool, about what’s new in the eye protection industry. and face protection, what they hear from customers, and what they want employers and workers to understand better about the use of eye and face protection.

What would you like employers and workers to understand better about using eye and face protection in the workplace?

Lee: It is not enough to have the right safety equipment. If the PPE is poorly fitted or poorly donned, it may not properly protect workers, if at all. One thing to keep in mind is that everyone has a different shaped face and nose. Several options may be necessary to ensure that everyone is properly protected.

Richmond: Historically, there has been a tipping point between anti-scratch and anti-fog – normally goggles will excel in one or the other, but not both. When choosing safety glasses, it is imperative that users evaluate their most frequent applications and jobsite conditions to decide which are the most important and choose appropriately.

What concerns or questions do customers have about eye and face protection, and what advice do you provide?

Richmond: Safety glasses have been a staple on the job site for years, but recently with the demands of the mask mandate, workers have to use them simultaneously with respirators, face covers and / or face shields. For many, these new requirements have led to a constant imbalance between glasses and face covers. Unfortunately, there is no comfortable compromise, and this imbalance often results in constant lens fogging, headaches, or irritation from poorly fitted gear.

Lee: With establishments only recently starting to withdraw from their face covering policies, this remains a big concern. My response is to address the fit of the PPE as a whole. We know that anti-fog lenses work well under normal circumstances, and wearing face covers is standard practice for industrial reasons as well. Making sure the face covers are snug and not venting towards the eyes was the best solution.

To block: Most of the concerns I encounter today are about reducing lens fogging. Employees remove safety glasses to solve this problem, which greatly increases the risk of injury. This has led to an advancement in lens coating technology with premium anti-fog lenses.

What are the recent innovations in eye and face protection?

Lee: On the service side, we’ve seen a trend among businesses looking for self-service options when it comes to fit and selection of safety glasses. Add COVID-19 into the mix and this trend has continued to advance at a rapid pace with on-premise and online options.

To block: Most innovations in prescription safety glasses have been made in lens technology, such as blue light filtering lenses or lenses that are perfectly clear on the inside, darken on the outside in seconds. and become clear very quickly.

Compiled with the help of International Association of Safety Equipment

Coming next month:

Hae Un Lee, founder of Lee’s Discount Liquor, dies at 79


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Las Vegas Lee Discount Liquor Store founder Hae Un Lee has died at age 79 after battling pancreatic cancer, according to a statement released by the company’s media contact.

Mr. Lee was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2020 and died at a local hospital on August 27, 2021.

Well known to the Las Vegas community, Mr. Lee immigrated to the United States from South Korea with his wife in 1980, opening his first store a year later on Spring Mountain Road.

Over a period of 40 years, Lee and his family have made Lee’s Discount Liquor Nevada’s largest liquor retailer with 22 branches around Las Vegas, Reno, West Wendover and Mesquite.

Lee was beloved by the Las Vegas community, with many social media inundated with words of support for the family, bringing back fond memories of the funny ads and billboards posted by Mr. Lee and his son, Kenny at the over the years to advertise for the family. Business.

Governor Steve Sisolak and his wife expressed their grief in a Twitter post on Saturday, saying:

“Kathy and I join friends, families and loved ones in mourning the loss of Hae Un Lee, the Founder and CEO of Lee’s Discount Liquor. He was a great friend. This is a huge loss to our community, but Mr. Lee’s legacy will live on. We will keep his family in our hearts. “

– Governor Steve Sisolak

Pat Hickey, former Minority Leader in the Assembly, posted this message:

Sadly, Mr. Hae Un Lee, founder of Lee’s Discount Liquor has passed away. He embodied the American Dream and was a generous benefactor of many great Nevada causes. May he RIP.

– Pat Hickey

Mr. Lee was a prominent member of the community. For nearly 20 years, he led Lee’s Helping Hand, a nonprofit that reinvested millions of dollars in organizations in need across Nevada.

Mr. Lee and his wife, Sun Lee, had three children, Annie, Kenny and Tina. He has 8 grandchildren.

According to the statement, information about the service will be released as soon as arrangements are made.

The Country Friends Presents Popular Art of Fashion Benefit Event


Fall fashion from top international designers and luxury retailers will take to the catwalk at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe on September 16 when The Country Friends (TCF) presents the annual Art of Fashion (AOF) in partnership with South Coast Plaza from 10 o’clock. at 16 o’clock. The outdoor event includes a champagne reception, lunch on the inn’s lawn, shopping, raffle and live auction of handbags, jewelry, clothing, getaways and more.

Honorary Presidents Les and Deborah Cross


The honorary presidents are Deborah and Les Cross, recognized for their longstanding commitment to the organization. Deborah is also co-chairing the event with TCF President Suzanne M. Newman and COO Yvette Letourneau. ABC 10News award-winning host Kimberly Hunt will be the emcee.

Held outside under a large tent, the show features the latest looks from Bally, Camilla, Isabel Marant, Lanvin, Max Mara, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney, Versace and Saks Fifth Avenue. Throughout the day, customers can shop at South Coast Plaza’s eight mini-shops and 10 percent of the proceeds will be donated to The Country Friends charities. Shops include Camilla, Diptyque, Max Mara, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney and Vitra Eyewear.

The art of fashion begins with a champagne reception on the Inn’s lawn sponsored by Nani Pua Skin Care, a photo lounge and light snacks from The French Gourmet. After the parade, guests will enjoy a lunch specially created and prepared by The Inn’s culinary team led by Executive Chef Jessie Lee Williams. The first course consists of brie and apricot jam with a crisp of almonds, dates and cherries, or ahi poke with a wonton cut, seaweed salad and wasabi cream. The second course is chilled yellow heirloom tomato soup. The third course is Chicken Saltimbocca, a prosciutto and sage crusted chicken breast with faro pilaf, seasonal vegetables and a mushroom sauce, or roasted wild mushrooms and polenta with seasonal vegetables. Dessert is a blueberry upside-down cake with lemon curd, lavender-scented blueberry compote and confetti flowers from pastry chef Elizabeth Woesle.

Event Co-Chairs Yvette Letourneau, Suzanne Newman and Deborah Cross

Event Co-Chairs Yvette Letourneau, Suzanne Newman and Deborah Cross


A lively luxury auction follows with a nine-day, $ 15,790 adventure through Peru that includes a two-night stay in Lima, a five-day Amazon boat cruise, and a two-night stay in Cuzco offered by Scott Dunn Travel, Belmond Hotels and Aqua Expeditions. John Matty Co. donates a pair of gold, diamond and iolite flower earrings valued at $ 4000. Two first-class tickets to any location Alaska Airlines flies, coupled with a $ 2,000 voucher from Suzanne Newman, will help plan a dream vacation. Shop and dine at the South Coast Plaza with a $ 2,000 and $ 300 gift card for lunch or dinner at the famous Knife Pleat restaurant.

The Country Friends are also fundraising at the event with an exciting opportunity drawing featuring designer handbags, clothing and accessories from South Coast Plaza retailers, including a $ 2,000 gift certificate. from Monique Lhuillier, a Max Mara tote bag and $ 1,000 gift card, an iconic Isabel Marant Oskan hobo bag, white shoulder camera bag from Versace and more.

Master of Ceremonies Kimberly Hunt

Master of Ceremonies Kimberly Hunt


There are also getaways to the Turf Club, The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla’s Grande Colonial Hotel, the Montage Laguna Beach, and a Rancho Valencia Spa Day for two. Studio Savvy hair care products and services and a Dr. D. Schwab skin care basket will also be available.

The TCF Board of Directors selects charities each fall after careful review. Since its founding in 1954, The Country Friends has donated nearly $ 14 million to those in need, with a particular focus on women, children, the elderly, the military and the disabled.

For tickets and more information visit thecountryfriends.org/events/art-of-fashion/

If you have any questions, contact: The Country Friends at (858) 756-1192, ext. 4, or [email protected] Also visit thecountryfriends.org and southcoastplaza.com.

This freelance eyewear designer saw a gap in the industry and opened her own studio


Selin olmsted

THE WANTS to help others look their best for Selin Olmsted; As a child in Turkey, she designed collections of clothing in sticks for her mother. The Fashion Institute of Technology graduate later created men’s clothing for labels in New York City before embarking on eyewear design, spending several years with Warby Parker. She went on her own in 2015 and established the Selin Olmsted Design Studio in New York City, now in its sixth year of providing independent design and product development services for Raen, Article One and Oscar de la Renta. . Olmsted shares his experience creating the studio and his thoughts on the design process and current eyewear trends, among other topics.


During his time at Warby Parker, Olmsted realized how few designers there are in the United States with the training, knowledge and experience to create and develop new styles of eyewear. “It’s shocking, but there isn’t a fashion or design school that teaches eyewear design, even though it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. You kind of have to fall into it from somewhere else. Conversations with industry figures convinced her of the need for an independent studio. “The industry is hungry for designers, especially in the United States,” says Olmsted. “When this idea came to me, I decided to create a small eyewear studio. “



The first step was to meet potential clients and assess the need for the type of business she had in mind. Convinced that she was on the right track, she took three or four months to set up the business, redesign her portfolio, create a website and focus on business development. “Receiving my first project brought me joy and confidence,” she recalls. Very quickly, brands contacted her for projects, which allowed her to hire a small team.

With these early clients, Olmsted’s goal was “to deliver too much on every project and make myself indispensable, which my team and I are still trying to do to this day.” Its basic process begins with getting to know the customer and their brand, their specific goals and the target market. “Knowing and knowing the brand’s customers is crucial.

The Selin Olmsted team is working


Working with a variety of brands requires flexibility, but Olmsted is able to deliver a stylistic change – albeit to varying degrees – to almost any client. She sees current eyewear trends as polarized, with an appetite for “feather-like, super thin and light materials” coexisting with “assertive silhouettes, more weight, more rim height, more effect. 3D and volume ”. She is also determined to ensure that the industry sees sustainability as more than a fad.

This year, the studio tested a new business model, offering comprehensive services including not only product design and development, but also sourcing, production, packaging and importing. “It was a great experience. We did a first batch to test ourselves… and we are very happy with the result of the project. “



There are a lot of things Olmsted loves about what she does; and not least, it’s simply having the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people: “Not only amazing creatives who have a different perspective on things, but also gifted, talented, intelligent and kind people, entrepreneurs, professionals and people with new ideas. She also finds it personally rewarding to have created a work environment in which others can feel fulfilled. And in tough times, she’s grateful for being able to help the companies and teams she admires, as well as donating executives to essential workers and those in need.


Do it yourself: Thoughts on Selin Olmsted’s Eyewear Design

  • STEP BY STEP. “While learning to design eyewear, invest time in learning the different stages of making eyewear… If it isn’t beautifully designed, good design is useless. “
  • THE CUSTOMER FIRST. Remember that the client, even if they are not an expert, will always have an idea of ​​which styles are suitable for them. “Think outside the box … while knowing this [they’re] comfortable wearing.
  • STAY RELEVANT. Exploring new perspectives is wonderful, while being aware of the technical feasibility. “Trends are changing in eyewear. They evolve. Openness to change is one path to relevance.
  • BE SUSTAINABLE. Olmsted urges ECPs to seek environmentally friendly business ideas. For an optician, for example, bringing their customers’ disused glasses back to life could be a formidable and creative business model.
  • FIND THE NEED. If you are considering launching an eyewear brand, tackle an unexplored niche or price category, or solve a problem in the industry. “I don’t recommend that you launch a brand in an over-exploited and crowded segment of the industry.”

Beck’s completes new soybean tower at Indiana headquarters


ATLANTA, Indiana, 25 August 2021 / PRNewswire / – Beck’s, the largest family-owned retail seed company in United States, today announced the completion of its new soybean tower. As one of the largest soybean processing towers in the world, it is capable of processing three million bushels of soybeans per year, doubling Beck’s processing to six million in the world. Atlanta, Ind., site.

“Our family and family of employees are committed to helping farmers succeed,” said Sonny beck, CEO of Beck’s. “We could not be more excited about the completion of the new East soybean tower, which allows us to more efficiently process and deliver additional units of high quality soybeans to our current and future customers. “

The 221ft x 300ft facility features a ten story freestanding processing tower that includes an observation deck with a glass floor allowing visitors to view the soybeans being processed; video surveillance on all machine operations; state-of-the-art batch processing to allow greater versatility of ingredients; five new warehouses for the storage of seeds and equipment; and an office space.

“I am honored to be a part of today’s celebration at Beck’s, a major contributor to from Indiana the agricultural industry ”, declared the governor Eric J. Holcomb. “Life sciences and innovation-driven economic development continue to from Indiana the future of the economy, and the growth of Beck’s and the rest of our agriculture industry is proof of that. We will continue to cultivate an environment where businesses like these can thrive for generations to come. ”

It will take 60,000 acres of soybean production to operate at full capacity, which equates to 150 inbound tractor-trailer loads of soybeans delivered per week. On arrival, the soybeans will be stored in the new 125,000 bushel receiving storage facility – 20 bins containing 6,250 bushels. In addition, the facility contains two receiving landfills, two scales and can process two varieties at the same time. The tower can process 24,000 bags per day thanks to automated packaging filling for bulk and mini-bulk bags. Once the soybeans are processed and packaged, 140 truckloads of semi-trailers will come out each week.

“This project would not be possible without the support of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Hamilton County officials, “Beck said.” With their foresight, their dedication to Indiana Agribusiness and the passion for growing the Hoosier economy, we’ve increased capacity, created jobs, and can better serve farmers in our 14-state marketing zone. “

Founded in 1937, Beck’s began when Laurent Beck and his son Francis planted hybrid seed corn developed by the Purdue University Department of botany. Today, Beck’s has experienced phenomenal growth, doubling in size every 6.5 years, making it the best-selling corn and soybean seed brand in Indiana and the third largest corn and soybean brand in United States.

About Beck
Beck’s – Farmers At Heart® – revolutionized the customer seed buying experience by staying true to a foundation built on faith, family and agriculture. Founded in 1937, Beck’s appreciates the farmers who helped them become the largest family-owned seed retailer and the third largest seed brand in United States. The Beck family is now in its fifth generation of family members working in the business to honor God and help farmers succeed. The Beck family and team of employees help farmers succeed from generation to generation through authentic customer experiences, product diversity, seed quality and performance. With a home office located at Atlanta, Ind., Beck’s serves farmers in the Midwest and Mid-South. For more information about Beck, visit www.beckshybrids.com. Follow Beck’s on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

(PRNewsfoto / Becks Hybrids)

Cision View original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/becks-completes-new-soybean-tower-at-indiana-headquarters-301363069.html

SOURCE Becks Hybrids

Xbox Series X Replenishment Tracker: Walmart Gives Up Tonight



If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you haven’t got your hands on a Xbox x series Where Xbox s series Again. And you’re far from alone – just like with the PS5, finding Microsoft’s latest consoles has been a frustrating lottery of random restockings that sell out moments after they go live.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone on your quest for an Xbox Series X. We’ve compiled a handy list of the best retailers to check out frequently, along with various tips and tricks that will give you the best chance to add this. shiny new system to your shopping cart.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S – and how to navigate the chaotic world of console shopping like a pro.

The $ 499 Xbox Series X and $ 299 Xbox Series S are both sold at most major retailers (including Microsoft’s own online store), but tend to sell out very quickly after they are back in stock. . We’ve noticed that the cheaper Xbox Series S tends to be in stock more often, for those who don’t mind owning the smaller, less powerful console of the two. Here is a list of the biggest stores that typically stock the latest Xbox machines – we recommend that you bookmark each of these pages and check them often.

Last update: The Xbox Series X and S were last restocked at several retailers today (August 25), including Amazon, Microsoft, and Walmart, the latter of which is planning another restock tonight at 9 p.m. We will occasionally update this story with stock alerts. , but consoles will go fast and availability is subject to change.

Based on our own tracking over the past few weeks, we’ve found that Walmart and Best Buy were among the most consistent retailers in terms of how often they pick up the Xbox Series X in stock. Walmart usually advertises its restocking times before they go live, which is helpful. We were also able to purchase an Xbox Series S directly from the Microsoft Store.

GameStop typically sells the Xbox Series X as a bundle with various games and accessories, which are more expensive but sell out less quickly. For example, the retailer recently offered a $ 744 Ultimate Assassin System Bundle, which included Series X plus Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Hitman 3, three months of Xbox Game Pass, a $ 20 GameStop card, and an additional controller. These packs don’t come cheap, but if they include games and add-ons that you had planned to get anyway, they might be your best bet.

Brittany Vincent / CNN

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S don’t stay in stock for very long, but having a little savvy online shopping can increase your chances of success. Here are some tips to give you the best chance to bring home a new console.

Create accounts with each major retailer

Every second counts when trying to secure an Xbox Series X, which is why you need to create accounts and store your payment information at a few retailers ahead of time. YouTuber Jake Randall recommends storing a PayPal or Apple Pay account instead of a credit card if possible, as this will allow you to bypass some of the heavy site traffic that occurs during a top-up.

Once you’ve logged into stores like Amazon and Best Buy and already set up a payment option, you’ll have a lot less clicks and typing to do once it’s time to add that new one. Xbox to your shopping cart.

Follow Xbox Series X Replenishment Trackers on Twitter

Twitter is often the fastest way to be alerted to major console replenishments, thanks to a variety of dedicated accounts keeping tabs on the latest Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 availability. We recommend that you follow accounts such as @mattswider, @ wario64 and @videogamedeals and signing up for Tweet notifications so you never miss an alert.

Avoid shady sellers

Due to the massive demand for the latest game consoles, there are plenty of non-legitimate retailers and unscrupulous scalpers looking to get your money back. We recommend that you stick to the stores we’ve listed above and avoid shady websites like TechInn and CheapGameCenter as well as people claiming to sell the console on Twitter. You should also avoid purchasing the console from resale websites such as eBay and StockX, where the Xbox Series X sells for over $ 1,000, which is double its retail price.

Keep trying

Don’t give up hope if the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S appear to be out of stock by the time a big restock occurs. Online retailers are usually criticized at these times, causing the “in stock” button to flash. As such, we recommend that you refresh the page for about 5-10 minutes – you never know when you might get lucky.

Before buying the first Xbox that becomes available, be aware that Microsoft’s two new consoles have significant differences. The $ 499 Xbox Series X is the flagship powerhouse of the family, designed to deliver immersive 4K gaming with a Blu-ray disc drive and 1TB of internal storage to house your digital downloads. If you have a 4K TV and want to enjoy the highest performance available on a console, you should look to the X series.

The $ 299 Xbox Series S is the streamlined entry-level machine, capable of playing games at up to 1440p resolution and has about half the internal storage at 512GB. The S-series doesn’t. has no disc drive, so you are limited to digital downloads only. It’s also significantly smaller than the big Xbox Series X, if space is an issue. If you still use a 1080p TV but want to enjoy many of the benefits of next-gen gaming, this system is for you.

Fortunately, these systems have a lot of key features in common. Both use a solid state drive (SSD), which allows games to load in seconds. Both the X and S series come with a Quick Resume, which lets you switch between games at once without losing your progress in any of them. And they’re both capable of running games at up to 120fps for super smooth gameplay, with ray tracing technology that allows for ultra-realistic lighting and shadows.


Once you find a new Xbox in stock, you don’t necessarily have to pay for everything up front. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are both part of the Unlimited Xbox access program, which lets you rent a console – complete with Xbox Game Pass – by making small monthly payments.

Xbox All Access starts at $ 24.99 per month for 24 months for the Xbox Series S and costs $ 34.99 per month for 24 months for the Xbox Series X. Both subscriptions include 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (normally $ 15 per month), which gives you access to hundreds of Xbox games, including the Halo, Gears, Forza, and Elder Scrolls franchises. When you factor in Game Pass, these two monthly plans add up to roughly the same amount as any initial purchase.

Xbox All Access subscriptions are available at various retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and GameStop. Just note that you will need to qualify for a line of credit through Citizens One.

Jacob Krol / CNN

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are still flagships, but eventually you’ll get one. Consoles are returning to stores quite frequently, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t pick one up on your first few attempts.

The good news is that all Xbox One games will work on the new consoles, so you can choose titles like Hitman 3, Star Wars Squadrons and Resident Evil Village for your current Xbox and know that they will perform even better once you upgrade. And if you’re not into an Xbox console, we’ve found Google Stadia to be a good alternative for playing many of those big games straight from the cloud without having to purchase additional hardware.

So if you’re still on the hunt, tag the retailers you want, follow our expert buying advice, and don’t give up hope – it’s only a matter of time before you bring back a new Xbox. Series X or Series S at home.

The luxury gray market is emerging from the shadows


Imagine looking online for a pair of square-toe slides from Bottega Veneta, one of the hottest luxury brands around. A new, seasonal pair can cost over $ 550 on the brand’s website, an old-fashioned department store like Neiman Marcus, or a new ecommerce player like Net-a-Porter.

But what if you choose to buy from Cettire, a website offering discounts of up to 30% on the latest fashion styles? You would be a player in the multibillion-dollar luxury “gray” market, a rapidly growing sales sector that has historically operated out of the sight of most Western consumers. However, with the arrival in recent years of companies like Baltini in Italy, Italist in the United States and Cettire, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange at the end of 2020, gray sales have resulted in millions of digital baskets.

Unlike the illegal counterfeit goods often found on the black market, the gray market sells genuine luxury goods, but at a hefty discount, usually between 15 and 35 percent, and without brand contact. Through a practice sometimes known as parallel importation, gray market sellers tend to take advantage of varying pricing strategies and tax requirements for luxury goods in different regions to offer certain hot products to those who want it at a lower cost.

One of the best-known examples is that of daigous, or buying agents who meet Chinese demand for foreign goods, especially luxury goods. Daigu typically buy goods in an area outside of China where an item is cheaper, then send or return to China with the goods to sell for a profit.

The price differences between markets can be striking. According to a study published recently by Money.co.uk, a customer in Europe will pay just over $ 2,800 for an Yves Saint Laurent day bag, but the same bag will cost over $ 3,700 in South Korea. A buyer can purchase a white Fendi canvas baguette bag for around $ 2,620 in mainland Europe. This same item will cost around $ 3,350 if purchased in mainland China.

Taking advantage of these disparities has become big business. Last year, the gray market was estimated at 8% of the $ 257 billion personal luxury goods market, said Luca Solca, an analyst at research firm Sanford C. Bernstein.

“Traditionally, many luxury brands have turned a blind eye to the gray market or even engaged in gray market sales, as it meant quick cash and a chance to spruce up their reported numbers with partners of wholesale, especially on non-moving or surplus inventory, ”says Solca. “But in recent years that attitude has had to change as the market turns into something that has become more and more difficult to control.”

A number of daigus have formed large-scale collectives, and companies like Beyond have sprung up to facilitate cross-border transactions from the United States to China. Recently, Western companies using similar large-scale gray market tactics have emerged, including Cettire, which grew rapidly during the pandemic, and unauthorized watch dealers like Authenticwatches.com and Chrono24.

Cettire was started in 2017 by Dean Mintz, a young, lonely founder with no background in technology or fashion, and offers consumers around the world deep discounts on some of the best names in luxury including Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Saint Laurent. According to its prospectus for its IPO, sales between March and June 2020 increased by 331% compared to the previous year. Cettire raised $ 49 million when it went public in December, and its stock price quickly swelled by more than 400%.

Then, in June, questions raised about the long-term viability of Cettire’s business model in an Australian Financial Review report prompted its share price to drop 30%. Trading in the company’s shares was halted on June 15, the same day Cettire received a public letter from Australian Stock Exchange compliance officials. Cettire did not respond to requests for comment for this article.

This could be seen as a case study of how a business operates in the gray market. It claims to sell around 160,000 products from around 1,300 high-end fashion brands on its “one-stop-shop” through a process known as dropshipping. Dropshippers are online sellers who don’t keep any products in stock. Instead, when an item is purchased, they buy the item overseas and ship it to the customer.

Cettire takes a commission on sales, which are primarily products manufactured and priced in Europe to customers in the United States and Asia. Like Farfetch, a London-based site, Cettire acts as an intermediary between stores and customers. Cettire has no direct relationship with luxury brands.

“The luxury gray market is nothing new, thanks to fashion’s notorious inability to truly control its production volumes,” said Julie Zerbo, lawyer and founder of The Fashion Law, a website exploring legal challenges and commercials facing the industry. . “Particularly in Southern Europe, a genuine product has often found its way out of the back door of a factory or the back of a truck and ultimately into the hands of consumers looking to pay less than the full price. . “

Of course, many customers are now finding great deals through affiliate advertising on Google or through aggregate search sites like Lyst. When deals exist just a few clicks away from the full price products on a brand’s website, the price inconsistencies become glaring.

Cettire caught the eye of fashion e-commerce veteran Tommy Mathew with stints at Acne Studios and Helmut Lang. In May, he noticed these Bottega Veneta slides – one of the brand’s hottest styles today – on Cettire for 24% below their recommended retail price. Similar deals could be found for the ‘Chain’ leather crossbody bag – $ 3,506.65 on Cettire, $ 300 cheaper than on Bottega’s official website – and on items like Chanel glasses, Prada skirts and Saint Laurent belts. (Those deals faded away after Cettire grabbed the attention of the press this summer.)

“Cettire’s business model is not illegal – it is just very effective at exploiting legal loopholes in trade regulations,” said Mr. Mathew. He noted that shipments valued under $ 800 can usually be shipped duty-free to the United States, where two-thirds of Cettire’s customers are located. China, Cettire’s second-largest market, benefits from a similar exemption.

But Cettire also has quirks. Although it has sold to other European countries, it has blocked web traffic from France, Italy and Switzerland, where many of the world’s largest luxury groups are based. (In a letter to Australian regulators, Cettire denied that this was a strategy to prevent brands from seeing the site’s products and prices, saying the platform “is currently not accessible on certain markets as the company prioritizes its global expansion. “)

“The main reason authorized retailers don’t exploit these kinds of loopholes is that they would likely lose access to products by overtly undermining brands,” said Mr. Mathew. “Cettire hides its suppliers to guarantee their access to luxury goods while offering plausible deniability to suppliers who engage in this type of practice.”

Three brands ceased to be sold on Cettire: Celine, Vetements and Acne. Other brands, such as Chanel, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent, all declined to comment for this article.

Luxury brands are now in effective competition against themselves. It is difficult to quantify exactly how much they stand to lose. But most are keenly aware of the gradual thinning of the proprietary polish they have worked hard to establish and which has already been partly diluted by the large off-season inventory shedding by department stores and outlets.

Today, many brands are working with consultants and local governments to develop new ways to combat the gray market after previous attempts to control the practice – such as buying back and destroying unsold inventory – led to complaints. negative reactions to sustainability issues.

“If brands don’t want to fall victim to these platforms, then they need to button up their distribution and cut wholesale volumes to protect their image,” Solca said. Brands like Gucci, Prada and Burberry have recently slashed wholesale orders in an attempt to reduce the appearance of ubiquity and the risk of big discounts. The eyewear Luxottica creates chips for its glasses that will allow it to better follow the products. Others are exploring the use of blockchain technology or improved audit metrics to identify problematic suppliers and retailers.

However, customers are still encouraged to turn to the gray market. Brands like Chanel have increased their prices by up to 15 percent over the past year due to changes in commodity prices and exchange rates.

In July, weeks after the controversy that had rocked his stock, Cettire suggested it would expand into children’s clothing and said he “is always evaluating new opportunities for growth.”

“Ultimately this market will contract, but for now there are a lot of price-sensitive luxury consumers who are willing to buy genuine products at a discount through gray channels,” M said. Solca. “This demand will not go away any time soon.

Machine tool monitoring? Do not discount DNC


The newer machine tools are designed to be monitored, and many of them offer dashboard displays of critical performance metrics as a standard feature. However, going beyond rudimentary machine monitoring capabilities may be easier for manufacturers starting out with more established technology: a Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) system to transfer part programs to CNCs. “You get 90% of the way with what comes out of the box, but you need tools for that last 10%,” says Rich Hefner, president of machine monitoring developer FactoryWiz. “DNC is an essential tool for this. “

As an example, Hefner cites the machining of screws of different sizes on Swiss type machining centers. Rather than creating separate sets of toolpaths for each size, a CAM programmer can use a macro to modify a few key variables in a common program. However, he says tracking quantities and cycle times for individual screws can be complicated when monitoring is separate from DNC.

The reason is that many communication protocols used to collect CNC data, which differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, would not recognize

With tablets and PCs more and more common in the workshop, the integration between monitoring and DNC can eliminate duplicate data entry (possibly on different terminals) by standardizing and consolidating the processes on each workstation. of work. Image courtesy of FactoryWiz.

the individual part programs created by the macro. Consider MTConnect. MMS has covered this standard extensively for a good reason: it makes a significant contribution to making machine monitoring accessible by providing a common “language” for a diverse mix of machine tools and other workshop equipment. However, MTconnect is a read-only standard. That is, it is designed to extract data from the CNC, but not to send data to it. It cannot issue the command necessary to modify variables to monitor parts as well as to machine them. Returning to the example of screws machined in Switzerland, “You will get the same program header no matter which screw you make out of the 50 different screws,” Hefner explains.

DNC has no such restrictions. Decades ago, vendors of these systems essentially experimented with reversing the flow of data to get a rudimentary level of intelligence out of the shop floor. One of the means to this was the DPRNT (“data print”) command, which inserted a language into the G code for outputting the selected data to a printer via the RS232 wired connections of the time. Modern DNC systems work essentially the same, he says, although the software is much better and more user-friendly, and the connection is generally faster (and often wireless).

In any case, the ability to reach the “last 10%” of Hefner’s capacity is inherent in a system born out of the DNC. DNC connects through the control’s native protocol and can become a data source for machine monitoring or other analysis software. He argues that this capability can be advantageous even when it is also native to the latest CNCs connected to Ethernet. After all, machine tools in production today come from different eras.

Aside from machine monitoring, stores also seem to be rediscovering the value of full-fledged DNC, says Domenic Lanzillotta, vice president of sales. DNC helps put in place consistent and standardized processes for managing and distributing CNC programs, he explains. This proposal is of particular interest to those looking to comply with quality control certifications. Likewise, DNC can alleviate cybersecurity issues with practices such as transferring programs via USB stick. “I have installed more DNC systems in the past two months than in the past two years,” he says.

Adding machine monitoring amplifies these benefits, even when monitoring ambitions don’t go beyond tracking downtime and other basic metrics. Machine monitoring has come a long way since the days when PLC hardware was tied to lamps in the stack of machine tools to produce DPRNT commands. Today’s software offers a range of features for automatic remote alerts and notifications, job progress tracking, and even direct text communication between workstations and departments. “Why not take the DNC component and include it in this same operator interface? Hefner asks. “Why shouldn’t (the same tablet or workstation computer used for monitoring) be where they can click and select the file to send to the machine?” “

Add other software to the mix, such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and tablets or workstation computers can provide a common interface for a range of different tasks, from “Connecting” to jobs by notifying quality control that the parts are ready. “When we started with monitoring, we were just collecting information and providing reports, and we were just looking at productivity from a strictly analytical perspective,” Hefner explains. “As we moved forward, we really looked to this as an information hub – like a communications infrastructure within a company.”

Individual service, but not for single use: unbreakable 187 ml wines enter the luxury market in recyclable units | Local News


Yet he recognized the markets waiting to be tapped with such an invention – airlines, hotels, festivals, concerts and the like – and was not yet ready to give up entirely.

“I went back to the drawing board and a few months later I was in a Greek restaurant in Southern California and ordered a white wine and it came in a Quartino,” he said. . “The person who had the bottle told me about the wine, poured it into this beautiful mini carafe, then walked away. It was such an amazing experience; I had an a-ha moment.

Despite the perceived durability, Perrulli did not want to use plant-based polymers for their new design, as the material is not easily compostable and must be separated for proper disposal. It landed on high quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, number one because it is the most easily recycled and is high enough in the supply chain that it can be safely reused over and over again. Likewise, there is also a Polyclear® resin on the decanter part of the design to ensure that the integrity of the wine is not affected, while remaining unbreakable and dishwasher safe.

The final design of Quartino is essentially a govino wine glass that fits a matching mini decanter, which is filled with the wine which can then be poured into the glass.

“We believe in convenience, obviously, but we never sacrifice elegance and we’ve always demanded the best design we can create,” Perrulli said of choosing materials for the Quartino.

7 Last Minute Labor Day Getaways Perfect For A Late Summer Celebration


“Waking up in the king-size bed and having a cup of coffee (there are free setups in each of the bedrooms) while looking at the forest is simply divine.” VogueSarah Spelling wrote about her time at Piaule, the Catskills’ new retreat located just two hours from New York City. Intended to blend into the wooded landscape that surrounds it, Piaule (pronounced pee-ahl) is perfect for those looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating long weekend.

From Los Angeles

Modern House (Joshua Tree, California)

Photo: Courtesy of Homestead Modern

Joshua Tree isn’t exactly a secret place, but Homestead Modern, a collection of upscale desert home rentals, is. From Pioneertown to Yucca Valley, these modern getaways not only come with well-appointed interiors (one, the Flamingo Estate, even includes marbled pink wallpaper), but also hotel-style amenities, including concierge services and upgrades. such as a private chef, massage, wine tastings and other spa treatments.

Mauna Lani (Big Island, Hawaii)

On the spectacular Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii sits Mauna Lani, a new resort that, since opening in November, has won an Architectural Digest hotel award and was named to Conde Nast’s 2020 Favorite List. Traveler. Dine at one of their five outdoor restaurants, shop at their on-site Goop store, or snorkel in their crystal-clear coral reef – the heavenly possibilities are endless.

Midwest or South

Commodore Perry (Austin, Texas)

Photo: Courtesy of Commodore Perry

Designed by Ken Fulk, Silicon Valley’s favorite interior designer, the all-new Commodore Perry in Austin is adorned with an eclectic mix of vintage objects, pops of bold and bold color, and truly curious decor. , including zebra heads. Their restaurant, Lutie’s, is also making waves for its Texas-centric cuisine and friendly atmosphere.

St. Vincent (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Photo Ready: The hotel’s marble wallpaper is made by Voutsa (and available for purchase).Photo: Nick Simonite / Courtesy of Saint Vincent

With its marbled wallpapers and pillowcases, its red velvet bed frames and custom furniture by Lambert McGuire Design, Vogue‘s Ella Riley-Adams described St. Vincent’s Day as a “feast of the senses” after her stay. This includes taste: the property has two restaurants, one Italian and the other Vietnamese. Located in the Garden District rather than the French tourist quarter, it will also encourage visitors to explore a new artistic district in the city.

SenERGY: Hey, Over Sixty Artist: Where are you on the Art Triangle? | Culture & Leisure


The art world is a big triangle with artists like Jenny Saville at the top, and aficionados like me who have home studios and occasionally exhibit somewhere down there. Full-time or part-time, it’s worth knowing where you are on the Triangle. Sarah Thornton’s “Seven Days in the Art World” not only examines the highways, Thornton has a chapter on the ubiquitous critiques of art schools, where students are shaped or destroyed – I often give this book to my skeptical friends about art. Although the folks at the top make tons of money, there is plenty of room for the unknowns below the bridges. Funny thing – during the winter of Covid-2021, the inmates made bread and zoomed art for comfort and connection.

Historian Philip Sohm writes that a failing vision turning into blindness has been one of artists’ greatest fears. By the mid-18th century, glasses were common, but bulky and did not compensate for astigmatism, glaucoma, or cataracts (Sohm 76). Another weakness was the “disobedient hands” caused by tremors, Parkinson’s disease or syphilis. Poussin (1594-1665) sympathizes: “I have great difficulty writing because of the terrible trembling of my hand…. I gave up my brushes forever. There is nothing else to do but die (Sohm 64, 65). Michelangelo (1475-1564) and Renoir (1841-1919) continued to work despite arthritis. Matisse (1869-1954), bedridden against cancer, used cut-outs. Today, many illnesses can be managed, and stores like Dick Blick.com sell “adaptive art supplies,” even for those who are not ambulatory. While museums provide wheelchairs, visitors would like to see more benches, please!

According to Yale’s Becca Levy, having “a negative attitude towards old age can actually accelerate aging and shorten life by over seven years when all other medical and social factors are equal (Sohm 1,2)”. The humanist Petrarch (1304-1374) who allegedly refused to discuss his age wrote: “When you feel that you are old, then and hardly will you declare your old age (Sohm 3). This does not mean that you will not face discrimination on the basis of age. I went to college after my fiftieth birthday and survived, but not without some emotional scars.

If you are a seasoned artist, you have learned that it is better to hone your skills in one or more media than to move from one profession to another. And if you’re shopping around and don’t know what to choose, life experiences can help. Her husband, David, grew up overlooking the Atlantic from Gloucester and rowed through high school and college. He used a point-and-shoot camera for his legal work: abandoned property, recaptured fishing boats, tailings left by mining. Dave merged his experiences with his love of reading to switch to digital photography, focusing on historic churches and bridges.

Sometimes the need will help you find your passion. Living in Alaska, there were times when it was impossible to hire a carpenter. So David and I bought books, took carpentry lessons, and became reasonably proficient in power tools. And there’s my friend George Smith, who saw the need to start the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts when he was in his late 50s … (www.idsva.edu).

Immerse yourself in art by taking a class. Art supply stores, universities, and non-credit workshops also offer a variety of life teachings and drawings. Since the Covid, more and more courses are appearing online. And it’s never too late for that art degree!

Holidays at an arts camp provide opportunities to immerse themselves in new art / craft without the pressure of perfection, while also sharing aesthetic experiences with other students. Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck, Michigan, right on the lake, affiliated with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, draws SAIC faculty and students from its Chicago campus. Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle, Maine has mini-salt boxes for dormitories, atop the state’s ubiquitous rocky coastline, designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes (1915-2004). A Southern Climate offers four-season art classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Look for camps with comfortable accommodations and a farm-to-table menu. For friendly competition all year round, joining a co-op can provide a regular showcase of your work – be sure to read the contract!

Painting (reduced) .jpg

Artist Eric Rudd’s book “Strategies for Serious Older Artists” provides suggestions for the mature artist. Rudd recalls: “Georgia O’Keefe and Louise Bourgeois created masterpieces in their 90s (Rudd 23).” Interesting: communities of artists are springing up in cities looking for a way to revitalize themselves. Rudd purchased the Eclipse Mill in North Adams, Massachusetts, remodeling an obsolete facility into salable “live / work” condos, with a shared gallery (Rudd 77, 78). Please note, some properties only offer rentals and the studios are shared. The website (www.theabundentartist.com) offers information on where to consider residing.

What will happen to your art when you die? Rudd writes: “The truth is that most of the artwork made by the majority of artists will end up in the attic, basement, dumpster, or flea market (21). I know a woman whose grandfather had been a painter / teacher in New England; she casually threw away her drawings. And I went to a funeral where the watercolors of the deceased were crudely picked up. Rudd insists, “No one, and I mean ‘no one’ will care about your art as much as you do (171).”

While Rudd’s thoughts on how to develop a foundation or turn an old church into a small museum are probably off limits to the average artist, there are practical ways to preserve your art (Rudd 89). It is a good idea to scan images and verbiage to USB drives or a cloud account. Broadcasting your work, whether on DVDs or real art, is safe in the event of a fire – my kids and siblings have a bunch of my paintings. Some site-specific artists voluntarily wish their art to disappear / disintegrate. Other projects are lost forever. David spent two summers building a cabin on Beaver Lake only to watch it burn in the Miller’s Reach fire in Alaska in 1996. Skills are passed and unwittingly passed down from generation to generation. My two sisters and I own: a drawing, an oil painting, a map, a woven blanket, which were made by ancestors in upstate New York before the Civil War era. These remaining works, rendered before Modernism in flattened and rearranged perspective, leave an invaluable artistic trail.

Photograph (reduced) .jpg

Starting an art library can be beneficial, especially during the Covid era, when travel remains limited. Many art books can also be bought “second-hand” for less. Subscribing to art magazines brings you closer to the world of aesthetics, with ‘Hyperallergic’ the best cloth online. Critic Jerry Saltz wrote: “In the end, it all comes down to a life lived in art. Art is not a question of sociology, nor of social life, nor of money; it is something timeless (Art in America, September 1993).

This art critic is a writer / painter over 60 who became addicted to high school. I have drawn and painted, sculpted, photographed, welded, sawed wood, sewed costumes, pounded bread, wrote reviews, volunteered and experimented with museums around the world. I took time off to have children and did some clerical work to pay for my children’s college. Art is an eternal activity, go for it!

Mini detective: The text used in “Strategies for Serious Artists of the Oder” by Eric Rudd and “The Artist Aged” by Philip Sohm are on Amazon.

Jean Bundy is a writer / painter living in Anchorage. She sits on the board of directors of AICA-International.

You can save up to 34% on Amazon Echos, Fire Tablets, Rokus and more in this weekend sale


Whether you are looking for a security camera for pranking purposes or just want to protect your home, there are plenty of options that will answer the call. In addition to safety gear, we have amazing speakers, cameras, and even smart plugs that will make your life easier. With this summer sale, when you spend at least $ 50, you’ll get $ 10 in store credit within 14 days of your purchase. Just make sure your total is over $ 50 after any return.

This security camera is an Amazon’s Choice product for good reason – it’s amazing. It offers facial recognition using artificial intelligence, as well as smart integration into current devices in your home. It also has night vision and two-way audio so you can communicate with delivery people or even send a warning to intruders.

With 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the Echo Show lets you stream music and videos on its 10.1-inch HD display. It also allows you to make video calls and acts as a smart home device. Finally, it has upgraded speakers and can display photos when you’re not using it.

The Amazon Fire HD tablet makes it easy to take all of your computer’s capabilities with you on the go. It has an octa-core processor that makes it easy to browse the web fast, along with 32GB of storage and 12 hours of battery life.

These small sockets make it easy to control any type of electronic device in your home through your smart assistant. Just plug them into the wall, then plug in the device for easy pairing. You’ll be able to control the lights, turn on your fans, and even brew your morning coffee with simple voice commands.

The Facebook Portal Mini makes it easy to sync your tablet with your security cameras and other gadgets around the house, and it has its own built-in Alexa. It’s also easy to make video calls, as you can pan and zoom so the whole family can take the picture.

This Google Nest has a 7-inch display, as well as built-in high-quality speakers and microphones, for playing music and streaming videos. You will also have access to the Google Assistant to meet all your home automation needs, including monitoring your security cameras.

The second-generation Google Nest Mini adds a ton of smart home features in a discreet, easy-to-hide package. Still, the little device has a big impact on bass when it comes to sound, and it gives access to a Google Assistant for updates on news, sports, and whatever else you love to listen to.

These smart plugs are Wi-Fi compatible and very easy to install. They’re also compact, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up valuable space on your current takes.

Streamline your home viewing library with the Roku Streaming Stick. It has four times the wireless range of traditional remotes and even offers a constantly updated free entertainment library.

Not only does this set of smart plugs offer two outlets each, they are also compatible with Alexa and Google Home. With the Gosund app, you can set timers and schedules to suit your lifestyle, and you can even control outlets when you’re away from home.

If you need to power a ton of devices from one outlet, this is the only smart home-compatible outlet you’ll ever need. A plug-in accessory, it includes three smart outlets, three USB ports and three always-on outlets.

Easily turn your lights on and off hands-free with this WiFi-enabled light switch. It has a built-in Alexa function as well as manual buttons in case you miss the feeling of turning things on manually.

Need to upgrade multiple outlets in your home? These mini plugs offer voice recognition, an easy-to-use companion app, and a super compact design so they don’t take up the much-needed space.

Shoot captivating 4K videos with this tiny action camera. It has a 158 degree wide angle lens and multiple recording functions so that you can shoot exactly the movie you are looking for. Bring it on your next bike, hike, or dive trip to share the action with your friends and family.

Listen to your favorite songs in high quality using this stylish speaker. It offers 360-degree sound, Bluetooth connectivity, EQ modes, and dual opposing drivers. In addition, its elegant design allows it to adapt to all styles of interior decoration. Prices subject to change.

You want to build a strong luxury brand in India: Sabyasachi


For fashion designer and designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, 2021 has been a good year, despite the pandemic. He signed a deal with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd in January, selling 51% of his eponymous luxury brand for ??398 crores. Since the brand’s inception in the 1990s, it has been known for its daring designs that highlight traditional Indian patterns and textiles while appealing to a young audience and is today one of the most well-known luxury brands in the world. India with a presence in UK, US and West Asia.

Last week he unveiled a new collection in collaboration with fast fashion giant H&M, instantly drawing criticism from some artisans who accused him of “selling himself” by partnering with a brand whose values ​​are contrary. to his. In an interview, Mukherjee said “commerce supports everything” and why he “has always been the child of controversy”. Edited excerpts:

The pandemic has taken a heavy blow to the fashion industry with falling demand and sales-boosting weddings being put on hold. But this year, you signed a deal with Aditya Birla, collaborated with H&M …

I have had an ongoing dialogue with Kumar Mangalam Birla over the past 3-4 years. When I was 45 (two years ago) I started looking at my brand’s heritage. Many designers are selfish enough to keep the brand to themselves, and the brand dies a painful death after them. I wanted my business to survive my generation. The H&M deal followed on time as well, so yes, good things are coming to those who wait. I would have opened a store in New York this year as well, but the pandemic has delayed that. Then there is a luxury jewelry store coming to Dubai. I’m also strengthening my back-end practices, because that’s what the pandemic has taught us.

I have to ask you a question about the controversy that followed the launch of the collection with H&M, which is inspired by Indian designs and patterns. Some NGOs and artisans got together and wrote an open letter, criticizing the tie-up with a fast fashion brand.

I have long moved beyond anger because I have always been the child of controversy. When you own a brand, you have to be prepared to take it all in – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I knew I would be sent to the doghouse when the collaboration was confirmed. But we lack the big picture. H&M only works with the most powerful companies in the region, those with large audiences. They only collaborate once. It pains me that for all of our history, our heritage and our talent, Indians have only been producers. We have never been able to send a strong luxury brand outside of India. We are reduced to manufacturers. It was a personal mission to change that. About the Sanganeri print (the collection uses a digitized Sanganeri print on viscose, not a hand print on cotton or silk like traditional Rajasthan craftsmen do): I was used to it to buy (fake) Calvin Klein underwear in Bangkok when I was younger until I could afford the real thing. Also today, someone who cannot afford the luxury can buy the digitized version of a craft until they can afford the luxury version of the craft. Crafts take a lot of maintenance: most people use a washing machine, not a dry cleaner. You cannot put handicrafts in a washing machine. Yes, I did some hybrids of Sanganeri prints, but because that’s what I’m proud of in India. Trade supports everything. We have to use technology well, otherwise we will not be able to dress the world’s population. Sustainability means different things for different economies.

You were also the first designer last year to publicly commit to paying your employees during the pandemic. It must have been hard.

We paid everyone until September-October, but had to let some people go after that. We were just bleeding. But Aditya Birla Fashion is making wonderful HR changes, with family health insurance, financial security, they also do a lot of microfinance. It is an ongoing commitment on our part to help them in the fields of education, health and banking. Ultimately, I want to raise the bar for crafts in the country.

Can you tell us more about the Aditya Birla Fashion deal?

It will be a horizontal expansion. I’m not doing ready-to-wear at the moment, but the world is changing so fast, I don’t know what I’m going to have to do to keep up. But we want to make beauty, perfumes and glasses. Jewelry is a passion for me, and we will develop it at all levels.

What does it mean when people say Sabyasachi is a good businessman?

When you were born into the middle class, no matter how rich you get, you don’t forget the value of money. We don’t just focus on the product but also on storytelling, experience, advertising. Even if someone buys an entry-level belt, they’ll consider it a big purchase – we remember and design it for every customer. The best way to make money in your business is to invest money in your business. Money is like fertilizer. You have to give to create a brand. Money is just a statistic. What you want to leave behind is a legacy.

Excerpt from the upcoming Mint podcast ‘Tell me how you did it’, hosted by journalist Namrata Zakaria

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Best MLB Bets: Baseball Picks, Predictions, Odds to Consider on DraftKings Sportsbook for August 22


It’s Sunday, and that means we’ve got a busy slate with plenty of afternoon games to choose from and so many valuable lines that it’s hard to pick a few. With that said, here are my best MLB bets to consider on DraftKings Sportsbook.

White Sox ML (+105)

In 2016 it would have been a really fun pitching match. Alas, it’s not 2016, and it’s a bit sad. Chris Archer is making his comeback after months of rehabilitation following various injuries, which began in April. The right-hander recovered from the tightness in his forearm, and after a brief hiatus from a hip problem, he finally made a successful start to rehabilitation with 77 throws.

Judging from this start, Archer is set to go relatively far, so his clash against Reynaldo Lopez is worth mentioning. Lopez has been stellar this year out of the box, and so far the transition to rotation has gone smoothly with eight scoreless frames and eight strikeouts.

The Rays come into this one slightly warmer flatter than the White Sox, but this game should tip the scales the other way. Tampa Bay also seemed to have a hard time beating Chicago in this series; I think it should be a win for the White Sox.

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Royals ML (-110)

Kansas City was surprisingly a great team in the second half, blowing the White Sox away on several occasions and putting together great batsmen every time. Not only that, they received incredible contributions from the starting rotation.

One guy who has been fantastic is Carlos Hernandez, pumping out one of the best fastballs in the league and limiting damage to the tune of 4.18 xERA. His strikeout count didn’t quite measure up, but that shouldn’t matter against a Cubs team that struggled to get runners on bases.

Alec Mills and a Cubs pen with a 6.30 second ERA must be cleared here at all costs, and it turns out that one isn’t that high.

Define your DraftKings Fantastic baseball rosters here: MLB $ 250K Bat Flip [$50K to 1st]

ML Giants (-105)

A very exciting local rivalry came to a head on Sunday when the A’s and Giants met in the rubber game in Oakland. With my favorite pitcher fading down the hill, it’s time to take on the NL West point guard.

Frankie Montas has given up hard-hit balls at a high rate of 43.9% this year and relied heavily on the strikeout to get him out of traffic jams. He throws a good lead sometimes, but his xERA 4.10 is enough proof that he’s not untouchable from game to game.

San Francisco only holds a 21.1% strikeout rate over the past two weeks and has been one of the best attacks in the game. It’s an offense Montas shouldn’t be able to beat. , and on the other side, we have a hot Logan Webb taking on a crumbling A side. I love this line.

Place your Paris MLB To DraftKings Sportsbook and bet online in download the DraftKings Sportsbook app.

All ratings provided by DraftKings Sportsbook and all odds are subject to change.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, you can access crisis counseling and referral services by calling 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537) (HE).

Game problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER (NJ / WV / PA / MI), 1-800-9-WITH-IT (IN), 1-800-522-4700 (NH / CO), 1-800-BETS OFF (IA), 1-888-532-3500 (VA) or TN REDLINE call / text 1-800-889-9789 (TN).

21+ (18+ NH). CO / IL / IN / IA / NH / NJ / PA / TN / VA / WV / MI only. Eligibility restrictions apply. See draftkings.com/sportsbook for full terms and conditions.

I am a promoter at DraftKings and I am also a huge fan and user (my username is jetsfan196) and I can sometimes play on my personal account in the games I advise on. While I have expressed my personal take on the games and strategies above, they do not necessarily reflect DraftKings’ point of view (s) and I may also deploy different players and strategies than I recommend. above. I am not an employee of DraftKings and do not have access to any non-public information.

Opening of a new store concept in Foley


The former CPSI offices at 100 Ecor Rouge Place in Fairhope were purchased for $ 2.975 million by Stoic Equity Partners, a Fairhope-based private equity real estate firm. The 45,020 square foot property was also a Food World store at one time and will be converted into a state-of-the-art self-storage facility.

The 355-unit storage business will be run virtually and is slated to open in February 2022. Jeremy Friedman of Katapult Properties represented the buyers and Joe Courtney and Mary Cane of Courtney & Morris worked for the sellers. Creuset Construction in Daphne is the contractor. Stoïc co-sponsored this investment with its partner 68 Ventures, LLC, based in Spanish Fort.

An investor paid $ 615,000 for a 15,000 square foot multi-tenant office building at 762 Downtowner Loop West in Mobile, according to Mike Reid of Merrill P. Thomas Co., who represented the buyer. The recently renovated building is fully let. John Delchamps of Merrill P. Thomas Co. worked for the salesperson.

Popshelf, a new concept store from Dollar General, has leased the former 9,460 square foot Pier 1 Imports building at 2863 S. McKenzie St., in Foley, near Tanger Outlets, according to Kyle Knight and Darryl Bonner of Stirling Properties. who handled the transaction. The store is scheduled to open next month. Popshelf stores are larger than the Dollar general store average and prices are rounded to the nearest dollar with 95% of items sold for $ 5 or less.

Investors paid $ 6.15 million for the Blue Angel Crossing Mall at 26 S. Blue Angel Parkway in Pensacola, Fla., According to Andrew Chason of Marcus & Millichap in Fairhope. The 74,000 square foot center is anchored by the Winn-Dixie grocery store.

A four-bedroom, five-bath 1.8-acre home on Little Lagoon in Gulf Shores will go up for sale in a live auction on September 28 at 6 p.m., according to Gadsden-based International Auction Co. The property located at 18650 Fort Morgan Road has a 100 foot lagoon front. For more information, contact the auction company at 888-861-0999 or 256-439-1900.

Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fittest in the land? | Lifestyles


A few years ago, one morning, I turned on the television before putting on my glasses. The TV was tuned to Turner Classic Movies and my myopic eyes told me I was watching some kind of plane battle scene.

“These actors look really funny,” I thought before finding my glasses and highlighting the world.

There was a reason the actors looked funny. It turned out that they weren’t about people but about dolls. The movie was “Thunderbirds Are Go”, a 1966 British film that used dolls, or maybe puppets, instead of people, which was a huge relief as I would hate to think of human beings looking like these puppets.

Something similar happened the other day when I turned on the TV and saw an advertisement for people practicing in front of a large mirror where it looked like there was a miniature person standing there. inside the mirror screaming at them.

“You can do it!” “Feel it!” “You got that! The little mirror person barked as she exercised as well.

We’ve all seen a movie or had a nightmare about looking in the mirror and seeing someone other than you looking back. These are usually horror movies, which is understandable because the idea of ​​having another person living inside your mirror isn’t exactly the stuff of fairy tales (other than the mirror in the mirror). wicked witch in “Snow White”). But I had never seen a mirror with a real person inside while I was awake.

Intrigued and a little horrified, I researched the product. It’s a real thing, and their website says Magic Mirror customizes workouts for you. If you like weight lifting, you will be paired with a trainer who will pump up those biceps. If dancing is your thing, you’re in luck. Yoga? Uh-huh. Boxing? That too.

I guess the little person in the mirror is skinny on you, the athlete, and will help you achieve your fitness goals almost like he or she is in the room with you. What I guess he or she is sort of.

I can see the call. No more driving to the gym in bad weather. Don’t be embarrassed anymore when you can’t keep up with the rest of the class. No longer worry about having the right outfit or being the oldest / fittest / slowest in the class.

All of this is not cheap. The product itself costs around $ 1,500, plus installation costs. On top of that, there is a monthly fee for all of these exercise classes.

I guess the talking mirror gained popularity during the pandemic when gyms weren’t an option but eating everything in the kitchen was. Add Uber Eats and can order any high calorie meal you want – with French fries – day or night, and it was obvious that a major problem was on the horizon. As the old saying goes, if you want to dance, sooner or later you will have to pay the band. And the Uber driver.

I like the idea of ​​having individualized workouts in the comfort of your own living room, but I have to say that the miniaturized instructor scares me a little. I’d be afraid he or she would pull away from telling me to do knee bends and veer into a darker world and start ordering me to rob banks or talk to my boss.

Suppose the coach is tired of training and demands to be let out of the mirror so that he can lead a normal life? In my house?

Or worse, they might start making rude comments about my form, pound weights, and crappy workout clothes before suggesting that I give up because I’m clearly never going to go back. They are also probably able to tell when the user is relaxing instead of sweating. I’m sure there are most likely monthly weigh-ins involved, which all add up to, “I think I’ll save my $ 1,500 and stay with quiet mirrors, thank you.”

Because when it comes to mirrors, silence is really golden. Other than the Evil Witch Mirror, of course.

Nell Musolf is a freelance writer who lives in Mankato with her husband and two dogs. She can be reached at [email protected].

Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie reopens after 6 years of redesign


BERLIN (AP) – Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, an iconic modern art museum designed by Bauhaus pioneer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, reopened to the public on Sunday after a six-year renovation of the glazed building.

German Culture Minister Monika Gruetters said in a celebratory ceremony on Saturday that the occasion marked “the museum’s brilliant return as a place of pilgrimage for modern art lovers and as a stage for contemporary artists “.

British architect David Chipperfield oversaw the complete renovation of the steel and glass structure, a project that cost 140 million euros ($ 164 million).

Mies van der Rohe was the last of three directors of the Bauhaus art and design school, which began working in 1919 and was forced to close shortly after the Nazis came to power in 1933. He then emigrated to the United States.

The Neue Nationalgalerie was Mies van der Rohe’s only building in Germany after World War II. It was built in then-West Berlin, not far from the Berlin Wall that divided the city for much of the Cold War. The museum opened in 1968, the year before the architect’s death.

Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller said that shortly after the construction of the wall, the building, with its transparent facade, represented “progress, avant-garde and modern, openness and internationality”, dpa news agency reported.

The museum with three exhibitions: a selection of key works from its collection, an exhibition of works by sculptor Alexander Calder and another dedicated to film and media artist Rosa Barbra.

Berlin is creating more space to show off its contemporary art collection by building a new “20th Century Museum” next to the Neue Nationalgalerie.

Tech Savvy: Stop looking for new glasses


Once I discovered all the websites that offer affordable eyewear in a multitude of styles, finding the right eyewear almost felt a bit overwhelming. But I learned a few tips along the way that other readers wearing glasses might find helpful.

My first suggestion is to order a home trial box (or two!) From Warby Parker. Many of their styles are available for you to try out for free at home. You can choose up to five styles per box, have them shipped to your home in a few days, try them on, and send them back when you’re done. And I should probably add that you will probably want to take pictures or get feedback from friends or colleagues like I did.

When ordering my box, I chose frames in five different colors and a variety of styles so I could really get a feel for what worked best for me. I learned that small rectangular frames don’t really suit me and some of the colors I chose were less than stellar.

While still deciding which of my Warby Parker ones I liked best – or if I wanted to try another box – I found a social media ad for Pair Eyewear. I’m still not sure if it was my recent research for glasses or the abundance of Harry Potter pages that I am, but the ad couldn’t have been more focused on me.

Pair Eyewear offers not only eyewear, but also add-on magnetic frames to put on top so wearers can change up their look without having to purchase separate pairs of eyewear. The hook that really brought me here is that they have a line of senior Harry Potter executives. For sports fans, there are NHL and MLB collections as well, and superhero fans could have fun with the Marvel range. There are even Sesame Street frames for kids.

Sparkles, plaids, stripes, polka dots, tie-dye, and solid top frames are all available in so many colors that, again, it was difficult to pick just a few. Even though I liked some of the choices I received in my Warby Parker box, the Harry Potter nerd in me was too strong and forced me to order from Pair Eyewear.

Pair Eyewear offers glasses with magnetic frames to put on for a change of style.  The offer includes themes like Harry Potter, Marvel, NHL and MLB.  Screenshot by Theresa Bourke / Brainerd Dispatch

Pair Eyewear offers glasses with magnetic frames to put on for a change of style. The offer includes themes like Harry Potter, Marvel, NHL and MLB. Screenshot by Theresa Bourke / Brainerd Dispatch

Due to the availability of the Harry Potter line, I only had a few frame styles to choose from, and I’m disappointed to say the ones I ordered didn’t quite work out. They weren’t the right size and shape for my face, so unfortunately I had to turn them over and opt instead for one of the pairs I liked from my Warby Parker box, as I knew already they looked good on me. That being said, I still recommend Pair Eyewear for anyone looking for fun and affordable eyewear as long as they know which frames are right for them. Basic frames, including prescription lenses, cost $ 60, while top frames start at $ 25 for most styles, while specialty frames – Harry Potter, Marvel, MLB, NHL, Sesame Street and sun are $ 30.

And luckily, Pair Eyewear has a 30 day no questions asked return policy. I was able to quickly send my return online, print a return label and drop it off at the post office for free and get my money back almost immediately.

I now look forward to the arrival of my Warby Parker glasses, and in the unlikely event that they fail to work for some reason, I take comfort in their return policy, which allows me to get my money back if needed. .

Warby Parker’s glasses start at $ 95 including lenses, which is still a pretty good price in my book. But one thing I have learned through it all is that I need such a strong prescription that I am pretty much guaranteed to have to pay extra for ultra thin lenses or the lenses will be too thick. .

Eyewear company Warby Parker offers free in-home trial boxes for customers to try on a variety of frames and choose the one that works best.  Theresa Bourke / Brainerd Dispatch

Eyewear company Warby Parker offers free in-home trial boxes for customers to try on a variety of frames and choose the one that works best. Theresa Bourke / Brainerd Dispatch

Ordering prescription glasses from Pair Eyewear and Warby Parker was extremely easy. I was able to provide the information to my ophthalmologist so that he could obtain my prescription himself. There are also options to upload a photo of your prescription, if you have it on hand. They will also ask you to measure your pupillary distance, which I recently learned is the distance in millimeters between the centers of your pupils. For this, websites will invite you to hold a credit card in front of your face and take a photo. It sounds a bit silly but is quite easy to accomplish with detailed prompts.

Zenni, GlassesUSA, and EyeBuy Direct are other affordable websites I’ve come across in my research – and heard great things from other buyers. And for new visitors, many websites will offer pop-up coupon codes for a certain percentage off your first purchase. And for those who want to be able to imagine what the frames will look like, most websites offer some sort of virtual testing method, whether it’s a photo of a person trying on the glasses or the possibility upload a photo of yourself. and try the frames virtually.

As COVID-19 continues and many people hesitate between wanting to leave home or not – or for those who just love being able to do everything online – shopping for glasses has become easier if you just know where to look, game of words wanted.

THERESA BOURKE can be contacted at [email protected] or 218-855-5860. Follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/DispatchTheresa.

The Wand Crystal G Wand Review: Pretty and efficient


The crystal industry is booming. From a rose quartz water bottle to a crystal face set, if you want a geode gadget, the Internet of Things can probably spit one out for you to buy.

This includes masturbatory crystals. When premium toy brand Le Wand discontinued its Crystal collection, I was skeptical.

On the one hand, I do not attribute the healing power of the crystals. But I trust Le Wand because they produced a wireless vibrator I love. Crystal sex toys have also long been a “thing”, which brands like Chakrubs to the best.

Glue a crystal myself, though? It seemed to be the last frontier. Considering the brand where they come from and the objective beauty of the chopsticks, I decided to give them a chance.

Le Wand offers several offers in its crystal collection: Crystal Wand; Thin crystal wand; Crystal wand G; and Yoni eggs. All are available in two options, Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian.

For this review, I tried out the Crystal G Wand rose quartz to see how it performed on its own and how a crystal wand compared to other internal toys.

All toys from Le Wand’s Crystal collection. Clockwise: Yoni eggs; Wand G; Thin wand; Magic wand.
Credit: the baguette

Are crystal sex toys safe?

Crystal is far from the typical material for sex toys. Many stones and crystals are porous, which means they have tiny holes or a space where air or liquid can fill them. Porous materials are not ideal for sex toys because they can absorb bodily fluids, lubricant, and anything the toy can touch. Since exterior materials can seep into the toy, cleaning the surface does not help. That is why many sex toys are made of non-porous silicone that is harmless to the body.

Le Wand told Mashable that the crystal collection is certified to meet California Standards Prop 65, which requires companies to warn their customers about significant exposure to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. These toys also meet EU and UK safety standards.

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) researchers who spoke with Chakrubs, rose quartz is non-porous. Other crystals may have “closed porosity” which means they have pores but only on the surface of the crystal and do not enter through the center.

On his site, Le Wand said the crystals in their toys can have closed porosity and recommended using a condom if using them with a partner you’d rather not share bodily fluids with. I would dare say that if you are nervous about using a closed porosity toy, use a condom even if you are playing solo.

Like always, clean your wand before and after each use. Due to the potential for closed porosity, it is imperative to wash it immediately after your session.

Opening of the Le Wand Crystal G wand

The packaging matches the aesthetic of the toy: pink with gold gem accents. Each toy in this line comes with a travel pouch and a 94 page guide, which details how to use these toys and the history of crystal healing.

The wand also comes with a silicone plug designed to be placed over the toy for simultaneous external stimulation.

The Wand and the Internet as a whole, it seems, love to complain about the above “healing power” of crystals. These stones are said to have contained such power for eons, so it’s understandable that the trend continues, especially since general interest in crystals, as mainstream interest in astrology and other non-Western forms of spirituality, have seen an increase in recent years.

However, I have no authority in the matter. While I can’t say if these wands will allow you to “experience spiritual enlightenment” or “achieve sexual nirvana” as Le Wand claims on their website, neither will I say that this is a complete farce. If these stones have persisted for this long, there is probably a reason.


Unbound’s Pep is a great vibrator for beginners and experienced users.

However, I was only focusing on the physical – not spiritual – feelings the toy gave me and how the wand functions as a sex toy.

If you like crystals, you can, as described in the Le Wand booklet, cleanse it spiritually before first use. I only literally cleaned it up.

The G wand has a curved end to tilt and stimulate the G point, while the other two wands in the collection are straight. Either end of the G Wand can be used depending on the type of internal stimulation you are looking for.

As Regina George would say, it is really very pretty.

Unlike silicone sex toys, you can use any type of lubricant with this toy. If you use the silicone stopper with the wand, use only water-based lubricant so as not to degrade the stopper. I didn’t use a condom, but if you do, make sure you don’t use oil-based lubricants either.

I’ll be honest, it was hard not to just look to this toy. As Regina George would say, it is really very pretty. I wanted to use it purely on the basis of aesthetics – but beauty doesn’t make a good sex toy. How does the toy actually to feel?

I was completely surprised at how nice this toy felt against my skin and body. I usually stick with internal silicone toys – I’ve never had a glass dildo, for example – so I wasn’t prepared for the feeling of softness.

Le Wand Crystal G Wand experience

The baguette was great. I was worried it would be too cold, but it wasn’t – and it warmed up during use, anyway. The angled edge is perfect for hitting the G-spot and has the perfect length (178mm) and width (34mm at the curved end) for just enough stimulation.

One frustrating aspect of this toy, however, was the silicone plug. The internal / external combo creates the best orgasms for me, so I was happy to use it … but couldn’t fit it on either side of the toy. I imagine this is not a problem for other wands, especially since the cap is pictured on top of the regular wand, but I struggled to put mine on the G wand before I to give up.

I also didn’t want to try too hard to pull the plug because this toy is crystal, after all. One downside to this wand, like I imagine all crystal toys, is that it has to be handled with care. The toy is especially slippery when wet, and since I recently chipped a gua sha tool after first use, I was worried about doing the same with the G wand. However, I didn’t at all need to be precious with my silicone toys.

Fortunately, my G wand is still intact, but my fear of dropping or breaking it may prevent me from grabbing it for future sessions.

How does The Wand Crystal G Wand compare to other internal toys?

These comparisons are for very different toys, but might be useful if you’ve tried one and haven’t tried a crystal toy before.

Crystal G Wand versus a realistic 6 ” dildo: the G wand wins here. Although the dildo is more realistic, I find the G wand to slide in a more pleasant way. The curved angle is a huge plus as well, as standard dildos aren’t created to stimulate the G-spot like that.

Crystal Wand G vs. Soraya Wave: It depends on the experience you are looking for. The Soraya Wave mimics a “come here” movement with your fingers, giving G-spot stimulation similar to that of Le Wand’s G-wand. Both toys do the job, but Wave does the job for you. I found that the silicone in the Wave was not as gentle on my skin as the crystal in the G Wand.

Crystal Wand G vs. Thruster: Again, it depends. The thruster is a great option if you like a more realistic toy and want to lay down while the toy does the job. You won’t experience hard, fast thrusts with the G Wand like you do with the Thruster. At the same time, the Thruster is not tilted to reach the G point.

Add to Cart?

Although I cannot speak to the spiritual properties that these toys can have, I enjoyed the G wand and think it is a good sex toy in its own right. The 94-page booklet is informative, and the travel pouch is a plus.

At the same time, there are snags. I couldn’t get the silicone plug to work, and I have to be careful of this fragile toy when handling it. The wand feels amazing against my body, but I also wonder if glass or stainless steel wands would produce the same effect. Glass and stainless steel are also non-porous materials, so I wouldn’t have to worry about that.

If you are a “crystal lover” and can afford to spend from $ 110 on Yoni Eggs to $ 250 on G Wand, these toys are for you. They are beautiful and well produced.

If either or both of these factors are not true, then I would skip this collection. The Wand has stainless steel toys so if you want to experience that smooth feeling I would consider them.

In the end, I had fun with the G Wand but wouldn’t buy it for myself. Especially since porosity can be a problem, I might not use it very often even though I enjoyed it very much. The crystal sex toy didn’t spur me on “sex nirvana” – but I climaxed, which is good enough for me.

The secret disguise of the new Superman is terrible


In a new preview for Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2, Jonathan Kent wears a blonde wig and sunglasses to try and hide his identity as Superman.

In Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2, DC’s new Superman, Jonathan kent, sports a terrible blonde wig to try to disguise herself. In the first issue, Jonathan spoke to Damien Wayne about creating a new identity for himself. It looks like Jonathan will be knocking on Damien’s door in due course, thanks to what happens in the preview for issue two. Having a secret identity is something that most heroes struggle with. In Superman’s case, he ended up revealing himself to the world, which clearly isn’t what’s best for his son.

With Jonathan Kent donning Superman’s cape, will he be able to sustain both sides of his life? Not only does Jonathan become Superman, he also has to enter college. They are two incredibly important stepping stones in Jonathan’s life. According to DC, Jonathan will be forced to step out of the shadows and be in the spotlight as the world’s New Man of Steel. The identity of the ex-Superboy is not as certain as he thinks it is.

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AIPT Comics has exclusively released new preview pages for Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2 by Tom Taylor, John Timms and Gabe Eltaeb. The preview features the new Superman wearing a blonde wig and sunglasses. Her disguise is absolutely terrible and painfully obvious. Anyone on the street would look at her hair and realize it’s a wig. It’s no surprise that his identity as Superman was discovered even before he got to college. It looks like Jonathan is being attacked by a mugger, because in the second preview page his white hoodie is ripped to shreds.

Plus, it really doesn’t help that Jonathan is wearing his superhero costume under his clothes. The new Superman should take a page from Spider-Man’s notebook and keep his costume in his backpack. The students standing behind Jonathan don’t seem to be the ones who find out his identity, but are witnesses to the attack that tears his disguise apart. Surprisingly, Jonathan’s secret disguise is even worse than Superman’s original glasses disguise, which is still referred to by fans as a particularly slim way to hide his identity. But Jonathan takes it a step further with the insanely faux blonde wig.

After all this, it looks like Jonathan gives in and flies off with his truck out of embarrassment. He still has a lot to learn and he is realizing it. Jonathan meets his father on the moon and explains what just happened to him. Clark consoles him and apparently hands him some wisdom before descending back to Earth to give Jonathan a surprise. This surprise is none other than a new Superman costume, which marks the start of a new era for the new Superman. Regarding his costumes, but also how he behaves as Superman and Jonathan kent. Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2 will be available August 24 in comic bookstores and digital platforms.

Next: DC’s New Kryptonians Can Prevent Superman’s Next Death

Source: AIPT Comics

Shazam Spider-Man

Shazam fought “Spider Man” over a decade before his Marvel debut

About the Author

Mets, Down by Three Runs Twice, return to Topple Nats, 8-7, in Game 1


Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

More than 24 hours after the start, the Mets won the first game of the series against the Nationals 8-7.

The game kicked off Tuesday night, but the teams only managed one inning plus a batter before the rain at Citi Field got too heavy to play. Before the delay, however, the Nationals pushed three points out of a Juan soto Homer before Carlos Carrasco could record an exit. The Mets picked up a point with consecutive doubles with two strikeouts by Pete Alonso and Dominique smith.

Carrasco authorized Riley adams reach to open the second, but the refs then called on the tarp.

Two hours later, play was officially suspended and postponed to resume at 4:10 p.m. Wednesday. And It is when the madness started.

Rich hill volunteered to throw in relief on Wednesday (he was lined up to pitch that day, anyway), and he started the game with three strong executives against the Nationals roster. (He allowed the Carrasco runner to score, albeit on a missed ball from Smith.) The Mets managed to come back to a 4-4 tie with a three-run third inning. Joe ross, also, thanks to the RBIs of Jeff McNeil, Michel Conforto and Jd davis.

But the Nats, who had set up strong batsmen on Hill in innings two to four, took the left-hander to start the fifth inning. Hill has allowed three consecutive base runners, capped by a Luis Garcia double which brought two points. He left the game without recording a strikeout in the fifth.

Garcia came to score on an Adams single Jeurys Familia, but the Nats didn’t score after that, thanks to scoreless innings from Miguel Castro, Drew smith and Trevor May.

That left the Mets with a 7-4 deficit.

Conforto managed to pick one up in the next frame with a single RBI that brought McNeil home from the start. (Juan Soto threw the ball to the wrong cutoff player, which, in addition to running 3-2 with two outs, allowed the squirrel to score.)

Two frames later, Pete Alonso crushed his third hard-hit ball of the game – this one, a 108 mph brace just inches from a stalled homerun – to bring the Mets to 7-6.

Mets, Down by Three Runs Twice, return to Topple Nats, 8-7, in Game 1

Then, with a little help from the lifter bricklayer thompson, the Mets took him home in eighth grade. JD Davis opened the set with a brace, then, in Jonathan villarDavis’ attempt to sacrifice Davis in the third, Thompson threw the ball incorrectly in the first and the ball jumped into the outfield. Seven all.

Naturally, Brandon drury, the Mets’ top pinch hitter of all season (10-for-21 in pinch-stroke scenarios), arrived two hitters later with Villar in third. He placed a 97 mph lead on the second base sack as the infield played, and the Mets took the lead for the first time in 43 innings. I repeat: 43 innings !!

Edwin diaz stopped the Nats in an eight-length ninth, which included a strikeout from Juan Soto.

The Mets’ offense managed to save a game where they used two starters – Hill and Carrasco – and those starters allowed seven runs and recorded just 12 strikeouts. It was the team’s first win in five games, and it just might be the most energizing of the year.

Mets, Down by Three Runs Twice, return to Topple Nats, 8-7, in Game 1

The Mets have one more game scheduled for Wednesday, and it will start around 8 p.m. It will be reduced to seven innings due to the rules of the doubles program.

Marcus Stroman (7-11, 2.83 ERA) will take the mound against the Nationals, who plan to use the shortened game as a bullpen game. The Nats have the fourth-worst reliever ERA in the majors since the All-Star break.

Mets, Down by Three Runs Twice, return to Topple Nats, 8-7, in Game 1

Charlotte Tilbury Sale: Shop the Mystery Box and Summer Sale



Charlotte tilbury, the wildly popular beauty brand created by the British makeup artist of the same name, just sweetened the deal on their summer sale event – all discounted items are now up to 40% discount, an increase over the 30% discount promoted in previous weeks. This includes a variety of beloved makeup kits from Instagram’s famous Pillow Talk line to the Magic Complexion collection, plus free gifts will automatically be added to your purchase when you spend over $ 185.

Along with the increase in the discount, Charlotte Tilbury is also launching the iteration of her fan-favorite Secret Mystery Box this year, which features seven surprise products, including the hit 50% off Magic Cream.

Although the Big Summer Sale ends August 16, we expect a lot of popular items, including the Mystery Box, to sell out quickly, so here’s what we recommend you buy ASAP.

The Pillow Talk Lip Kit ($ 66.30, originally $ 78; charlottetilbury.com)

Charlotte tilbury

The Pillow Talk Lip Kit

The famous lipstick your lips but better on Instagram is now available in this amazing kit, which includes the lavish pink shake in a lip liner, matte lipstick and shimmering lip gloss at 15% off.

Flawless Glow Airbrush Kit ($ 78.60, originally $ 131; charlottetilbury.com)

Perfect shine kit for airbrush

Charlotte tilbury

Perfect shine kit for airbrush

Cover all of your foundation bases with this kit that contains Airbrush Flawless Foundation Full Coverage, Wonderglow Face Primer, and Magic Away Hydrating Liquid Concealer.

Eyes to Mesmerize Trio ($ 57.60, originally $ 96; charlottetilbury.com)

Eyes to hypnotize the trio

Charlotte tilbury

Eyes to hypnotize the trio

These creamy eye shadows extend like butter and glitter miles into the distance, and now you can pick up any three shades you want for 40% off their regular retail price.

Charlotte’s Hypnotic Glow Kit ($ 81.60, originally $ 136; charlottetilbury.com)

Charlotte Bewitching Glow Kit

Charlotte tilbury

Charlotte Bewitching Glow Kit

If you are looking for a radiant glow for your days in the sun, this makeup kit is for you. With the Charlotte Darling Easy Eye Palette which includes six bronze-y shades, Magic Star Limited Edition Highlighter, and KISSING Lipstick in Stoned Rose, you’ll achieve effortless full makeup that shines as bright as you do.

Charlotte’s Beauty Secret Mystery Box ($ 164, originally $ 328; charlottetilbury.com)

Charlotte's Secret Beauty Mystery Box

Charlotte tilbury

Charlotte’s Secret Beauty Mystery Box

We can’t tell you which seven full-size products you’ll get from this mystery box, but we do know that the brand’s much-loved Magic Cream and No Shame luxury palette are included in the 50% deal.

For more offers, see CNN coupons.

Opening of the Central at 5th by Hilton Club in the heart of Manhattan


ORLANDO, Florida – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Hilton Grand Vacations (NYSE: HGV) continued its sustained pace of New York openings with the launch of its new urban timeshare property, The Central at 5th by Hilton Club. The striking 33-story building places the owners in the heart of Manhattan on East 48th Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, a few blocks from Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Station, boutiques, Fifth Avenue and cultural icons such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The resort has 161 units, including studios, one-bedroom suites and penthouse suites.

The launch comes just weeks after HGV announced the launch of The Quin by Hilton Club on West 57th Street as a timeshare following its one-year $ 50 million renovation. This further strengthens the company’s position as a leader in the burgeoning urban timeshare market in New York City.

“Hilton Grand Vacations continues to raise the bar for urban timeshares and the opening of The Central at 5th, which is our second property to launch in the city this summer, underscores our commitment to expanding our footprint in New York,” said said Mark Wang, President and CEO of Hilton Grand Vacations. “The Central at 5th was built from the ground up to serve as the perfect base for our owners and guests to experience the best of Manhattan. The opening of this exquisite property marks our fifth timeshare in the city.

Gordon Gurnik, Senior Executive Vice President and COO at Hilton Grand Vacations, added, “The Central at 5th has a fantastic downtown location and offers great amenities that help our owners and guests feel like at home. The new building is an ideal addition to the heavyweight portfolio in New York.

The Central at 5th is newly constructed and ‘purpose built’ for timeshares, ensuring that the items most valuable to owners are central to the building’s design. World-class architecture and interior design firms collaborated to create the property, while Handel Architects provided the architectural design and Rottet Studio provided the interior design. Facilities include an owners lounge on the second floor, slated to open in 2022, with an outdoor terrace with covered and uncovered seating areas, a lobby lounge on the ground floor and an outdoor courtyard, a fitness and more.

The property is inspired by the architectural elements of the historic buildings of the district and reinterprets them with a modern touch. On the outside, this is most evident in the undulating window openings that create a “folded” facade. The building also invites the outdoors, with full-width windows in individual units providing abundant natural light. Connection to the outdoors is enhanced by access from the owners’ lounge, which provides a social and community setting. This space allows owners to mingle, settle down to work or enjoy an outdoor terrace bordered by boxwood shrubs facing 48e Street.

The studios and suites are bathed in natural light and offer a warm and residential atmosphere. Bespoke touches such as a lounge chair, leather handles and trunks as bedside tables add inspiration. Modern bathrooms include marble-tiled walls, full-height glass-enclosed showers, backlit mirrors, and heated floors in some suites.

Hilton Grand Vacations pioneered the urban timeshare movement in New York City starting in 2003 and continues to innovate. As urban timeshare has grown in popularity, heavy goods vehicles have responded to the demand with new construction and real estate conversions providing owners with an unprecedented range of opportunities. Now, The Central at 5th by Hilton Club joins sister properties New York, including: The Hilton Club – New York; The Hilton Club Residences; West 57th Street by Hilton Club; and The Quin by Hilton Club for providing the best timeshare experiences in New York City.

About Hilton Grand Vacations Inc.

Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. (NYSE: HGV) is recognized as one of the world’s premier timeshare companies. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Hilton Grand Vacations develops, markets and operates a system of high-quality, brand-owned vacation resorts in select vacation destinations. The Company also manages and operates two innovative club membership programs: Hilton Grand Vacations Club® and The Hilton Club®, providing exclusive exchange, leisure travel and reservation services to nearly 330,000 members of the clubs. For more information, visit www.hiltongrandvacations.com.

Gov. DeWine returned to the spotlight with familiar advice


After being called out by multiple news outlets for his MIA status during the latest wave of the virus, DeWine reprised his once-frequent coronavirus briefings Friday morning. His refrain was familiar: Get vaccinated.

COLUMBUS – On June 24, the date of Gov. Mike DeWine’s last coronavirus briefing before Friday, the state’s seven-day average test positivity rate hit its lowest point throughout the pandemic – 1.3 percent.

In the next six weeks, the average increased almost fivefold, rising to 6.3 percent on Thursday.

The rampant spread of the delta variant in Ohio forced Gov. Mike DeWine back into the spotlight. After being called out by multiple news outlets for his MIA status during the latest wave of the virus, DeWine reprised his once-frequent coronavirus briefings Friday morning.

His refrain was familiar: Get vaccinated.

“No fact better illustrates how powerful the vaccines are than by looking at the people who have been in our hospital for covid since Jan. 1 of this year when the vaccine first started to have an impact, ”DeWine said.

Of the 18,662 Ohioans hospitalized with COVID-19 since Jan. 1, 98.4 percent, or 18,367 people, were unvaccinated.

Since state leaders have started sounding the alarm about the delta variant, some unvaccinated Ohioans are heeding their warnings.

The weekly number of Ohioans receiving their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine increased for the fourth week in a row, from 58,816 to 72,662 new doses.

COVID-19 trends in Ohio

Between Aug. 1 and Aug. 7, the state reported:

  • 8.505 new confirmed boxes, up from 5,472 the week before.
  • 579 new hospitalizations, up from 444.
  • 61 COVID-19 deaths, up from 20.
  • 72,662 Ohioans have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccinated, up from 58.816.

As of Aug. 7,

  • 5,838,358 Ohioans have started to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, including
    • 110.713 in Mahoning County, an increase of 1,327 (up from 1,033 new first doses the week before);
    • 91.333 in Trumbull, an increase of 1,123 (up from 996);
    • 39.773 in Columbiana, an increase of 518 (up from 396).
  • 49.95 percent of the state population has received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Mahoning Valley counties continue to lag behind the state rate.
    • Mahoning County: 48.41 percent;
    • Trumbull County: 46.13 percent;
    • Columbiana County: 39.04 percent.

From last week

• The US. is now averaging 100,000 new COVID-19 infections per day due to the rampant spread of the highly contagious delta variant, the Associated Press reported. The US was averaging about 11,000 cases per day in late June and peaked at about 250,000 cases per day in January. The seven-day average for daily new deaths also increased, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. It rose over the past two weeks from about 270 deaths per day to nearly 500 per day as of Friday.

• US Rep. Tim Ryan of Howland, D-13th, on Thursday announced three Valley fire departments will receive Assistance to Firefighters Grant administered by the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency. Austintown, Craig Beach and Coitsville fire departments will receive a combined $ 455,590. The Assistance to Firefighters Grant is part of $ 319.5 million being provided directly to eligible fire departments, certain EMS organizations and state fire training academies around the nation to fund critical training and equipment.

• President Joe Biden on Thursday signed an executive order that sets a target of 40% to 50% of new vehicle sales being electric by 2030. Biden wants automakers to raise gas mileage and cut tailpipe pollution between now and model year 2026. That would mark a significant step toward meeting his pledge to cut emissions and battle climate change as he pushes a history-making shift in the US from internal combustion engines to battery-powered vehicles.

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday reinstated an eviction moratorium which lapsed last week. This new order expires Oct. 3 and only applies to renters living in counties with substantial or high COVID-19 transmission, which includes about 80% of US counties. But, the new moratorium could run into opposition at the Supreme Court, where one justice in late June warned the administration not to act further without explicit congressional approval.

• Mike Carey, a coal lobbyist backed by former President Donald Trump, beat a bevy of Republicans in central Ohio, while Cuyahoga County Council member Shontel brown pulled out a victory for the Democratic establishment in Cleveland, in a pair of primary elections for open House seats Tuesday. Brown’s win over progressive Nina Turner handed another blow to a liberal wing that has been challenging the Democratic old guard. Turner, a leading national voice for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns, was for many months the best known and most visible among 13 Democrats running in the fiercely fought primary and the choice of Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others. But Brown, a centrist backed by Hillary Clinton, influential House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, the Congressional Black Caucus, leading unions and many local leaders, prevailed after a surge in national attention to her campaign in the weeks leading up to the election.

• New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo faced mounting pressure Tuesday to resign, including from President Joe Biden and other onetime Democratic allies, after an investigation found he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women and worked to retaliate against one of his accusers. The leader of the state Assembly, which has the power to bring impeachment charges, said it was clear Cuomo could no longer remain in office. Speaker Carl Heastie, a Democrat, said he would move to complete an impeachment inquiry “as quickly as possible.”

• National retailers are reinstating mask mandates for employees and customers in the face of a coronavirus surge spurred by the delta variant. Home Depot is requiring masks for associates, contractors and vendors. The retailer is also asking customers to wear masks in its stores. Apple announced it would require masks for staff and customers at more than half of its 270 US stores. McDonald’s, Target, Kohl’s and Walmart are requiring masks for employees of stores in high-risk areas. McDonald’s is also requiring that customers wear masks in restaurants located in places with high transmission, whereas Target and Kohl’s are strongly recommending masks for customers in those stores. Giant Eagle now requires masks for store employees and strongly recommends them for customers. Elsewhere in Ohio, Kroger strongly recommends all staff and customers mask up in its grocery stores.

• The Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday a three-day online child sex sting conducted over the weekend resulted in 20 arrests in Mahoning County. In addition, task force officers conducted investigations in June and July, resulting in 14 arrests in Columbiana County.

Advice from an expert to secure your connected home as well | Assa Abloy Australia: Yale smart locks


Home security has come a long way since deadbolts, latches, and lengths of studs stuck in window frames were the norm. Today, homeowners and tenants have access to a plethora of smart, keyless security options that are as convenient as they are technologically advanced.

So how can Australian landlords and renters reap the benefits of this new era of home security?

Look for smart systems

Not all smart security systems are created equal, and not all systems require all the bells and whistles on the market. Rather, the ecosystem can be built to include a number of practical security measures, such as motion sensors, cameras, alarms, and smart locks.

Eric Sindel, senior product manager at global access solutions provider Assa Abloy, explains that a consideration often overlooked by consumers who buy smart home devices is where their data is going and how their information is being used.

“As we put more and more devices online, we are opening them up to our home networks… and to personal information,” he says. “So before investing in a solution … do some research on the company [and] understand what types of information they collect [and] how they use that information. You should expect your security provider to behave the same as your bank when it comes to the secure management of your personal data, Sindel explains.

The irony of implementing a system that uses your data in an unclear or inappropriate way is that while your home is physically protected, you could open your information to privacy and security breaches.

“What you see with low-cost solutions online, especially those that are just directly imported, [is that] many of those [privacy concerns] are very loosely defined, if they are addressed at all.

Lock up

The idea of ​​using a keyless entry system for your home might sound futuristic, but when you think about it, we’ve trusted these types of systems everywhere from hotels to offices to locker rooms to gyms for years. . Using them to protect our homes is the next logical step.

However, it’s understandable that some of us are reluctant to get rid of a system that has worked for centuries.

Sindel understands this hesitation. Assa Abloy Yale Access App partners with a number of the company’s line of lock products, uses geofencing technology to unlock and lock your doors when entering or exiting a given line, and allows owners to hand out “keys” digital to family, friends and those who provide business or cleaning services.

“These keys are actually more secure than the traditional key in the sense that the possibility of compromising them is very difficult,” he says.

The app and digital keys are double encrypted to protect information shared between mobile devices and locks.

“It’s not unlike the encryption you would see when making a transaction through an online banking app. “

Adjusting to a world without a bulky keychain can take time, but Sindel says that a smart lock can actually be the keystone of your home’s smart ecosystem. Yale Access, for example, is compatible with home assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, which means anyone with a smart home setup already can close the loop with ease.

Yale Access works conveniently with home assistants, which means you can use voice activation to lock, unlock, or check your door's lock status for a completely simplified experience.
  • Yale Access works conveniently with home assistants, which means you can use voice activation to lock, unlock, or check your door’s lock status for a completely simplified experience.

“The lock… provides an excellent trigger or interface for [which to connect] all other devices, ”Sindel says. “So if you want to optimize your lighting or heating schedules, you can tie it all to the ecosystem, for which the smart lock can act as a trigger.

“Great flexibility lies in the fact that your locks are smart and that they are part of your ecosystem, in addition to having a truly secure digital product. “

Fencing goes digital

Geofencing technology means homeowners no longer have to worry about physical keys ending up in the wrong hands or forgetting to lock the door.

Technological interfaces use the GPS capabilities of a smartphone to determine your location and secure or unlock your home accordingly. It’s a lot less work than taking your keys out of your pocket or bag.

In the case of the Yale Access app, you don’t have to do anything: the app will automatically unlock your door when you (and your phone) are within five meters, or go into away mode – and secure your home – as soon as you are more than 200 meters away.

Geofencing technology means your door will automatically unlock as you approach, almost like having a highly efficient invisible doorman.
  • Geofencing technology means your door will automatically unlock as you approach, almost like having a highly efficient invisible doorman.

You can choose how quickly this happens, with timed options between 30 seconds and 30 minutes available, and can also check the status of your locks remotely by pairing them with a Yale Connect bridge.

If that’s not reason enough to finally eliminate the physical keys hidden under doormats or in obviously fake stones, we don’t know what it is.

Assa Abloy is the world leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical and electromechanical locking and unlocking products for safety and security. Find out how to make your smart system safer with Yale Access.

Meet the youngest black designer of luxury shoes in the industry


This woman throws down the glass ceilings and walks in her power as the youngest black designer in the luxury shoe industry who owns 100% of her brand.

Meet Ganesia Wveighlin, 32, owner of CaesarWalks; a unique and expressive luxury footwear brand that she founded in 2017. Wveighlin boldly entered the luxury footwear market with a vision and hasn’t looked back since.

His shoes are like works of art and sit comfortably among other luxury brands in the market like Gucci and Balenciaga.


The brand offers shoes for women and men with a few artisan touches. Wveighlin sstudied shoemaking in 2019 to be able to make his shoes by hand. His education began in Brooklyn and continued in London, England.

Wveighlin told ESSENCE that the creation of her shoe business was inspired by “a crazy idea… That a black woman could set up her own table in a male-dominated shoe market.”

She originally dreamed of becoming a model. She wanted to sign with Wilhelmina Models at 16, but her family did not support her. So she changed her path, still in the fashion industry, and obtained her degree in economics from Clark University in Atlanta.

When she launched CaesarWalks, she did so with intention. His collection was named after Saint Plouscious, who is said to be one of the first black Roman saints. The collection featured a handmade Italian velvet fabric with a red silk insole.

“Maybe somewhere tucked away in an ancient Italian primordial library you’ll find a short chapter on him,” she told the outlet.

When asked what sparked her interest in shoes, Wveighlin said she has always had this interest.

“I’m interested in the details and the quality of a ‘thing’. Luxury shoes are known for their detail and quality, ”she said. “No out of place detail, no untangled thread, no visible stained outsole glue. A flawless shoe with perfect craftsmanship.

As a brand, it takes innovation to survive in the industry, she said. His brand keeps freshness when designing his shoes.

“I love that our designs are unique,” ​​Wveighlin said of CaesarWalks.

The talented and innovative designer said black people have a competitive advantage in the market because “it is common knowledge that black people are America’s top fashion consumers.”

Ilona Royce Smithkin, unlikely fashion and art muse, dies at 101


Ilona Royce Smithkin, who as an orange-haired nonagenarian with matching two-inch lashes caught fire in the fashion world, starring in the documentary “Advanced Style” and joining fashion campaigns for brands like Coach, All throwing embers in many other areas as a muse for photographers, filmmakers and artists – a cheerful personality who took a lifetime to build after a bleak childhood – died August 1 at her Provincetown home , Massachusetts. She was 101 years old.

The death was confirmed by Melinda Levy, a longtime friend and trustee of her estate.

Ms Smithkin’s rise to fame began with a rumor.

In 2010, photographer Ari Seth Cohen, who started Advanced Style – a blog dedicated to the style of women over 60 that later became a book series and film on the same subject – overheard a friend talking about ‘a “magical woman with fiery red”. longest hair and eyelashes we’ve ever seen. He staked out a store she would have visited.

Shortly after, he spotted a woman on the street in the West Village who was around 4ft 9in tall and wearing hand painted sneakers, matching baby blue clothes and diamond studded sunglasses, with eyelashes sticking out . It was her.

Mr. Cohen asked to take the photo of Ms. Smithkin. She exclaimed “Of course” and kicked one of her legs in the air.

“I immediately fell in love,” Cohen said in a telephone interview.

He started visiting and then bringing friends to the fourth floor of Ms Smithkin’s West Village, a small studio so filled with fabrics, handbags, paintings, magazines and hats that the door couldn’t fit. open completely. Ms Smithkin served coffee or vodka – “the only two things I can do,” she explained – and described how she made her own caftans and transformed things like letter organizers and machine springs. to write in jewelry.

With no intention of making a film, Mr. Cohen and a friend, Lina Plioplyte, began videotaping their conversations with Ms. Smithkin. In 2014, it became a documentary focusing on some of the blog’s main recurring characters.

In the film, Ms. Smithkin, a painter by profession, combined striking personal revelations with slapstick comedy. “I became myself maybe 10, 12, 13 years ago,” she said, despite being 94 when she was released. She joined a friend in her 90s, who she said suffered from memory loss, to sing “You Make Me Feel So Young” as a duet.

At her age, she said at one point, “I can’t buy green bananas anymore.

“I don’t think ‘Advanced Style’ would have been a fraction of what it is without Ilona,” Mr. Cohen said. “She gave it depth. She was the star.

Ms Smithkin began modeling, appearing in campaigns for Karen Walker’s eyewear and Mara Hoffman clothing. that his scarf had caught fire from a nearby candle. Another party animal doused the flames with champagne.

For some boogieing at the Jane Hotel, Ms. Smithkin might have seemed a vaudeville figure, her flamboyant outfit a pretty fun schtick for a spin in the spotlight. But she had a “stable of mentees”, made up largely of artists, who knew better, said one of them, actor Erik Liberman.

“She noticed who was drawn to color and light, and who wanted to understand the source of color and light,” Liberman said. “For those looking for a more in-depth conversation, the fabulous hats, scarves and, eventually, even the eyelashes came along.”

Mr. Liberman would often show up at Ms. Smithkin’s studio at any time to take a nap between Broadway performances. When, as an aspiring actor in his late twenties, he started spending time with Ms Smithkin, he brought notebooks to record what she said. She asked him to take his own creative powers seriously, rather than seeing acting as a form of submission to someone else’s vision.

“It changed the whole course, especially of my young career,” Mr. Liberman said.

Another admirer was burlesque artist Dita Von Teese, one of the many who made a habit of saving Ms Smithkin’s voicemail messages. Ms. Von Teese took the practice a step further. She would deliberately avoid answering Ms Smithkin’s calls before immediately calling back, to obtain a permanent recording of her friend’s voice.

Ilona Rosenkranz was born on March 27, 1920. Her father, Mordko, was an engineer and her mother, Frida (Lubinski) Rosenkranz, a housewife.

This information comes from immigration documents. In April 1938, the family moved from Berlin, where Ilona grew up, to New York. They listed their race as “Hebrew”.

As an adult, Ms Smithkin avoided discussing her background, saying when asked that she had few memories or that it was not the right time. But in a 2004 documentary about her, “Ilona, ​​Upstairs,” she attributed the way her head sometimes involuntarily shook to the experiences she had at the age of 11, when the Nazi Party began its rise to power.

“It’s not Alzheimer’s disease, it’s not Parkinson’s disease,” she said of her tremors. “It’s that terrible, pent-up fear.”

In the United States, his parents anglicized their names as Max and Frieda, and the last name became Royce.

According to Ilona’s petition in the early 1940s for naturalization as a citizen, she was born in Berlin, but later said in interviews that she was born in Poland. She started making art at the age of 5 and studied at the Reimann School of Art and Design in Berlin, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, and the Art Students League of New York.

A year after immigrating, when she was 19, Ilona married Irving Smithkin, a linotype operator. He died in action during World War II and was buried in Italy.

Ms. Smithkin painted and made a living as a milliner, factory worker, glass shade painter and movie opener. She moved into her West Village studio in 1947.

In the 1960s and 1970s, she began teaching art classes in Kentucky and South Carolina, traveling to small towns and using church basements and funeral homes as classrooms. In 1975, she began teaching painting lessons on the South Carolina Educational Television Network.

When she was not on the road, Ms. Smithkin divided her time between the West Village and Provincetown. She has met and portrayed famous writers like Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neill and Ayn Rand.

In subsequent interviews, she mentioned having had an eye-opening and finally becoming authentic herself around the age of 80, around the same time she started performing songs by Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf in Provincetown. and in New York venues like Joe’s Pub. She wore stilettos, stockings, and a revealing dress, and until she had hip surgery in the mid-80s, she ended every show by doing a split.

By her own admission, she didn’t have much of a voice, but neither did Dietrich, she added.

Ms Smithkin leaves no immediate survivors, but she has developed a ritual to mark someone as part of her inner circle.

You walked into her studio and sat down in a chair next to her bed, your knees almost touching. Mrs. Smithkin studied your face. She chose a pencil. Then, for about 20 minutes, you stood still while Mrs. Smithkin portrayed one of your eyes.

“You speak; I want to hear from you,” she would say while drawing, according to “Insomniac City,” a memoir by photographer Bill Hayes in which he describes sitting for a portrait of the eyes. the most important person in the world. “

It was, Mr. Liberman said, a “spiritual experience.”

“She became supernaturally still, and her observance probed the depths of who you were,” he added. “She could conjure up the entire cosmos of someone’s being through the microcosm of her eye.”

Alain Delaquériere contributed research.

Goal to open store in Mandeville near Whole Foods, said Mayor Clay Madden | A Tammany


Target, the Minneapolis-based general merchandise retailer, will open a second store in St. Tammany Parish, occupying space in Mandeville that has been vacant since Stein Mart closed in 2020, Mandeville Mayor Clay Madden said Friday. .

Target has a store in Covington that is undergoing renovations. He also had a store in the Slidell area which was closed in 2018.

The new location, in the Premier Center on US 190, will fill the space that was occupied by Stein Mart before the discount chain declared bankruptcy in 2020 and closed all of its stores.

The departure of Stein Mart and the arrival of Target illustrate the volatility of the retail scene.

Madden said the target will also expand into the nearby space that is currently occupied by a Rack Room Shoes outlet. The Rack Room shoes will move to another space in the mall left vacant when Forever 21 closes.

Stirling Properties, which owns the management and lease contract for the Premier Center, said it could not confirm Target was a new tenant. But spokeswoman Donna Smith confirmed that Rack Room will move to the former Forever 21 location. This will create additional space and create “opportunities to do something different,” Smith said.

Madden said Target had started reviewing Mandeville based on research showing that many customers at its Covington site had Mandeville zip codes. Target stores also performed well when located near Whole Foods, he said.

A Whole Foods store opened in the Premier Center in 2016.

A weekly guide to the biggest news in St. Tammany. Register today.

“Mandeville sells itself,” Madden said.

The Target store near the old North Shore Square mall in Slidell closed in 2018. At the time, a spokesperson for Target said the company reviews its portfolio every year and when stores are closed, this is usually because of lower profitability.

A former 125,000 square foot Target that has been empty since February 2018 has been purchased, according to Beau Box Commercial Real Estate, which …

The target could not be immediately reached for a comment Friday on the Mandeville store.

But on its website, the company said it was ramping up new store opening and renovations after a record financial performance in 2020 and that it would invest $ 4 billion a year over the next few years.

Maddens said he expected Target to attract more customers than Stein Mart, but did not expect any traffic issues. The mall has ample parking and entrances and exits, he said.

Duplantis Design Group is on the agenda of the Mandeville Zoning Commission on Tuesday seeking exemptions for the location under landscaping and signage requirements.

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a Netflix Reality mystery I can’t stop watching


From the moment I started watching Netflix’s new reality show My unorthodox life– following the shenanigans of Elite World Group CEO Julia Haart and her family – I knew I would have questions. In the opening scene of the first episode, the viewer is immersed in Julia’s relationship with her daughter Batsheva and her son-in-law Ben Weinstein. The three are seated at a table in Julia’s apartment in Tribeca, discussing the young couple’s sex life, while the matriarch gives some tips on how to keep things alive. “Mix them up,” she said. “Try the role-play. You know, naughty nurse. Try different positions. Sixty-nine.

Wait a minute. Am I missing something? I grabbed my remote and rewound to the start of the show. How is it possible that this was the start? There had been no smooth introduction, no sweetness in getting to know the characters – just aerial shots of New York City (like any good reality series has) and a direct jump into the characters. hijinks, with very little explanation.

This narrative device used to pique interest certainly worked – I was addicted to watching My unorthodox life since its release on July 14. But I don’t necessarily watch it because I love it. I keep binging the series because I end each episode with more questions than I started, and I’m confident the next episode will answer those questions.

The show follows Julia – who left an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle in Monsey, New York to pursue a life of entrepreneurship and freedom – with her husband Silvio Scaglia Haart, daughter Miriam, and sons Shlomo and Aron. Miriam is a young woman exploring her sexuality who will surely receive a spin-off after My unorthodox life, Shlomo is a somewhat goofy guy who tries to put his dating profiles in order, and Aron still lives in Monsey with Julia’s ex-husband, where he leads a fundamentalist life. Elite World COO Robert Brotherton is also a central figure. He functions as the mischievous, flamboyant sidekick who may or may not have been chosen just for the show.

Each time the credits roll, I save a whole new list of questions prompted by the episode I just watched. Where does Julia buy her really huge wine glasses? (I mean, these things are huge. She goes to put her hand on the spout of the glass and it barely touches the entire rim.) Why is everyone wearing Christian Dior? How did Julia go from protected Jewish housewife to millionaire business mogul in just a few years? (I don’t doubt her business savvy. There are just a few holes in the timeline that I’m looking to fill.) Why does Miriam suddenly kiss the girl she’s dating at her mom’s business event? ?

Each episode of My unorthodox life full of events. There is so much going on. They’re having dinner, they’re at Julia’s e1972 fashion show, suddenly they’re in Paris at Fashion Week, now they’re in the Hamptons, now it’s Sukkot and they’re having dinner again. Each scene is a sensory overload of Emilie in Paris– an esque fashion, elaborate table decorations and giant glasses of Pinot Grigio.

Despite these visual clues, Julia still feels like a mystery. Of course, the show is all about Julia Haart, but what do you think really know for her? She loves sequined catsuits and high platform heels. She calls her husband Silvio “my love” exclusively. And she cares a lot about her children. However, Julia is stoic throughout the series, which seems counterintuitive – she spends her entire life on television, after all. But she holds her cards tight and maintains that armor that I still hope will be shattered in the next episode. Even through tears at Aron and her ex-husband’s house in Monsey, meetings with Lais Ribeiro at Elite’s offices and lunch with Silvio interrupted by a Louis Vuitton fitting, I still have questions about who is Julia Haart. (By the way, there are plenty of Reddit threads with theories about Julia’s life, all of which contain questionable veracity.)

i will keep watching My unorthodox life to see what happens next in this wacky fantasy on Netflix. In the meantime, requests keep coming and I continue to find out more.

Cannabis Movers & Shakers: Akerna, Jushi, Glass House, Papa & Barkley, Media Central Corp, Santa Fe Farms, Cronos Group


Jessica Billingsley, CEO of Akerna, appointed President of the US Cannabis Council

Cannabis software firm Akerna Corp. (NASDAQ: KERN) announced on Wednesday that Jessica Billingsley, her co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, was unanimously elected President of the US Cannabis Council, which seeks to end the federal ban on cannabis in the United States.

Billingsley, who has extensive leadership experience in the cannabis industry, was the first cannabis technology CEO to appear on the NASDAQ. She also invented seed-to-sale tracking for the industry.

“Billingsley is a proven leader who will raise our voice for cannabis reform and a fair and values-driven cannabis industry,” Steven Hawkins, CEO of USCC, noted. “His extensive experience working in the cannabis industry and with government will greatly assist the USCC in reforming cannabis policy and advancing a fair and well-regulated cannabis industry in all fifty states.”

The organization, which includes other cannabis organizations, companies and advocates, is committed to raising ethical standards within the industry, achieving restorative justice for communities that have been negatively affected by state policies and federal policies on cannabis and to create an inclusive and regulated cannabis industry.

Jushi Holdings Strengthens Leadership by Appointing Brendon Lynch as Executive Vice President of Retail

Vertically integrated cannabis business Jushi Holdings Inc. (CSE: JUSH) (OTCQX: JUSHF) a appointed Brendon Lynch as executive vice president of retail operations.

Lynch brings extensive retail experience which he acquired during his stay at Anthropologie, TOMS, David Yurman, the Gap and Rudy’s Barbershop where he held the position of CEO.

In her new role, Lynch will oversee the company’s retail strategies, including its business footprint in core markets and the launch and expansion of delivery services.

“I am delighted to welcome Brendon to the team and look forward to working closely with him as we continue to redefine what a modern cannabis retail experience can be.” Jim Cacioppo, CEO, President and Founder of Jushi said Wednesday.

Glass House Brands hires Erik W. Thoresen as CBO

Vertically integrated cannabis and hemp business Glass House Brands Inc. (NEO: GLAS) (NEO: GLAS) (OTCQX: GLASF) (OTCQX: GHBWF) a appointed Erik W. Thoresen as director of business development.

In her new role, Thoresen will lead the company’s merger and acquisition initiatives as she capitalizes on future California-based national opportunities in the consumer packaged goods space.

Thoresen has nearly two decades of investment, capital allocation and transactional experience, including more than 15 years in M ​​& M & A and 12 years of non-market owner experience. Previously, he was Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Harvest Health & Leisure Inc. (CSE: HARV) (OTCQX: HRVSF).

“Erik brings a remarkable breadth of achievement and extensive experience working with major cannabis operators”, Kyle Kazan, Chairman and CEO of the Company, said Wednesday.

Papa & Barkley Appoints Former Charlotte Web Director Bo Becker As New Marketing Director

California Cannabis Wellness Company Dad and Barkley possesses hired Bo Becker to oversee their marketing department.

Becker, who joined the Eureka company in mid-July as part of an expansion plan to drive product innovation and national brand awareness, spent 16 years in marketing sharpen your skills.

Becker will be responsible for branding, direct-to-consumer sales strategy and scaling of media value gained in his new position.

Previously, Becker was Vice President of Marketing at Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc. (OTC: CWBHF) (TSX: CWEB).

“I strongly believe in the wellness potential of the cannabis plant,” Becker said Wednesday. “As a leading brand, the wider our reach and the bolder our marketing efforts, the more lives we can transform.”

CEO Evelyn Wang also commented on Becker’s appointment.

“I am confident in its ability to dramatically increase brand awareness and reach a large consumer base, including those who may not have previously considered a cannabis wellness solution.”

Media Central Corporation appeals to Greg Messinger to serve on advisory board

Media Central Corporation Inc. (CSE: FLYY) (FSE: 3AT) a hired Greg Messinger to sit on its advisory board.

With 15 years of experience leading growth initiatives in media and technology organizations Across three continents, Messinger has “a proven history of creating enterprise value through product development and leadership in revenue growth,” the Toronto-based company said Wednesday.

During his stay in companies such as Corp News (NASDAQ: NWS) and The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), to name a few, Messinger has led digital growth initiatives. He was also the co-founder of an e-commerce agency specializing in Amazon brand management and is a founding investor of Empyreal Logistics.

“Greg will bring a unique blend of proven technology and media knowledge to the Advisory Board,” Kirk MacDonald, President of Media Central Corporation, commented. “It will have a significant impact on the innovative and cutting-edge marketing solutions that Media Central will launch in our regional markets of Toronto and Vancouver based on the recommendations of the Advisory Board.

Santa Fe Farms Welcomes Hunter Buffington as Vice President of Product Division, Director of Policy and Advocacy

Hemp company Santa Fe Farms and the non-profit association Hemp Feed Coalition announced on Wednesday the appointment of Hunter Buffington as Vice President of the Product Division and Director of Policy and Advocacy.

In addition to serving at Santa Fe Farms, Buffington also agreed to serve as policy consultant for the Hemp Feed Coalition.

In her new role at Santa Fe Farms, she will be responsible for mainstreaming hemp byproducts and building a global value chain in the agriculture, carbon and manufacturing segments.

“Hunter Buffington is one of the few industry veterans in the emerging industrial hemp community, and his product and policy expertise is particularly critical at this stage of company and industry development.” , Santa Fe Farms CEO Steven Gluckstern noted. “Our continued ability to attract world-class experts to develop and implement the strategies and plans to create a vital new industry from the ground up is critical to the success of Santa Fe Farms. “

The Cronos group appoints Bob Madore, financial expert, new CFO

CBD Company Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON) a hired Bob Madore to oversee his finance department.

Madore, who accepted succeeds Jerry Barbato as CFO of the Toronto-based company, brings three decades of leadership experience in finance.

Madore was CFO of American Eagle Outfitters Inc(NYSE: AEO) for four years. He also held several key financial and operational positions at Ralph Lauren Company (NYSE: RL) from 2004 to 2016, most recently as CFO.

Kurt Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Cronos welcomed Madore, adding that he “has played a key role in strengthening our finance and procurement functions, driving the implementation of SAP in Canada and the United States and developing IT with a new emphasis on cybersecurity “.

Photo: Courtesy of David Gabrić on Unsplash

Mets Minors recap: Williams throws well, Baty stays hot


Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

AAA Rochester Red Wings 2 (32-44), Syracuse Mets 1 (27-52) The score of the box

The Mets returned to tie the game in the eighth as Williams hit his third homer of the season. Williams was important when the team needed a hit, but soon after the Red Wings scored and left him in the bottom of the ninth. Lee had three hits and a pair of doubles while continuing to hit the ball well in Syracuse.

Williams, who recently took part in sending off commercial blockbusters Pete Crow-Armstrong to cubs for Javier Baez and Trevor Williams, threw six good frames in his second start with the Syracuse Mets tonight. Williams has allowed just three runs in 12 innings in his first two starts in the Mets’ system. Williams is proving he can be an important component for the Mets.

AA Binghamton Rumble Ponies 4 (34-45), Portland Sea Dogs 3 (48-31) The score of the box

Binghamton took the win on Thursday night as Mangum collected three hits and three runs in the win. Mangum now has a nine-game hitting streak and hits 0.500 in August. Baty picked up where he left off with two more hits. Baty really started to show off his punching tools after crushing a home run on Wednesday night and winning two hits with two runs batted in on Thursday. The Mets’ 24th round pick of 2018 Hayden senger hit his third homer of the season with two strikeouts in the second inning.

Marc Vientos was out again after being pulled out after his first at bat on Wednesday night.

  • RHP Adam oller (L, 5-3) 7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 12 K, 4.03 ERA

Oller was incredible Thursday night, striking out 12 batters in seven innings of work. Oller had a great mastery because he did not allow to go through seven frames of work. The 26-year-old gave Binghamton the start they needed to secure his fifth win of the season. Eric Orze recovered the stop as Binghamton closed the door on the ninth.

High-A Hudson Valley Renegades 5 (53-28), Brooklyn Cyclones 3 (30-49) The score of the box

The Cyclones lost a close game as they led 2-0 before the start of the sixth. Joe suozzi had a two-run and two-run RBI triple to give them the lead in the bottom half of the fifth. Binghamton left four runs in the first half of the sixth and scored one of his own in the bottom of the sixth to make it a one-point game. Newly named prospect Peroza landed the first two hits of his High-A career, including the first extra hit of his High-A career on Thursday night. Alvarez and Mauricio both had one walks and one strikeout.

Lasko was on the hill as he pitched very well early on as he held the Renegades scoreless in five innings. Lasko had some trouble in the sixth and was pulled out and relieved by Josh hejka. Hejka and Lasko combined to give up four runs in the inning and took advantage of Lasko’s luck to secure an away victory.

St. Lucie Mets vs Palm Beach Cardinals: Rain, double schedule from 4:00 p.m. Friday

DSL Mets2 6, DSL Cubs Red 4, (WP: Veliz, Juan; LP Perez, Kenyi) The score of the box

DSL Angels 7, DSL Mets1 2 The score of the box

Mets Minors recap: Williams throws well, Baty stays hot

Dickie’s Seafood Makes $ 5 Million Return After Hose Factory Fire


Dickie’s Seafood CEO Frank Fay (center in blue jacket) shares his remarks during a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday at the company’s new factory. (Photo by Jack Jacobs)

About a year after a fire destroyed its production facility, a decades-old seafood wholesaler is back in town with a brand new factory.

Dickie’s Seafood cut the ribbon on Thursday on its new Northside dig at 1508 Brook Road, which was built on the site of the company’s former factory which was heavily damaged by a fire in June last year.

With the old factory a total loss, Dickie’s largely ceased operations after the fire. The new building is fueling its comeback in supermarkets, which also started this week.

The company spent $ 5 million to revive itself, and most of the funds went to the plant and equipment. Improvements to the new facility include the Laitram CoolSteam cooking system and the Rainfall cooling system. Dickie’s said it was only one of three U.S. seafood processors to use the equipment.

The plant has the same footprint as its predecessor at 16,000 square feet. Up-to-date equipment and a reconfigured space should make this a more efficient operation. The company is able to produce up to 1,500 pounds of cooked shrimp per hour.

To supplement stimulus spending, $ 1 million was allocated to retain employees during downtime following the fire.

“I didn’t want to lose them because of the competition. The day after the fire, these guys were getting phone calls, ”CEO Frank Fay said in an interview ahead of the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The company now has 20 employees and had more than 30 employees before the fire.

Dickie’s Seafood has rebuilt its Northside factory after a fire destroyed its old facilities in June 2020. (Courtesy of Dickie’s Seafood)

Dickie’s shrimp is now rolling out in stores. The company plans to reintroduce its crab products in the fall.

Fish products, although part of the company’s pre-fire product line, will not be introduced until later and will be supplied by a contractor.

“(Fish) was our smallest component and we decided that if we rebuilt and were going to start, we needed to focus on what we do best and what we are known for,” said Fay.

Shrimp and crab products made up about 85 percent of the company’s business.

Dickie’s will have the same business footprint as before the fire: its products will be stocked at 36 Food Lions, 45 Krogers and 80 mom-and-pop stores in central and eastern Virginia, Fay said. He added that the company plans to expand this market area in the future.

Fay said the stimulus was funded by insurance proceeds and the paycheck protection program. The company had revenue of $ 5.3 million in 2019, Fay said.

Although largely in sleep mode for about a year, Dickie’s did make a short-term pop-up during the holiday season. Fay said it was the right move as it kept the brand fresh in the minds of customers ahead of the relaunch.

“We thought it would take too long for us to be out of the market and wanted to release our product for the holiday season,” he said. “I think it has helped us in different ways. We were able to do a great radio commercial to keep the name there. “

Dickie’s, which was founded by Dickie Poh in 1978, is owned by Sustainable Sea Products International and VB General Holdings.

VEHLA founder reveals how her eyewear brand went viral overnight


If anyone understands the 2021 TikTok generation, it’s VEHLA founder Georgia Williams. The visionary, who launched the eyewear brand in 2019, along with her husband, has managed to attract young and stylish people everywhere with her cool, casual and sexy designs.

Almost overnight, celebrities and social media stars picked VEHLA as their favorites and launched it into the atmosphere of viral sensation it is in today.

Williams, an active online shopper, started the business after realizing that it was difficult to easily buy well-designed and fairly affordable luxury sunglasses online.

With VEHLA, the founder said that her first priority has always been quality. “Without a quality product, we could not have become a global company selling to over 50 countries,” she said.

Upon launching in Miami in 2019, the team had their first major influencer photoshoot with Jen Cellabos (@endlesslyloveclub). After the campaign, they started to attract the interest of other influencers and celebrity stylists, which eventually resulted in their sunglasses being worn by stars like Bella Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosio. and Emily Ratajkowski.

Traditionally, the eyewear industry has been dominated by Luxottica and Marcolin, but social media and the rise of e-commerce have allowed new companies like VEHLA to compete with these established brands, which at the same time helps to make lower prices.

Williams said social media has surely played a role in turning her business into a benchmark for an entire very picky generation, but she believes VEHLA’s success and growth can be attributed to aesthetics and superior design. of the brand.

Their Olsen sunglasses, available in various colors, have been very popular among the stars, and their Dixie and Phoenix sunglasses, which serve up serious retro vibes, have become a staple among influencers.

Williams sees VEHLA as timeless, classic and vintage-inspired, but so many aspects of the brand make it incredibly relevant to today’s society.

For starters, the brand is so cool that it barely invests in marketing and actually gets most of its customers through word of mouth, according to Williams.

VEHLA is also sometimes that the team doesn’t even have an office.

“We started as a remote business first because we lived in Boston, however, COVID-19 has reinforced our belief that it is a better and more efficient way to work,” said Williams. “On any given day, we’re probably on a video call with one of our team members in Sydney, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Miami or Tel Aviv.”

And then there’s the added bonus that vintage fashion is hot, hot, hot right now, which makes Williams’ designs accidentally trending.

Sexy without trying? So 2021.

Williams said there has been a major shift towards casual wear in the apparel space over the past 18 months, which is also why luxury sunglasses – which embellish even the most look. casual – have become even more essential than they were before.

“Consumers are interested in tracksuits and sportswear that can be worn on a daily basis. For this reason, consumers are looking for accessories that can enhance their look without being too formal,” she said. “We have noticed this demand from our clients and expect it to continue as the fundamental nature of work has changed as more and more people work remotely.”

Jim Cramer says he remains confident in US economy despite rising Covid delta


CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on Wednesday that he remains confident in the U.S. economy in the coming months despite the significant increase in Covid delta infections recently.

As Wall Street seeks to understand the strength of the recovery, the host of “Mad Money” said he was focusing on the quarterly results of real estate investment trusts and the executives of those companies. Other areas, such as housing and the auto market, are currently too distorted, Cramer said.

“[REITS] have a lot at stake. They and their tenants need to make not short-term commitments based on Covid … “Cramer said.

“It’s one of the best environments in history for commercial real estate. From Kimco for malls, Tangier for outlet stores, Simon Property for malls, Federal Realty for malls, eh well, everything is fine, ”Cramer said, noting Federal Realty just on Wednesday evening raised its profit forecast for 2021 when the second quarter results are released.

Cramer also pointed to comments earlier this week from Simon Property Group CEO David Simon, who told analysts that retail sales at his properties in June were on par with June 2019 levels.

“When Tangier, the outlet company, announced yesterday that it felt pressured to significantly increase its forecast. Again, you don’t exceed the forecast for the full year unless you are confident, ”Cramer said.

The aforementioned REITs all deal with different types of tenants, Cramer said, saying it is “encouraging” for investors that management is positive for next year, even at a time when others are uncertain about the economic outlook. . Consumer spending accounts for a large portion of US economic activity.

“When so many different types of retailers predict a healthy consumer environment that grows stronger, not day by day, week, month and year, who are we to say they’re wrong? Cramer said. “I know these Covid numbers are scary… but people who take the virus seriously are already immune and people who don’t take it seriously will not change their behavior even in the midst of a severe outbreak, which means that the economy should end up doing well, if not stronger than we think. ”

How two entrepreneurs use discarded wine bottles to make glasses and decorations | New times


In order to create a source of income, Jackson Mugisha and James Safari, both 27, came up with the idea of ​​recycling empty beer and wine bottles into glasses.

The idea sprouted after Mugisha stumbled upon a pile of empty wine and liquor bottles at a construction site. He immediately knew he had to put it to good use, and that’s how they started.

“After I brought them home, I looked for something creative that I could use them for. I researched and put my own creativity to work and got the idea to recycle them into juice glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses, decorations, nozzles, vases and much others, ”explains Mugisha.

The two collect empty bottles from different cafes, restaurants and bars. They have also succeeded in partnering with garbage collectors who deliver these bottles to them.

“We can get 85 glasses from 100 bottles, and that’s because some break the manufacturing process while others spoil. We have two part-time workers who come to help us when we have a lot of bottles to work. Currently, we only work on orders from individuals, bars or restaurants, where we mark the glasses for them and put their logos, ”says Safari.

After collecting the bottles, they boil them in hot water to clean them, then later turn them into products of their choice.

“Everyone asks us how safe and clean glasses can be, but they are very clean and safe. Once we get the empty bottles, we put them in boiling water, normally these bottles are very strong and rarely break. But in case we break, we remove it. The second process is to cut and sand the edges of the glasses so that they can be smooth and safe to drink, we use a sander and sandpaper. After that, we clean the bottles again with clean soap and water and with ethanol which kills all bacteria. This way they are safe to drink, ”adds Mugisha.

A dozen glasses cost 24,000 Rwf and half a dozen costs 13,000 Rwf, while a drink costs 1,000 Rwf.

So far, their business has been going well, but Mugisha points out that they have encountered some challenges, especially due to the current pandemic.

“Our biggest challenge has been to collect the empty bottles due to the closure of stores and restaurants due to the pandemic. But once they reopen, we plan to expand our business and add different models. We also want to be able to distribute our products to more customers, ”he adds.

[email protected]

‘It’s gonna be a disaster’: Readers worried about dangerous I-70 detour posted online


“It’s going to be a disaster,” speculates a commentator under a Facebook post that features a viral article from a major Denver media company that describes a route as a “secret and dangerous shortcut around I-70” in the middle detours linked to mudslides on the road.

Editor’s Note: Due to serious travel and safety issues posed by traffic on these backcountry roads, we will not link to the mentioned article and we will not include the name of other roads in the backcountry causing problems with I-70. Use the official detour!

According to the article, “locals are calling [the pass] a lifeline, “with parts of the road unpaved, other fairly narrow sections, and many steep and dangerous descents. According to a representative from Eagle County Roads and Bridges, the pass has already been removed from Google Maps and Apple Maps as an option for through traffic.

The article on the route has since been picked up by several national media sources, including Yahoo, raising awareness of the dangerous detour. Many online readers have expressed concern that advertising the route may lead to traffic problems, as well as making the route difficult for locals to use in everyday life.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office did not appear to have a problem with the article, sharing it on their Twitter without comment.

Meanwhile, the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office made a desperate Twitter appeal for travelers to stick to Highway 13 through Kremmling as a detour to I-70, reminding the public that this is the “ONLY” official alternative route. The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office recall came after another mountain pass was forced to close due to a broken down vehicle.

With the I-70 through Glenwood Canyon closed for the foreseeable future, many travelers are looking for shortcuts that might help them avoid a four-hour detour recommended by the Colorado Department of Transportation. That being said, as many Colorado residents already know, just because a mountain road can be found on a map doesn’t mean that it is passable by all vehicles. It should also be noted that many of these mountain roads cannot handle a lot of traffic well.

Travelers are advised to avoid taking any possible detour outside of that recommended by the Colorado Department of Transportation. This detour uses the Colorado 13, Colorado 40 and Colorado 9, passing through Meeker, Steamboat Springs and Kremmling.

For visitors to Colorado and other travelers, while back roads may seem like a feasible option on Google Maps, many of these back roads are unmaintained and may require serious driving ability, as well as the right vehicle for the job. work. In addition to the complications posed by the terrain, cell reception is quite limited in many of these mountainous areas. This can make it difficult to find help if needed. On top of that, getting tow on these roads can be quite tricky and many are very narrow which means that a breakdown can block traffic.

Stay on the sidewalk when looking for a detour if you don’t know where you are heading.

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Famous Amos launches internationally inspired cookies


August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and just in time for this sweet day, the iconic brand Famous Amos goes international! But what does that mean?

According to a press email we received in the run-up to these sweet holidays, the Famous Amos brand is reinventing itself. To do this, they’re introducing three new cookie flavors, each using international ingredients that deliver the same premium quality we know and love from the brand.

And all three bags will be available at retailers nationwide starting this month (in fact, I’ve run into them before at my local Stop & Shop!) Priced at $ 4.49 per 7-ounce bag.

Honestly, all three flavors are delicious! And honestly, it will make your National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day even more magical. So what are the recipes?

Famous Amos Celebrates National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day With Three New Bags Of Cookies For The Summer

Famous Amos

The famous Philippine coconut and white chocolate chips from Amos. Image courtesy of renowned Amos

New Famous Amos Cookie Recipes
  • Belgian chocolate chips – Take a classic chocolate chip cookie, then take it to the next level using authentic Belgian chocolate for the chips.
  • Philippine coconut and white chocolate chips – This is a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips and Philippine coconut flakes for a delicious treat with every bite.
  • Mediterranean hazelnut and chocolate chips – And let’s get back to the classic cookie which takes a step up, since we take a chocolate chip cookie and add Mediterranean hazelnuts to it!

While the most classic cookie will always be the ultimate flavor (the Belgian chocolate chip version of the classic), the other two flavors are just as magical and amazing. And we can’t wait to stock up on these cookies and serve that glass of milk and snack.

What do you think of the culprit eaters? What do you think of these international versions of a chocolate chip cookie? Which flavor are you most excited about? Which one are you going to treat yourself to on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Let us know.

Islamist hate preacher Anjem Choudary kicked off Instagram


For hate preacher Anjem Choudary, freedom has mostly been sweet since he was released from Belmarsh prison in 2018 after serving half of a long prison sentence for inciting support for Islamic State.

Despite severe restrictions on his movement – he is electronically tagged and effectively gagged – he has since been spotted until 11 p.m.

And just a few weeks ago, the north London resident had his public speaking ban lifted.

Banning his accounts by major social media companies will be a setback for him to reach his followers, but he has other ways to get his message out, such as sending essays promoting Sharia law. to a network of Whatsapp contacts.

For hate preacher Anjem Choudary, freedom has mostly been sweet since he was released from Belmarsh prison in 2018 after serving half of a long prison sentence for incitement to support the Islamic State.

Yet many might find it deeply offensive that this disgraced Islamist, co-founder of the British jihadist network al-Muhajiroun and avowed supporter of terrorism at home and abroad, is once again walking the streets of the capital.

Security experts told the Mail that Choudary’s very presence in public helped followers of his despicable ideology.

Choudary is now back with his wife Rubana Akhtar, 43, and their five children. Akhtar was investigated for promoting extremism, but the investigations were dropped in September 2019. Their household, of course, runs on generous benefit payments.

There are fears that Choudary’s new visibility may rekindle interest in his banned jihadist network al-Muhajiroun (meaning Emigrants).

In recent years, this murderous group has been disrupted by arrests and counterterrorism laws, but there are fears it may be re-forming itself now, dividing into smaller cells meeting in secret.

Hope Not Hate chief executive Nick Lowles, who has spent years monitoring Islamist and far-right groups, warns that although exhausted, al-Muhajiroun remains “the most prolific and most extremist group. dangerous of Great Britain ”.

This is all a far cry from Choudary’s previous incarnation as a fun-loving student at the University of Southampton, however. Then he was known as “Andy” and was a womanizer who smoked and drank beer.

He radicalized after meeting Syrian cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed at a mosque in Woolwich, south-east London. He was Bakri’s lieutenant, helping to found al-Muhajiroun in 1996.

The group gained worldwide notoriety in 2002 when they announced “The Magnificent 19”, a conference organized to celebrate the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks and honor those who carried them out.

Choudary would eventually succeed Bakri at the head when the latter left Britain for Lebanon following the London attacks of July 7, 2005, which left 56 dead. (The leader of the 7/7 attacks, Mohammad Sidique Khan, was linked to al-Muhajiroun.) Bakri is now languishing in prison in Lebanon after his arrest in 2010.

Banned in 2006, al-Muhajiroun has simply transferred over the years, adopting new names to stay ahead of the authorities.

According to American scholar Michael Kenney, author of The Islamic State In Britain, he has adopted 181 distinct identities in the UK and abroad.

Having avoided arrest for years despite his overt sympathy for extremism and links to terrorism, Choudary was sentenced to the Old Bailey in 2016 for pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. It was the culmination of a police investigation that involved 20 years of hardware, 333 electronic devices and 12 terabytes of data.

Professor Kenney, who believes staunch Choudary supporters can be numbered in the tens, said: “He doesn’t want to go back to jail. These people are very careful when they are licensed. But it will be interesting to see what happens in the summer of 2021. [when the licence expires]. ‘

More than 25,000 people in the United Kingdom are said to be radicalized, of which 3,000 to 4,000 are under surveillance. Repatriated jihadists add enormously to this burden.

Versailles’s premier hotel is as crazy as you’d expect


Tbump, boom, boom

I waited, confused as to why the secondary embarrassment-controlled part of me didn’t fear this beefy 20-year-old who bellowed something deep in French about a king and his food.

Maybe it was because I had a few deep glasses that I didn’t mind, but I suspect the real culprit was where I was: the lavish dining room at the resort’s very first hotel. Versailles.

It is therefore fitting that this hotel, which has just opened its doors this summer, Le Grand Contrôle, is the last selection in our series of exciting new hotels, The New Room with a View. The Grand Contrôle is housed in the mansion designed in 1681 by Mansart and last occupied before the Revolution by Prime Minister Jacques Necker. It’s located next to the Orangery, which you can find by standing on the Grand Canal in front of the palace, turning left and going down the steps.

If the location appeals to you (it really is the only true luxury hotel in the region), the decor will enchant you. The hotel is an Airelles property (the group also owns properties in Courchevel, Saint-Tropez and Gordes), so the design was overseen internally by Christophe Tollemer. Fortunately, it is more Louis XVI than XIV and therefore although still opulent, it is far from being garish.

In fact, despite working within historicist constraints and at a time when so many luxury hotels all look alike, the decor is imaginative, transporting and, in a way, comfortable. The underground swimming pool, which is part of a spa managed by Valmont, is a special gem.

Each of the 14 rooms and suites (which start at around $ 2,000 a night) are appointed differently. I was in the Foucquet Suite, which had the original 18th century gilded mirror frames and a spectacular Polish four-poster bed. But the details throughout the hotel are worth noting – textiles recreated from historic motifs by Maison Pierre Frey, technology hidden in leather boxes, worktops in limestone from Saint Maximin, side tables in wicker – who made the place, well, chef’s kiss.

Most of the year, but especially during the high summer tourist season, Versailles is extremely busy. This means not only long queues, but also trips to state rooms, apartments and the Hall of Mirrors with crowds of people. Of course, if you go on weekdays from the first hour or if you stay straight until it closes, you might get a bit of a break. But, included with your stay at Grand Control is an after-hours palace tour where the only other visitors are other guests, meaning you won’t have to download an app to edit the people in your photo. of the Hall of Mirrors. (Or, if you’re on the next level as a woman who stays while I was there, you can get ready in a fairytale dress for your quick photoshoot in the empty lobby.)

You also get a private tour of the Petit Trianon, the miniature palace complex built by Madame du Barry and occupied by Marie-Antoinette.

Additional experiences not included in the rate range from lighting the Hall of Mirrors for you at night, to Marie-Antoinette’s outfit for the day, to macaron tastings and dinner in the French Pavilion.

While this is not one of the “experiences” hotels talk about, one of the most magical things I did while I was there was to go for a run in the park right. at the opening of the palace park. There was something truly surreal about panting on the manicured paths with 21st century athletic wear in a place that was once the world’s pinnacle of fashion and prestige. (He also joins the Exorcist The steps and the Rocky Steps are one of the coolest places to make stairs.)

During your stay at the hotel, however, it is impossible to forget the history of the place where you are staying. Not only because of what’s right at the window, but also because the staff (very handsome by the way) are dressed up in period costumes.

Which brings me back to this young man in a suit tapping on a big stick in imitation of the announcements made at the king’s ceremonial dinners. The dining experience at the hotel is overseen by none other than Alain Ducasse, a man drowned in Michelin stars. Everything is as fabulous as expected (and breakfast, prepared by him, is included), but dinner is done with part of the pageant. Normally I would hate this stuff, but I can’t help but think that if there’s a place in the world you’re gonna be additional with all the pomp and theater, it’s Versailles. It gives you a little taste of the absurdity of court life. (However, I did not accept the hotel’s offer to have a royal wake-up call for guests.)

If Airelles does as well with Le Grand Contrôle as I think it will, it will likely be a novelty for American luxury travelers who often spend a few days in luxury hotels in Paris before heading south. Now they could just head to Versailles for a night or two for a little taste of that royal life.

Lenny “Low Price” Kaplan is remembered for his commitment to the city


FALL RIVER – Maybe he’s playing his kazoo in paradise.

Leonard Kaplan, also known as Low Price Lenny, died Sunday at the age of 91 in an assisted living facility in Georgia surrounded by immediate family members.

During his 45-year career owning and operating his small chain of Army Navy-style discount Gob Shops in Fall River, Somerset and Rhode Island, the Providence native and his signature kazoo were inseparable.

In this file photo, Lenny Kaplan, founder of the Senior Sweetheart competition, is seen with Anita Raposa, the winner of the inaugural Senior Sweetheart competition.

Kaplan’s promise to customers, or anyone else he met on the street, was that a store rebate was in order if they ever caught it without his instrument of signature.

The gregarious and irrepressible Kaplan also possessed a characteristic and somewhat piercing tenor voice – which served him well during his years of radio advertising and announcing local wrestling events and annual Golden Gloves boxing tournaments.

Some of the Senior Sweetheart Pageant women attended the inauguration of the Lenny Kaplan Bridge, as shown in this Herald News file photo.

Ms. Senior Sweetheart Pageant started in 1978

But it was her Miss Senior Sweetheart pageant, a beauty and talent pageant created by Kaplan in 1978 for women 60 and older, that has left perhaps the most lasting impression on the most number of people. inside and outside of Fall River.

Kaplan began his benevolent work in 1978 to raise money that year for the service organization of the Fall River Lions Club.

What followed was 36 years of competitions held at BMC Durfee High School with contestants coming to the city from various states in the United States and sometimes from other countries.

The competition also resulted in an award-winning documentary film titled “Pretty Old”, directed by Walter Matteson and produced by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Those who knew or came into contact with Providence-born Kaplan during his years as a civic-minded entrepreneur and fundraiser describe him as a man who cared about his hometown of Fall River adoption.

“I knew Lenny very well. I met him in the 1980s before I became mayor, ”said Ed Lambert, who served as mayor of Fall River from 1996 to 2007 and is now executive director of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education.

“He was a great Fall River character and a great marketer with his kazoo,” Lambert said. “But I think he will be remembered for how much he cared about others.”

“He considered himself the quartermaster,” laughed Lambert. “He wanted to be in charge of whatever he could get his hands on. He had wit and enthusiasm and it was a joy to be around.

The former mayor also noted that Kaplan was keen to keep in touch with Ms. Senior Sweetheart’s candidates.

“He called them his daughters and remained committed to their lives. He was just a great person, ”Lambert said.

During attorney Will Flanagan’s tenure as mayor, he declared Lenny Kaplan “Low Price” October 28, 2012. He also presented Kaplan with a key to the city.

The fine print in the proclamation presented to Kaplan that day indicated that the day named in Kaplan’s honor was shortened to 10.5 p.m., reflecting the fact that it had been “reduced” by 10%.

“I’ve known Lenny since I was born, or at least since I was five,” said Flanagan, 41.

Kaplan became the voice of the Golden Gloves

The city’s 42nd mayor said he first heard Kaplan’s distinctive voice announcing boxing matches when the Southern New England Golden Gloves were held in old Lincoln Park in Dartmouth.

Kaplan then performed the same duties when the Golden Gloves moved into the Police Athletic League building on Franklin Street.

“My dad was a huge boxing fan, and I also became a huge wrestling fan,” Flanagan said.

Flanagan says that when he was in college, Kaplan would sometimes invite him to the WSAR studio when Kaplan did a weekly radio show with a wrestler known as Mister X.

In this archive photo, Lenny Kaplan gives the first ticket to the documentary "Old enough" about the Senior Sweetheart Contest to Mayor Will Flanagan.

The former mayor also says her father’s sister was named Ms Senior Sweetheart in the early 1990s.

“Lenny Kaplan had a larger than life character,” said Flanagan. “When he walked in he would light up a room and make people smile and laugh.”

Mike Moran, who first met Kaplan while working at WSAR, said: “In his prime, Lenny was a bundle of energy – a force of nature.

“Between all of his professional and volunteer activities, he was unstoppable,” Moran wrote in an email. “Lenny’s love and dedication to everything Fall River was at the heart of everything he did. He leaves behind a ton of friends and I’m honored to have been one of them. between them.”

Paul Morrissette has been involved in the management of the Golden Gloves of Southern New England for several years.

“I think I met Lenny in 1968 when we were running the Gloves for the PAL (police track league),” said Morrissette, 79.

“We were stuck for an advertiser and he volunteered. People loved it and he became the voice of the Golden Gloves of southern New England.

Morrissette says Kaplan had a penchant for creating nicknames for fighters, including “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler – who fought on a Golden Gloves card in Lincoln Park before going pro and eventually becoming the middleweight world champion.

Hagler died last March at the age of 66.

Known for the nicknames:When did boxing legend Marvin Hagler become Marvelous? The story has its roots in Fall River

“Years later, when he (Hagler) called me once and asked me, ‘How’s my announcer buddy?’ Said Morrissette.

Morrissette recalls that after his father died in 1980, he asked Kaplan what his father paid him to be a ring presenter.

“Lenny said, ‘You could never pay me. I don’t want a dime,” Morrissette said, adding that “he just did it out of love for it.”

“Lenny was one of the biggest promoters I have met. He was a good chatterer and was one of the nicest guys I have ever known. I will miss him so much, ”said Morrissette.

In 2018, Kaplan was honored for its civic contribution with the name and unveiling of the Heritage State Park Pedestrian Bridge as “Low Price Lenny” “Leonard Kaplan Bridge”.

Kaplan’s son talks about the Gob Shop days

Kaplan’s son Alan Kaplan remembers working as a boy in his father’s Somerset store on Route 6.

“I would stand in front in the summer and be Santa Claus in July,” he said.

Lenny Kaplan is seen at the Gob store.

The first Gob Shop opened in 1954 on Pleasant Street in Fall River.

Kaplan, who lives in Johns Creek, Ga., Said his father opened a small Somerset Gob store on GAR Highway, but then moved across Route 6 when he bought a 13,000 building. square feet circa 1970.

“There was very little on this road at the time and he decided to expand. He had a lot of nerve, ”Kaplan, 63, said in a telephone interview.

“We were assaulted for the first two years,” he said. “We had in front of us a big male mannequin that people loved and who took pictures with their children. The city wanted us to take it apart, but the customers loved it, so it stuck.

Kaplan said his father decided to close the Somerset store in the 1980s when he knew the state intended to close the Brightman Street Bridge and redirect traffic to what would be known as from Veterans Memorial Bridge.

He says that was when his father moved into a small retail space near the bottom of Pine Street in Fall River overlooking what was then the Harbor Terrace social housing project.

“It wasn’t the best neighborhood, but the store was never broken into because it was so popular,” Kaplan said.

In this file photo, Lenny Kaplan and the women involved in the Senior Sweetheart competition enjoy lunch at the Flint Senior Center.

Kaplan says his father, who was stationed in Okinawa during the Korean War, ran a promotional company called Promotional Advertising Associates and had a contract for more than 30 years to sell advertisements on the Fall River and New Bedford buses. Southeastern Regional Transit Authority.

He says his father’s health started to decline five years ago. While staying at a Rhode Island nursing and rehab facility in 2016, Kaplan asked his father on the phone how he was doing.

“He said, ‘I’m trying,’ and my dad had never said those words before. I knew he couldn’t do it, ”Kaplan said, biting back tears.

He says he and his wife Susan, who regularly traveled from Georgia to Rhode Island to spend time with Lenny, decided to bring them to their Georgia home.

Kaplan said his father fell in 2018 and was later diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease: “But he never complained.”

The only time Kaplan says Lenny seemed disappointed was when his father was later transferred to an assisted living facility.

“He didn’t care if he was in a wheelchair, but it bothered him that he didn’t have his normal voice anymore,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan says that shortly before his father’s death, he was extremely moved by an encounter with a woman in a wheelchair with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, who is unable to speak and who lived within walking distance. Lenny’s doors in the assisted living facility.

“She wrote something with a pen on paper and held it up. He was like ‘Lenny is my favorite.’ It has even touched the lives of people living with assistance, ”Kaplan said.

Charles Winokoor can be contacted at [email protected]. Support local journalism and subscribe to The Herald News today.

Discount retailer to open new NJ stores in Princeton, Freehold


PRINCETON – Ocean State Job Lot, a self-proclaimed “liquidation retailer”, will soon be moving into space at the Nassau Park Pavilion, formerly occupied by a Walmart that closed nearly a year ago.

NJ.com reported that the store’s new location, if it opens as planned by the end of 2021, would be the chain’s seventh in New Jersey. Five are already open, in Clinton, Deptford, Franklin Park, South Plainfield and Sparta, and the NJ.com report says another is slated to open this fall in Freehold.

The Nassau Park Lodge is technically located within the boundaries of the Township of West Windsor, on the south side of US Highway 1, just north of the Township of Lawrence.

Ocean State Job Lot sells indoor and outdoor furniture, lawn and garden care products, and other household essentials and decorative items.

Through the company’s website, more than 140 stores are currently open in all New England states, as well as New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The “Ocean State” is the nickname for Rhode Island, where the chain began in 1977.

Patrick Lavery is the anchor for the New Jersey 101.5 afternoon news. Follow it on Twitter @ plavery1015 or send an email to [email protected]

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The best Airbnbs near Mount Rainier National Park


“],” renderIntial “: true,” wordCount “: 350}”>

Intrepid visitors to Mount Rainier National Park come climb and climb the 14,410-foot volcano that dominates the state of Washington. But the ascent of Mount Rainier – a technical ascent intended for experienced climbers – isn’t the only thing to do in this northwest gem. You can hike to glacier-fed waterfalls, ancient fire watch towers, high mountain lakes, and through ancient forests. Display yourself near the entrance to Nisqually or Stevens Canyon, which of the park’s four total gates leads to the park’s most popular raffles.

Entrance to Stevens Canyon

The entrance to Stevens Canyon in the southeast corner of Mount Rainier National Park is open from late May to early October. It easily offers access to the popular Patriarchal Grove Trail, a short hike through old firs and cedars, as well as the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center and Ohanapecosh Campground. Take a scenic drive to the Stevens Canyon Road to spot the narrow canyon known as the Box Canyon and Reflection lakes, which show a mirror image of Mount Rainier on the surface. Here’s where to post.

Heartwood hut

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Those who like A-frames will love this new one-bedroom construction Cabin in A (from 313) in Packwood, Washington, less than 20 minutes from the entrance to Stevens canyon in Mount Rainier National Park. The place can accommodate up to six people in a mezzanine and a sofa bed and the kitchen is spacious and well equipped. At night, take a dip in the built-in cedar hot tub on the aft deck, roast marshmallows in the fire pit, or admire the constellations from the foredeck.

Cozy River Cabin

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Want more A frames? This charming A-frame from the 1960s (from $ 308) is right next to the Cowlitz River and permits dogs. Your Airbnb host is a chef and furniture maker named Cedar. The kitchen is therefore provided with everything you need and most of the furniture is handmade and unique.

Baker Road Cabin

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

As close to Stevens Canyon is it new two bedrooms, hut by the stream (from $ 330) on two acres of land near Packwood. The open concept, elegantly designed cabin can accommodate up to five people and features a hot tub, fire pit and electric vehicle charging station up front. It comes with coffee and spare toothbrushes, in case you forgot yours.

Base camp

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

For large groups, this modern Swedish style cabin (starting at $ 318) has three bedrooms and can sleep up to eight people. Pets are also allowed here. It’s a perfect place to unplug, although there is high-speed Wi-Fi if you need to check in, as well as Sonos speakers in every room to play your music. After a day of hiking in the park, enjoy the hot tub and outdoor shower.

Nisqually Entrance

the The Nisqually entrance is open all year round and is the main starting point for climbing the Rainier. It is the gateway to the Longmire and Paradise areas of the park. You can learn more about the history of the park and its Native American cultures at Longmire Museum or stop by for brunch or dinner at Paradise Inn. Here is where to stay.

Small Cabin

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You can not get closer to the entrance than this picturesque, one bedroom cabin (from $ 178), one mile from the park gate. You will share a hot tub, cold tub and outdoor shower with an adjacent cabin. On the same property is also a 24-foot spacious yurt (from $ 184) for two people and with hiking trails outside the door.

Cabin 135

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

You will feel like sleeping in a treehouse in this small one bedroom place (from 246), five miles from the park entrance. The cabin has a mezzanine sleeping area and a nearby sleeping hole. Cell service isn’t great here, but there is WiFi.

Mount. Rainier Getaway

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Near the town of Ashford, which is six miles from the entrance you will find this cozy, renovated two bedroom chalet (starting at $ 159), which features comfy beds, a cedar-planked hot tub, and a clean, contemporary design. Ashford’s cafes and shops are nearby.

Postecoglou returns to the hacks “Glass half empty” – “There is nothing that I am disappointed with tonight”


Warned is warned and Ange Postecoglou had another chance to experience for himself what it’s like to manage Celtic with our “friends” in the mainstream media asking the questions. Last night Celtic drew we should have won against FC Midtjylland. Bitton’s stupidity and Barkas’ usual weaknesses added to a series of errors on the part of the officials – 1. the cheating was clearly offside, so the game should have been brought back for that. 2. The Welsh clearly won the ball for the free kick they scored on, although nothing can excuse Barkas’ howl. Other than that it was a great Celtic performance and most importantly we are looking for a better team than Midtjylland.

Midtjylland’s Ferreira Evander, not pictured, scores his side’s first goal against Celtic goalkeeper Vasilis Barkas. Photo: Jeff Holmes

But other than that Celtic looked like a decent team with a better performance than anything we’ve endured last season. Given that Angel has a little over a week to continue working with his players, and the crucial elimination of the away goals rule, Celtic, as noted above, looks set to a better team than Midtjylland and can finish the job mid next week.

“We will undoubtedly be better prepared, in eight days,” Postecoglou told mainstream media as reported by The Herald, and you will notice that there was no post-game portrayal of Celtic Fan Media. We have asked the club to explain why fan media have been excluded from press conferences ahead of the Champions League qualifier, but have yet to receive a response.

Liel Abada celebrates marking his prison. Photo Jeff Holmes

“In fact, I don’t think we’ll ever be as unprepared as tonight and it’s up to me to get into such an important game. We still have eight days, I’m convinced that the preparation and the spirit that we have, we will do, performed well, ”said Ange.

” It’s mine. I am the manager of the football club. I am the one who takes this responsibility of supporting the players and the staff. If things don’t happen, it’s up to me to make them happen.

“I haven’t done a great job so far to be honest, because with the disruption we’ve had, we haven’t been able to bring in the players. My role is to try to strengthen this team and try to prepare this team for what lies ahead, and to their credit the players haven’t looked for excuses tonight.

“They put in a solid turn, and I’m just disappointed they weren’t rewarded for what I thought was an outstanding performance.”

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou applauds the fans ahead of the UEFA Champions League second qualifying round, first leg at Celtic Park, Glasgow. Photo Jeff Holmes

Postecoglou blames the two “bad guys” on his side last night, Nir Bitton and Bitton and Vasilis Barkas, and possibly also the real bad guys – those who sat in the Celtic boardroom for over a hundred days at waiting for Eddie Howe, who incidentally did us a huge favor by ultimately rejecting the job as it opened the door for Ange – and that’s a real bright spot that came out of the mess that was created last season.

“Nir had already been reserved and when you have been reserved you must be careful in your actions,” noted Ange. “When you break again, you give the referee an opportunity to give you another warning. It’s more disappointing for him than anything else, because he really wanted to put on a good performance.

“He started the game very well for us so it is disappointing for him that he also misses the second game,” said the Celtic manager, before turning his attention to the less than friendly issues. addressed. You were warned Angel, you were warned.

Ferreira Evander from Midtjylland tackles Ryan Christie on the left. Photo Jeff Holmes

“I’m getting a lot of half empty glass questions right now. I think there were a lot of positives tonight rather than people looking for little things that were not right.

“I thought it was a decent strike (their goal), we limited them to a few shots on goal with a whole new back four. The midfielder worked his socks. The number of runs that Soro, Cal and Ryan Christie did was incredible.

“There is nothing that disappoints me tonight. I’m frustrated with the result because the players didn’t get the result I thought they deserved.


JTF Mega Discount Warehouse collapses with 500 layoffs | New


The 40-year-old JTF Mega Discount Warehouse discount chain collapsed with the loss of 500 jobs.

The variety discounter had 12 stores in retail parks in the Midlands and northern England, but closed them all between late May and Friday last week.

Staff were informed by email today of his dismissal with immediate effect.

JTF chairman Arthur Harris, who bought the channel in January last year, told The Grocer that the layoffs were “the only real course of action.”

“We thought we got the sale of the business, but unfortunately the buyer pulled out at the last minute, leaving nowhere to go,” he said.

“The JTF had a fabulous team. I thought I did everything I could to turn the tide, making a profit in four months, but I just didn’t factor Covid into the scenario. Lockdown two and three wiped out fireworks and Christmas sales, two of the most important seasonal times for the JTF. “

JTF required customers to be members and sold a wide range of products from patio furniture to food and drink. Classified as essential, its shops remained open under confinement conditions.

A JTF spokesperson said he was continuing to look for a buyer. “JTF Mega Discount Warehouse has issued a notice of intent to appoint a director, protecting the company for 14 days while it struggles to find a buyer,” he said.

“The tough move comes after months of funding discussions and lobbying with local and national governments to save the 40-year-old UK retailer and protect the 500 people employed in its stores, warehouses and headquarters.

“JTF was rescued from administration by its current owner in early January 2020. New management took immediate action to significantly reduce the company’s overhead costs by around £ 2.5million per year and tackling £ 7million of debt which was successfully met, returning the business to profitability and a net profit of £ 1million in four months.

“The impact of the ensuing global pandemic presented unforeseen and significant challenges for the retailer. The management team fought to secure the funding needed to survive the pandemic, garnering the support of many MPs, lobbying the government and exploring many funding options to no avail. “

Staff were put on leave as stores closed and told customers and local press the closures were temporary.

A JTF employee told The Grocer: “We literally got the email today saying we are redundant. He says we will be paid until today.

“They closed Peterborough first and the staff were told to move. When they closed the other stores, we were told we had to relaunch.

“They closed about four every two weeks and the last four closed on Friday.”

The grocer understands that very little stock has been delivered to stores since January.

In June of last year, Harris recruited Resolve Advisors as a restructuring partner of the JTF as part of a corporate voluntary agreement to settle inherited debts.

As late as May of this year, the company announced plans for a new retail concept and 50 new stores. He said he was “bringing a unique retail concept to Main Street.” It was called JTF Central and “would put entertainment at the heart of the shopping experience, with the ambition to acquire 50 stores, between 25,000 and 125,000 square feet, and create 2,000 new jobs in the process. “.

How Japanese Harajuku Fashion Helped Me Build My Confidence


The stiff spine of my dusty college yearbook crumpled as I opened the book to my graduating class section. I scanned the rows of faces of people I no longer know, to stop short at my own portrait. From the big square blue glasses to the lime green polo shirt, I don’t even recognize the photo in my college yearbook anymore. From birth until the ninth grade, my life was centered around video games, books, and cartoons. Needless to say, I couldn’t have cared less about fashion. I was perfectly happy wearing everything my mom found in the sale section at Old Navy. I mean, most boys my age didn’t care much about appearance, so I didn’t care. My prepubescent self walked around high school dressed in khaki cargo shorts and oversized shirts, without a hint of shame.

However, when I started high school, I realized that the high cadence of my voice and aversion to anything sport-related took me away from my male classmates. It didn’t help that I also realized I was gay. I was already not very popular, and I absolutely did not want to stand out from the rest of my class. When other boys started to develop a sense of fashion, I copied their plaid shirts and cargo shorts to fit. However, I was fat, which added an additional barrier preventing me from assimilating. The tight cuts of the shirts were unflattering and accentuated my rolls. My shorts almost cut off the circulation to my lower body. My insecure and scared teenage self desperately wanted to blend in with my peers, but the flesh I wore was inherently – for lack of a better term – old-fashioned.

In order to escape the lonely and critical real world, I spent a lot of time on the Internet. My eyes stayed on my Instagram crawl page for hours every day, fantasizing about an alternate universe where I could be straight and thin. In the midst of my endless scrolling, I stumbled upon the @tokyofashion Instagram account, a page dedicated to capturing fashionable passers-by on the streets of Harajuku, Japan. Monochrome black outfits accented with chains and metal jewelry, fairy-tale-inspired dresses adorned with pastels, and modern clothing mixed with vintage kimonos were all commonly featured on the Instagram page, though they looked so completely different from each other. Each outfit was so fascinating to me, especially since the Harajuku fashion scene was unlike anything I’d seen in public and on TV growing up. As a fifth generation immigrant, the threads that tie me to my heritage have become scarce. My family never ate Japanese food when I was growing up, and we didn’t celebrate Japanese traditions either. I did not speak Japanese at all, and I have still never set foot in Japan. Even though I am ethnically Japanese, I sometimes wondered if I was “really” Asian if I knew almost nothing about my culture.

I felt like I was doing everything wrong. I was too gay to assimilate to manhood. Too fat and Asian to be wanted and accepted by the massively white and thin queer community, but not really “Asian enough” to feel Asian. Every ID tag I wore collided with another, making me as bewildered as a mismatched outfit. I just wanted to blend in with everyone around me, but I always ended up sticking out like a loose thread.

As I browsed @tokyofashion, I started to pay attention to the people wearing the outfits. Across the wide array of styles, most of the people featured were high school kids not much older than me who thrived in on-camera attention. As a shy person, I yearned to have their trust and was determined to replicate it. If these kids like me found so much confidence in clothes, then maybe I could do the same if I followed suit. I chose to swap my plain check shirts for bright colors, swapped my cargo shorts for jeans, and started styling my hair. Immediately my classmates noticed my makeover – and for the first time, I loved the attention. Over the next few years, I searched for new outfit ideas to keep the spotlight on me.

However, every day when I came home, when I got rid of my meticulously prepared outfits, all of my confidence would emerge. None of my internal conflicts have been resolved; I was always insecure that I was fat, insane because gay and out of touch with my Asian heritage. My problems were never sewn into the stitches of my clothes, they were woven into the fabric of my soul.

The truth is, my confidence has never been limited to the limits of society’s definition of beauty. Every day I wrapped my belt around my stomach so tight it left lasting red marks on my body just to look slimmer. Even though I wanted to get the attention of others, I was still so scared to show my true self. If I wanted to have full confidence in myself, rather than forcing myself to adapt to beauty, I had to force beauty to adapt.

However, beauty standards weren’t the only social expectation I had to overcome. At the same time, I understood that my release as a queer person could only be achieved by challenging assimilation into a heterosexist and patriarchal society. I realized that there was no “correct” way to be Asian and that I was free to define my own identity. I walked the halls with my head a little higher, not only secure in my cloth armor, but confident in my own skin. I’m not a patchwork of labels, but more of a mix of fabrics that all work together to excel in everything. It was only at the crossroads of my identities that I found the courage to break the mold of society. If I could never be accepted as I am, then I would have to accept myself.

When I think back to my clothes in college, to tell you the truth, they were ugly. However, I don’t back down and regret wearing them as I know I was authentic with myself and felt great wearing these outfits. Just like in my pre-teens, instead of trying to look good, I now aim to dress how I want, because I know in my heart that I’m beautiful, whether I’m wearing flip flops or Doc platform shoes. Martens. I’m always grateful for every compliment I get, but I no longer rely on them to feel confident. I have found strength in fashion, but now I know I am my strongest asset.

MiC columnist Andrew Nakamura can be contacted at [email protected]

Back to school: Target, other retailers offering discounts to teachers


(WTAJ) – The start of the new school year is approaching, and that means it’s time for teachers to hit the stores and stock up on supplies for their classrooms.

Shopping for school supplies can be expensive, so here are a few deals from Target and other stores nationwide.

Target, 15% reduction

Every year, Target hosts the Bullseye Teacher Preparation Event July 18-31, allowing teachers to earn 15% off key school supplies and other essentials. To get the one-time discount, teachers must be registered for the free Target Circle Rewards Program.

A list of products eligible for the discount is available on Target website. Certain products are excluded from the rebate, such as backpacks, clearance items, electronics and lunch bags.

Michaels, 15% off

Teachers can receive a 15% discount coupon for the entire year once they complete the teacher check process and create a Michaels account. Discount can be applied online and in store by providing a phone number or email at checkout.

JOANN, 15% off

Teachers can register with JOANN Teacher Rewards digital discount card to benefit from a 15% reduction on their purchase all year round. A valid educator ID will be required to register for the reduction card.

Barnes and Noble, 20% off

Teachers can register to become B&N educator for free and receive 20% off qualifying book purchases.

In-store registration is required. Use the store locator on its website to find a location near you.

Staples, 20% off

Until September 30, teachers can benefit from a 20% discount when they register for the In-class rewards program on the Staples Connect app.

This program allows parents to donate a percentage of their Staples in-store purchase to an enrolled teacher or school of their choice. Teachers must be enrolled in the program to qualify for the discount and can earn 5% year round to use to purchase school supplies.

General dollar, 30% off

Until September 6, Dollar General will give teachers a 30% discount on in-store purchases of back-to-school supplies. The deal includes pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paper, notebooks, scissors, binders, shirts, glue, rulers and backpacks and lunch boxes.

To get the discount, teachers must register for a General dollar account and complete a teacher Verification process. Then, 24-48 hours after the verification process, teachers will be able to add the discount to their account as a digital coupon.

Once approved, teachers can use their 30% off coupon up to four times during the promotion period, but are limited to one use per day.