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Authorization request for the new REIDsteel factory in Christchurch


PLANS have been submitted for a new factory and a new space for the construction company REIDsteel.

The company has been granted permission to demolish the existing buildings of the former Peeks Party and Monkey Madness store on Reid Street.

A design and access statement submitted with the request read: “As a result of continued expansion REIDsteel is on the verge of becoming too large for its current facilities, they are operating at the maximum power that the current site can handle, which limits future growth and development.

“From an operational point of view, the current site also presents significant challenges, it is impossible to completely separate the operational heavy truck traffic from the pedestrian routes, as workers move between separate buildings. Large steel components are involved in multiple paths between processes, which increases risk and requires careful management to ensure high levels of health and safety.

“In order to realize the company’s ambitions as a leader in steel construction products, REIDsteel recognizes the need to bring all manufacturing processes together under one roof. A new installation will resolve the issues described above. And the new building should also serve as a showcase for products manufactured by REIDsteel.

The statement said the layout of the new facility has yet to be fully settled and determined as the company reviewed its work processes.

He added, “The plant layout sees the main area of ​​the plant being in the central workshop, with the linear processes running from south to north. Large gantry cranes will run the length of the plant.

“The smaller manufacturing, warehouses and maintenance areas are distributed around the remaining internal volume, the final layout is always subject to change but based on the required safety margins between spaces, and including for dedicated pedestrian routes between processes, we know the footprint area of ​​the manufacturing facility is sufficient to accommodate them.

“The wellness facilities are located between the manufacturing and office buildings, these central resources for all members of REIDsteel.

“They are sized and arranged to allow for breaks, rest, refreshments and also offer sufficient flexibility to be used as a space for staff training and corporate meetings.

“The office was designed around the complex connections between different departments and their individual needs.

“Careful consideration of the location of the open plan offices versus the smaller private cellular spaces also influenced the layout.

“Above the office, a roof terrace offers other outdoor amenities, in a more secluded and private location, away from the hustle and bustle of the ground floor and service yard.

Renovated and ready-to-go Denver Art Museum’s Martin Building once again centers its vast art collection in the city


Rising within sight of Broadway, right next to Civic Center Park and awaiting visitors, the Martin Building at the Denver Art Museum has been under renovation since 2017. This month the museum will once again be reunited with a large party. from its collection and will offer new attractions and exhibits when it reopens to visitors before the 50th anniversary of the Martin Building.

Between its newly designed roof towards the Ponti restaurant on the ground floor and its link to the new Anna & John J. Sie Visitor Center, the renovated structure will offer seven levels of enlarged galleries for the museum’s collection. Each level will feature collections of indigenous art and works from Latin America, Asia and Europe. This includes one of the museum’s oldest collections, Western American Art, which stands proudly next to awe-inspiring views of the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
Art in ReVisión: Art in the Americas inside the new Martin building at the Denver Art Museum. October 13, 2021.
Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
Kent Monkman’s “The Scream” on display in a contemporary Native American art exhibit in the new Martin building at the Denver Art Museum. October 13, 2021.

Photography, architecture, design, textile art and fashion will have their own spaces in the building not far from centuries-old works and artefacts. On the ground floor, a newly expanded education center features local Denver artists Moe Gram and Frankie Toan. The new design makes it one of the largest museum education centers in the country.

Museum director Christoph Heinrich said the building is central to the organization’s mission in his opening speech at a press preview this week. “The completed canvas extends the museum’s ability to serve our community, welcome guests to our city, and preserve and display priceless works of art from around the world for generations to come. “

Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
A sculpture of a character from the Ramayana inside the new Martin building at the Denver Art Museum. October 13, 2021.
Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
A fashion exhibit inside the new Martin building at the Denver Art Museum. October 13, 2021.

Heinrich also included recognitions of lands to the Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute peoples, which feature prominently in the museum’s indigenous collection. He later added that the extra space spurred further acquisitions.

“The Denver Art Museum has been named a global museum, and in all of our brand new galleries you will encounter many collection favorites as well as many new acquisitions,” said Heinrich. “I think it’s something that always happens when you are working on a new building. When you work for new galleries, you get really energetic and inspired to bring in new artwork, bring new collections and new gifts.

Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
A view of the Denver Art Museum’s new Martin Building from a visitor center below. October 13, 2021.
Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
Christoph Heinrich, director of Frederick and Jan Mayer for the Denver Art Museum, speaks during an opening ceremony for the museum’s new Martin Building. October 13, 2021.

Mayor Michael B. Hancock was also on hand to recognize the city’s role in funding the larger project, which included the new addition of the Anna & John J. Sie Visitor Center, an addition to the Martin Building that includes the Ponti Restaurant, a cafe and multi-purpose space for events that faces Broadway with its curved glass view.

“I am absolutely delighted with this new installation and have been since Andrea Fulton, the deputy director of the museum]came to the office and shared with me the design we were working on here,” said the mayor.

Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
A 17th-century Mexican cabinet inside the New Martin Building at the Denver Art Museum. October 13, 2021.
Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
Mayor Michael Hancock attends an opening ceremony for the Martin Building at the Denver Art Museum. October 13, 2021.

“I am proud to represent a city that understands the true power of arts and culture. Not only is the fact that our arts and culture contribute to our economic vitality as a city not only a great economic impact, well over $ 4 billion per year, ”he added. “Denver is, and a lot of people don’t realize it, but we’re number one city for arts and culture sponsorship. The National Endowment of the Arts has stated that Denver is a trendsetter. He said the newly renovated Martin Building was a testament to the investment of the city and its community. “We see the real power of appreciation that the people of Denver have for the arts and culture, and you treat them well with great facilities.”

The Martin Building will open its doors to members of the Denver Art Museum on October 21, 22 or 23. The general public can book tickets in advance for the museum’s free reopening day on October 24 on its website.

Is Warby Parker’s recent IPO a buy?


There have been a record number of IPOs so far in 2021, far beyond what you might imagine: a grand total of 800 IPOs at the time of writing. This is approaching double the 2020 figure of 480, which was itself a higher record than the total of 397 in 2000.

There are many factors that could affect this IPO craze. Either way, it opens up a lot of opportunities for investors. At the same time, there may be only a handful of new stocks on the market that end up becoming great investments, making it all the more difficult to determine where it is worth investing in. ‘invest your money.

One of the most well-known companies to hit the market this year is the eyewear maker Warby parker (NYSE: WRBY), which was released just three weeks ago. Its stock initially fell but has since rebounded. Is it just general market volatility? And is it a buying opportunity?

Image source: Getty Images.

Better shopping experience

Warby Parker operates on a simple but compelling model. Founders Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa couldn’t understand why designer glasses were so expensive and believed they could provide a quality pair for a lot less money, straight from the manufacturer. So, in 2010, Warby Parker was born, and it was a fairly immediate success.

Revenue was $ 487 million in 2020, an impressive 33% year-over-year increase given that it was during the pandemic. Its digital-centric approach was a big factor in its success last year when people stayed home, and it was especially noticeable because people weren’t spending on extras, such as sunglasses. fashion, or did not go out for non-essential eye exams. It serves 55 markets and operates 145 physical stores.

It breaks the boundaries of traditional eyewear retailing in several ways. The company offers free at-home trials, which means it sends customers a collection to try, and they can return the ones they don’t want as well as the ones they want to prepare with a prescription. It also has virtual testing technology on the website.

Warby Parker has over 2 million active customers and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 83, indicating customer satisfaction in an industry with an average NPS of 30. It also has a customer retention rate of nearly 100% after 48 months.

The company also has a social component with its Get a Pair, Give a Pair program. It has donated 8 million pairs to people in need since its inception, and says it has generated $ 1 billion in revenue for those people.

Growth opportunities

The company says there is a $ 140 billion global eyewear market, including $ 35 billion in the United States, where 200 million Americans are in need of some kind of vision correction. And that number is growing at a projected compound annual rate of 9.2%, giving Warby Parker a consistent way to grow its business. He also cites the rise of telehealth and e-commerce as trends that are expected to boost his sales.

As for its own growth initiatives, there are several. It is expanding its retail presence, seeking to penetrate international markets, modernizing its technological and digital infrastructure, improving its product design and strengthening its vision care options.

It seems to me that the company has a robust model generating healthy growth and a visionary mindset, both signs of a good investment.

Will its stock continue to increase?

Warby Parker stock initially sank, but is now on the rise, exceeding the IPO price at the time of writing. I think there is a lot of potential here, with a great market opportunity, growing sales and an innovative approach. Management has shown that they can think beyond the typical and do things better, and I think we can expect a lot from Warby Parker.

There are a few caveats here. First, selling eyeglasses, even in a better form, is not that different from any other eyeglass seller. I would like to see Warby Parker show a more lateral thinking. Second, the company is still making losses. I’ll wait and see how that goes in its first quarter as a public company. But investors should keep this stock on their watch lists.

This article represents the opinion of the author, who may disagree with the “official” recommendation position of a premium Motley Fool consulting service. We are motley! Challenging an investment thesis – even one of our own – helps us all to think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

McCormick in the lead


ALTON – Linda McCormick, owner of Cookie Factory and Cookie Express, is retiring effective January 1 from her booming business.

“Business is great,” said McCormick, owner of the Cookie Factory since November 1978. “I don’t retire because of business; it’s not because of the pandemic, not because of COVID or something like that.

“I want to spend more time with my family, friends, daughter and sister coming back from Canada to live in Godfrey,” she said.

The Cookie Factory, at 202 Alton Square, is one of the mall’s premier boutiques. There was only one owner for a few months that McCormick worked with.

“It was the first job I ever had,” said McCormick, who opened Cookie Express, at 121 Alton Square four years ago. “They had one in Chicago and wanted to sell this one.”

Its two locations are for sale. She said she had been thinking about retiring for a few months and became confident about it two weeks ago whether the companies are selling or not. She said there were two potential buyers and she wanted the business to continue and prosper as it always has.

“I hope someone will buy it,” she said.

She said she spoke with her husband, Godfrey Mayor Mike McCormick, and daughter, Jennifer Camerer, about her decision to retire. They all agreed that the best time to retire is when the company is at the top.

“It’s a good time,” said McCormick, who said she wanted to travel more, play pickle ball and golf and ride a bike.

“We’re at the top, we’re busy, have a great company and great employees,” she said. “Everything is perfect and I think it’s time to retire and try to sell. We want it to continue. “

Not only has McCormick been at The Cookie Factory since virtually day one, but her family grew up there, working right next to her.

“My daughter was raised at The Cookie Factory, as were my grandchildren,” she said of Alexis Camerer and Brianna Camerer, now 26 and 22, respectively.

She anticipates that the last day that The Cookie Factory and Cookie Express will be open under her property will be Christmas Eve afternoon. If the business sells, the locations will be closed for a week for a transition to the new owners.

“I grew up here; it’s my whole life, ”said an emotional Jennifer Camerer, who is also a dental hygienist. “I don’t know life without The Cookie Factory. But I am happy for my mother; she deserves it. She’s really worked hard her whole life.

Linda McCormick said she works regularly seven days a week. His “No. 1 employee,” Patty Goss, started working with McCormick at the age of 14, taking time off only to have children.

“I really support whoever buys it and I will help them,” Goss said. “My two children worked here and were 14 years old; and now my son, Russell, is in college, and my daughter, Alexandria, is in her final year of high school.

“Linda is a great person to work for,” she said. “And it’s going to be so, so sad – but we’ll always be friends.”

Families First helps people in Seacoast parking lots with in-store vans


The two Families First medical vans, nicknamed Jennie and Marge, are both in the store, forcing healthcare providers to serve customers in local parking lots.

When functioning properly, the colorful vans are seen all over the coast region, traveling to various locations to serve the customers of the Community health of the Grand Littoral and Families first organization. Vans bring health services to shelters, soup kitchens, community organizations and provide a mobile ‘office’ where doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, care coordinators and counselors provide services to those in need. .

The plan: New Hampshire seeks to buy children’s mental hospital with federal recovery funds

The vans also carry donations of various items such as blankets, clothing, gift cards, food and snacks. When they have items like tents, toiletries, sneakers, boots, sleeping bags, winter clothes and reading glasses, they will also give them to customers. Donations are always needed.

On Thursdays, people normally find the health care van outside St. John’s Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, as the soup kitchen called Common Table always starts at noon. This Thursday the van was not in the parking lot but the attentive health staff was.

Possibility of donation:Portsmouth Women’s City Club to host Coat Drive this weekend

Sally Naredla, Clinical Coordinator, Lynne DeAmelio-Rafferty, Mobile Health Care Coordinator, and Kathleen Rafferty, Homeless Outreach Specialist for the Community Action Program worked on a folding table with camp chairs shaded by a small tree in the corner of the land. They used their phones and laptops, connecting clients to needed services.

There were blood pressure checks, flu shots, listening and help as the temperature in the parking lot approached 80 degrees.

The two Families First medical vans are in the store, forcing staff to provide medical care and assistance to customers in parking lots across the coast.  Sally Naredla, left, and Lynne DeAmelio-Rafferty, work in the field next to St. John's Church in Portsmouth on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

“It certainly makes it more difficult for us, but it is important for us to provide medical and social services and to have continuity for our clients so that they always know where to find us,” said Naredla. “We have to stay consistent. “

DeAmelio-Rafferty laughed as he reflected on his job in a Rochester parking lot.

In class:Judge refuses to suspend Maine’s COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

“I got sunburned yesterday, but hey, no worries! “

In a recent article in the Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professionals magazine, Naredla said, “Today I really feel like I have found my calling. We connect patients with mental health resources, addiction treatment and dental care, as well as community service organizations in the area who may be able to help our patients get back on their feet. .

Sally Naredla exits one of the medical vans in this archive image taken in July while the team was in Rochester.  The van is now in the workshop for repair.

Looking forward:The Willand Pond camps may soon be emptied. Here’s what the people who live there want to know.

“It is so inspiring to collaborate with other community service oriented professionals who share my calling and desire to serve those in greatest need. Armed with the experience, I find myself every day looking at my patients and colleagues and saying once again: these are my people. “

Families First’s non-profit organization depends on donations to survive.

Information: familiesfirstseacoast.org

Make your mirror the most beautiful of all


Most homes have at least one, by default not by choice. A boring, frameless, builder-grade bathroom mirror is unfortunately standard in almost every apartment and house.

Your choices are to live with it, or remove it from the wall, attempt a date with a sash and replace it with a decorative hanging mirror.

To be fair, those mirrored glass sheets stuck to your wall get the job done. They help you shave, apply makeup and fix your fly. This is the best you can say about them. As for their aesthetic value, they have none.

Friends, you don’t have to live with this.

If more people knew about MirrorMate, a North Carolina-based company that makes custom, do-it-yourself mirror framing kits, we could end this widespread bathroom plague.

When I discovered MirrorMate 13 years ago, it was too late. I had recently finished building a house and told the builder not to install the basic bathroom mirrors because I was planning to buy and hang mine, thank you. What I have done. It was expensive and time consuming. The mirrors were heavy, difficult to hang, and never aligned like the attached mirrors.

Shortly after this painful process, I learned that owner Lisa Hunting had faced the same problem, only she found a better solution, which became a patented product and a business. It was genius. I swore that next time I would use his product.

That day finally came four years after my DC husband and I purchased the Happier Yellow House. Although I had planned from the start to frame the boring mirrors in three bathrooms, I needed to replace the dated bathroom fixtures first. These would influence my choice of mount.

Last spring, we finally traded in the first dungeon fixtures for millennium silver fixtures, and last month the mirrors received their frame.

The impending visit of seven sisterhood sisters from five states for a long weekend of reunion at my house shocked me. (DC submitted a prayer request to the church.) Their approach blew up a dozen deferred home improvement projects, including the upholstery of the bathrooms they would use. On the company’s website, I browsed 67 styles of frames and made my choices. Then, to have a full customer experience, I used the company’s free design consulting service. Kate Hart, interior designer and professional home stager, reviewed my photos, reviewed my selections, and directed me to three best options.

She suggested that I order frame samples to make sure. Because that would have been the smart and prudent thing to do, I skipped this step and went straight to “order now”.

When the frame kits arrived, I opened the boxes and got to work. I built and assembled three frames in less than three hours. I only bugged my husband twice to help me attach the two larger frames. The cost was around $ 200 each.

After: New fixtures and a sleek, personalized frame from MirrorMate instantly updated and improved this master bathroom mirror.

“Why isn’t everyone doing this?” I asked Kevin Button, who bought the company from Hunting last May.

“Good question,” he said, adding that what attracted him to the business was that his product offered a creative, affordable and stylish solution to a common problem. “Anyone can do it, and it’s green,” he said. “You don’t throw old mirrors in the landfill. It’s simply a brilliant upgrade.


• How much? Prices range from $ 102 for a single vanity mirror (24 “x36”) in the cheapest frame style, to over $ 200, depending on style and size. The average price is $ 178, Button said.

• How do you choose? Customers often ask if they should match their cabinets or fixtures, Hart said. “While it’s always safe to coordinate the frames with the hardware, you can also consider framing your mirror like a work of art and pairing a wood frame with the cabinets. Although Hart likes to mix metals, she doesn’t advise mixing wood tones. “I wouldn’t put a cherry wood frame with an oak cabinet.”

• What is popular? The trend is for thinner profiles and more elegant silver finishes, and away from ornaments, thick and heavy. Seven years ago, consumers wanted frames 3 inches thick or more. Today they want 3 inches thick or less, she says. Rustic is also warm.

• What if my mirror has intrusive clips or takes? Part of the beauty of the product is that Hunting invented a workaround for almost any anomalies, including mirrors attached with clips and those with no space between the wall or backsplash, beveled edges and intrusive exits. The only mirrors they cannot frame are oval or round mirrors.

• What if my mirrors have lost some silver? Desilvering is common and occurs when the silver backing of mirrors, which makes them reflective, comes off and creates dark spots. This usually happens at the edges. Because steam and humidity speed up the process, the problem is especially common in bathrooms, Button said. Harsh cleaning products can also help. The mirrors I framed all had penniless edges and the frames completely obscured the problem.

• What if I renovate? Whenever you want to change the frame, remove it and paste a new one.

Marni Jameson is the Own to Leave the Legacy you want. You can reach her at marnijameson.com.

Nelson Mandela’s famous shirts, personal effects auctioned


NEW YORK, October 14 (Reuters) – The family of the late South African President Nelson Mandela are selling the anti-apartheid leader’s belongings to help pay for the construction of a memorial garden in his honor.

Among the 100 or so items are the colorfully patterned Madiba shirts he wore on formal occasions, including meeting Britain’s Queen Elizabeth in 1998 and 2003.

These shirts “brought joy to the great leader” and set him apart from other politicians, said Arlan Ettinger, president of New York-based auction house Guernsey’s, which will hold a live and online auction on the 11th. December.

Gifts from former US President Barack Obama and other heads of state, along with Mandela’s glasses, briefcases and pants, are also on sale to fund the Nelson Mandela Freedom Garden in Qunu, Africa from the South, where he is buried. He died in 2013 at the age of 95 at his home in Johannesburg.

Objects that showcase Mandela’s family life will be kept for the commemorative space.

Dr Makaziwe Mandela said her father wanted to generate tourism in the Eastern Cape, where he was born, and said she felt responsible for doing so.

“When people come to visit us, they actually have to face their own issues, not just in terms of racism, but also personal issues,” she said.

Arlan Ettinger, chairman of Guernsay auctions holds a pair of glasses once owned by Nelson Mandela that will be auctioned to raise money for charity in the Manhattan neighborhood of New York, New York, United States, on October 13, 2021. REUTERS / Carlo Allegri

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“When they are done walking in the garden, they should have some idea of ​​the lesson I can learn from the life of Nelson Mandela as I bring home.”

The first phase of the site has been completed.

Ten shirts from the sale are on display at the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York for three weeks, to educate and inspire various audiences and students, said Patricia Mears, deputy director of the museum.

Madiba shirts, named after the name of Mandela’s Xhosa clan, are similar to the loose batik shirts worn in Indonesia and Malaysia. He received one from former Indonesian President Suharto in 1990 after his release from prison, where he was held for 27 years for fighting to end apartheid.

“Madiba shirts are more than a fashion statement. They are about our entire world, our worldview, how we want to advance our society and our cultures,” said Mears.

“And again, this is a statement far beyond simple personal improvement. It says something about how we can change the world through dress.”

The auction includes a four-page letter Mandela wrote in 1976 while imprisoned on Robben Island.

“You can see how patiently he wrote this. And then here is the stamp of Robben Island Prison. The letter was written to the Commander of Robben Island Prison.”

Reporting by Alicia Powell; Editing by Richard Chang

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

What does it take to design a penguin habitat? Builder talks about new Denver Zoo exhibit – CBS Denver


(CBS) – The African penguins at the Denver Zoo have a whole new home. The Pinnacol African Penguin Point opened in September, replacing the old exhibit at Bird World. On CBSN Denver, we spoke to Vertix Builders, who helped bring this new habitat to life.

(credit: CBS)

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“One of the first things customers will notice is the two-level visualization,” says Ted Laszlo, vice president of Vertix Builders. “There is almost 40 feet of clear acrylic that allows penguins to be seen both under and over the water. We also have a small wave ball which is hidden on the side of the exhibit. It helps keep the water moving and makes it a bit more appealing for the penguins to jump in and it also gives guests something to do. “

Laszlo says that creating this exhibit took a lot of collaboration. The team worked with the Denver Zoo, design partners, and even pool experts to understand the needs of penguins.

(credit: CBS)

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“They are not penguins in cold weather. They are African penguins, so we learned a lot about their behavior to create this exhibit, ”says Laszlo. “They’re actually sensitive to very cold and very hot temperatures, so we had to provide them with adequate shade. We also created heated rocks to keep them warm in the winter. If you really pay attention to the exposure, you will notice many different types of surfaces that keep their feet healthy.

Laszlo says the best part of creating this exhibit is seeing visitors enjoy the space.

“I was there and a two year old boy was pressed against the glass and said, ‘I wish I could go over there and give the penguin a hug.’ To be able to make these children’s days is pretty fantastic.

(credit: CBS)

NO MORE NEWS: 2 tigers tested positive for COVID at Denver Zoo

This is not Laszlo’s first foray into exhibition work. Vertix Builders was also behind the newly renovated Space Odyssey exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Visit these outlets for some great spooky costumes


It’s the scary season, but with Americans ready to spending a record $ 10 billion this month on Halloween outfits, decorations, candy and more, perhaps the scariest prospect for party planners and costume hunters is not finding the perfect outfit or the spooky backdrop to celebrate the holidays in style.

Fortunately, there are a good number of retailers in the area stocked with Halloween themed inventory.

From seasonal pop-up stores offering one-stop-shopping for must-have Halloween supplies to traditional discount chains with aisles filled with costumes and decorations, getting ready for October 31 has never been easier.

Check out the following options for Halloween supplies and have a scary good time with your family and friends this month.

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Region:They traveled for miles to look for food, carried what they could on the bus. A greater good has changed that.

Halloween warehouse

What there is to know: Open seasonally, Halloween Warehouse is a locally owned and operated store offering costumes, props, decorations, wigs, makeup, hats and more for the Halloween season. New costumes are arriving every day.

Hours: From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday, until 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Go: 2472 Corning Road, Horseheads (the former Ferrier concessionaire); To look for Facebook for his page.

Halloween Spirit

Spirit Halloween stores welcome customers to Vestal, Johnson City, Olean and Horseheads stores this year.

What there is to know: Spirit Halloween offers a wide variety of Halloween backdrops, animatronics, costumes and accessories that are perfect for giving a treat or for hosting a Halloween party. Explore Halloween costume selections featuring witches, zombies, superheroes and more.

Hours: From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Saturday, until 9 p.m. on Sunday.

Go: 866-586-0155, stores.spirithalloween.com.

  • 3335 Chambers Road, Horseheads (the old Party Time opposite the shopping center).
  • 109 Oakdale Mall, Johnson City (the former Macy’s in the Oakdale Mall).
  • 2433 Vestal Parkway East, Vestal (the former AC Moore next to Shoe Carnival).
  • 402 North Union St., Olean, (the former Bon-Ton).

Party town

Party town

What there is to know: Party City is the nation’s largest party retailer, offering a huge selection of general and seasonal party items, including Halloween costumes and party decorations. Party City recognizes its 30 years of experience helping consumers celebrate holidays and special occasions.

Hours: from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Thursday, until 10 p.m. on Friday; from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday; 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Go: partycity.com.

  • 845 County Road 64, Elmira; 607-317-5073.
  • Cayuga Shopping Center, 2309 North Triphammer Road, Ithaca; 607-269-4765.

The paper factory

What there is to know: It might not have a scary name, but The Paper Factory in the heart of downtown Olean has a huge inventory of products, including Halloween costumes for kids and adults. Owner Deb VanScoter promises customers will be amazed at what they have in stock. Until October 31, The Paper Factory is offering 25% off all Halloween costumes.

Hours: From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, until 5 p.m. on Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Go: 176 North Union St., Olean; 716-372-9500, ext. 2, for costume questions. thepaperfactory.com.

More options for Halloween

Not near a pop-up store or a specialty retailer open all year? There are still plenty of options available, whether shopping in person or online.

A USA TODAY list of the ten best places to buy Halloween costumes online is a good place to start. The list includes Walmart, Target, Amazon, Etsy, and Disney.

Local dollar stores are also stocked with Halloween supplies.

General dollar promotes its ‘spooky’ Halloween decorations, while Dollar tree promises to “haunt your Halloween in style” with its inventory of spooky scenes with deliciously adorable decor.

Family dollar The “spellbinding” Halloween inventory includes fall-themed costumes, accessories, makeup and decorations.

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3 tips to make vintage lenses look beautiful on digital cameras


Vintage lenses on digital cameras make it look stunning.

Fact: Vintage glasses are superior to modern glasses in many ways. Modern post-production is so good that it can remove all the blemishes from a photo. However, if you want to reconfigure them, it becomes more expensive and annoying. This is because vintage glasses give you a look that you can no longer achieve with modern glasses. And for this reason, we give you tips on how to get the most out of it.

Use a sub-megapixel camera body

For this tip, I want to go back to something Nikon did many years ago. Once they released more mega-pixel cameras, they gave a list of lenses that would resolve the sensor. Of course, a lot of older lenses couldn’t do this. And that’s the case with a lot of older lenses. Some will resolve very well to a 42MP camera sensor, while others might struggle a bit. (And of course, there are some outliers.) Pretty much any Contax G-series lens will likely fit the 60-megapixel number. The same goes for some Leica M lenses. The famous 40mm f2 they made with Minolta is just one of those great lenses.

In general, however, most will likely perform better below the 42MP range.

Imagine having vision problems and using non-prescription protective eyewear versus prescription protective eyewear. Of course, you will be able to see much more clearly with lenses that have coatings, that have been shaped, etc. The point is, older lenses weren’t really designed for digital. To this end, film has dominated most of the history of photography. 35mm film has a resolution of around 36 megapixels. More than that, and you will start to see technical flaws.

However, the beauty of digital is that we can accept these flaws. If you have a problem with them, you can fix them in post-production. It’s much easier to get rid of them in post-production than it is to put them in place.

Focus and magnification

Shot at F2

Shot at F2

Many photographers believe that focus peaking works fine until they enlarge their images. The truth is, most focus peaking systems these days are pretty awful. The exception is Canon’s rangefinder system built into RF cameras. If you plan to use a vintage lens, you need to use a combination of methods. Here are some essential tips:

  • Turn the focus peak to low

  • Choose a color that contrasts with your scene

  • Define a button to magnify an area of ​​the Stage

  • Always magnify the scene, then focus the lens

  • When the focus is around the magnified subject, you’re ready to go.

Years of missed shots have taught us that this really is the best way to use manual focus, vintage lenses. The problem with modern focus peaking is that it relies a lot on contrast. But vintage glasses don’t have much contrast. Maximum focus is therefore quite difficult to do unless the lens has autofocus contacts. Unfortunately, most don’t, and adapters don’t help.

Get the right adapter for your vintage lenses

That brings us to our final tip: get the right adapter. Many adapters are inexpensive impulse buys. But they do not bring the lens to the correct distance from the sensor. They also end up being very wobbly. This can cause major problems with the image quality. It is often worth spending more money and getting the right one.

PHOTOS: Governor Whitmer visits branch businesses, Hillsdale Counties


PHOTOS: Governor Whitmer visits branch businesses, Hillsdale Counties


October 13, 2021

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PHOTOS: Governor Whitmer visits branch businesses, Hillsdale Counties

Tours include the Keefer Hotel, a grant-backed project Governor Whitmer announced earlier this year that will create 50 jobs and generate $ 12.3 million in investment

LANSING, Michigan – Governor Whitmer visited today Mastronardi products at Coldwater and Keefer Hotel in Hillsdale, highlighting it MI New Economy Plan to grow the middle class, support small businesses and invest in our communities. The governor was joined by MDARD director Gary McDowell in Coldwater.

“From agriculture to tourism, today’s visits to Branch and Hillsdale counties highlighted the strength and diversity of Michigan’s economy,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “I’m focusing on the laser to meet the great structural challenges we face in growing Michigan’s economy, creating well-paying jobs and building the industries of the future. I look forward to working with key partners, the legislature and others who wish to put Michigan’s families, communities and small businesses first as we strengthen our state’s economy. ”

Mastronardi is a fourth-generation, family-owned fruit and vegetable company that first introduced commercial greenhouse cultivation in North America. Mastronardi Produce operates as one of the largest glass greenhouses in the Midwest producing fresh vegetables even during the winter months.

“Michigan is known for our work in food and agriculture, but we are also at the forefront of the evolution of agriculture with brand new technology,” said Gary, Director of MDARD McDowell. “Mastronardi is a great example of how we can ensure that quality products are readily available in our state and how innovation and sustainability are essential to the growth of Michigan’s agricultural economy.

“It is an absolute honor that Governor Gretchen Whitmer is joining us at our Michigan Maroa Farms facility,” said Fourth generation CEO and family member Paul Mastronardi to lead Mastronardi Produce. “It is a pleasure to showcase our tasty and locally grown products, our sustainable cultivation methods and the socio-economic impact of our greenhouses on Michigan’s agricultural sector.

The Keefer House Hotel project will locate a 34-room boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Hillsdale. This historic renovation project includes a commercial space on the ground floor as well as a hotel space with modern amenities, a welcoming lobby and an upscale restaurant to be enjoyed by guests as well as members of the community. . The long vacant Keefer House is a building contributing to the commercial district of the City of Hillsdale’s National Register of Historic Places and the development is expected to transform downtown Hillsdale and spur economic development by generating new tourist stays and bringing additional income to the region.

The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of $ 12.3 million, create 50 full-time equivalent jobs, Support from Michigan Strategic Fund through a $ 2 million MCRP equity investment. Local support for the project includes a 12-year Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act (OPRA) tax rebate valued at approximately $ 577,000. In addition, the city will partially cancel the loan for the building on the certificate of occupancy in the amount of $ 265,000. The town of Hillsdale is also certified with MEDC’s DRR program.

“It’s very exciting to see the Keefer Hotel project under construction. This project will not only bring much needed revitalization to downtown Hillsdale, but it will address one of the biggest barriers to tourism in our community, the need for additional hotel rooms, ”said Hillsdale City Manager David Mackie. “It was only through working with MEDC, CL Real Estate Development LLC, the Hillsdale Tax Increment Finance Authority and the city that this project was made possible. We appreciate that these entities have made this historic investment in the Town of Hillsdale.

“The Keefer Hotel project will transform the historic Keefer House into a unique and attractive location in downtown Hillsdale that will once again delight residents and visitors,” said Quentin L. Messer, Jr., CEO of MEDC and Chairman and Chairman of the Board of MSF. “We are committed to supporting innovative place-building projects that create vibrant and resilient communities and foster strong economic recovery statewide. We are delighted to be working with our local partners on this project, which will help make Hillsdale an even more attractive place to live, work, visit and play. “





FGX International Celebrates World Sight Day By Announcing 17 Million Pairs Of Glasses Donated | Business


SMITHFIELD, RI – (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 13, 2021–

FGX International, a leading designer and manufacturer of eyewear, celebrates 14 years of partnership with RestoringVision, the world’s largest supplier of non-profit reading glasses to those in need. Through this long-standing relationship, FGX has helped more than 17 million people living in poverty around the world see clearly and protect their eyesight through the RestoringVision eyewear delivery program.

“Uncorrected visual impairment is one of the most prevalent health problems in the world, and World Sight Day is a great time to draw attention to the needs of those who suffer from this problem on a daily basis,” he said. said Denna Singleton, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Portfolio Transformation. , FGX International. “As a leader in our industry, FGX International and our premier brand Foster Grant are proud to be able to make a difference by providing eyewear to poor communities through our continued partnership with RestoringVision. “

About 2.5 billion people worldwide suffer from uncorrected visual impairment, and for 500 million of them, reading glasses are a simple solution to correcting their problems and improving their quality of life. The FGX and RestoringVision partnership has impacted the lives of millions of people living in developing countries without access to available and affordable eyewear.

Over the past 14 years, FGX has made significant and consistent contributions through philanthropic giving programs, including:

  • Eyeglass donations: FGX is the largest contributor to RestoringVision to date, having donated over 17 million reading glasses and sunglasses which in turn have been delivered to people in need in 130 countries.
  • Cause marketing programs: FGX has developed programs that give away additional pairs of glasses every time a customer purchases, including:
    • Specifications for specifications: For each pair of glasses purchased on FosterGrant.com in the United States, FGX donates a pair of reading glasses directly to RestoringVision, which has a positive impact on the well-being and quality of life of those who receive them in poor communities.
    • Readers.com Causes Collection – RestoringVision collaborated with FGX to design a style of eyewear, The visionary, presented in the Causes collection. Every time an American customer purchases a pair of The Visionary glasses on Readers.com, a pair of reading glasses is offered at RestoringVision.

“We are proud to have been able to help over 17 million people to date in over 136 countries,” said Pelin Munis, Executive Director of RestoringVision. “FGX has been a valuable and constant partner in our crusade. Their donations have allowed us to significantly increase our capacity to support new, larger groups in developing countries. “

This World Sight Day announcement is part of a larger global campaign led by EssilorLuxottica to raise awareness about eye health and its mission to help people see more, be more, and live fully. Learn more about protecting your vision by visiting https://putvisionfirst.com/.

About FGX International

FGX International is a 100% subsidiary of EssilorLuxottica. FGX International is a leading designer and distributor of non-prescription sunglasses, optical frames and reading glasses with a portfolio of established and highly recognized eyewear brands, including our flagship brand, Foster Grant®. Our collection also includes Ryders®, Gargoyles®, Corinne McCormack®, Readers.com® and Sunglass Warehouse®. FGX International also holds licenses for brands such as Disney®, Steve Madden®, French Connection®, Reebok®, Ironman®, Dockers®, Nine West® and Panama Jack®. Based in Smithfield, Rhode Island in the United States, FGX International has additional offices located in New York and Indianapolis in the United States; Vancouver, Canada; Milan, Italy; Stoke-on-Trent, England; Chessington, England; Mexico City, Mexico and Shenzhen, China. For more information on FGX International, please visit www.fgxi.com.

About RestoringVision

RestoringVision is the world’s largest nonprofit provider of reading glasses for people in need living in poor communities around the world. Since 2003, RestoringVision has improved the lives of over 19 million people in over 136 countries and continues to impact millions of lives every year. To learn more and contribute, please visit www.RestoringVision.org.

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CONTACT: Shawna Hassett

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SOURCE: FGX International

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PUB: 10/13/2021 9:58 a.m. / DISC: 10/13/2021 9:58 a.m.


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Autumn Rose Merrick, bystander killed in rolling cannon battle, remembered as a “happy person”, devoted girl – WCCO


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Autumn Rose Merrick was only 18 when her life was taken from her.

She was an innocent bystander on her way home from work, on a scooter, when one of the two vehicles involved in a rolling shootout rolled onto the sidewalk and struck and killed her.

READ MORE: William Elliot, 69, found dead in northern Lake Minnesota

Autumn was only 5ft 2in tall, but she was a giant of a girl, sister, cousin, friend, and classmate. Carmane Teetzel is his mother.

“She was so beautiful, she stood out in the crowd,” Carmane said.

Autumn was known for her sweet smile and for putting everyone’s needs before her own. This is why so many people considered her their best friend.

“Just a happy person, loved everyone and everything, and never judged anyone on anything about them,” Carmane said.

Autumn had a love of animals and a flair for fashion. She rarely repeated a hairstyle and liked to accessorize with glasses. The recent Southwest High School graduate was also a founding member of Green Garden Bakery, an award-winning, youth-run business selling vegetable-based desserts.

“I think Autumn really enjoyed the experience she had with Ms. Elana, learning a lot of different and new things, you know, just open your eyes,” Carmane said.

Autumn and her mother had a special bond, as she was the oldest of nine children. Casey Nimmerfroh is his godmother.

Fall Merrick (credit: Carmane Teetzel)

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“She was very responsible, you know, working, going to school, helping Carmane take care of the kids,” Casey said.

Autumn’s mother says she always knew where her daughter was and what she was doing. This was also the case the night his life was taken.

“She just got out of work and all she wanted was a few things from the store so she could enjoy the rest of her night at home. This is where she was going, this is her home, ”said Carmane.

But she never succeeded.

“The sad thing is that I left the door unlocked so she could come in so she wouldn’t be stuck out all night,” Carmane said.

Parents, siblings, close family and friends all wonder why her. David Merrick is his father.

“There are words that can be said to bring anyone back or bring her back,” David said. “It just hurts.”

“I always try to make my daughter so safe, and just to have someone take her away from me, all that hard work you do, you know, and off you go.”

Autumn’s family wants the violence to stop. They also want those responsible for his death to be brought to justice.

NO MORE NEWS: Michigan man gets 7 years in fatal 2019 Minneapolis shooting

Autumn helped her mother with her siblings. A GoFundMe has been set up to help with funeral costs and to help his siblings.

Bauchi NUJ, ATBUTH offer free eye screening, glasses to working journalists


The Bauchi State Council of the Union of Journalists of Nigeria (NUJ) in collaboration with the management of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Hospital (ATBUTH) organized a free eye screening for its members to assist them in the exercise of their professional functions.

The screening took place Tuesday at the NUJ Press Center, Bauchi to coincide with International Sight Day 2021 with the theme: “Love Your Eyes”.

Speaking shortly before the screening began, Dr Shahir Bello, consultant ophthalmologist at ATBUTH, stressed the importance of regular eye screening as a demonstration of love for the eyes, saying that regular screening would keep the eyes in good shape.

He added that as journalists who always sit behind the screens of computers and smartphones, they need to regularly check their eyes to know when to get help.

Shahir Bello added that “Eye care does not require age, it can occur at any age, regular screening will reveal what to do next. Wearing glasses is not an illness but a necessity, particularly at your different advanced ages, you must support your eyes to use them well ”.

The consultant ophthalmologist then urged journalists working in the state to feel free to undergo screening, which he said is very beneficial to them because, according to him, “with the collaboration between NUJ and ATBUTH, you will benefit from a free screening, glasses and other treatments in the establishment ”.

Earlier, NUJ President Comrade Umar Sa’idu said the Council is collaborating with ATBUTH in several areas of health, saying eye screening is one of them because he says “a healthy journalist is a professional and active journalist “.

He added that “We start with eye screening because the eye is the journalist’s first tool in the performance of his duties. We want to be sure that all journalists working in Bauchi State have good eyesight ”.

The NUJ President congratulated the ATBUTH leadership for integrating the NUJ health plans, saying it would go a long way in fostering cordial relations between the two organizations.

More than 100 working journalists were selected during the exercise and received free reading glasses and other treatments.


Buhari urges MTN to provide quality service, downgrading the cost of data and other services

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday at State House Abuja urged MTN group to make premium service available to its Nigerian subscribers… Bauchi NUJ, ATBUTH offer free eye screening, glasses to working journalists Bauchi NUJ, ATBUTH offer screening free eyewear, glasses for working journalists Bauchi NUJ, ATBUTH offer free eye screening, glasses for working journalists Bauchi NUJ, ATBUTH offer free eye screening, glasses for working journalists.

Start your holiday shopping safely in Paseo Outlets


The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start crossing names off that gift list. While it can be tempting to let go of the stiffness of sitting at home all year round and rushing to the nearest mall for your shopping spree, remember to be careful and shop around. completely safe.

Be smart in choosing where to shop. Choose a place with the least risk and where you have the most to gain. A place with good ventilation is always recommended. Shopping complexes like the Paseo Outlets in Greenfield City are a great choice due to the airy outdoor spaces and the vast expanse of greenery that surrounds the resort. This ensures that you have a constant flow of fresh, clean air all around all the time.

It is also important to note that security measures are strictly enforced here so that you can shop with peace of mind. At Paseo outlets, everyone should maintain an appropriate physical distance and be equipped with masks and face shields. Contact tracing is implemented in every store and you will also find sanitation stations all around for quick isopropyl spraying and peace of mind. Frequently touched surfaces are regularly disinfected and the entire complex undergoes a thorough cleaning each night to minimize exposure and infection.

Now that you can relax, enjoy your day! Of course the mission here is to shop and bargain and that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Paseo Outlets Shopping Center Pre-Holiday Sale October 15-17, 2021. Here you can enjoy up at 70% off brands like adidas, Nike from the Nike Factory Store and Park Outlet, and Calvin Klein in F&F plus, stacking sales with discounts that increase the more you shop at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic that you can visit at The Outlet.

You can also head to the Bench Depot and enjoy great deals at Bench, Cotton On, Charles & Keith, La Senza, Mothercare, Pedro and Repetto. There are tons of other brands and discounts to explore, so make sure you don’t miss out. The best part about factory shopping is that you are sure to find unique finds at bargain prices that will be perfect to gift to loved ones.

It is sure to be a long day of shopping, so be sure to pay attention to the huge array of dining options you can grab some delicious take out before you head home!

So, don your mask, face shield, trusty alcohol spray bottle and holiday gift list and shop from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Paseo outlets along Tagaytay Balibago Road, Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We’ll see each other there!

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Michael Lorenzen hopes for free agency rotation opportunity


For seven seasons with the Reds, right-hander Michael lorenzen has been used quite uniquely. The 29-year-old former No.38 overall pick started 21 games as a rookie before settling as a reliever. He also spent 96 innings in the outfield, including 81 in the center, and even played a handful of full games as a center fielder in 2019. He’s not Shohei Ohtani, but Lorenzen’s .233 / .282 .429 batting line and his seven career homers in 147 home plate appearances make him one of the most productive pitchers in the game with a stick in his hands.

At various points in his career, Lorenzen was scheduled to audition for another opportunity in the Cincinnati rotation, but spring training injuries ensued. Now, as he enters the free agent market, the 29-year-old right-hander is hoping to sign with a club that will give him the chance to compete for a spot in the starting rotation, writes Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The 2021 season has been a tough one for Lorenzen, who suffered shoulder strain in spring training at a time when the Reds were planning to give him another chance to start. As the right-hander explains to Nightengale, he suffered grade 3 hamstring strain as he lined up a cavity against the Pirates on August 8 – shortly after returning from the shoulder injury. Rather than being on the injured list, Lorenzen somehow found a way to get over the injury on the stretch. Unsurprisingly, it was not a productive race, but with so many injuries elsewhere in the Cincinnati paddock, Lorenzen gutted things.

A glance at Lorenzen’s numbers for 2021 won’t generate much enthusiasm. The right-hander finished the year with a 5.59 ERA, a 16.8 percent take-out rate, an 11.2 percent walk rate and a 44.8 percent take-down rate. Rather, ERA is heavily skewed by Lorenzen’s last two appearances of the season, in which he got eight points combined in just 1 2/3 frames. Prior to that, he had worked with a solid 3.62 ERA with an 18.9% strikeout rate and a 9.0% walk rate. Considering it was never (or only briefly) at full power, it was a pretty impressive appearance until this last pair of games.

Lorenzen believes he will spark interest in a variety of roles, and many teams will surely be more eager to hook him up in the reliever box than to give him a legitimate chance to start. From 2016 to 2020, Lorenzen racked up 331 innings in the Cincinnati reliever box and achieved a cumulative ERA of 3.48 with a strikeout rate of 21.6%, a walk rate of 9% and a 44.8% ground ball rate. He missed the first two and a half months of Season 16 with elbow strain and six weeks in 2018 with shoulder strain, but Lorenzen still averaged 66 2/3 innings per season – and that includes last year’s shortened schedule.

Given his track record in the pen, one would imagine that Lorenzen’s most lucrative deals will be launching in relief next season. The right-hander tells Nightengale, however, that he’s “ready to bet on [himself]»In free agency this winter if the right situation arises. Presumably all of the start-up opportunities would be on a low-cost deal with quite a few incentives – perhaps some based on both start-up and relief.

This year’s injury-marred results notwithstanding, Lorenzen has a strong track record in the pen, up to six different locations (featured by a heater that averaged 96.9 mph in 2021), an excellent bat compared to other pitchers and strong defensive skills in the outfield. Statcast ranked him at the 95th percentile in sprint speed in 2017, and his speed of 28.8 fps in 2019 tied him at 68th among 564 big league players. Beyond raw speed, Statcast ranks him at +2 above average as an outfielder, while Defensive Runs Saved puts him at +1 in those 96 career innings. A rough projection of 2021 will likely keep the price low, but it will be one of the more attractive low buy options in the offseason market, regardless of what role it lands.

Best iPad mini 6 sleeves in 2021


covers for iPad mini 6

The iPad mini 6 (model 2021) is more than cute; it’s a powerful slab of technology in a small package. You’ll want to protect your investment with one of the best cases for your iPad mini 6. For some people, the best case option is a case. Here are some of the best iPad mini 6 cases.

Colorful range:
MoKo 7-8 inch tablet handbag

Choice of personnel

This single zip pouch has a durable polyester exterior and a plush, plush interior lining to protect your iPad mini 6 from bumps and scratches. Choose from a variety of color options.

From $ 10 on Amazon

Kizuna Tablet Case Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Nice pocket:
8 inch Kizuna tablet case

An additional pocket on the front allows you to store small items in addition to your iPad mini 6 in the main compartment. This case has a waterproof coating, shock absorbing foam and a soft, plush interior for maximum protection.

$ 13 on Amazon

Tomtoc Tablet Sleeve Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Awesome print:
tomtoc 8.3 inch – Tablet case for iPad mini 6

Add a touch of whimsy to your iPad mini 6 with this fun sleeve. The lightweight sleeve is soft lined, has a splash resistant exterior, and has plenty of padding in between. Two exterior pockets hold your small essentials.

$ 9 on Amazon

Timovo Tablet Sleeve Case Ipad Mini 6 Render Cropped

Wear everything:
TiMOVO 8-9 inch tablet case for iPad mini 6

Carry your iPad mini 6 and more in this well-designed case. The water-repellent exterior and soft, plush interior keep your iPad safe inside. The outer compartment is divided into several other compartments to keep all your essentials organized.

From $ 17 on Amazon

Herschel Anchor Sleeve For Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Nice brand:
Herschel Anchor Case for iPad mini

You can find Herschel products in trendy and high-end physical stores. This sleeve has the signature Herschel look and label. The sleeve is nicely padded and lined to protect your iPad mini 6.

  • $ 30 on Amazon

  • $ 32 at Herschel

Lacdo Ipad Mini 6 Sleeve Render Cropped

Water repellent:
Lacdo iPad mini 6 case

With a water-repellent exterior and a soft, velvety padded bubble interior, your iPad mini 6 is protected on all fronts. The zipped outside pocket allows you to discreetly store a few small items. Choose from several neutral color options.

$ 11 on Amazon

Insignia Universal Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Any device:
Insignia universal sleeve for most tablets up to 8 “

This basic general purpose black nylon tablet case will protect your iPad mini. A second zipped compartment on the outside can also hold a few additional small items.

$ 13 at Best Buy

Moko Felt Tablet Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Envelope Style:
MoKo Felt tablet cover for iPad mini 6

The elegant, foldable envelope-style pouch is made of felt for a unique aesthetic. Under the flap is a hidden pocket for storing small valuables. Choose between dark gray shown here or light gray.

From $ 10 on Amazon

Waterfield Hip Sling Bag Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Professional waist bag:
Waterfield shoulder bag

This premium crossbody bag can be worn across the body or around the waist. The compact version of this bag holds your iPad mini and more inside. Choose from several colors made with different materials.

From $ 169 on Amazon

Vangoddy Universal Tablet Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Bright colors:
Universal cover for 7-8 inch Vangoddy tablet

Choose from a variety of bold colourways for this universal leatherette tablet case. The padded main compartment fits your iPad mini 6, along with several other interior pockets for your headphones, chargers, or other small items.

$ 15 on Amazon

Mujjo Ipad Mini Envelope Sleeve Render Cropped

Elegant style:
Envelope pouch for iPad mini Mujjo

This beauty is made from premium felt and vegetable tanned leather. It adapts to all generations of iPad mini. Choose from two colors; both are gray felt, but you can choose your leather accent color: Tan or Black.

$ 30 at Mujjo

Happylive Shopping Universal Tablet Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Colorful designs:
Happylive Shopping Universal case for 7-9 inch tablet

This simple pouch has a handle for easy carrying and is machine washable. The neoprene fabric has a bit of water resistance making it splash resistant. Choose from several bright and colorful designs.

$ 9 on Amazon

What is the best cover for your iPad mini 6?

The iPad mini 6’s small form factor makes it so easy and fun to take with you wherever you go. You’ll definitely want to protect it whether you’re using a standard case, pouch, or both. Most of the cases in this roundup will also be able to accommodate your iPad mini 6 in a regular case, especially if the case is thinner. Most cases that work for earlier iPad mini models will also work for the iPad mini 6, as will most universal cases that fit other 8-inch tablets and e-readers.

I like the MoKo 7-8 Inch Tablet Sleeve Bag because it is very affordable and comes in many colors. It features a durable polyester exterior and a soft, plush interior to cradle your iPad mini 6 and protect it when you’re on the go.

I am a huge fan of Heschel products, so I would also recommend the Herschel Anchor Sleeve for iPad mini. Herschel products are lightweight and durable. The brand is cool without being overpriced.

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Durga Puja A competition among pujas with a difference


Hundreds of pujas in Kolkata and Howrah will be vying for the best idol, pandal, and puja, but not without disregard for Covid safety standards.

The North and South Kolkata and Howrah pujas are judged virtually for Parle Marie Anandabazar Patrika Sharad Arghya 1428 Sahajogitai Oaksmith Gold glasses and co-sponsored by David & Goliath and radio partner 91.9 Friends FM.

In the first two rounds, judged by Anandabazar Patrika readers and art students alike, puja organizers took the judges for a tour of pandals online.

Readers and students of art schools connected from their homes during the first round of judging, which took place over two days. Sixty pandals were selected from the 350 participants.

Of the 60, the top 15 were selected on Sunday – five each from North Calcutta, South Calcutta and Howrah – which reached the final round.

The best idol, best pandal and best puja in each of the three regions will be judged by two artists, Bimal Kundu and Aditya Basak, on Monday.

“The emphasis is on artistic beauty but judges also assess Covid security protocols,” said an organizer.

“There are marks on the vibe, and the judges also want to know the type of material that was used for the pandals,” said the organizer.

The use of masks, distancing, the availability of disinfectants in the pandal have become essential features of Durga puja in Kolkata over the past two years.

Which grocery stores are open on Columbus Day 2021? ShopRite Hours, Whole Foods Hours, Trader Joe Hours, Wegmans Hours


Is BJ’s wholesale club open? Is Walmart open? Is Costco open? Stop & Shop open? Here’s everything you need to know about the opening hours of grocery stores on Columbus Day 2021.Rich Maxwell | for NJ Advance Media

Columbus Day 2021 is Monday, October 11.

Most supermarkets will either stay open or have different hours. Below is a summary of what you need to know about groceries on Columbus Day 2021 (Monday, October 11, 2021).

Note: Buyers should check with their local supermarket for specific information on opening and closing times, as these may vary by location.

The following major New Jersey supermarket chains are slated to open on Columbus Day:

What are the best sellers of Columbus Day 2021?

Columbus Day is one of the most popular federal holidays for retailers in organize massive online sales. Here is a list of some of the biggest retailers that are making sales:

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Katherine Rodriguez can be reached at [email protected]. Do you have any advice? Tell us at nj.com/tips.

Lumber + Salt Expands Purposely Reused Vision Across North Fork


One afternoon, the Lumber + Salt salvage and antique shop on Sound Avenue in Jamesport had among its wares: a six-foot-tall vintage bookbinding press, tiny porcelain doll heads displayed in wine glasses , oxidized copper door frames from the Savoy Hotel in London. , metal cutouts to create puzzles, stacked fireplace hearths of indeterminate age, a textile roller lamp, primitive carved heads and around a thousand other eclectic objects – all with a rustic patina and a mysterious past.

In the hands of people less creative than business partners John Mazur and Brooke Cantone, these esoteric discoveries can seem confusing at best. But the duo knows how to integrate their “raw and refined” aesthetic into everything they do. Their retailsourcing-architecture-design-branding business is the ultimate multi-hyphenate – a growing operation known to revamp some of the coolest interiors and exteriors in and around North Fork.

Lumber + Salt has also been busy developing its own lifestyle brand, including creative collaborations with like-minded taste makers in the region, as well as a cafe, farmer’s market and greenhouse in the works.

A highly conceptual designer, Mazur is wary of Lumber + Salt being cataloged as one thing, because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. “What we do is creative design,” said the artist, who offers to sketch out his ideas rather than trying to put them into words. “We are introducing unique hardware solutions and the integration of objects into an overall plan,” he said. “It’s about creatively rethinking new ways of approaching spaces and how the client’s lifestyle fits into them. We don’t just sell products; we are selling a feeling.

Even the name Lumber + Salt is open to interpretation. It can represent land and sea, or a patina aged by time and forces swept by the sea. Or it could serve as a metaphor for the aesthetics and working style of the partners – a fusion of hard elements sprinkled with elegant touches like a chef’s finishing salt.

If Mazur is Wood, Cantone is Salt. “We organize our spaces and then add softer touches that evoke the emotion and vibe of the brand,” said Cantone, who left the corporate fashion world of Manhattan during the pandemic and moved to full time at North Fork to help evolve his passion project into a brand in its own right. concept.

Lumber + Salt is owned by the Mazur & Co. banner, founded by owner Mazur and Creative Director Cantone, who bring years of combined experience in retail, industrial design, fashion, art and antiques. . Mazur was previously the director and designer of an industrial and graphic design firm in Soho, specializing in branding for retail spaces. He specialized in industrial and graphic design at RIT and worked in Germany after his studies. Cantone has held leadership roles in business creation in fashion, visual merchandising, marketing and retail brand experience, with a BA in Fashion Merchandising from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science.

The company was originally born in 2014 as Material Objects, living on the 1291 Main Road lot in Jamesport, which Mazur still owns. Today, their salvage showroom is at 5570 Sound Ave., while the Main Road campus serves as a sort of branded showcase for Lumber + Salt, Sherwood House Vineyards (which Lumber + Salt refurbished) , William Ris Gallery (run by Cantone’s mother, Mary) and a barn at the back which houses the duo’s design studio and is also used for pop-ups and collaborations.

“Over the past two years, we’ve really brought the brand’s voice to life. It’s been a refreshing and creative renaissance, ”Cantone said, mentioning a weekend fashion event they hosted in the barn with a fashion brand called, aptly, The Salting.

Mazur and Cantone are excited to take the retail space to the next level, praising their new transplanted team additions.

“Our store is now open every day, thanks to our daily manager Kenneth Montusi (and his trusted canine assistant Kali),” Cantone said, noting that Montusi has traded in the world of corporate finance for a career reinvention. on North Fork. Renowned pop artist Peter Marco (also known as Marcoart) also joins the team, she said, “adding his whimsical pop art, personality and wit to the brand’s mix. , after moving from the Lower East Side to North Fork to be part of the refreshing creative movement.

This fall, Lumber + Salt will host pop-up weekends with like-minded designers: furniture designers, artists, ceramists, craft coffee makers and juicers, chocolatiers, flower designers, organic herbalists, winegrowers and fashion brands – who “get” the aesthetics and the ambiance. The idea, Mazur and Cantone said, is to celebrate both art and community (or community, as they put it).

The duo can’t wait to bring their salvaged creativity to new projects and realms. “There are no more settings for us,” Cantone said. “We’re taking lumber + salt off limits!” “

Thanks to an influx of new team members, the Lumber + Salt showroom is now open seven days a week.

(Credit: Conor Harrigan)

Rose Hill Vineyards

“We hired John and Brooke in 2018 to define and redesign our tasting room with essentially a blank slate. We met them on a Monday and on Friday they came back to us with a 50 page deck with inspiration and renderings that approached the project from a truly 360 point of view! Since then, I have consulted them on every project, big or small.

They designed our wine library from scratch and built a magnificent ceiling that looks like a barrel in the highest way. Not only do they have incredible vision, but they also reuse items in the most unexpected ways that add both character and history to our farm. John reused an old corn screen as a light fixture that often prompts guests to ask, “What is this?” ”

Chelsea Frankel, Executive Director

(Credit: Conor Harrigan)

Cave & Vineyard Terre Vite

“As lovers of Tuscany (especially Florence) we knew we wanted to replicate its old world atmosphere while creating a trendy environment, but we couldn’t express that vision. John redesigned our tasting room before our eyes with an amazing freehand sketch and Brooke came full circle in whatever we wanted, bringing the ‘old world with a new spirit’ design to life.

The focal point of our tasting room is, of course, our large bar, supported by two pieces of vintage 1940s hardware. These pieces bring a classic apothecary vibe to the room and Brooke styled them with gorgeous drawers and pieces that really balance the whole. They also bought a vintage door from which they built the skeleton of our bar and then lined it with an antique conveyor belt!

Since we have extremely high ceilings, they brought a piece of the top of a windmill and adorned it with a shade fit for a giant. It’s so cool to have a part of our tasting room and I constantly see our guests staring and marveling, trying to figure out what it is. Although I am obsessed with every square inch, I have to say that my favorite corner of the tasting room is the corner with the weathered tall tables. Brooke styled it with the most beautiful mirror that invokes the Medici Palace in Florence.

– Jacqui Goodale, co-owner

(Credit: Conor Harrigan)

Sherwood House Wineries

“We are working with Lumber + Salt at Sherwood House Vineyards to organize the aesthetics of the tasting room, maintaining an ever-changing environment. This spring, as guests prefer to sit outside, we asked them to reinvent the courtyard space along the east side of the property to ensure that guests sitting outside have the same experience. visual than those seated in the tasting room. The result was a custom serpentine bar that transforms into two greenhouse-inspired structures that create an intimate garden environment in which to enjoy our wines, rain or shine.

– Ali Tuthill, Managing Director

Enthusiastic shoppers get to see the interior of the city’s new discount store for the first time


Crowds flocked for the opening of a new discount store in Worcester High Street.

Sometimes people were forced to wait outside of lunchtime to enter The High Street Pound Shop due to the number of shoppers looking for a bargain.

Kal Singh, the owner of the business, told us they were “very busy” as people got to see the interior for the first time on the first Saturday since opening.

An opening slated for September had to be pushed back, with the owner telling us that fuel shortages, truck driver shortages and Brexit meant that stock issues had contributed to a delayed opening.

But buyers weren’t disappointed with the choice available when the store finally opened yesterday (Friday).

The shop sells typical bargain store items including food and drink, cards, toys, pet food, and craft items – each item priced at 1.1 , 50 or 2 £.

Mr Singh, who already owns five Pound stores across the county, said the store currently employs five people.

Pound Shop has filled the vacant downtown unit, left empty for nearly three years after the HMV music channel closed in 2019.

READ MORE: Poundland sorry for ongoing Worcester store closure

Meanwhile, we recently reported that rivals Poundland have had to apologize to customers for the continued closure of its Broad Street store as it’s unclear when it will reopen again.

That store closed earlier this year as work on the building’s exterior on Broad Street began, and has remained closed ever since.

A spokesperson for Poundland said: “We know this is disappointing for our customers, but as soon as we have a reopening date we will let you know.”

Granny Chic has had an update – here’s your guide to doing the ‘Grandmillennial’ style the right way


As someone who prefers no-frills fashion, I tend to avoid anything that is too bohemian and picky, to keep the decorative details on the periphery. Of course, I could take a favorite piece of clothing and embellish it myself, but the result wouldn’t be worthy of a photo in a national newspaper.

And so, to Boden Breton statement with embroidered lower sleeves, a neat way to add a decorative touch to an outfit without going overboard. Choosing a more elaborate version of an item you love and will wear over and over again makes good sense. Boden’s fancy army green military jacket (pictured) features embroidery on the sleeves and back. Paired with jeans and suede ankle boots, this stood out in the right way and wouldn’t take me too far out of my minimalist comfort zone.

None of my grandmothers wore items adopted by the great millennia – but, hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a little nostalgia, even if it’s misinterpreted. And my grandmother took apart old sweaters and other pieces to reuse wool, knitted multicolored quilting squares, then sewed them together to make blankets. When I left home, I took my comfort blanket with me. I kept it on for years but ended up getting tired of lugging the heavy bedspread from one rented apartment to another. Sorry, nah. When it comes to sustainability and survival, the great millennia are about the money. Recently I tore a favorite Cos dress by grabbing the pocket and rather than throwing it away I plan to visibly mend the tear. The patched up garment might not end up in a museum, but at least I can cherish it for a few more years.

Have the look

Best Dyson Air Purifier Deals


With these Dyson air purifier deals, you can get the latest model without spending a small fortune. Dyson entered the air purifier market in 2015 with its Pure Cool model – designed to help purify the air in your home. Since its launch, the brand has added several other models to its collection, including air purifiers with built-in humidifiers and models that even claim to destroy formaldehyde and signal pollution levels.

Here we can bring you the cheapest Dyson air purifier deals around and tell you where to find them. Starting at around $ 300 / £ 219, Dyson’s models are top of the line and can be a pretty big investment if you buy them at full price, but knowing where to look can mean you can get a good deal without making a big deal. compromise on the product you want. Whether you want to wait for Dyson Black Friday air purifier deals or want to make a purchase right now, we’ve scoured the internet for the best deals.

If you are looking for a reliable, well-made air purifier that won’t be an eyesore in your home, then the models from Dyson are definitely up to the job. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great deals – here we explain the top rated models and reveal the best Dyson air purifier deals right now.

Which Dyson air purifier should I choose?

Dyson air purifier offerings may all seem similar, but some are better suited to large spaces, capturing pollutants such as pet dander in large rooms, while some models are more suited to small living spaces. In fact, if you are looking for an air purifier to fight allergies or get rid of smoke odors in your home, then a Dyson model might be the right product for you.

One of the most important things to check is to choose an air purifier that is suitable for the space you want to use it in. Buying a smaller (and cheaper) air purifier will be a false economy if you have to use it in a large space and it is not designed to work in such large spaces. If you are unsure of how air purifiers work and whether the model is suitable for your room, the degree of oscillation of the fan will give you a good indication of the purifier’s range.

All Dyson air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters, with certain sealant pollutants throughout the model, not just in the filter. If noise is an issue, especially when working or sleeping, some models, including the Purifier Cool, are up to 20% quieter than previous Dyson air purifiers. While if you’re looking for air purifiers with built-in humidifiers (to find out the difference, check out our guide to air purifiers vs humidifiers) or heating systems, you’ll find them in more expensive models such as the Dyson Pure Humidifier. and Cool and the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool.

Best Dyson Air Purifier Deals

Dyson Pure Cool

Best Dyson Air Purifier Deals: Dyson Pure Cool Product Photo

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson Pure Cool

Filter type: Glass HEPA filter 360 | Blanket: Oscillates up to 70 degrees, covers 27m² | Noise: 63 db (A) | Modes: ten

Certified asthmatic and allergic

Improved filter

The large version is heavy

The Dyson Pure Cool is one of the brand’s original air purifiers that draws polluted air from your room, including gases, household fumes and formaldehyde.

Silver models are attractive enough to sit in an office or living room and look decorative while capturing up to 99.7 pollutants in your air with its second generation 360 glass HEPA filter. Moving at a 70 degree angle, it can be controlled by its mini remote control or the app, while also being certified anti-asthma and allergen.

Dyson Cool Purifier

Best Dyson Air Purifier Deals: Dyson Purifier Cool Product Photo

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson Cool Purifier

Filter type: HEPA H13 standard | Blanket: Oscillates up to 350 degrees, covers 81m | Noise: 59 dB | Modes: 3 – Direction auto, night and air flow

Reports pollution

Quieter than the Pure Cool version

More expensive than the original model

This larger model in silver and white is programmed with Air Multiplier technology to remove common household pollutants throughout your room while purifying the air. The air purifier is equipped with three sensors that detect and purify pollutants, including animal dander, bacteria and mold spores, as well as formaldehyde on carpets, rugs and floor coverings.

Equipped with a HEPA filter and a carbon filter, it captures up to 99.97 particles in the air. Whereas, unlike some other air purifiers, it’s not just the filter that’s HEPA sealed, but the entire model – meaning nothing escapes. Controlled via the app or via voice command, this model is 20% quieter than its predecessor.

Dyson Cool Formaldehyde Purifier

Best Dyson Air Purifier Deals: Product Photo Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson Cool Formaldehyde Purifier

Filter type: HEPA H13 standard | Blanket: Oscillates up to 350 degrees, covers 81m | Noise: 62 dB | Modes: 3 – Direction auto, night and air flow

Comes with formaldehyde protection

LCD screen

Big model

Formaldehyde can cause irritation to the skin, eyes and nose. This model of Dyson air purifier, which is similar to the standard Purifier Cool, has a sensor to detect and destroy formaldehyde. Its four sensors not only detect animal dander, bacteria and mold spores, but can also capture formaldehyde.

Equipped with a HEPA filter (H13 standard) and a carbon filter, it captures up to 99.97% of allergens in the air. Easy to install, the LCD screen on the front provides information on the speed and temperature of the fan. You can control the air purifier via voice command, the Dyson Link app or even via its small remote, which can be attached to the top of the model – so it’s easy to find.

Dyson Pure Humidify and cool

Best Dyson Air Purifier Deals: Dyson Pure Humidifier and Cool Product Photo

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson Pure Humidify and cool

Filter type: HEPA glass | Blanket: Oscillates up to 90 degrees, covers 81 m for purification, 41 m³ for humidification | Noise: 62 dB | Modes: 4 – 45 degree, 90 degree, 90 degree breeze mode, night mode

The app works with Amazon Alexa

Humidifier and cools the air

Replacement filters are expensive

This version is a little different from other Dyson air purifiers as it circulates purified, humified and cooled air. Humidifiers are great for anyone suffering from dry air symptoms because they add moisture to the air. The Dyson Pure Humidify and Cool also has a built-in fan that can cool you down but won’t act like an air conditioner.

The air purifier uses cryptomic technology and helps trap and destroy formaldehyde, while its HEPA glass filter seals out dust, pet dander, odors, and even cleaning chemicals. Dyson’s ultraviolet cleaning technology also removes 99.9% of bacteria in the humidifier water, which means clean air is returned to your home. Although the app means that even if you are not at home, you can control the device to purify and humidify your home.

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Formaldehyde

Best Dyson Air Purifier Deals: Product Photo of Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Formaldehyde

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Formaldehyde

Filter type: HEPA and carbon | Blanket: Oscillates up to 90 degrees, covers 81 m for purification, 35 m³ for humidification | Noise: 62 dB | Modes: 3 – Night mode, fan mode, rear airflow mode

Heats and cools

Captures formaldehyde

More expensive model

Does not dehumidify

If you don’t want to invest in multiple models, to purify, while still allowing you to heat and cool, then this air purifier is the perfect all-rounder. This model has powerful circulation, allowing you to heat or cool a large room, while its AirMultiplier technology also sucks in polluted air and recirculates the purified air. Capturing all household pollutants, with its catalytic filter, including formaldehyde, its four sensors assess the quality of your air and display the results on the LCD screen.

Air purifier technology means it stops heating or cooling when it reaches the desired temperature, while night mode allows the model to dim its lights and run at a quieter level. Controlled by app or voice command, the various modes of the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Formaldehyde, including fan mode and rear airflow mode, give you different options for your daily preferences.

$ 10,000 reward offered after the robbery at the Krum range – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth


KRUM, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A reward of up to $ 10,000 was offered for information identifying the man accused of stealing 21 guns at a Denton County shooting range early Tuesday morning.

The award from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Denton County Sheriff’s Department and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, comes after a suspect was seen entering the Top Dog Gun Range in Krum just after 2 a.m. Tuesday and take up arms.

READ MORE: Irving Police Department Arrest 4 For Allegedly Selling Drugs To High School Students

Surveillance video shows the man entering the business through a back door, then walking forward to remove weapons from a display case.

Authorities say the man was wearing a baseball cap, glasses and a gaiter that covered his face. The suspect was also wearing a long-sleeved shirt with the letters LTR with a lightning bolt underneath. Authorities linked the logo to a missing company called Lighting Tower Rental.

READ MORE: Lubbock drug traffickers sentenced to combined 106 years in federal prison

Credit: ATF

“Recovering these firearms quickly before further crimes are committed remains a top priority for the ATF,” said Jeffrey C Boshek II, special agent for ATF Dallas. “We ask the public to please inform the authorities if you recognize this individual. “

Anyone with information can contact ATF at 888-ATF-TIPS, email [email protected], or online at the agency’s website: www.atf.gov/contact/atftips.

NO MORE NEWS: Fourth Stimulus Check: Is Another Relief Payment Coming Soon?

Business files: October 2021 | Crozet’s Journal


Polly Davis Doig has created a local outlet for artists in her North Garden neighborhood. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

Local producers celebrate the harvest

Smaller but sweeter fruits

It’s always something when your life depends on Mother Nature, said Sarah Henley of Henley Orchard: sometimes insects, sometimes frost, sometimes drought. Those last two challenges were definitely in play this year with a frost in mid-May and many weeks with days in the 90s and only a few minutes of rain. Like other growers, the Henleys have learned to diversify so that the reduction in one crop can be offset by the income of others. Diversity helps in the orchard itself, where planting early and late varieties of peaches or apples means that at least some will survive a bad frost. But then there was the drought in August: “The fruit is smaller but it’s sweeter in times of drought,” said Henley.

Most of the little apples were made into cider made right in the orchard, and the family’s offerings now include both sweet and hard cider as well as peach wine. “We did it early on and people were ready for it,” Henley said.

Good things have happened this year as well as the challenges. Meat Processors are back, allowing grass-fed beef and Henley Farm-raised pork lovers to scoop up meat along with their fruit and cider. “Henley Fest” will continue every weekend until October, with pumpkins, hay rides, music and demonstrations of fresh squeezed cider on an 1894 craft, so young people can see how it all comes together. was doing.

Grateful winegrowers

Expecting plenty of rain in early October, wine growers harvested sooner rather than later, said George Hodson of the Virginia Wine Board and Veritas and Flying Fox vineyards. But overall, dry, warm weather is ideal while the grapes are ripening. “After the 2020 vintage it’s hard to find someone who isn’t grateful for what we have in 2021.” He noted that every year is different, with drought and hurricanes popping up locally this year. “We are just happy to have fruit on the vine and have guests in our tasting rooms. “

Farm artists create sculptures with hay

Instead of marble, clay, or bronze, amateur artists across the state are using what’s on hand to fashion giant, whimsical structures for the Farm Bureau’s Hay Bale Decorating Contest, which features is now in its seventh year.

“Maggie Moo” was created by the Nelson County FFA Club for the Hay Bale Art Competition.

Farmers in Virginia have imagined all kinds of fantastic shapes including tractors, pigs, and birds. The hay carvers take photos of their creations, and the winners in each of the five categories, including a student category, receive cash prizes. The competition continues until October. For more details and to request, call 804-290-1031 or visit bit.ly/3icRJqx.

Crozet Entreprises Open, Close, Move

Now closed: Greenwood Gardens, the garden and the gift shop at the old fruit stand on Rte. 250. Caroline Obando Beauty opened in the former Over the Moon Book Shop space in Piedmont Place. The space offers cosmetology training and a boutique as well as hair, skin and makeup services. Discovery School of Little Explorers hopes to move to a second location on Tabor Street in downtown Crozet by the end of the year; Pediatrics of Piedmont plans a move to its new location on Jarmans Gap Road around the same time; and the doctor’s office building in front of the Lodge at Old Trail is expected to be ready to welcome new tenants in early spring. Crozet Vape and Tobacco opened at the Crozet Market shopping center, with vaping products, tobacco, cigarettes, CBD preparations and other supplies. Owner Jacob Saleh said the company is waiting for their sign to be approved.

Susan Stanley Sprinkle moved her wholesale business to Crozet after years of operation Reprotic in Richmond. The building where she makes and markets her unique art reproductions is the former Women’s Club building on Carter Street, a property she owns. Sprinkle reproduces works of art from private collections, using production techniques and centuries-old designs from antiquity to create modern pieces marketed to high-end retailers as well as designers and architects. The workshop is not open to the public, but find examples of his work on www.reprotiqueart.com.

Amazon’s new distribution facility will bring 100 jobs to the region. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

Waynesboro Welcomes New Retail Giants

In Waynesboro, there are new uses for buildings that have been vacant for a long time. At the former KMart location on West Main Street, Amazon is about to open a delivery station. City officials say when the station is fully operational, it will offer 100 new jobs. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet opens in the former Kroger Space (and before that, Harris Teeter) on Lew DeWitt Boulevard. Ollie’s is a retail chain that sells clearance merchandise and excess inventory.

Tractor supply store opens on Lew DeWitt Boulevard in Waynesboro. Submitted.

Also on Lew Dewitt, The tractor supply company opened. The store specializes in products for rural living, including supplies for livestock and pets, gardening and farming equipment, and sturdy clothing. The Waynesboro store advertises early morning hours for those at risk. The company’s statement promises a commitment to local animal shelters, 4-H clubs and other agricultural education programs.

Local produce star in the North Garden store

Bakers, farmers, carpenters, potters, artists and designers of all kinds have a friend at Polly Davis Doig, who opened Polly’s Folly in the old Sprouse store in North Garden. It was a bit of a challenge, Doig said, with the renovation taking longer than expected and then delays imposed by the pandemic. The store opened in December 2020 and has already grown into a bit of a community gathering place. In the end, she was able to accomplish what she wanted: to showcase the creative geniuses of her community.

Polly’s Folly opened in the former Sprouse’s furniture store in North Garden. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

“It kind of fell into place,” she said. Some artists, like carpenter Alex Pettigrew, stopped when they saw what she was doing. A local cook she calls “the soup whisperer” came to find a few quiet hours in Polly’s kitchen during lockdown while her entire family was at home. Doig looked for other people whose work she admired. There are herbal cosmetics, jewelry, home-grown teas, Albemarle County cheeses, vinegars and soaps, a selection of handmade PVC flutes and a great selection of beers, of regional wines and ciders, including Loving Cup, just down the road. If you abuse fermented products made from local grapes, fruits, or grains, you can buy herbal hangover remedy off Polly’s shelves.

Her mother gets involved with advanced skills in home cooking, baking fresh cinnamon buns, brownies or cookies. Albemarle Baking Company delivers fresh bread. The grill stays on most of the day and there are always a few quiches with the soups, as well as sandwiches, burritos, burgers and salads. Or take home a casserole of Mona Lisa Pasta frozen dinners.

To stay true to its intention to support local farmers, Doig offers the hill behind the store for a farmers market every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and this will continue throughout the season. Currently there are a lot of baked goods and products.

Doig is a journalist and editor of the online news site Newser. When she got to the point where she could work from anywhere, she chose Virginia. She had gone to college in Washington and Lee, and now she lives a few miles from her store. Her two occupations are not that different, she says: “I hear great stories here, a lot of them.

Polly’s Folly is located at 2946 Monacan Trail and is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bill Mahone of Mountain Dream Farm at the North Garden Farmers Market. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

Historic Homes You May Own in the Fredericksburg Area | Local News


HISTORICAL RESTORATION MEETS MODERN LUXURY! CONVENIENT LOCATION IN THE CITY CENTER! Beautifully redesigned and renovated! This 5,500 square foot, 4/6 bedroom home has been restored and renovated to enjoy upscale modern luxury. Winning the Award for Excellence in Conservation and Restoration will not come as a surprise when you visit this beautiful, well appointed home! Located in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg, this unique property is zoned residential and commercial and residential. Over a million dollars has been spent on upgrades, restorations, renovations and additions! The exterior wood siding, shutters and doors have been repaired and restored. The original wrought iron fence and gate have been centered and restored. A beautiful brick walkway has been added to the main entrance. The porch, ceiling and large columns have all been restored. The original 2 car detached garage adds a lot of character. The house has its own expanded driveway and two additional off-street parking spaces: so rare in the downtown area! Inside, all of the original walls have been renovated by a local craftsman using slats and plaster. A new geothermal heating and air conditioning system has been installed which makes this house energy efficient. Interior storm windows add efficiency and soundproofing. The original hardwood floors, corrugated glass windows, wooden stairs and all hardware have been restored. Each radiator has been meticulously restored and looks more like a work of art. The ornate moldings and joinery have been restored and maintained. A “covered” rear staircase has been revealed and restored to like new! Every light and chandelier has been replaced with attractive modern fixtures. Updated plumbing and electricity. Radiant heated floors have been added to the tiling. modern style but not overdone. The grand entrance opens onto a wide staircase and is adorned with two magnificent cascading chandeliers. The gorgeous oversized living room to the right of the entrance, with large windows, a wood-burning fireplace and custom built-in shelving. The dining room, to the left, has original hand-hewn wood and a wood-burning fireplace. A pantry has restored original cabinetry, ice maker, bar sink, and beverage refrigerator. A magnificent gourmet chef’s kitchen offers a 48 “DACOR range, Sub-Zero refrigerator, Dornbracht faucet, Villeroy & Boch farm sink, pot filler, oversized island with granite counters and seats, floor heated tiled floor and plenty of custom cabinetry and storage. The kitchen / dining area benefits from enormous natural light with two skylights and a wall of sliding glass doors. The family room, open to the kitchen, also offers a wall of windows and French patio doors opening onto the exterior brick patio with gas fireplace, barbecue, dining area and comfortable seating. The perfect place to relax and entertain. And don’t forget to enjoy your own private indoor sauna upstairs! Large addition offers kitchen / living room, full bathroom, utility room and office. Main level office could double as a guest suite, parental / au pair suite, with a fold-away bed and a complete bathroom. There are more than four bedrooms upstairs and a fifth which has been converted into a walk-in closet. Take note of the well-designed custom storage cabinets in the bedrooms! The third wood burning fireplace is located in the generously sized master suite! Two of the bedrooms have a full bathroom and there is a third bathroom upstairs, all tastefully renovated. The second floor ‘sleeping porch’ currently houses a games room and has a wall of picture windows from which Chatham Manor can be seen. It would make another nice bedroom or office. The third floor renovation added over 800 additional square feet to this unprecedented home in the city, making over 5,500 square feet of living space! This extra space can be a bonus room, game room, entertainment / craft room, or even an extra bedroom! LOTS of options for home workspaces. A rare opportunity!

Vera List Center Jane Lombard Award winner Avni Sethi makes her Aronson Galleries debut


Conflictorium, Right to freedom of speech and expression, view of the installation. Photo by Shristi Sharma. Courtesy of the Conflictorium Archives.

Vera List Center Jane Lombard Award winner Avni Sethi makes her Aronson Galleries debut

Conflitorium, also known as the Museum of Conflict, is a unique interactive experience based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, where visitors experience the very human nature of conflict and learn to accept conflict in life and find new ways of dealing with conflict. dialogue in order to create progress on contentious issues. Rooted in the political dimensions of his immediate environment, Conflictorium uses lyrical triggers to recalibrate what has been frozen in silence, and it is through this sense of the political dimension of poetics that he approaches the often unspeakable nature. trauma.

The museum was founded by Avni Sethi, who won the Jane Lombard Prize for Art and Social Justice for his work. Vera List Center for Art and Politics, who awarded the prize to Avni, will present a new show, Due to a certain void: Conflictorium infrastructure, from October 9 to 24, 2021 at Galeries Aronson.

The show, which is inspired by Conflictorium in Ahmedabad, is part of VLC 2021 Forum: As for protocols, which highlights the protocol-related work of each of the 2020-2022 Jane Lombard Fellows, online and in person from October 12-16, 2021. Each day of the Forum is dedicated to an exemplary artistic project advancing social justice in its community. In addition to Avni, featured artists include Jane Lombard Fellows: Emeka Okereke (Lagos / Berlin), NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati (Kathmandu), Underground Resistance (Detroit) and Jorge González (San Juan, PR).

“I’ve always thought of this work as one that needs to sit on the slow burner, quietly, continuously, without a spectacle,” says Avni. “Building a space of possibilities is also constantly sitting down with uncertainty – the prize at this point is an assertion that stillness can be heard too. “

Avni was originally inspired to create Conflictorium due to the overwhelming nature of witnessing violence and trying to find ways to process and understand his emotions in the face of conflict. While she found it difficult to decide which aspects of her original museum’s methodologies can fit into an exhibit, she is enthusiastic and eager to create a new atmosphere of conversation in a very different setting from the Conflictorium space. in India.

Due to a certain void, like the Conflictorium, hopes to be a space for reflection, a space where nothing is on display but where there are people and opportunities to have a conversation, to read critically, to also abandon the compulsive exercises of creation of meaning, ”says Avni. “I hope visitors can breathe, be with themselves, pause and meditate on the many types of infrastructure that engulf us, those that have failed, those that are promising, those that bring joy, those that that we want to build and those that we collectively dismantle. . “

“Against all odds,” says Carin Kuoni, senior director and chief curator of the VLC, “despite an easing of the pandemic at least in New York City, we cannot go back to our old ways. The extraordinary police violence against people of color, the drastic decline in educational opportunities, a growing wealth gap, all made shocking during these months of endless pandemic, require a radical overhaul of our cultural organizations and their role. in democratic societies. Conflictorium and this exhibit at The New School offer us a glimpse into what a museum can do in communities and an opportunity to recalibrate our cultural work tools, approaches and infrastructure, and I look forward to exploring them with students and the teachers of The New School. “

For Avni, winning the Jane Lombard Award gave him the opportunity to think about his art practice beyond traditional emergency settings, and instead allowed him to start “creating” his practice.

“An award is a catalyst for dreams that are on the back burner, that have not yet taken shape because they are not pressing here and now,” she says. “Performance has been one of my long-standing interests. I maintain a new space in Ahmedabad called Ordo Performance Collaboratory which allows experiments in performance. Hopefully, this becomes a resource that performance creators and audiences can use to interact, build, and disseminate inside. “

Conflictorium is also setting up a new museum in the city of Raipur, Chattisgarh, India, where Avni hopes to better articulate the methodology and work of the museum.

Chichester could see three new store openings after retail stores close


Following the announcement of the closure of its East Street store by popular retailer Next, it became clear that another clothing giant, New Look, could be on the verge of moving in.

New Look closed its old East Street store on Sunday, but it came after a planning request was submitted asking for permission to install signage at The Corn Exchange – a Grade II listed building.

“It is good to see that New Look still sees Chichester as a positive investment proposition and is keen to maintain its presence on our Main Street,” said Helen Marshall, Vice President and CEO of Chichester Business Improvement District (BID). Read more here

East Street, Chichester. Photo: Kate Shemilt

Although Next doesn’t close until October 21, the old New Look store is now vacant and rumors are already circulating about a possible replacement.

Sports Direct and Flannels, both owned by the Frasers group, are said to have planned to move to the site.

An urban planning application has been submitted, asking for permission to repaint the storefront with paint and install new signage.

Meanwhile, internal work is underway at the former Russell and Bromley store on South Street.

Next will close its store at The Corn Exchange on October 21

The shoe store revealed in August that its closure was due to “unforeseen circumstances” and speculation is rife that retail clothing company Anthropologie may move into the vacant store near Market Cross.

The Frasers group and Anthropologie have so far not responded to requests for comment.

A spokesperson for Chichester District Council said: “We are committed to supporting retailers and businesses both in the city center and across the district. This is more important than ever, especially as our district is recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic.

“To help our businesses get through coronavirus blockages and to help them bounce back from the pandemic, we have provided Covid Recovery grants and issued millions of pounds of Covid-19 government grants.

New Look closed its old East Street store on Sunday. Photo: Google Street View

“We also have a variety of other programs, grants and projects dedicated to supporting neighborhood businesses, such as; a business support contact program, where we work directly with all types of local businesses to offer advice and enable a grant program to give small businesses the opportunity to access finance that will help them grow and develop; a pop-up shop program located in Crane Street, Chichester, which gives local businesses and entrepreneurs the ability to do business in a street location without the commitment or cost of a longer term lease and access to free online training for independent retailers and other interested businesses, with a grant program to follow. “

The council has also developed a strategy and an events program for the district “to encourage greater attendance”.

The spokesperson added: “Examples of events include the recent Summer Street Party in downtown Chichester, which was extremely successful, and the upcoming Cross Market & More event in early November.

“We have also made improvements to our parks and gardens and downtown washrooms to make shoppers and visitors more comfortable and we have also introduced the MiPermit parking app to allow people to stay longer in town and to shop locally.

Internal work is underway at the former Russell and Bromley store on South Street

“We have also run a Shop Local campaign to encourage residents to come together to support their local businesses and we will also be running a local Christmas support campaign.

“This includes a number of parking incentives throughout December, including free parking every December weekend in the Chartres Avenue car park in Chichester and free parking after 4:00 pm in the car park from Chartres Avenue for Christmas lights and nighttime shopping events in Chichester.

“People can also select two hours and get a third free at most municipal parking lots in the neighborhood in December when they use the MiPermit app: www.chichester.gov.uk/mipermit. “

As part of the Chichester Vision, the council is working with partners on “other actions for the main street,” adding: “We are also working to encourage different types of businesses to come and do business in our neighborhood as part of the Chichester Vision. of our new inbound investment strategy, which will also have ripple effects in terms of bringing more people to the city center and the wider neighborhood. “

Where is the Orient Express going? The train has new European routes


Before the dawn of private jets and business class flights, royalty and high society traveled across Europe on luxury trains.

Now anyone can do it, if they are ready and able to spend £ 1,700 ($ 2,300) on an overnight trip.

This is the starting fare to go from Florence to Paris aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, a historic luxury train operated by the Belmond travel brand owned by LVMH. Other routes cost more – a lot more.

The prices, however, don’t seem to deter rail enthusiasts. Many trips sell every seat.

“2019 was a banner year for Venice Simplon-Orient-Express which saw our revenue increase by 70% compared to 2015,” said Gary Franklin, vice president of trains and cruises at Belmond.

When passenger travel resumed in June, travelers again booked some solid routes.

“We are certainly seeing a resumption of train travel after the pandemic,” Franklin told CNBC. “With more and more travelers discovering… slow travel, we expect this increase in demand and interest to continue.

Orient Express historical service

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express consists of 11 sleeping cars, three dining cars, one bar car and two staff cars, making it the longest passenger train in Europe, Franklin said.

But it’s not just an ordinary train. Each of the 17 coaches was once part of the iconic Orient Express of Europe, a rail service that connected Paris to Istanbul from 1883. The service then spread to cities in Europe, reaching its “peak” between World War I and II, Franklin said.

The oldest car on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express dates from 1926.

Courtesy of Belmond

Jet travel sidelined the famous railway line. Eventually the cars collapsed and services ceased.

In the 1970s, the American James Sherwood, founder of Belmond, bought many dilapidated cars at an auction. By 1982 he had located – and restored to their former grandeur – enough original cars to form the Venice Simplon-Orient Express which still operates today.

New routes across Europe

Due to the Covid pandemic, the VSOE, as it is known, has missed its entire 2020 travel season, which runs from March to November.

After an 18-month closure, the train was relaunched in June with new routes to some of Europe’s most popular cities. In addition to London, Paris and Venice, the luxury train now serves Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Rome and Florence.

The new Amsterdam route is particularly popular, Franklin said, adding that timetables to the city are about to run out for 2022.

The name “Simplon” comes from the Simplon tunnel, a railway tunnel opened in 1906 that crosses the Alps between Switzerland and Italy. Some Belmond roads still use the tunnel today.

Courtesy of Belmond

Belmond also added three new “grand suites” when the train closed. The suites, now six in total, can accommodate two passengers and feature bedrooms, living rooms and en-suite bathrooms in Italian marble and mouth-blown glass. Prices start at £ 5,300 ($ 7,200) per person for short trips.

Train suites are popular due to the growing demand for privacy and special occasion travel, Franklin said.

Why do people pay the price

History, mystique and opulence are the reasons why the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is on the wish lists of many travelers.

The same is true, Franklin said, that the holidays begin the moment the journey begins – a concept few would associate with commercial flights, especially in today’s controversial air travel climate..

We only have 120 people on a train, whereas an equivalent train can have 2,000 people.

Gary Franklin

Vice President, Belmond Trains and Cruises

Most trips last only one night. Others are longer, like the popular five-night trip that traces the historic route from Paris to Istanbul. The train runs this route once a year in August, and cabins typically sell out a year in advance, Franklin said.

Annual trip prices make overnight bookings seem like a bargain.

Twin cabins for the race in Istanbul cost £ 35,000 ($ 47,650) per trip, while large suites sell for £ 110,000 ($ 150,000). All six suites are booked for the August 2022 trip.

British writer Agatha Christie immortalized the Paris-Istanbul route in her book “Murder on the Orient Express”, which she wrote after Carriage 3309 – now home to the three new grand suites – got stuck in a snowdrift in 1929, said Franklin de Belmond.

Courtesy of Belmond

Franklin acknowledged that travel on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express isn’t cheap, but neither is restoration and car maintenance.

“Food and drink on the train… it’s not cheap; accessing the rail network is not cheap,” he said. “Also, we only have 120 people on a train, whereas an equivalent train can have 2,000 people.”

Multi-course meals and drinks, but alcohol not, are included in rates, and menus change based on destination and season.

Courtesy of Belmond

He compared the trips to “a private jet on wheels” and the horse-drawn carriages to “works of art”.

“As you drive through the countryside of northern France, you wake up in your bed with breakfast in bed. You lift the blinds, you have the Swiss Alps and Swiss lakes in front of your window,” he said. he declares. have lunch as you cross the lagoon to Venice. “

For this experience, “It’s great value for money,” he said.

Farm & Sea Cajun Grill to Open in Grand River Factory Outlets


Extract from the Tribune staff reports

LEEDS – Grand River Factory Outlets are excited to announce that Farm & Sea Cajun Grill will be joining them as the newest addition to their restaurant selections. Farm & Sea Cajun Grill is a unique concept developed by partners Pia Yuensuk and Josh Wang. Together they bring over 40 years of experience in serving delicious food to the public.

Farm & Sea Cajun Grill (Photo courtesy of Dona Bonnett)

The Farm & Sea offers made-to-order Cajun seafood as well as a house menu of American dishes. This is a must-see, whether you are looking for a quick, casual meal or a restaurant-style meal made to order.

Some Cajun dishes they offer include calamari, shrimp, fish, fried oysters, half-shell mussels, and seafood platters. House-style favorites include meatloaf, roast beef, roast or baked chicken and Salisbury steak. One of their specialties is the po boy sandwich. Vegetables and sides include Cajun potato salad, blackened open face potato, coleslaw, fried okra, mashed potatoes, dirty chicken rice, fresh green beans , steamed vegetables, cinnamon sweet potatoes, pasta and more. Some items are seasonal and only available at certain times of the year.

Still got your mouth watering? Wang’s favorite dish is the seafood platter containing fried shrimp, half-shell mussels, oysters, fried fish, and squid. Yuensuk says his favorites are fish, Cajun oysters and squid.

What makes Farm & Sea Cajun Grill so unique? Not only will you enjoy a delicious hot meal that is sure to please, but the service you receive is second to none. Their passion for cooking and serving the public is extraordinary. They love everything about service to their customers and are happiest when people enjoy their food. Josh doesn’t call himself a chef, but has explored cooking all types of food and is excited about the variety of the menu with this new venture.

Yuensuk and Wang also own the Teriyaki Express, located in the food court of the Grand River Outlets, and the Hibachi Express, which will soon open near UAB. This couple are family oriented and have a five year old son named Justin.

Farm & Sea Cajun Grill is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and opens on Friday October 15th. Make sure to stop by to meet Yuensuk and Wang. The venue is located in the Food Court, Suite 360, at the Grand River Outlet Stores in Leeds. The opening hours of the restaurant follow the same hours as The Shops.

For more information, please contact Yuensuk at 205.218.2431 and visit www.shopsofgrandriver.com.

Legal scandals of Erika Jayne, Tom Girardi, Jen Shah and other real housewives


In his 2018 memoirs, Nice mess, Erika Girardi wrote enthusiastically about her relationship with her husband. “Tom is 33 years older than me,” she says. “It was always a bigger deal for everyone than for either of us. All a couple really needs is to have the same philosophy of life. If you see them. things the same way, so age, race, religion, none of that matters.

For decades, Tom Girardi was the famous, attorney who rose to stardom in the 1990s when he helped the real Erin Brockovich secure a $ 333 million settlement for residents of Hinkley, Calif., Including the groundwater had been contaminated. But in 2015, when audiences turned their gaze to the Girardi family, it was to watch the televised exploits of Erika Jayne, his wife’s leather and latex pop star alter ego. In December, Jayne began a seven-season series (and it continues!) As a cast member of the hit series Bravo, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. His songs – loud, sweaty and exciting tracks with retrospectively ironic titles like “How Many Fucks?” And “XXPEN $ IVE” —were created by expensive hitmakers like Justin Tranter (Selena Gomez), Sarah Hudson (Dua Lipa) and frequent Britney Spears background singer Myah Marie. A private jet was displayed as frequently and vividly as the designer brands spilling out of its closets. Money, her actions revealed, was no problem, making Jayne the perfect fit for a franchise built on excess.

Erika Jayne in a 2020 appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

well doneGetty Images

Fans were shocked last fall when Jayne quietly filed for divorce papers on Election Day. Girardi responded to filing weeks later, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

A month later, the Los Angeles Times published a devastating and deeply related story detailing Girardi’s alleged fraud and embezzlement, with an extremely concise title: “The Legal Titan and the ‘Real Housewife’: The Rise and Fall of Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne.” A lawsuit filed against Tom in federal court in Chicago that month expanded the allegations: “Tom resorted to the diversion of proceeds from settlements that should have been paid to his customers, including, as the basis of this complaint. , the widows and orphans who lost loved ones in the tragic crash of Lion Air flight 610, in order to continue funding her lavish lifestyle and that of Erika in Beverly Hills. (Jayne said on the show that she was not aware of the allegations against her husband before filing for a divorce, although Girardi claimed “I think she knows” earlier this week, in response to a paparazzi asking, “Did Erika know anything?”)

erika girardi and thomas girardi
Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi in 2016.

Steve eichner

Fortunately, to use Bravophiles jargon, the cameras were in place, filming the divorce petition and the immediate flashback of the allegations against Girardi, and the months of aftermath that will likely turn into years of court dates, depositions. and confessionals with tight lips. . In fact, the cameras have been installed since all recent events taking place at the intersection of the real crime and Real housewives, including the arrest in March 2021 of Salt lake city star Jen Shah for her alleged role in a multi-year telemarketing program. For housewives, take note: keep the skeletons in your variety textbook closet before joining a reality show, lest you suddenly have to, say, show them in the United States once in a while. week.

Shah’s alleged crimes, like the charges against Tom Girardi, run deeper than those of his Bravo predecessors. Network Director Andy Cohen tried to unpack Shah’s work at Salt lake city meeting earlier this year, to no avail; his co-star, Heather Gay, recently said the Watch what is happening live that she knew Shah’s affairs were “unsavory”, but that they did not believe them “illegal”, and that they had not sought to worry because of their friendship. The federal indictment against Shah appears to have unraveled the web in question, with prosecutors charging the 47-year-old with “conspiracy to commit telemarketing and conspiracy fraud. view of committing money laundering “. (Shah pleaded not guilty in April.) telemarketing scheme allegedly defrauded hundreds of people across the country, many of whom were over 55. Tinsley Mortimer’s arrest for trespassing on his ex’s home – a charge that was later dismissed – is not.

jen chah
Jen Shah became emotional at the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion of the first season in January 2021.

well doneGetty Images

Even if The Real housewives– which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary with a mostly muted fanfare – began as a series that offered viewers a secret entry into the gated communities of Orange County’s wealthy and elite, the real bread and Butter of the show is to highlight disorderly casting conduct of varying degrees of severity. Bankruptcy is rife in the ranks of Bravo; drunk, public antics have become part of the DNA of the shows. At New York City, a passport photo doesn’t seem to hurt your chances at this point. In 2009, New Jersey to put the Housewives on the map when the teammates of star Danielle Staub stumbled upon a book containing information about his past run-ins with the law, which led to the table being knocked down and the “fucking prostitution” taunt heard around the world. Five years later, that same instigator, Teresa Giudice – who is about to enter her 12th season in the series – was sentenced to 15 months in prison on a litany of charges including mail, wire transfer and fraudulent payment. bankruptcy ; her husband was sentenced to 41 months, followed by deportation to his native Italy. Cameras followed them every step of the way.

teresa giudice and danielle staub
Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub in 2019, several years after their on-screen showdown is the first season of The real housewives of New Jersey.

Bruce glikasGetty Images

If there is a winner in all of the aforementioned mischief, it’s the network itself, with the right ratings and consistent media coverage for both. Beverly hills and Salt lake city (the former regularly has over a million live viewers per episode, and the latter is right on its heels – a solid performance for a second outing). Fans win too: Bravo enthusiasts have gone from lamenting one of the worst seasons of Housewives history (2020s Orange County, who suffered from being the first to film during COVID) celebrating the rebirth of a multiverse that many had felt is fading before our eyes. The captivating, headline storylines that propel the Housewives this year has given viewers hope that you can never count on the franchise, even in its darkest hours.

But at what cost ? Well done definitely don’t throw Real housewives stars based on potential skeletons, but with a life force made up equally of rumors and fights, alleged wrongdoing like that of Shah and Tom Girardi does not surface to injure the fabric of their common cinematographic universe. Until 2021, however, the franchise’s “warts and all” meant mostly victimless crimes, allowing viewers to binge on shows wholeheartedly. The real housewives are, after all, modern day soap operas, with backstabbing, betrayals and buried secrets unearthed. We love to watch women kick each other; some even like it when women throw glasses and tables at each other. But when the people who didn’t register in the spotlight start to get hurt, the strange valley of Housewives infractions go from mild to mind-blowing in an instant. The drama surrounding Shah and Jayne could make for an incredibly compelling television, but it could also tear the fabric of Bravo’s fourth wall very well.

We probably won’t have to wait long to witness the ripple effect of Jayne and Shah’s storylines unfolding on our screens. Beverly hills just filmed a meeting in which Jayne would have “disclosed a lot” about the last year of her life. A trailer for the four-part reunion (the first in four parts in Beverly hills story) reveals its extent, with Andy Cohen’s questions to Jayne taking center stage, setting up what appears to be an explosive month of television. This is not new to the Housewives, however, because on reality TV, nothing remains a secret for long; Let’s just hope people looking for the fleeting fame that the cameras bring will never get it.

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Red Sox WAGs went ‘wild’ after team crushed Yankees


Sauvage would be an understatement.

As the Red Sox celebrated their 6-2 AL Wild Card win over the Yankees in the traditional way – popping and spraying bottles of champagne on top of each other in the clubhouse – their WAGS took a classier approach to it. drinking.

Red Sox pitcher Matt Barnes’ wife Chelsea posted photos of their celebrations with the caption ‘we have WILD’. Chelsea also praised the champagne-filled glasses in their suite, saying they were their “lucky charms”. Taylor Plawecki, wife of catcher Kevin, celebrated when he hit a double while drinking one of these glasses.

Kiké Hernandez’s wife brought their adorable baby girl to the game as she wore a sweatshirt with her daddy’s last name and number on the back.

Barnes and winning pitcher Nathan Eovaldi posed for a photo with their wives at the pre-champagne showers pitch.

Jason Varitek’s wife, Catherine, wrote in tribute to the WAGs and the players.

“Well done to #GirlsClubofBoston, we beat #NewYork and that’s all that matters in my book tonight. Well done sir!” Said Catherine, whose husband is on staff at Alex Cora.

Pitcher’s wife Garrett Whitlock posed on the pitch with her man captioning the photo.

“Tonight was WILDDDD, next Tampa stop #BelieveinBoston #WildCardChamps #WeAreWhitlock.”

The WAGS represented their love for the team in celebrating their victory by reproducing two different sweatshirts to commemorate the victory. One sweatshirt read “Let’s Get Wild” with “Believe in Boston” underneath and the other top said “Still Good”.

The “Let’s Get Wild” theme was pretty obvious as almost every bride wrote this line on social media.

The Red Sox – and their families – have a day to recover before the ALDS begins Thursday against rival Rays.

State-of-the-art New Canaan home embraces natural surroundings


After living for 12 years in a contemporary home near Long Island Sound in Norwalk, marketers Nada and Avery Stirratt decided it was time for a change. This time around, they wanted more land, even if it meant not being near water.

“We were drawn to New Canaan, in part because of its Modernist roots,” says Nada Stirratt, who found a home at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac on more than 3 acres. “It was a perfect location for us as we were both heading into town and at the end of a hectic day we instantly feel serene when we pull into the driveway.”

Like their previous home, their new ranch home had a contemporary feel, but it lacked a truly modern aesthetic. It was a typical construction with standard windows, and when they thought about living there, they envisioned a lot more openness to the environment.

Glass walls are everywhere, which means the greenery is always within sight.

elizabeth felicella photography / contributed photo

“It was originally built in the 1950s and was added in the 1970s and again in the 1990s, so it lost any sort of architectural identity,” says Stirratt. “What we wanted was as much glass as structurally possible to take in the beauty of the woods in each room.”

The Stirratts realized that what they thought could be salvaged from the old house made no sense from both a structural engineering standpoint and an aesthetic one. For example, in some areas the foundation did not go deep enough and in others the wall thickness was not up to code. In the end, it was more economical to tear it down and rebuild it.

Stirratt and her husband interviewed six architects before choosing Specht Architects (then called Specht Harpman), which has offices in New York and Austin and specializes in designing modern homes. “The original project was to take a look at this house and make a few adjustments here and there to make it more modern and functional for them,” says Scott Specht, owner of Specht Architects. “Early in the process, after discussing what we could do, we imagined what it would be like if you walked in and saw this brand new kitchen, but immediately walked into an older section and it didn’t flow. “

Specht notes that some houses are easier to renovate than others. You can do some of it in pieces, and there’s a seamless transition between the new and old pieces. But in this case, it only seemed to highlight the flaws in the existing house.

The house is perched on a hill, and Specht says they considered different approaches, but ultimately went with the plan he preferred. It features a long winding road past the house and across to the parking lot at the top of the hill and the entrance on the second level. Alec Gunn and Heather Morgan of New York and the Hamptons-based Gunn Landscape Architecture worked alongside Specht to reposition the driveway to create the ideal outdoor circulation.

A glass-walled workout room allows owners to gaze longingly at the pool while they sweat on the treadmill.

A glass-walled workout room allows owners to gaze longingly at the pool while they sweat on the treadmill.

elizabeth felicella photography / contributed photo

“From the start of their driveway, you’re at the bottom of the house looking at it through the trees,” says Specht. “And what you’re actually looking at is not the entrance, but the back of the house. So, it is cantilevered and hangs above the forest canopy when you look at it. You see it in the distance on a hill with lights on inside and it’s very inviting, but it’s obscured a bit by the forest.

Once inside the main entrance on the second level, a giant wall of windows overlooks the canopy of trees. There’s a feeling of “floating in the treetops,” says Specht, adding that it’s the perfect arrangement to take advantage of seasonal color changes.

Working in the original U-shaped footprint, Specht’s design of the three-bedroom, 4½-bath, 7,000 square foot home placed the main living areas and all bedrooms on the top floor. A secret staircase behind the fireplace leads down to a library, lounge / bar, and work space for Nada and Avery. Outside the downstairs lounge / bar is a large seating area with a fireplace. From there, an external staircase leads directly to the swimming pool and the cabana. A path runs between the interior and the exterior, seamlessly connecting the spaces.

“There are all of these wonderful areas for entertaining,” says Stirratt, who notes that although a swimming pool comes with the original house, it has been rebuilt into a smaller footprint, with a cabana added to mimic the shape of the house. “When we have guests, they go from the bar to the pool to the fireplace. We call the fireplace area the Lower East Side – all parts are found here. “

Talk about open concept - a dining room blends directly into a living room with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace as the centerpiece.  And of course, the trees are never out of sight.  Imagine the colors in October and November.

Talk about open concept – a dining room blends directly into a living room with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace as the centerpiece. And of course, the trees are never out of sight. Imagine the colors in October and November.

elizabeth felicella photography / contributed photo

The interior style of the house matches its modern architecture. The couple chose the husband and wife team of Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, owners of New York-based Carrier and Company Interiors Ltd., because they knew the owners wanted a home that, while modern, was warm and welcoming. . Stirratt provided them with a stack of filing cabinets dating from a 1993 Metropolitan house magazine with torn sheets of its dreamy interiors, textiles and finishes. “Just about every part of our home can be traced to these bindings,” she says.

The Stirratts also knew where they wanted their kitchen and how it should work. It has been strategically placed in the main living and dining areas, so that when preparing food, it becomes part of the conversations in these spaces. It was also designed so that everything is hidden.

“We love to cook and entertain, and we built the kitchen especially for us,” says Stirratt. “I’m 6 feet tall and my husband is 6 feet 3 inches tall. Our counters are at the right height for us to chop and prepare. And from the point of view of space, because the cabinets go up to the ceiling, which are really high, we have a lot of storage and therefore no clutter on the counters, ”explains Stirratt, who attributes to both Specht and his right arm. , Amy Lopez-Cepero.

“They did a phenomenal job and spent a lot of time with us,” Stirratt says. “The attention to detail has been most impressive working with Scott and Amy. They were surgical in placing things where they made the most sense, which included asking, “What’s the right height if you want to chop onions?” “”

Double Weapon Little Girl Video Seen Over 2 Million Times


Viral video footage of a seven-year-old girl firing two guns simultaneously has sparked an online debate over gun safety and Second Amendment rights.

In a clip posted to Twitter by LiVe2DaNceATL, a child named Autumn Fry can be seen firing two pistols, one in each hand, at an offscreen target.

Autumn Fry, who wears headphones and goggles in the video, then stops to check if one of the guns is empty before throwing it to the ground.

She then continues to fire the remaining weapon until she also runs out of bullets. Once the shot is over, she turns to the camera and smiles.

“Say whatever you want, but she won’t be anyone’s victim,” read a caption accompanying LiVe2DaNceATL’s tweet.

The video has been viewed over 2.3 million times at the time of writing, garnering over 1,500 retweets and 6,475 likes in the process.

It comes from Autumn’s Armory, a content center focused on images and videos of Autumn Fry using guns.

The channel currently has 158,000 subscribers on YouTube and another 43,000 on Instagram, posted under the handle autumns_armory.

Autumn Fry’s dad, Randy Fry, said News week: “We created the YouTube channel because Autumn is an amazing little girl who is both a lover of guns and a pro at handling them.”

“She has been shooting since she was very young,” he added. “The channel needs to show the world that some children are capable of much more than we expect.”

Randy Fry said the channel showed that “with the proper handling of guns, they don’t necessarily have to be something to fear or to hide”.

“The people of Autumn’s age are the future of guns in America, and we hope that when others see what Autumn can do, they will be inspired to at least give it a try themselves.”

Fall Armory Currently has 76 videos listed on YouTube, including clips of her testing everything from Ruger Blackhawk 10mm revolvers to AR-15 style rifles while her father films and comments on her efforts.

The images in the viral Twitter post are from a video Autumn’s Armory posted on another video-sharing platform, Odyssey.

It was released last year as a result of a review of a Kel Tec P17 pistol. According to the clip, Autumn was 7 at the time.

The video is not available to watch on his YouTube channel.

In a previous Instagram post, Autumn’s Armory said he’s been banned from YouTube multiple times for content violation and urged fans to watch more of their videos on Odysee.

This particular clip has caused a stir since it was posted on Twitter, with some expressing support for the actions seen in the video.

Jakejakestorm described her as “an example of how to raise a strong, independent and confident woman”.

WhatsATomato commented: “Well done! My son shot rifles when he was 9 years old. Now at 11 he easily hits targets 1.5 km away.” Real61311501, meanwhile, suggested the girl “seems to know more about gun safety than most adults.”

Others, however, expressed dismay at the images.

“I’m all for the 2nd Amendment, but stuff like this is just an annoyance,” KnobberSlocker wrote. “Teach children to respect firearms and gun safety. It is just nonsense and sends the wrong message. MichelMiron6 also warned that the girl “would probably accidentally kill her mother or her little brother or sister”, adding that “children should not play with guns”.

Bearright8, meanwhile, added, “I wouldn’t throw a gun on the ground. Do it too often or hit the wrong rock and she’ll be disarmed.” AlexHadwen was also very critical of the video, presenting it as an example of “why gun violence is rampant”.

“I wonder why a civilian should have access to anything other than shotguns and shotguns, everything going on here is the continuation of a big problem in American culture,” he said. .

Besides a strong social media presence, Autumn’s Armory also has an online store, hosted on the Bonfire website, offering t-shirts and other items with images of assault rifles, Autumn Fry and unicorns holding firearms.

A still image from a video posted by Autumn’s Armory of a young girl shooting two guns.
Fall Armory / YouTube

Eargo hearing aid review – Forbes Health


Eargo offers four models of hearing aids that fit inside the ear canal, making them almost invisible. Eargo also offers an online hearing test to help potential users determine their level of hearing loss. You can also speak with representatives from Eargo, who can help you choose the best hearing aid for your lifestyle and level of hearing loss.

Customization options and special features

Depending on the model of Eargo hearing aid you need, features may include:

  • Environmental programs. The sound matching function can be adjusted to the user’s environment, such as a noisy restaurant or theater, for better hearing. (Eargo 5, Eargo Neo HiFi and Eargo Neo only)
  • Soft and replaceable tips. Eargo hearing aids come with two sizes of soft, replaceable silicone ear tips that “float” inside your ear while letting air and natural sounds pass through.
  • Black cap for the inside of the ear opening. The Eargo 5 comes with a black “cap” which further promotes invisibility by blending into the natural darkness of the ear opening.
  • Charging possibilities. All Eargo hearing aids are rechargeable and last approximately 16 hours on a full charge. When fully charged, the Eargo charger can power hearing aids for up to a week.
  • 45 day return policy. Eargo offers a 45-day return period that begins on the day your hearing aids are delivered.

Eargo hearing aid applications and accessories

The Eargo mobile app is compatible with Eargo 5 hearing aids. Eargo Neo and Eargo HiFi users must download the Eargo Neo HiFi app. The Eargo Max is not compatible with applications.

Both apps let you customize settings for different listening environments. The Eargo app for Eargo 5 hearing aids also has built-in hearing screening to create a “sound map” for better personalization of hearing settings. With their unique sound card, users can fine-tune their hearing aid settings regardless of their home.

Are Eargo hearing aids covered by insurance?

Original Medicare does not cover hearing aids. However, some Medicare Advantage plans can cover the cost of hearing aids. Check with your health insurance provider to see if your policy specifically covers Eargo hearing aids.

Eargo hearing aids may be covered by other types of insurance, such as the Federal Employee Medicare Program. That said, the US Department of Justice launched a criminal investigation Eargo in 2021 regarding its insurance claims submitted on behalf of clients covered by federal employee health plans.

Guarantees and discounts

Eargo 5 hearing aids include a 2 year warranty on each hearing aid. The Eargo Neo HiFi, Eargo Neo and Eargo Max hearing aids each come with a one-year warranty.

The Eargo warranty covers unlimited repairs to the hearing aid and one-time coverage for hearing aid loss or damage. During the warranty period, Eargo will inspect the hearing aid and / or charger and repair or replace the device with a new or refurbished device. However, if you lose or damage the hearing aid or charger during Eargo’s 45-day return period, you cannot return the system for a refund.

Eargo is offering a 10% discount on Eargo 5 and Eargo Neo HiFi hearing aids to first responders, nurses, doctors and military personnel. If you are referred by a friend who is an Eargo customer, you can also get a $ 300 discount on the Eargo 5 or the Eargo Neo HiFi.

Is Walmart Stock a $ 137 Buy?


We believe this Dollar General Action (NYSE: DG), Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Holdings shares (NASDAQ: OLLI), and Stock BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings (NYSE: BJ) are currently better valued than Walmart’s actions (NYSE: WMT). Walmart’s current price / operating income ratio of 21x is above the levels of 14x for DG, 13x for OLLI, and 12x for BJ. But does this valuation gap make sense? We don’t think so, especially if we look at the fundamentals. Specifically, we come to our conclusion by examining the historical trends in revenues and operating results of these companies. Our dashboard Better bet than WMT: Pay less to get more from industry peers DG, OLLI, BJ has more details – parts of which are summarized below.

1. Income growth

Walmart Revenue has grown at an average rate of around 4% over the past three years, compared to 13% growth for General revenue in dollars, 19% for Income from the Ollie’s Bargain store, and 8% growth for BJ Wholesale Club Income. Even if we look at the revenue growth over the past twelve months, WMT’s nearly 4% growth is much worse than the 8% growth for DG, 33% for OLLI, and 9% for BJ.

  • General Dollar

    is the largest small format retailer in the United States by number of stores. Despite its name, it sells goods for prices up to $ 10. In the second quarter, same-store sales fell 5% but increased 14.1% over two years. The company focuses on rural and semi-urban markets with smaller stores. In fact, DG’s business model is well suited to both good and tough economic conditions as the company experienced its 31st consecutive year of comp growth in 2020.
  • Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Holdings is a chain of discount stores selling both basic and optional items (toys, housewares, electronics, hardware). The company looks for excess inventory from suppliers to sell at a significantly reduced price in warehouse type stores. It specifically targets branded merchandise when purchasing inventory. In the fiscal second quarter (ended July 31), comparable store sales were down 28.0% from the extraordinary 43.3% a year earlier, but resulted in a positive stack of 15, 3% over two years.
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club is a member-only chain of warehouse clubs in the United States. The company is currently a more attractive business than it was before the pandemic. While BJ’s comparable sales were down 3% excluding changes in gasoline prices, they were up 21% on a two-year basis. It should be noted that sales of Walmart’s Sam’s Club products grew 14.5% from the pre-pandemic quarter.
  • Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, operating discount stores, supercenters, neighborhood markets and Sam’s Club warehouses. The company’s revenue grew 2% year-over-year, with comparable sales in the United States up 5.2% in the quarter. It should be noted that this 5% growth in second quarter comps decelerated from 6% in the first quarter and 9% in the previous year, but was still higher than the 3% growth that the company had experienced two years ago during the pre-pandemic quarter.

2. Growth in operating income

The three-year average operating income growth for WMT is 16%, well below 23% for Dollar General, 29% for Ollie’s and 46% for BJ’s Wholesale. Better revenue growth for the latter three led to an increase in operating income for these companies. Over the past twelve months, WMT’s 31% drop in operating income compares with gains of 9%, 76% and 28% for DG, OLLI and BJ, respectively.

The net of everything

Although WMT’s revenue base is much larger than that of any of its peers, each of these companies has experienced higher revenue and operating profit growth than WMT over the past twelve months, as well. than the last three years. Despite better earnings and revenue growth, these companies have a comparatively lower market capitalization to operating profit ratio. Walmart’s underperformance in revenue growth and operating profit relative to the mentioned industry peers reinforces our conclusion that the stock is expensive relative to its peers. And we believe that valuation gap will eventually narrow over time to favor the comparatively cheaper group of names – Dollar General, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Comparison of WMT stocks with peers shows how it compares to other peers on the metrics that matter.

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Designer and model Aleali May on her journey with Air Jordans


When Vashtie Kola became the first woman to design a Jordan sneaker in 2010 – 25 years after the dawn of the shoe’s revolutionary debut – it was a feat for a woman to break into the boys’ club of streetwear. Fortunately, style consultant, designer and model Aleali May continued to break down the gender walls of the sneaker industry in 2017.

But for the month of May, because “it took so long” to bring another female voice to the forefront of the design process, pledging to “turn this whole female market”, was crucial in her journey with the Jordan brand, she said about it. Glossy podcast of the week.

After working at RSVP Gallery, an upscale and streetwear retailer in Chicago owned by Virgil Abloh and Don C, May was given the opportunity to make her mark in Jordanian history. And with that opportunity came the guiding question of storytelling.

With Air Jordan, “Every silhouette has its own story,” May said. As a force integral to the ins and outs of the fashion industry, May’s unique perspective on the industry has continued to evolve, particularly with regards to the peaks and troughs of the pandemic and its impact on inclusiveness within the industry as a whole.

In terms of design, May continues to make her mark in the traditionally male-dominated sneaker industry. “The more seasoned I am, the more willing I am to try new silhouettes,” she said.

And looking into the future of streetwear and the fashion industry, “My goal is [to try] to include more brands for women, more ideas from women, more products for women and of course unisex too, ”said May.

This week, October 6-7, she co-hosts Transfer, a two-day virtual festival on the live-shopping platform NTWRK. It will feature exclusive drops from brands such as Nike and Hood by Air, as well as experiential designer content, among other components.

Below are additional conversation highlights, which have been edited slightly for clarity.

Growing up with Jordan
“Growing up, it was always around me and I grew up in south-central Los Angeles. All the girls around me wore Jordans, Air Forces, and Air Max. Again, they wore it with their Chanel, their Gucci bag and these are the first things I see that helped inspire my personal style. Again, I am a product of my environment. So of course I’m like, ‘Ooo, I want Jordan’s new shoe. I wanted something else, sunglasses to go with or a Gucci belt. And naturally, again, all the girls around me look like me. As you get older, this idea of ​​when you become a woman, you have to wear X, Y, and Z. Those sneakers you got to ride them, girl. But the older I get, women like me too [say], ‘No, I’m going to keep wearing this. What do you mean? It is also my heritage. The sneaker space, on a social media platform, is definitely getting bigger, definitely growing, there are definitely women taking inspiration from all over the world. There might be a woman halfway across the world and like, “Oh, I want to go get Jordans because she saw someone here wearing it, and it looked cool to her.” It is a growing space.

Equality in sneakers
“We are looking for equality. If you want to make the same shoes as Michael Jordan, how come we can’t have them in our size? Why is it stopping? If a man wears a size five in women’s shoes, good luck finding that size in certain silhouettes or colorways. It’s still [about] include ourselves in it and also get our point of view because a woman’s eyes [are] gonna look different[ly at] a Jordanian perspective than that of a man… It’s creating that open space for people to feel comfortable being themselves. You don’t have to always wear heels. You can change it up and stay sexy. You can still be super cool. You can still be a tomboy and dance to it, have fun and live your life. “

On the prospect of his own brand
“It came slowly with evolution. At every step of my personal work, I sat there for a little while, marinated – you have to marinate enough to get all the flavors, then put it on the grill; it’s amazing – that’s how I try to treat it. Patience, savoring these specific moments and saying, “Okay, how can I bring this up? Even when I was doing styling it was, ‘Wow, I’ve always loved design. I’ve always loved sneakers, it’s a natural elevation, creating sneakers, boom. ‘ And again, building on that, we created two collections with the Jordan brand. He came with merch as well as shoes. So again, [its] part of the natural process of being a designer… I’m open to trying it. And, at the end of the day, I can say that I absolutely don’t like doing this and never will. Corn [we’ve] you have to try it to solidify [it]. But people still talk about “Oh, this generation of slashers”. And honestly, this “slasher generation” is nothing new. Artists weren’t just painters, they were [also] sculptors, they made ceramics. Again, it’s always under this fashion umbrella, exploring all things style, clothing, fabrics, and experiences.

GTA Online Player sends Scooby-Doo Gang to rob a bank


A Grand Theft Auto Online player recently introduced his team of bank robbers disguised as Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Fred from Scooby-Doo.

A Reddit user recently showed his Grand Theft Auto Online The bank robber team has oddly disguised itself as a Scooby-Doo gang – with the exception of Scooby-Doo, the video features the entire Mystery-Machine driving team: Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma. It looks like the four characters left behind are solving mysteries instead of a life of crime, thanks to GTA Online character customization features.

In GTA Online, players can band together to wreak havoc on the massive open world map of Grand Theft Auto Vis San Andreas. Running together, robbing banks, competing in team death matches, and touring penthouses are just a few of the many activities available. Rockstar has regularly updated GTA Online since its release in 2013. With the ever-expanding functionality of GTA Online The developers offer extensive customization options, ranging from character creation to the Content Creator tool that allows players to design their own maps.

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Reddit user GOLDVILLAIN recently showed their use of character customization, having deployed characters mimicking the Scooby-Doo gang for a bank robbery. In a video titled “The scooby snax is not cheap” the four humans Scooby doo the characters enter a bank, weapons ready, the entrance zipped, and their bags of money ready to be filled with loot. Their eerie resemblances to the Scooby-Doo characters are hard to miss, with each character looking like elegantly grainy versions of their iconic personalities. Fred has her blonde movie star hairstyle, Velma has her glasses, Daphne wears her orange hair and purple ensemble, and Shaggy is dressed in her green shirt with her hair like a mop. The characters are interpretations so close to those of Scooby doo, it’s a bit shocking to see them all carrying guns – or Shaggy’s arms covered in tattoos. Together, they participate in one of the GTA Online cooperative burglary missions.

it is not the first time GTA Online users brought a familiar face into an unfamiliar role. While not entirely plausible in Hanna-Barbera’s animated universe for this adorable motley group of morally righteous mystery solvers resorting to a life of violent crime, it is even less plausible that the group is. would shoot with their break-in – some users observed that the crew only bothered to hide after entering the riverbank. It doesn’t help that their clothes are also compromisingly recognizable.

After a bumpy start on its initial launch in October 2013, Rockstar’s online counterpart for Grand Theft Auto 5 flourished in the years that followed, with GTA Online to become a huge success for the studio and showing no signs of stopping updates for the foreseeable future. Even barely out of his eighth birthday, Grand Theft Auto Online always seems to entertain his players.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

Source: GOLDVILLAIN / Reddit

ghost recognition frontline screenshot

Ghost Recon Frontline is Ubisoft’s free-to-play battle royale game

Aldi to open 9th LI store on October 21, discount grocer says


Aldi’s “aggressive expansion plan” across the United States will include opening its ninth grocery store on Long Island this month, the German discount retailer said.

The new store, which will open on October 21 at 855 Montauk Hwy. in Shirley, will be among 100 new Aldi stores to open in the United States in 2021, the retailer said in a statement on Monday.

“Aldi is one of America’s fastest growing retailers because we provide a convenient shopping experience for affordable, on-trend and sustainable products,” said Chris Daniels, regional vice president of the grocer at South Windsor, in the press release.

Aldi has leased 23,000 square feet of space from Shirley in the Floyd Harbor Retail Center, which is owned by the Damianos Realty group, said X. Cristofer Damianos, director of the Smithtown-based commercial real estate company.

Aldi is considered a limited-assortment grocer, like Trader Joe’s and Lidl, which means that its stores are generally smaller than traditional supermarkets, lack full-service meat and deli sections, and have a high percentage of brand names. distributer.

Over 90% of the products in Aldi stores are its own private labels.

Operating more than 2,100 stores in 37 states, Aldi is on track to become the third-largest grocery retailer in the United States by number of stores by the end of 2022, the retailer said.

The claim is confirmed by Jon Hauptman, senior director of Inmar Intelligence, a retail industry analysis firm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The leading grocery chains in the United States by number of stores are Walmart, which has 3,570 supercenters; Kroger, which has 2,742 stores; and Albertsons, with 2,278 stores, he said. Aldi is currently in fourth place.

The Aldi in Shirley will continue the retailer’s push for local expansion.

Since entering the Long Island market in 2011, Aldi has opened eight local stores, including two last year: one at Green Acres Commons at Valley Stream – Nassau County’s premier grocer – and one at North Babylon Plaza.

The chain is also planning to open a store in part of a former Kmart space at Sayville Plaza on Sunrise Highway in Bohemia.

The Floyd Harbor Retail Center in Shirley was built in 2007.

The three-building, 64,000-square-foot mall has never had a grocery store, but its location makes it an attractive property, Damianos said.

“It’s probably one of the best places out there. Right at the intersection of William Floyd [Parkway] and Montauk Highway and… near a lot of housing. [It has] several access points, traffic lights, visibility, all excellent, ”he said.

The other tenants of the Floyd Harbor Retail Center are an AT&T store and Applebee’s restaurant.

In addition, Northwell Health has leased approximately 9,000 square feet in the mall for a planned facility, Damianos said.

The healthcare facility will be a multi-specialty practice whose services will include internal and family medicine, orthopedics, cardiology, urology and vascular surgery, said Jason Molinet, spokesperson for Northwell, the largest state health system.

The facility will employ around 40 people and is expected to open in the second quarter of 2022, he said.

All of Cardi B’s bold looks


Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

We thought Cardi B Mugler’s archival looks at the start of Paris Fashion Week while attending the Thierry Mugler show were jaw-dropping, but it turns out she was just getting started. She might have missed the Met Gala, but she made it up throughout Paris Fashion Week. Cardi and her longtime stylist Kollin Carter aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and play with a small camp.

Here are all the looks she’s worn in Paris so far, from her sharply pointed Richard Quinn leather jacket to her gold-plated check Schiaparelli blazer paired with a matching helmet. Yes, a helmet.

Photo: Marc Piasecki / GC Images

Kollin Carter dubbed her the “Rich Aunt of Mars” in this look. The carved gold helmet wasn’t the only piece of gold on Cardi for the day; she also wore an overlay of detailed gold chains and a hand full of gold rings. His Schiaparelli checked tweed blazer also had gold-plated breastplates.

Photo: Pierre Suu / GC Images

These miniature shades remind us The matrix. For a visit to the Balenciaga offices, Cardi wore a mid-calf-length Richard Quinn leather jacket with arm tips, chunky Rick Owens boots, and a Chrome Hearts driver-style hat.

Photo: Richard Bord / Getty Images

If Cardi’s song “Press” was a look, it would be this Balenciaga trench coat with tabloid covers printed on the fabric.

Photo: MEGA Images / GC

Cardi wore an animal print Roberto Cavalli skirt and Gladys Tamez beret for a date under the Eiffel Tower.

Photo: Marc Piasecki / GC Images

Cardi knows how to go viral with Richard Quinn; in 2019, she dressed in a Richard Quinn floral piece from head to toe. This week she wore a look that was just shown on the spring runway. Her stealthy finger waves under the matching hood were the perfect accessory to complete the look.

Photo: Pierre Suu / GC Images

Cardi wore another look straight off the Richard Quinn runway on Sunday night. The headband, hunchback hairstyle, and retro sunglasses remind us of the 60s, but the trendy, curvy gathered collar that hugs the curves looks so much like Cardi in 2021.

The best dark rum cocktails to drink in 2021


Dark rum is way more than you could throw in a Dark and Stormy or make fried plantains with it. He’s a signature spirit who can turn just about anything he touches into a tropical treasure. This is especially the case in cocktails, where dark rum can add depth and bind multiple ingredients together seamlessly.

Billy Rockefeller is the manager of the Longboard bar in South Carolina. The seafood restaurant and the artisanal drinking trough have a special place in his heart for rum. He offered the Manual some of the recipes from the list below, as well as bottles to have on hand at your home bar.

There are many dark rums out there, some far superior to others. Rockefeller suggests Cruzan, as it is able to stretch the flavors of other tastier rums. He also likes Pusser’s Blue Label for its “rich color and long finish”. Plantation is another brand to pay attention to. He likes OFTD because it retains a mild and tasty component, despite the high alcohol content. Having an overproof rum is a great way to amplify and integrate a drink without overloading it.

“Plantation Pineapple is one of my favorite flavored rums because it embodies the tropical notes of pineapple without tasting fancy or overly sweet,” he says. It’s a bartender’s favorite, and for good reason.

Take a look at the following recipes to take advantage of all that dark rum can add to a memorable cocktail.

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Zombie tsunami

Rockefeller calls this boozy but tasteful drink. “This cocktail will make you feel like you’re on island time after just a few sips,” he says.

  • 1 oz of Cruzan raw rum
  • 1 oz of Cruzan Light rum
  • .5 oz Plantation OFTD Rum
  • .25 ounces of apricot liqueur
  • 1.5 oz pecan barley
  • .75 ounces of orange juice
  • 0.5 oz lime juice
  • 2 dashes of bitter tiki

Method: Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Filter into a glass and apply the bitters. Garnish with pineapple.

Tahti Frio

Tahti Frio cocktail.

“A play on the classic Hot Toddy, this rum blend is sweet and flavorful,” says Rockefeller. “Paired with acid and spices, this drink is bright enough to be enjoyed in the afternoon and bold enough to quell that late-night cocktail craving.”

  • .75 oz Cruzan Raw Rum
  • .75 oz Pusser’s Blue Label Rum
  • .5 oz Plantation Pineapple Rum
  • 0.75 oz of spicy honey
  • .75 ounces of lemon juice

Method: Combine all the ingredients with ice in a shaker. Filter into a glass.

Piña Colada

Pina Coladas held in hand.

Holidays in a glass, this timeless drink was always going to make the list. This Death and Co. recipe is fabulous, blending dark and light rums.

  • 2 oz Caña Brava white rum
  • 0.5 oz of Cruzan Black Strap rum
  • 1.5 cl of fresh pineapple juice
  • 1.5 cl of coconut cream
  • 1 pineapple wedge and brandy cherry for garnish

Method: Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and whisk, shaking with a few pieces of crushed ice until incorporated. Pour into an Old-Fashioned Double Glass and fill the glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and a cherry.

Jungle bird

Jungle bird cocktail on table.

You would be hard pressed to find a prettier drink than the Jungle Bird. This recipe shows how wonderfully dark rum can compensate for the sweet and sour components of Campari.

  • 1.5 oz Jamaican rum
  • .75 ounces of Campari
  • 1 oz of pineapple juice, preferably fresh
  • 0.5 oz lime juice
  • 0.5 oz Demerara syrup (1: 1 water sugar)
  • pineapple wedge and frond, for garnish

Method: add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice; shake vigorously for 7 seconds. Strain into a double highball glass over ice and garnish.

Rum Swizzle

Rum swizzle garnished with pineapple and cherry.

This fun recipe from Food Network emphasizes the importance of a good dark rum blend, as well as the singular beauty that only falernum and fresh tropical juice can deliver.

Method: Pour all the ingredients into a pitcher with a tight-fitting lid. Shake vigorously until a frothy head appears. Strain into cocktail glasses and let the fun begin.


Hurricane glass at sunset.

A classic in the dark rum category, the Hurricane combines the robustness of the spirit with the freshness of fresh citrus and passion fruit. If you really want a nice melt in the glass (much like another classic, Tequila Sunrise), pour in some cherry liqueur or dark rum at the end and let it sit at the base.

  • 2 ounces of rum
  • 1 oz of citrus juice (lemon or lime)
  • 1 oz of passion fruit syrup

Method: Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice; shake until cool, then strain through crushed ice into a Hurricane glass. Garnish with an orange slice and a Luxardo Maraschino brandy cherry.

Mai Thai

Mai Tai with pineapple and cherry on top.

This Death and Co. take on the classic tiki drink uses the nuanced flavor of a quality aged Jamaican rum.

  • 1 oz Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Rum
  • 1 oz La Favorite Coeur de Canne White Agricultural Rum
  • .25 ounces of Grand Marnier
  • 1 ounce of lime juice
  • 0.5 oz of barley
  • 0.25 oz of simple syrup
  • 1 dash of Angostura bitter
  • Bunch of mint for garnish

Method: Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and whisk, shaking with a few pieces of crushed ice, until incorporated. Pour into an Old-Fashioned Double Glass, then fill the glass with crushed ice. Garnish with mint.

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Franzia has another use for wine boxes: Halloween costumes



Fans of Franzia Wine, made near Ripon, Calif., Can dress up for Halloween with boxed wine costumes sold online in October 2021.

Fans of Franzia boxed wine can show their devotion in a truly impressive way – dress up like the Halloween product.

Winery northeast of Ripon sells adult versions of its boxes online for $ 40. Each has a side pocket that dispenses real wine – your choice of chardonnay or a red blend.

“The new Franzia costumes give you a party, just like a real box of Franzia,” Collin Cooney, brand marketing director, said in a statement.

Franzia was one of the pioneers in the 1980s to sell wine in plastic-lined cardboard rather than glass bottles. It is today the best-selling box brand in the world.

The real cases contain 1.5, 3 or 5 liters, or up to 34 glasses of wine. The costumes are made of a soft material and stretch from the shoulders to the thighs of a typical adult.

Yes, this is a 21+ year old product. No one is suggesting dressing a toddler, despite the fact that a real five-liter box might be a good fit.

Costume sales started last Halloween. The company has improved them for 2021 with glow-in-the-dark text.

They can be purchased from part of the website which also offers Franzia clothing, pillows, beach towels, party mugs and more. Backpacks containing boxed wine were sold out but are now back in stock.

Franzia also online manual to make costumes from simple moving boxes.

“Our Franzia Halloween costumes have been inspired by our fans, whom we affectionately call ‘Franz’, who have been creating homemade Franzia Halloween costumes for years,” said Cooney.

The Highway 120 and Murphy Road plant is part of The Wine Group, based in Livermore. The exploitation of the region of Ripon dates from the first vineyard planted by Teresa Franzia in 1906.

The Wine Group is just behind E. & J. Modesto’s Gallo Winery for sales volume in the United States.

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John Holland covers news from agriculture, transportation and general assignments. He has worked for The Modesto Bee since 2000 and previously worked for newspapers in Sonora and Visalia. He was born and raised in San Francisco and graduated in journalism from UC Berkeley.

Botak Jones opens new outlet at Café Clementi – Mothership.SG


Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://t.me/mothershipsg

Botak Jones will open its new outlet in Clementi next month.

Upon its return in June of this year, the chain of “western” hawkers opened two outlets in the Tai Seng area and at Depot Lane. And now he’s adding a third selling point to the list.

Third point of sale of coffee

In a Facebook post dated Oct. 4, the restaurant posted a photo with an “opening soon” sign outside a cafe.

The post wrote: “What!?! Another one,” alluding to the new Botak Jones outlet.

The restaurant didn’t share the location of its next store on Facebook, and when a commenter asked where it was, they teased their fans by saying, “Ah ha! That wouldn’t be fun.”

However, some eagle-eyed fans have apparently identified the location of the cafe, claiming it is at Block 328, Clementi Ave 2.

Comments from Facebook users Vincent Lau and Claire P. Tito Yeo.

Comments from Facebook users Desmond Lim.

Talk to Mothership, the restaurant confirmed that the fans were correct in their deduction.

They added that the store is expected to open in November of this year.

While many Facebook users are excited about the new Clementi store, others are hoping to open more stores in other parts of Singapore.

Comments from Facebook users Anthony Ow and Tharika Muhsina.

Comments from Facebook users Moushi Rasta and Eddie Tan.

The same menu in all points of sale

You can also expect to see your favorite dishes in the new store.

Here are some items from their menu:

New Zealand Rib eye steak (250 grams – S $ 23.00 and 350 grams – S $ 29.50)

Photo by The Original Botak Jones / FB.

Fish and chips (S $ 10.50)

Photo by The Original Botak Jones / FB.

Whoopass Cheese Fries (S $ 12.50)

Photo by The Original Botak Jones / FB.

U-Crazy-What ?! (S $ 24.50)

Photo by The Original Botak Jones / FB.

The original Botak Jones at Clementi

Address: Block 328, Clementi Avenue 2, Singapore 120328

Photo by The Original Botak Jones / FB.

Clothing rental company Rent the Runway reveals drop in revenue in IPO filing


A person walks through clothes in the storage area of ​​Rent the Runway’s Dream Fulfillment Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, United States on September 11, 2019. Photo taken on September 11, 2019. REUTERS / Andrew Kelly / Files

Oct. 4 (Reuters) – Clothing rental company Rent the Runway released its documents for an IPO in the United States on Monday, joining a group of retailers seeking to capitalize on the record boom in capital markets since the last year.

In its filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Brooklyn, New York-based company revealed an almost 39% drop in revenue for fiscal 2020.

Rent the Runway, which was founded in 2009, allows users to rent clothes and purchase second-hand items from over 750 designer brands. She had confidentially filed an application for registration in July. Read more

The company reported 2020 revenue of $ 157.5 million, up from $ 256.9 million a year earlier. Its net loss widened to $ 171.1 million in the same period, from $ 153.9 million a year earlier.

The company’s revenue was also affected in the first half of this fiscal year, with revenue down 9% for the six-month period ended July 31.

Rent the Runway raised funds last year at a valuation of $ 750 million, below its previous valuation of $ 1 billion, Bloomberg News reported in June. (https://bloom.bg/3mt348h)

The demand for second-hand clothing has jumped in recent months as customers become more aware of their carbon footprint, increasing revenues for the Stitch Fix subscription hairdressing service (SFIX.O) and the resale store in ThredUp line (TDUP.O).

Positive investor sentiment and fertile market conditions for new listings have also helped other retailers like eyewear company Warby Parker (WRBY.N) and Roger Federer-backed shoemaker On Holding AG (ONON.N) to make their market debut last month. Read more

Goldman Sachs & Co, Morgan Stanley and Barclays are the main underwriters of the offer. Rent the Runway will list its shares on the Nasdaq under the symbol “RENT”.

Report by Niket Nishant in Bangalore; Editing by Shailesh Kuber

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Pokemon fan creates amazing stained glass togepi for Halloween


A Pokémon fan creates an amazing stained glass Togepi with a spooky aesthetic just in time for the Halloween season.

pokemon togepi feature

Pokemon is one of the most popular and creative video game franchises Pokemon fans have been creating tributes to their favorite Pokémon for over twenty years. An art fan recently decided to create a seasonal stained glass Togepi to celebrate the approach of Halloween.

Halloween events in the Pokemon The games often put Pokemon in cute little Halloween costumes, but Togepi isn’t often on the official Halloween list. That didn’t seem to have stopped Reddit user kmglasscreations from using fan-made Halloween Togepi designs as inspiration for a gorgeous piece of stained glass fanart made just in time for the holidays.

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Togepi is a small, round Pokémon mostly hidden in a white eggshell covered with red and blue markings. Her exposed head, arms, and feet are usually cream in color, but this rendition of Halloween Togepi appears to feature gray skin and an orange Jack-O-Lantern instead of an eggshell. The top of the Jack-O-Lantern has been removed to allow Togepi’s head to see through, but a peeping black face still watches from Togepi’s chest, creating an atmosphere that’s both cute and spooky.

According to kmglasscreations, this is one of their favorite creations, and fans might have a hard time figuring out why. Although this is not the first time that a Pokemon fan has created stained glass fan art, this is perhaps one of the most striking examples of stained glass Pokemon art. The piece has very crisp color definition and sharp angles on the jagged top of the Jack-O-Lantern part. The creator has confirmed that these seemingly sharp edges are in fact rounded, at least when it comes to the pieces of glass. Apparently, the sharp angles are an illusion created by cleverly shaped pieces of foil rather than something embedded in the glass itself.

At the time of writing, the Halloween Togepi stained glass window appears to have been about as warmly received by others Pokemon fans like the official themed stained glass Pokemon collectibles. One fan described Halloween Togepi as ridiculously cute, while another simply said he loved it. A third fan described the project as amazing. Kmglasscreations have a long history of creating stained glass fan art inspired by video games, so this Halloween Togepi fits their established brand. The Halloween Togepi and the artist’s other artwork, including other stained glass Pokémon, can be purchased from their Etsy store, KMGlassCreationsShop. At the time of writing, they have a few other Halloween designs available for fans of spooky stained glass designs.

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Images of Pokemon Adventures in red and green

Pokemon: 10 Ways The Red, Green, And Blue Manga Is Different From The Games

The Pokemon manga doesn’t really follow the plot of the games. Here are some of the main differences between the two.

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How to schedule a good A / B test


PHOTO: Pablo García Saldaña | unsplash

Performing A / B and multivariate testing online is nothing new. The practice has been around for decades now, Google engineers reportedly do A / B tests in 2000 to decide on the correct number of search results to display.

So why are companies still ignoring this technique in 2021, arguing that they don’t have enough data or time for a test? Improvements in technological development combined with changes in online consumer behavior over the past 18 months make A / B testing even more essential than before.

An overview of planning split testing

An A / B test is a methodology for comparing the responses to a control item and a test item. The control element is the way your existing media – whether it is a web page, application page, or page element – currently displays. The test item is the proposed modification of the existing media you are exploring, such as a different image, different page text, or a combination of items.

Confusion sometimes arises around test results. An A / B test divides the displayed media among a given set of people. Some see the control version while others see the test version. For this reason, marketers confuse A / B testing results with an absolute choice between one item over another. Technically this is true, but an A / B test shows whether the choice tested represents a statistically significant difference. For example, given a sample of people who were shown a check and test layout, did one layout generate better conversion rates than the other?

Answering this question is why you plan your test through the lens of a hypothesis. A test hypothesis is a statement that establishes that, given normal distribution of data, your change in one control item – the test version – will result in a significant change in customer behavior. A null hypothesis implies that there is no significant difference between the control and test items.

Creating a hypothesis then helps you visualize the test results in terms of business goals. The end result is that marketers can make assumptions and decisions with a clear focus on impact on customers. As mentioned in a previous article on analysis errors, managers may be tempted to compare too many UI elements. Avoid this mistake as it results in wasted time and unnecessary costs for little or no value.

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What is a good item for an A / B test?

The things most likely to influence conversion rate optimization are usually good choices for testing. A web page can be tested for copy, or a combination of a call-to-action button and a copy (if the difference between the check and test items is clearly different).

Email campaigns are also well suited for A / B and multivariate testing. Longer campaigns allow a test to gain enough data points to validate the results. Sometimes a customer segment opens emails for a long enough period of time to generate enough data to know whether a change to a subject line or item in the email is performing better.

Testing a digital ad for a certain audience is also an interesting test case. Images or ad copy adjustments can be tested, as well as landing pages for a given ad.

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Factors behind good A / B testing

Testing, whether A / B or multivariate, cannot solve all conversion problems. So knowing the potential pitfalls ahead of time will help decide what a test can and cannot answer.

One of the factors is the amount of data required for the test to be accurate. It is possible to calculate the minimum amount of test data required. As a general rule, your test sample should be equal to 10% of your population size. So when you test an email distribution of 7,500 people, 750 would be your test sample. Online calculators are available to help you here.

All of these simple steps assume an equal distribution of test and control samples and a normal distribution of data. Advanced formulas based on data statistics, such as standard deviation, are also available to calculate a more precise estimate and to account for other data distribution issues.

After establishing the number of your test sample, you will weigh up against the practical considerations of winning enough samples. How long does an ad campaign need to run to reach the number? Will enough people see the test email or webpage?

The test audience should also be representative of your larger target audience. The analytics tool built into the testing platform, such as Google Optimize’s integration with Google Analytics, can help monitor test quality.

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Test platforms available

A number of test platforms are available. I covered Google Optimize in a previous article. Another commonly used platform is Adobe Target, a direct competitor to Google Optimize 360 ​​at the enterprise level. Like Google, Adobe initially offered Adobe Target in an analytics suite, but then offered it as a stand-alone platform. HubSpot also offers an A / B testing platform through a free software application called A / B Testing Kit. Users can download the kit which includes a statistical significance calculator to estimate sample size. Crazy Egg is popular webpage A / B testing software that includes a heat map to display results.

Beyond testing platforms, split test analysis can be performed in an open source program like R programming or Python. The advantage of this approach is in cases where the sample is divided unevenly or the exposure data is not normally distributed. Both languages ​​are supported by a wide range of advanced statistical libraries. The downside here is that the setup requires some planning with a developer, as opposed to the self-service nature of platforms like Google Optimize and Adobe Target.

Whichever approach you choose, you should develop a split testing procedure that frames the elements of your website or app according to your business needs. Once you’ve established a regular testing routine, you’ll see how your media improvements can lead to stronger customer engagement.

Pierre DeBois is the founder of Zimana, a digital analysis consulting firm for small businesses. It examines data from web analytics and social media dashboard solutions, then provides web development recommendations and actions that improve business marketing strategy and profitability.

Giant sportswear brand arrives at new McArthurGlen Designer Outlet


A major sportswear brand is coming to a designer outlet village that opened in the Midlands earlier this year.

Puma will soon be opening at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet West Midlands, located about an hour’s drive from Derby to Cannock.

It will join Nike, Adidas and Under Armor as stores that sports and fitness fans can visit in the £ 160million complex, which opened in April.

An opening date for Puma has yet to be released by the outlet, but it is believed to be in October, Birmingham reports live.

Puma has a 65-year history of designing and selling footwear, clothing and accessories. The brand offers sports and performance inspired lifestyle products in categories such as soccer, running and training, golf and motorsports.

Other stores already open in the designer store include Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, Coach, Radley, Le Creuset and Yankee Candle.

The famous Italian restaurant chain Pizza Express is also expected to join a host of restaurants in the shopping village later this year.

The outlet, at Eastern Way, Cannock, is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

There is of course also a McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in South Normanton, Derbyshire, where a new Haribo store is expected to open before Christmas.

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FALL FOR THE COLOR | Washingtonian (DC)


What about fall? On the one hand, it’s a transition phase, a one-way ticket to the magic of winter. On the other hand, with the leaves slowly changing and the temperature steadily dropping, it’s a sustained stretch begging us to take a break and really think about what matters most to us.

This season, it’s about indulging in all that is good. Maybe it’s reconnecting with a friend over a plate of pasta (and a few glasses of champagne) while admiring a canopy of fall foliage. Maybe it’s the discovery of a new signature scent, one that will transport you to this moment every time you wear it. Or after dark, it’s all about investing in your precious sleep with the perfect pajamas.

With fall comes the opportunity to start afresh, the unofficial New Year, if you will. We invite you to CityCenterDC where we are dedicated to finding (and sharing) those beautiful moments of joy.

Here at CityCenterDC, we prioritize restful sleep. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Palmer Alley is now home to the very first American pop-up from the luxury sleepwear line Claire de Lune. The brand’s philosophy is simple but essential: to cultivate soothing rituals for a good night’s sleep. Slipping into their cute pajamas, made with 100% pima cotton sourced from the brand’s home country of Peru, is a good place to start. Plus, these chic ensembles, decorated with botanical prints, solid hues or houndstooth and then finished with covered buttons, live long after sunrise and come apart elegantly from day to night. Visit the Claire de Lune pop-up store located in Palmer Alley until April.

For more, follow @clairedeluneusa on Instagram.

Designed for the stylish jet setter, this luxury luggage collaboration marries modern, minimalist suitcases from Tumi with centuries-old knit patterns from Missoni. Going to the departure lounge has never been so beautiful.

Spend a leisurely afternoon at Centrolina, the CityCenterDC restaurant of Chef Amy Brandwein, a talent nominated by James Beard for four consecutive years. His seasonal approach to authentic Italian cuisine offers a tasty and downright unforgettable dining experience. Case in point: Centrolina’s current menu, a mix of meticulously crafted plates, rich pasta, and roasted meats and fish prepared in a wood-fired oven.

One of the most notable is Polpo, a thoughtful antipasti dish that gives a new twist to traditional panzanella. The star is the grilled octopus, which mixes with the classics of chopped salad: toast, tomato, strips of red onion, olives, chopped basil and aioli. It’s a sumptuous starter for a dinner or even a mid-afternoon meal, as Centrolina is now open for lunch. For more, follow @CentrolinaDC on Instagram.

Embrace a world of fall hues by visiting our immersive installation in Palmer Alley.

There are many reasons to fall for fall. CityCenterDC aims to capture this fleeting beauty with our iconic leaf installation, DC’s annual exhibit appearing in Palmer Alley. A rich canopy of fall leaves – depicting the transformation of brilliant garnet into burnt orange and finally the final scenes of amber yellow – sits atop our bustling covered walkway which houses boutiques like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. There’s a romance inherent in it, the perfect place to tag an Instagram-worthy selfie, or take a family photo, which will be remembered long after the season is over. Bonus: Tag @CityCenterDC and #CCDC on your IG Snapshots to be featured!

Nothing compares to hand-picking the freshest, most exquisite foods – we eat with our eyes, after all. At CityCenterDC Farmers Market, you’ll witness a kaleidoscope of colorful produce and groceries delivered by local growers, manufacturers, and food vendors. Browse through all the ingredients you could need to make a farm-to-table dinner or, if you stop to satiate your appetite for lunch, shop for ready-to-eat meals at local restaurants, like DMV Empanadas, Hilana Falafel , Timber Pizza Company and many more. The Farmers Market returns to The Park at CityCenterDC every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. until November 23.

NYPD Finds More “Ghost Guns” – Assembled From Kits Without Serial Numbers, Sold Without Background Checks


A phantom pistol used by a marksman in New York City on September 27, 2021 (Luiz C. Ribeiro, New York Daily News / TNS)

NEW YORK (Tribune News Service) – Ghost guns are scary and the New York Police Department finds so many untraceable guns that they devote a team of investigators to finding them.

Do-it-yourself weapons – which mirror the typical $ 250 to $ 500 cost of a ready-to-fire handgun – do not have a serial number that allows agents to know who bought and sold them.

They are sold in pieces. Buyers then assemble the parts to make guns.

Judging from a manufacturer’s website, you need to know what you’re doing to assemble their guns – an online video shows buyers how to use a hand drill and drill press to assemble one of their frames weapons.

Gun frames, barrels, slides and other parts are sold separately.

But gun parts can often be purchased without a background check – a dream come true for those trying to circumvent restrictions on sales.

NYPD Deputy Inspector Courtney Nilan of the Office of Intelligence said the online kits are an alternative to buying guns on the “Iron Pipeline,” the name officers give to the section of. I-95 in the Southeast where New York criminals buy guns in less restrictive states. gun laws.

“It’s an easy iron pipeline,” Nilan said. “It’s so easy. You don’t have to drive anywhere.

“You can sit at home behind a computer or on a cell phone and order an unlimited supply of [frames] and parts to build a large amount of guns.

So far in 2021, the NYPD has recovered 135 phantom guns and 45 cadres – numbers that have police believe they will find more than the previous record of 145 last year.

Police recovered 48 phantom weapons in 2019 and 17 in 2018.

Nilan investigators conducted another case last Monday after 25-year-old Isamuel Alcantara was accused of using a phantom weapon to shoot four other customers outside a 10th Avenue salon in Inwood.

The weapon was recovered after Alcantara was shot in the hip by an NYPD sergeant.

The 9mm handgun, Nilan said, was made from parts sold by Polymer80, a Nevada-based company that sells gun parts on the Internet and through a network of gun dealers.

Polymer80 and other companies that sell gun parts have insisted in court that their products do not meet the federal definition of a firearm.

In 2018, former New Jersey attorney general Gurbir Grewal sued US Patriot Armory, a California-based manufacturer, after selling an AR-15 assault rifle kit to an undercover investigator.

The lawsuit accused Patriot Armory of violating New Jersey law by selling guns in the state. He also said the company committed fraud by telling New Jersey residents that its products were legal.

Patriot Army settled the case in March by agreeing to cease operations in New Jersey and paying a fine of $ 70,000.

As other lawsuits unfold, San Francisco banned phantom weapons on September 7.

New York City passed a law in 2019 making it an offense to own a gun frame, on which other parts of a gun are built.

Nilan said the law has helped bring criminal charges against gun owners, but what is really needed is federal regulation.

It could happen soon – despite strong Republican opposition to gun restrictions.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives proposed in May to change the definition of a firearm and require serial numbers on phantom weapon parts, a decision which would bring regulations and oversight that are not currently in place for such weapons.

House Republicans complain that the proposed settlement is an attempt to circumvent the authority of Congress.

But David Pucino, an attorney with the Giffords Center to Prevent Gun Violence, believes the proposed rule will take effect.

“Basically it will cut off the supply of ghost weapons,” Pucino said. “There is still, of course, the existing stockpile of weapons, which the rule won’t directly affect, but it will do the really important job of stopping the supply of these weapons.”

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Visit nydailynews.com.

Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Italian cuisine on the theme of pirates: say “Ahoy” at Gambi’s


The pirate theme runs deep in the new Town Square restaurant in Somersett. Dimly lit by plush red cabins and small tables, the recently opened Gambi’s follows the storyline when it comes to Italian cuisine, until, of course, you hit the deck. Glass etched with treasure maps, mermaids in bathrooms, shiny silver skeleton heads as towel racks, it would be impossible to miss.

Gadgets aside (and we would just like to be clear that we appreciate this particular brand of gadgets, which is anything but cheap), Gambi’s has a new nighttime date for those in Reno, especially those who call. Somersett at home.

You may need your own treasure map to find the goods. If you park in the main parking lot, the ‘front door’ is blocked with a sign to direct you to the lounge, which is actually a really cool place to sit for dinner service or drinks. From there you will exit and head left to find the main entrance and hostess stand set up in the common area of ​​Town Square and backing onto the main lawn often inhabited by other outside diners and hole players. of corn.

Once inside, the rich, deep woods and romantic details transport you to a distant world. The general theme is a play on the wine and whiskey business in which the owner also indulges. That being said, he does know a thing or two about alcohol, and this is a place you’ll want to take your time to enjoy it. So order a glass of deep red wine or choose from a range of cocktails before diving into the menu.

When you order drinks, bread is placed on your table as a starter. But the big surprise is that these aren’t your typical buns, but rather a small loaf of toasted garlic bread under that napkin – a treat for those who love carbs.

Scallops with Risotto, Asparagus and Blood Orange Relish at Gambi’s in Reno, Nevada Photo: Courtesy of Gambi’s

For anyone at sea, it’s hard to miss out on a bit of the local cuisine. And for me, it’s always hard to pass up the squid. The calamari are crispy and fresh, not chewy or too full of fish. There’s a nice mix of rings and tentacle pieces served with Calabrian pepper aioli and, like any good squid, a slice of charred lemon.

Fried artichoke hearts are also delicious if you feel like eating a little heavy. (Personally, we justify the extra calories because we also eat a vegetable.) Crusted with panko and parmesan cheese and served alongside a ramekin of marinara sauce, we recommend dipping them in aioli for the best flavor.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to appetizers. A deli board topped with a selection of chef’s cheeses, a burrata perfected with snow peas, asparagus and watermelon radish, and sweet and savory coconut shrimp are worth their weight in gold.

When it comes to entrees, portions are large, which means that keeping up with a few entrees lends itself well to sharing a meal. Truffle gnocchi, for example, are soft and pasty, enhanced with slices of creamy duck sausage and wild mushrooms. For those still wishing to delve into the seafood categories, a lobster ravioli served with roasted fennel is divine.

It doesn’t even go to the depths – with a full list of fresh catches, chunks of meat, and pizza to explore, the fare lends itself to a place you can visit and revisit often, trying something new every time. return trip. You aren’t likely to run out of options anytime soon, which is good news for neighbors who have long been waiting for a new restaurant in this corner of town.


7665 Town Square WayReno, NV 89523
(775) 622-4491
Sunday to Thursday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
From Friday to Saturday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Happy Hour from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day

Turkey to open 1,000 markets to counter high inflation, says Erdogan


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan addresses members of parliament as he attends the reopening of the Turkish parliament after the summer recess in Ankara, Turkey, October 1, 2021. Murat Cetinmuhurdar / PPO / Handout via REUTERS

ISTANBUL, Oct. 3 (Reuters) – President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that Turkey had ordered agricultural cooperatives to open around 1,000 new markets across the country in order to offer “adequate” prices for consumer goods in the face of annual inflation of nearly 20%.

Construction of the shops would begin quickly to provide Turks with “cheap and high quality products” and to “balance the markets,” he said, after consumer prices rose to levels well above the official target of 5%.

Frustrated with stubbornly double-digit inflation and declining opinion polls, Erdogan’s ruling AK party government has once again started to point fingers at supermarkets and open investigations into potentially price gouging.

“We have given the order to open around 1,000 of these businesses all over Turkey, starting at 500 square meters each,” Erdogan told reporters after visiting an agricultural credit union in Istanbul.

“These are places where the prices are adapted to the budgets of our citizens,” he said of the outlets.

Annual food inflation of almost 30%, the global rise in commodity prices and the sharp depreciation of the British pound pushed inflation up throughout the year.

Inflation has remained in double digits for most of the past five years, eating away at household incomes and setting Turkey apart from its emerging market peers.

Analysts say the central bank’s reduced credibility is mainly to blame for Turkey’s inflation problem. Erdogan has sacked the last three bank governors over political disagreements.

Under pressure from the president for a stimulus, the bank unexpectedly cut its key rate by 100 basis points to 18% last month, sending the lira to record lows. Read more

Yet in recent weeks the government has started high-profile inspections of Turkey’s largest supermarkets for “unreasonable prices” and “consumer victimization”. He also surveyed some breakfast prices at restaurants in the eastern province of Van.

Vice President Fuat Oktay said on Saturday that increasing food production in villages was vital to avoid price gouging.

In early 2019 – following a currency crisis that drove inflation up – the government opened its own markets to sell cheap vegetables and fruit directly, cutting out retailers it accused at the time to drive up prices.

Editing by David Clarke and Frances Kerry

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

A short list of things prohibited by the NBA: Ninja headbands, tinted glasses, etc.


The NBA is a sports league that generally gives players the freedom to wear whatever they want, with many players entering games in trendy outfits. The same can be said for accessories on the field, and there are a lot of players who wear shooting sleeves and other things in order to help them on the field.

Despite this, there are still things that have been banned by the NBA. The league usually explains why they ban things, and there’s usually a pretty good reason for the decision. Basketball Instagram page dunk. recently posted a list of banned NBA items, which features items like tinted glasses and logo cuts.

Some of these decisions are quite straightforward. Dwyane Wade’s tinted glasses are mentioned as having been banned because people could not see his eyes, which Brian Windhorst said would give him a “competitive advantage”.

After a practice exam at league headquarters in Manhattan Thursday afternoon, the league rejected the shaded glasses Wade planned to wear against the Knicks. Officials determined there was too much of the dye and it would have given him a competitive advantage as opponents couldn’t see his eyes.

Cutting of the logo was prohibited because it was a non-NBA logo. The player featured on the dunk. pictured, in this case, is Iman Shumpert, who was ultimately forced to remove the logo from his hair. According to a Forbes article that quotes Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver, “commercial logos” were only allowed on shoes.

Displaying a company logo during games is indeed against NBA rules. Section 5 of Section H of the Detailed Comments section of the NBA rulebook, which governs “the conduct and dress of players / teams”, reads: “The only item bearing a” logo “commercial that can be worn by players is their shoes.”

The forbidden chains seem pretty straightforward. While chains can be a great fashion statement, they appear to have the potential to cause a neck injury as mentioned in the post.

Headbands inside out may not seem like a big deal, but in 2010 the NBA made sure to prevent players from wearing them inside out, even including it in their uniform rules.

While these are all items on the Instagram post’s list, there are certainly other things the NBA has banned. In 2019, the NBA decided to ban the ninja headbands which were popular among gamers. In explaining why players were not allowed to wear these headbands, the NBA said the ninja headbands had not “passed the league approval process” and that “the teams had raised concerns about Security”.

There was also the Dennis Rodman No.69 shirt case. Despite Rodman’s attempt to wear it, the NBA quickly banned it, likely because of the implications behind the number. Mark Cuban, however, keeps a copy of this jersey in his office. So far, no NBA player has worn a jersey with this number.

It remains to be seen if the NBA will take more action to ban certain things in the future. They usually don’t do this frequently, but you never know what will be the next thing that catches their attention.

Most of the NBA’s concerns about banned items usually stem from safety concerns or the desire to maintain a good image. You can’t really fault the NBA for being careful about these things, even though some of the bans seem a little weird.

Brand Beckham – a story of survival in the digital age of football


Then, at 26, he was at his best, scoring more goals for United than any other season despite the injury that cut him short. His strained relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson stemmed mainly from his rising profile as England captain. When Beckham broke a metatarsus in a Champions League match against Deportivo La Coruna on April 10, 2002, the Scotsman declined to discuss the implications for his player and this summer’s World Cup at the post-match press conference. It has become excruciating. Time and time again Ferguson had to be brought back to the subject, finally acknowledging through gritted teeth what a blow it was for a player at the top of his game.

Did Ferguson find Beckham’s fame a challenge to his control and a major irritation? Undoubtedly. Did that stop Ferguson from devoting an entire chapter to the player in his second volume of hit memoirs of 2013? No, this is not the case.

A month after the game against Greece, Beckham narrowly finished second in the Fifa World Player of the Year award. With him in camp, United might have won this season’s Champions League semi-final against Bayer Leverkusen, losing weakly on away goals. Could they have beaten Real Madrid at Hampden Park? A triumph that would have been recorded so high on Ferguson’s Richter emotional scale that he might even have come to terms with his prodigy. Instead, Beckham went to the 2002 World Cup a shadow of the player he had been nine months earlier.

Bad decisions followed in the years that followed: starting with choosing Real Madrid over Barcelona who first struck a deal with Manchester United when they left in 2003. Then, at just 32 years old in 2007, a ridiculously premature move to the United States which then saw him go back and forth on European loans to extend his international career.

So much uproar over the years – but what made Beckham’s cause so appealing was the willingness to put it all on the line. He came back to play for England, and for that he was loaned to AC Milan, then this cameo at Paris Saint-Germain. It was the chaos that football inflicts on even its biggest stars – wins, losses, lows, ups, indignities – that built the brand. It was always a mess with Beckham and people seemed to like it. Nowadays there is much less risk.

The Moreno family have been bringing a Midwestern twist to Mexican spirits since 1977 | Latino voices | Chicago News


For over four decades, seeing the name Moreno has been a sign that you are in Little Village.

“When you think of 26th Street and you think of the different signs or understandings of what 26th Street is, people think of the ark, and they think of Moreno liqueurs. “

Mike Moreno Jr. is the third generation of his family to settle in the community. His grandfather Jose owned two grocery stores in the neighborhood and his father Mike Sr. opened the first Moreno’s Liquors store in 1977.

Little Village is known today to be a deeply Mexican-American community, but that wasn’t always the case. It was largely populated by Eastern Europeans until a wave of Mexican-American migration to Chicago in the 1960s gave it the Chicano flavor we know today. Mike Moreno Sr.’s family brought him to Chicago as a young boy.

“People talk about gentrification and all that, but when my family moved to Pilsen it was mostly Yugoslav and Czechoslovak, a pinch of Polish. And Little Village too, ”he recalls. “When I opened in Harding in 1977, there were no Mexican liquor stores, so we started importing all Mexican products for our community to enjoy. “

Naturally, that included Mexico’s most famous alcohol: tequila. Moreno’s Liquors has become well known even outside of Little Village for its selection of carefully selected tequilas and mezcals.

“Tequila has really become a global player in spirits,” says Moreno Jr. “People are looking for unique products, they are looking for obscure products, they are looking for products with unique finishes. “

Moreno Jr. says the store’s tequila and mezcal collection includes more than 900 varieties, which the family selects by hand.

And as you browse the store, if you turn left in the craft beer section and look for the neon chihuahua, Moreno’s Liquors also offers a portal to Chicago’s alcohol history.

“This building right here was a bar in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but it closed due to the ban,” says Moreno Jr., pointing to a blackened window that testifies to the building’s era. , not only as a sweatshop, but also as an underground gambling den.

“They were playing at Hawthorne racetrack in Cicero and running all the playing circles in Chicago, and who lived in Cicero?” Al Capone. So while I could never prove that Al Capone was ever in this bar, I guarantee that all the money here went to Al Capone.

When the space behind Moreno’s became available, Mike Jr. saw an opportunity to fill a niche in Little Village, which is both Chicago’s densest and youngest population. In 2019, he opened a cocktail bar in the former sweatshop named after his beloved dog Osito.

“There was a demand for something like this in this community for a while, but no one was providing that outlet. It is important to remember the history of the neighborhood as well as where we are going. So that’s the whole premise of the bar itself, it’s a mix of that old world Chicago vibe, but with that modern Latin feel.

Under the direction of the manager of the bar Denisse Soto, Osito’s tap offers a strong dose of Mexican culture with a touch of the Midwest.

“I grew up and I was born in Mexico and I love all the flavors. Everything I remember that my palate craves, I’ve always tried to mimic the flavors here as much as possible and have a twist on cocktails based on that, ”Soto said. “So that’s really cool, I have no limit on how creative I can be. I can just show who I am and the city I fell in love with, who Chicago is, and what I love to do.

Both Morenos – Junior and Senior – say the Little Village community can expect to see signs of their family holding 26th Street for many years to come.

“It’s our community,” says Moreno Sr. “We just like to bring to the table what the table gives us.

The Malagon group goes global and extends beyond Latinx fashion brands


Camila Malagon lost both parents at the age of twenty-one. While coping with her tragic loss, she launched her fashion consulting agency representing small Latinx fashion designers and helped them enter the US retail market. Camila has a laser sense for spotting new and hot brands; she quickly built a successful business in the United States and is now making a bold decision in the global marketplace.

Chan: When did you create Malagon Group?

Malagon: The Malagon Group was created in 2017. I returned to Colombia after my parents passed away, intending to reconnect with my roots after growing up in the United States all my life. It was supposed to be a quick trip with plans to return to New York City, but the local designers suddenly started contacting me and asking me to help them get into American retailers. Suddenly – and unwittingly – I found myself as a consultant in Colombia. Through years of working in wholesale, public relations and my retail experience in New York City, I was fluent in the language of the industry and had relationships with many key players. It has been four years since I first moved to Colombia. I have cultivated great relationships with retail partners like Net-A-Porter, Intermix, Saks and Bloomingdales, on a professional level but more importantly, on a personal level. It was at these retailers that I presented most of the brands that I have now.

Chan: What is the Malagon Group today?

Malagon: Today, Malagon Group is a fashion consulting agency representing various emerging fashion brands around the world. We now have an incredible turnaround time for new clients as we are seeing results in the first half of the year. We focused on a six to eight month period of perfecting the brand and the collections before they were ready to market. When we start with a client or a new campaign, I work hand in hand with the brand, I revise the fabrics, I revise the designs with the business strategy in mind, and then my team follows up on the execution. I trust every member of our team to divide and conquer. Whether it’s in the design or even in the analysis of technology and data, everyone is together to meet the schedule we have set for ourselves.

Chan: What was your first big break?

Malagon: My first “big” break was to integrate three brands (Waimari, Juan De Dios & Verdelimon) into Intermix in one season, during my first year of activity.

Chan: Do you have extension projects?

Malagon: Yes! We are currently focused on expansion targeting Europe and West Coast markets. In October, we meet with UK’s biggest retailers such as Net-A-Porter, Matches, Selfridges, Liberty London, Browns, Harrods and many more to expand overseas distribution. And at the end of November, we are opening offices in Los Angeles to support more brands beyond Latin America from 2022. We want to have a smart approach to the fashion-tech side of the industry, by focusing on data-driven markets and trends that will ultimately enable more growth at all levels. I am constantly thinking about how to maximize creative initiatives in the fashion world. I work closely with Net Sustain, Net-A-Porter’s organized platform, to ensure that each of my brands gives back in one way or another, socially or environmentally. For example, one brand guaranteed that every swimsuit sold would result in a planted tree, or MUV’s label initiative, where the labels themselves are made from carrot seeds, so if you drop them don’t no matter where – even in New York – they will sprout. The brands I started with are very resort and swimming focused, but in a way that reflects Colombia’s strength in this category. Last February, I signed on to my first athleisure brand called MUV Active, which I’m personally very excited about. In our first season together, we asked Bandier to take over the brand with Dallas, Los Angeles and online. We will launch in mid-October. We also have Agnes glasses, which have caught the attention of major publishers and buyers around the world in a very short period of time. I hope to expand the bi-coastal offices, maintaining our Latin American brands while simultaneously developing brands from France, Dubai, the Middle East and Asian countries.

Chan: Who are your favorite Latinx fashion designers?

Malagon: In my world, that’s a bit of a trick question – but Carolina Herrera has always been a favorite. My mom always wore Carolina, which was my first introduction to the iconic brand. Also – I love a shirt dress, and it does the best.

Chan: What is your philosophy for spotting new designers who will be successful? Malagon: My philosophy is to trust my instincts. I know when I see something special about the brand, even if the product isn’t something I would wear myself. I think I have a particular strength in having a very clear vision of the capabilities of each designer, and when I take on new brands within a pre-existing client category, they are unique. I don’t want to expand too much, and I hate making excessive promises, so I’m very picky about how much we take and how fast. Originally, I wanted to oversee every step of every project I’m involved in, which is, in fact, not possible for a human. In all aspects of my life, including business, I have – for better or for worse – the spirit of a perfectionist, and I love to be thoughtful. Another business philosophy is to prioritize customer and buyer relationships in a detail-oriented, organized and intimate way that makes customers feel heard and prioritized. Whether it’s meeting buyers one-on-one or with my clients at their homes, I’m not your typical CEO and you won’t see me at trade shows. I am incredibly proud of our team, our company and the progress we have made with the majority of the brands we currently represent at Malagon Group and it has been mind-blowing. I think my relationship with buyers is something that is my most valuable asset.

Chan: How fast can a brand grow?

Malagon: The best example I can give you is that I signed with a swimwear brand called Baobab in August 2020. They were selling to Victoria’s Secret, an account the brand got by attending a trade show, but not at other large retailers. In the past 12 months, the brand has already launched in stores like Intermix, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Revolve and most recently Shopbop resulting in 260% growth and we are expanding the international distribution of the Mark. It’s that kind of growth that nourishes me and keeps me going. We have settled our turnaround time. I don’t mean to sound naive, but it’s so gratifying to see the results of our hard work. The hardest part is that I’m about to venture into uncharted territory that I don’t know as well, especially Europe. Not to mention the fact that I am now completely moving my headquarters to the West Coast. My biggest challenge right now is making sure my brands don’t feel the consequences of my move and keep growing. I want to look to the future as I start to focus on new territories. But I have to stay innovative and maintain our current success. Overall, that means my role is to change gears. It will be a challenge, but I’m excited for myself – and terrified, but I’m so happy for Malagon Group.

Chan: What motivates you personally?

Malagon: I always juggle responsibilities and priorities, but I also remember being grateful and celebrating every win and the team. I am also a very intuitive person and I have to remember to keep driving this boat and to keep us going.

Chan: How did your parents influence you?

Malagon: I inherited my dad’s work ethic, not to mention he taught me the importance of keeping my word. My mother was a strong woman who was also a role model – as far back as I can remember; I was surrounded by friends of hers – designers, models, photographers – who had a huge influence on my tastes. She was bold, elegant and not afraid to be herself. She gave me the confidence to stay true to my beliefs and not be afraid to use my voice or own my opinions. The fact that I work in fashion, especially in business, is certainly no accident. But the strength of my voice and my belief that I can do it? I owe them that.

Opening of a new hotel le Cheval Blanc Paris


Courtesy of Cheval Blanc Paris.

If I had known, during my childhood trips to Paris, that it was called the city of love, I might have been less moved by all the kisses that took place there. My God! The United States was so much less romantically demonstrative. Equally memorable introductions to the pleasures of adult life were the Parisian department stores, temples of greedy passions, Louvres of material life. I would get lost in Galeries Lafayette, Printemps and, of course, La Samaritaine, a Macy’s juggernaut between the Quai du Louvre and Notre-Dame (well, if you can imagine, as Adam Gopnik puts it, “Macy’s on bord de Seine, with a view of a Gothic cathedral ”).

hotel cheval blanc paris, pont neuf seine
Talk about the heart of Paris: The new Cheval Blanc hotel occupies the Art Deco part, on the Seine side of the historic Parisian department store, La Samaritaine, with the Pont Neuf in front, the Louvre on the left, Notre-Dame on the right, and the Marais on the right. proximity.

Alexandre tabaste

Hence my unbridled enthusiasm for the new Cheval Blanc Paris hotel, from the French luxury conglomerate LVMH, announced seven years ago and inaugurated on September 7 (proof that the French are familiar with deferred gratification). It occupies the most characteristic of the four buildings grouped together in La Samaritaine, an Art Deco monument designed in 1926 by Henri Sauvage, and faces the Pont Neuf and, beyond, to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the main artery of the left Bank. If we can say that the center of Paris has a heart, it is this one. And now you can’t just go shopping (LVMH has also revamped the Art Nouveau splendours of the other three buildings, which have been closed for 16 years – and, yes, added a controversial corrugated glass facade to the part facing Rue de Rivoli), you can also sleep and eat here.

Dior pool and spa at the hotel cheval blanc paris
The Cheval Blanc swimming pool, integrated into its Dior spa. Just the thing after shopping.

Alexandre tabaste

All luxury touch points are present: interior design by Peter Marino, who has deployed an army of French craftsmen to create subtly textured interiors in the palest tones of cream, beige and celadon – to better reflect the light coming through the huge windows (most of the 72 rooms and suites overlook the Seine); a Dior spa with a magnificent swimming pool; a children’s club, Le Carrousel, a rarity in Paris; and four restaurants: Plénitude, directed by the three-star chef Arnaud Donckele (“a dish is above all an edifice of emotion”), a café / cocktail bar on the ground floor (“to see Parisian life go by” ), and, on the seventh floor, both a brasserie, Le Tout-Paris, where breakfast is served, and the first French outpost of the Italian culinary brand Langosteria.

Hotel Cheval Blanc Paris, Pont Neuf, Eiffel Tower
Dining at Cheval Blanc’s seventh-floor Italian restaurant, Langosteria, is accompanied by this classic panorama.

Alexandre tabaste

While sipping your aperitif on this romantic perch, watching the sun set behind the Eiffel Tower, it is worth contemplating the uplifting story of the origins of La Samaritaine: A poor but ambitious young man, Ernest Cognacq, and a young woman equally motivated, Marie-Louise Jaÿ, arrived in Paris from French boondocks in the 1860s, met, married and, over the decades, capitalizing on the rise of the consumer society, built their business – Marie-Louise tireless and childless plays a decisive role – from a vendor’s stand on the Pont Neuf (above a river boat called the Bains de la Samaritaine, which housed public baths) to four buildings generating, in 1931, revenues of some $ 100 million. What did the couple do with their fortune? Ernest collected art, but they also provided a retirement home for workers, daycare for their babies, and low-cost housing, and their foundation distributed $ 225,000 per year to 25 large families and 200 young couples to help them. to provide for the needs of their children. Another Parisian love story.

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As a whistleblower prepares to speak out, what can be done to put the brakes on Facebook? | Facebook


U.S. lawmakers left Facebook in no doubt this week that revelations about the impact of its Instagram app on adolescent mental health have further damaged the company’s reputation.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said the social network was “untenably delinquent” in its behavior and had “chosen growth over children’s mental health,” after the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Facebook internal searches had reported concerns that its photo-sharing app was harming the well-being of young users.

Pressure on Facebook is likely to increase on Sunday when a whistleblower appears on American television claim that the company is lying to the public and investors about the effectiveness of its attempts to eliminate hate, violence and disinformation from its platforms.

The whistleblower, who has submitted thousands of internal documents to the US financial regulator, will then appear at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

The WSJ report and the whistleblower’s appearance take place against a backdrop of active attempts to curb the power of Facebook and other tech companies. Here are some of the proposals being considered to regulate Facebook.

A break

The US competition watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission, has filed a lawsuit demanding that Facebook sell Instagram and its WhatsApp messaging app. “After failing to compete with new innovators, he illegally bought or buried them when their popularity became an existential threat,” said Holly Vedova, director of the FTC.

An earlier lawsuit was dismissed by an American judge, but even if this one continues, it will be a battle of several years. If Facebook is forced to sell Instagram and WhatsApp, the question also arises as to whether this will help reduce disinformation, hate speech or harm to well-being on these platforms.

One idea launched in the book Social Warming, by former Guardian reporter Charles Arthur, is to divide Facebook into separate geographic entities, which would allow new Facebook companies to focus on moderating smaller networks.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, argued that only companies as large as Facebook have the resources to tackle disinformation, election interference and harmful content.

More transparency

The Center for Countering Digital Hate, a campaign group based in the US and UK, says demanding more transparency from Facebook on several fronts, for example on lobbying, enforcing its own guidelines and its advertising system will make a positive difference. Imran Ahmed, the director general of the CCDH, argues that Facebook also needs to be more transparent about how its algorithms can spread disinformation and create discord.

“If users knew for sure what the algorithm was doing, that there is transparency and that governments, regulators and watchdogs can independently confirm whether Facebook’s algorithms lead to disinformation, companies from social media would find it impossible to continue doing business the way it is, ”Ahmed said.

Asked about transparency during Thursday’s hearing, Facebook’s global head of security Antigone Davis said the creation of bodies such as Facebook’s supervisory board underscored the company’s commitment to transparency.

Copy the safety invoice online – worldwide

In the UK, the Online Safety Bill is a landmark piece of legislation that imposes a duty of care on social media companies to protect users from harmful content. Social media companies are also required under the bill to submit a risk assessment for content that harms users to Ofcom, the communications watchdog.

According to the Conservative chairman of a Westminster committee reviewing the bill, Damian Collins, not declaring Instagram search in a risk assessment would subject Facebook to substantial fines under the terms of the bill. The legislation also gives Ofcom the power to control algorithms, which tailor the content a user consumes and is the subject of much debate among politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. Facebook says it shares the UK government’s goal of “making the internet safer while maintaining the vast social and economic benefits it brings.”

Reform article 230

Section 230 of the United States Communications Decency Act is considered a founding text for social media networks because, in general terms, it means that Internet companies cannot be sued for what users post to their website. platform – but they also can’t be pursued if they decide to take something down. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar is trying to change Section 230 so that social media companies are responsible for posting health misinformation. Along with her fellow Democratic Senators Mark Warner and Mazie Hirono, she also supports broader proposals change the law (Donald Trump called for the total repeal of section 230), and there are other proposals as well. It is a delicate question, even before we get to the First Amendment.

Give users more power over their data

Facebook’s all-important advertising system relies on user data, and regulators are wondering if users should have more control over that data. For example, users might have the power to withhold data if they believe a service does not meet their standards, which in turn could force social media companies to behave more responsibly.

Make sure the metaverse is properly regulated

Facebook’s next big strategic push is the metaverse, where people lead their personal and professional lives online, whether through virtual reality headsets or Pokémon Go-style augmented reality (think a highly developed version of the product from glasses recently launched by Facebook). There are obvious implications for privacy in a virtual world hosted by Facebook, Google, or Apple – Facebook’s chief policy officer Nick Clegg talks about several interconnected metaavers – that regulators will need to consider, although Facebook says that a full-fledged metaverse lasts for many years. a way. Facebook last month launched a $ 50million (£ 37million) fund to help find solutions to these problems and said it would work with policymakers and experts.

News Journal archives week of October 3 OJ Simpson Sputnik verdict


“Pages of history” features excerpts from the News Journal archives, including the Wilmington Morning News, the Morning News, the Every Evening and the Evening Journal.

October 3, 1985, evening newspaper

Three Mile Island nuclear power plant restart underway

Middletown, Pennsylvania – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission today gave final approval for the restart of the Three Mile Island Unit 1 reactor, paving the way for operators to create an autonomous nuclear chain reaction for the first time in 6 and a half years….

Plant staff worked all morning, preparing to start the chain reaction between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. today, said Philip R. Clark, president and CEO of GPU Nuclear Corp., the operator of the power plant.

“The plant is running very well,” Clark said. ” We are pleased. “

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling yesterday paved the way for an end to a dormant period that began in 1979 when fuel melted in adjacent Unit 2 in the nation’s worst commercial nuclear accident. Unit 1 was not affected by the accident of March 1979, when Unit 2 lost its water cooling screen and nuclear fuel melted, releasing radiation into the environment.

Sixteen people were arrested yesterday when 45 anti-nuclear activists responded to the Supreme Court’s action with a demonstration at the main gate of the factory….

October 4, 1995, The News Journal

Not Guilty: OJ Simpson Acquitted on Murder Charges

OJ Simpson returned home as a free man yesterday, spared an unpredictable jury to choose a life of privilege over life in prison. Acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife and his friend, he is committed to tracking down the real killers who are “out there somewhere”.

In a courtroom about to explode with emotion, silence fell as Judge Lance Ito’s clerk, Dierdre Robertson, read the two words: “Not guilty.”

Front page of the News Journal of October 4, 1995.

Simpson smiled, said the words “Thank you” to the jury, then put his hands together. Senior lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr., standing behind Simpson, slapped him on the back and rested his forehead on his shoulder. Lawyer Shawn Chapman cried and shook hands with jury consultant Jo-Ellan Dimitrius.

Tears of anguish and cries of joy flowed from the three families whose lives were torn apart by the bloody murders on June 12, 1994, of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Simpson’s grown daughter, Arnelle, kissing her brother, Jason.

“We did it!” a member of the family was exulting in front of Cochran….

The cheerfulness contrasted sharply with the solemn ambience of the prosecutor’s offices.

“June 13, 1994 [the day he learned of his son’s death], was the worst nightmare of my life. It’s the second, ”Goldman’s father Fred said at a prosecution press conference. “This pursuit team did not lose today. I deeply believe that this country has lost today. Justice has not been served.

Time has stood still while waiting for the verdict

At 1 p.m. Tuesday, they waited with beating hearts, their eyes riveted on the televisions, their ears strained towards the radios. They drummed their fingers and rubbed their eyebrows. Some prayed.

All over Delaware – in living rooms, offices, dining rooms, bars, seniors’ centers, shopping malls, student lounges, classrooms, lounges, jury rooms, train station and Wilmington Town Hall – people were buzzing in anticipation of “The Verdict”.

As Judge Lance Ito spoke, silence fell. The phones have stopped ringing. And when court clerk Dierdre Robertson said the words “not guilty,” emotions sank.

Well done, hugs and jubilation from some. The taunts, shock and disgust of others. And there was also a stoic acceptance.

OJ Simpson had been acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife and a friend of his. As the trial of the century was over, the Delawaren remained divided along racial lines over Simpson’s guilt or innocence….

October 5, 1957, Wilmington Morning News

The Russians launch their first artificial moon

The Soviet Union announced today that it has the world’s first artificial moon circling the globe 560 miles in space.

A multistage rocket launched the Earth satellite yesterday, the Russians said, pulling it upwards at about five miles per second. They said the satellite, a globe described as 23 inches in diameter and weighing 185 pounds, can be seen in its orbit with glasses and tracked by radio using the instruments it carries.

Front page of the Wilmington Morning News, October 5, 1957.

Radio signals on the wavelength of the Soviet moon – sounding like a deep “beep, beep, beep” – were picked up by RCA engineers, and the satellite was first sighted by a Moonwatch team. from Terre Haute, Indiana.

By thus announcing the launch of the first terrestrial satellite ever put into orbit around the globe under human control, the Soviet Union claimed victory over the United States….

RECALL THE STORY:News Journal Archives, week of September 5

October 9, 1956, Wilmington Morning News

Don Larsen kicks off first perfect match in World Series history

Don Larsen, a tall and temperamental New York Yankees right-hander, pitched the perfect first game in World Series history yesterday and beat Brooklyn’s Sal Maglie 2-0. The triumph gave the Yankees a 3-2 lead after five games.

Front page of the Wilmington Morning News, October 9, 1956.

Pulling out 27 successive Dodgers while 64,519 fans bit his fingernails, Larsen, 27, received a breathtaking standing ovation as he whipped a third called-in against pinch hitter Dale Mitchell for the final outing….

Since Charley Robertson of the Chicago White Sox mowed down Detroit for a perfect game on April 30, 1922 in a regular season game, a major league pitcher hasn’t played nine full innings without allowing a batsman to reach first base….

Contact reporter Ben Mace at [email protected]

Top brand Puma store opens at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet West Midlands


Puma is the latest brand to open at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet West Midlands.

The sports brand will be based in the shopping village of Cannock, just off the Eastern Way, just a 30-minute drive from Birmingham.

It has a 65 year history in the design and sale of footwear, clothing and accessories.

Read more: McArthurGlen Designer Outlet announces expansion of Cannock Shopping Village

Puma offers sports-inspired performance and lifestyle products in categories such as Soccer, Running & Training, Golf & Motorsports.

The opening date has yet to be released by the outlet, but it is believed to be in October.

Puma store opens at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet West Midlands

It is the last big name to open a point-of-sale store since launching on April 12. Others include Fred Perry, Nike, Boss, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, Coach, Radley, Le Creuset, and Yankee Candle. .

Pizza Express should also join a multitude of restaurants in the shopping village.

The outlet, at Eastern Way, Cannock, is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

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Michael Jordan awards major grant to Cincinnati company investing in minority businesses


In June 2020, Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand announced a $ 100 million pledge to help the ongoing fight against racial injustice. The basketball legend announced that over the next 10 years, he and his brand will donate $ 100 million to “organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice and better access to education. ‘education”. Now the Jordan brand is keeping its promise and partnering with MORTAR to strengthen our work in creating equitable entrepreneurship in communities across the country. Mortar works across the city of Cincinnati to help minority-owned businesses get their foot in the door. Lack of resources often makes it difficult for urban entrepreneurs to start or maintain businesses. “We kind of start, you know, 10 feet back, you know, when it comes to a race, economically, socially, educationally and financially,” said Brittany Long, MORTAR Development and Expansion Manage. Out of more than 600 applicants this year, MORTAR is one of the 18 organizations selected. “With this grant, we are able to provide scholarships to enter academy, programming, expansion work in other cities,” Long said. Since 2014, MORTAR has been able to invest in hundreds of minority-owned businesses including Black Owned, Sweets and Meats and Esoteric Brewing Co. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help, not only did I gain a better understanding of my business, but then I was able to find the right ones. appropriate relationships and networks, ”said Brian Jackson, co-founder and CEO of Esoteric Brewing Co. Esoteric is Cincinnati’s premier black and Asian-owned brewery, and this weekend marks a milestone as they’re celebrating their first anniversary. “We’re finally breaking the glass ceilings, so we can pitch and present our passions to a market that hasn’t necessarily experienced that level of inclusion,” Jackson said. community in an academy of e 15 weeks which provides business management skills, access to capital and mentorship. “It actually allows us to be even more at the forefront by investing in these black and brown entrepreneurs,” said Long.MORTAR Academy, which hosted two cohorts in the fall and two more in the spring. applications are accepted as they arise. For more information, click here.

In June 2020, Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand announced a $ 100 million pledge to help the ongoing fight against racial injustice.

The basketball legend announced that over the next 10 years, he and his brand will donate $ 100 million to “organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice and better access to education. ‘education”.

Today, the Jordan brand is keeping its promise and partnering with MORTAR to strengthen our work in creating equitable entrepreneurship in communities across the country.

Mortar works across the city of Cincinnati to help minority-owned businesses get their foot in the door. Lack of resources often makes it difficult for urban entrepreneurs to start or maintain businesses.

“We kind of start, you know, 10 feet back, you know, when it comes to a race, economically, socially, educationally and financially,” said Brittany Long, head of development and expansion. by MORTAR.

Out of more than 600 applications this year, MORTAR is one of the 18 organizations selected.

“With this grant, we are able to offer scholarships to enter the academy, programming, expansion work in other cities,” Long said.

Since 2014, MORTAR has been able to invest in hundreds of minority businesses, including Black Owned, Sweets and Meats and Esoteric Brewing Co.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, not only was I able to better understand my business, but then I was able to find the right connections and networks,” said Brian Jackson, co-founder and CEO of ‘Esoteric Brewing Co..

Esoteric is Cincinnati’s first black and Asian owned brewery, and this weekend is a milestone as they celebrate their first anniversary.

“We’re finally breaking the glass ceilings, so we can pitch ourselves and our passions to a market that hasn’t necessarily experienced this level of inclusion,” Jackson said.

MORTAR enrolls community members in a 15-week academy that provides business management skills, access to capital and mentorship.

“It actually allows us to be even more at the forefront by investing in these black and brown entrepreneurs,” Long said.

MORTAR Academy welcomes two cohorts in the fall and two more in the spring. applications are accepted as they arise. For more information, click here.

Eight Washington-themed costumes to wear for Halloween this year


Image via iStock.

It’s officially October, it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume! Sure, you could go for an old watch, but why not pay homage to some of this year’s news? Washington has been the backdrop for many costume-worthy events and characters, making it the perfect inspiration for a spooky season. Here are eight ideas.

Bernie Sanders Grand Opening

The Vermont senator donned a casual look for the dedication ceremony, instantly becoming the viral meme of the day. And yes, her ensemble has already turned into a “sexy Bernie Sanders” costume.

What do you need: Brown rain jacket, comfortable woolen mittens and disposable mask.

Bonus points: Sit in a chair all night long with your arms crossed. Don’t talk to anyone.

Zebras on the run

There is no such thing as the perfect group costume… Gather a team of five friends to pay tribute to the zebras that broke free in Upper Marlboro, capturing our hearts in the process.

What do you need: Black and white striped outfits, animal ears and an indomitable spirit.

Bonus points: Leave the Halloween party without saying goodbye, then quit the network for a month (and it’s not over).

Image via iStock.

Space Cowboy Jeff Bezos

The owner of the Washington post took a 10-minute trip to space in July with his rocket company, Blue Origin. The Amazon founder inexplicably donned a cowboy hat before and after the launch.

What do you need: Space suit, cowboy hat and western boots.

Bonus points: Buy all Halloween candy. Accumulate as much as possible.

brood X

After 17 years of cold underground, Brood X’s cicadas have dominated the airspace this summer. The more people you can involve in this costume, the better.

What do you need: Red sunglasses, costume wings and antennae.

Bonus points: Be as strong as possible all of you. night. long.

Photograph by JMPhoto64 via iStock.

AOC at the Met Gala

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used the Americana theme of the costumed gala to make a political statement. The representative wore a dress created by activist and designer Aurora James bearing the message “tax the rich”.

What do you need: A long white dress engraved with red paint.

Bonus points: Redistribute wealth (king-size candy bars) to candy treats.

Joe Manchin and a protester in a kayak

This couples costume is perfect for partners who always seem to be fighting. Protesters kayaked to the West Virginia senator’s barge – named “Almost Heaven,” naturally – to challenge the centrist’s resistance over the latest budget reconciliation bill.

What do you need: Orange life jacket and a kayak paddle for the protester. Costume, salt and pepper headdress, flag of West Virginia for Manchin.

Bonus points: Arguing all night over the abolition of filibuster.

Sexy Capitol Fence

Fences were put up around the Capitol following the January 6 uprising, remaining intact for six monthsmuch to the chagrin of the people of Capitol Hill. The barrier returned later before the far-right rally in September. But who said the theater of security can’t be so sensual?

What do you need: A section of chain link fence, fishnet stockings and a barbed wire helmet.

Bonus points: Go beyond your welcome. Then, once everyone thinks you’re gone, come back.

Photo by Evy Mages.
Photo by Evy Mages

Kyrsten Sinema

The Arizona senator is known for her eclectic ensembles, including colorful wigs on the Senate floor. But lately, she’s been in the headlines for a far less amusing reason: to slow down the passage of the reconciliation package without publicly explaining its purpose.

What do you need: A bright blonde or platinum wig, funky glasses and a party dress.

Bonus points: Throw a thumbs down every time you are asked a question.

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr.
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr.
Daniella Byck

Assistant editor

Daniella Byck joined Washingtonian in August 2018. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied journalism and digital culture.

How to choose a backpack: size guide and fit for 2021


Choosing the perfect outdoor backpack for your activities can make or break a trip. A good backpack should be suitable for the length of your absence and properly adjusted to avoid pain or injury. Here’s how a backpack size guide can help. But the best backpacks should also have the design features you prefer to make sure you can pack efficiently and have access to everything you need. While many people make the mistake of choosing a backpack based on how they look, this is far from the only thing that should be on your mind. Fortunately, you can have it all if you know exactly what to look for when shopping online or in-store.

How to measure the torso for a backpack

Group of people hiking with short term backpacks.

While shopping in a store is helpful in getting a good backpack fit, it is also possible that the packs in stock and available in store may not meet all of the criteria for your perfect pack. That is why it can be very helpful to know how to measure yourself correctly or with the help of someone else. This allows you to shop online and order the correct size backpack.

To get the correct measurements to find the best size, start with your torso measurement. You can start by finding the bony spot somewhat protruding at the top of your shoulders and the base of your neck when your head is tilted forward. Then find the middle of your back between the top of your hips. The measurement between these two points will be the length and size of your torso. To measure your hips for a backpack, measure around the top of your hips so that the tape measure crosses the same spot between the top of your hips on your back.

With these two measurements, you can use the guidelines on the websites of the backpack brands. Once you have a backpack that generally fits, you can adjust the shoulder straps, hip belt, and more to tune the pack for the perfect fit.

Read more: Best backpacks for men

Selecting a volume

Two people with medium sized backpacks standing at the railing in the forest.

Then, in a backpack size guide, there is the volume of the backpacks. Once you know the right size of backpack to look for, you need to figure out how much volume you need in a bag. Growing up is not always better. The larger the backpack, the higher its basic weight, in general. Also, the larger the bag, the more you can store, which can lead to overpacking or excessive weight when not needed. To select the best volume for a backpack, it is important to consider what type of hike you do most often or what the bag will be specifically used for.

The day hike, for example, requires a backpack that is usually no more than 25 liters. Backpacking weekends or 2-3 day treks can be well served with a bag of up to 50 liters. Those on a week-long trip of up to five days should look at packs between 60 and 85 liters. Finally, hikes or backpacking trips that will last longer than a week probably require bags containing a minimum of 75 liters and more. Keep in mind that those looking for a backpack that can do double duty – day hikes and longer hikes – should consider a backpack with a built-in removable backpack.

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Models and accessories

Close-up of the backpack's snap button closure and mesh padding along the back.

With the most important basic components of backpack shopping, hikers and backpackers can then consider the styles and accessories offered by the different packs. Two of the most basic styling options to consider are the frame styles and level of padding of the different packs. The amount of padding simply depends on the sensitivity of your hips and back when carrying the weight of the bag. So backpacks probably don’t require a lot of padding, but some people may prefer more cushion when carrying heavy loads for a weeklong hike.

The packs may have no frame, an internal frame or an external frame made of a set of metallic materials. The main hikers who opt for a frameless bag tend to be ultralight backpackers who are very concerned about how much luggage they have to carry. External frames are known for their ability to withstand heavy loads. Internal frames, however, are the most popular backpack option. Internal frames are the most technologically advanced and often incorporate suspension systems that relieve the weight and pressure of the pack on the hips and back. Internal frames are also designed to help hikers keep a secure and balanced footing when walking through varying terrain.

Outdoor hiking backpack perched on a rock with water bottle pocket.

The next thing to evaluate when shopping is the accessibility afforded by the bag for packaging and access to items during the ride. Those who like to use a hydration system should look for a water reservoir while those who prefer water bottles may like exterior pockets for easy access. Elastic storage cords or mesh and other fasteners are also helpful. These options allow you to stuff a raincoat, wet socks, sleeping pad, water shoes, etc.

The internal organization of the pack is also important to consider. Some have special compartments to separate items that need to be kept dry, such as a sleeping compartment for the back. There may be smaller pockets to keep your valuables like keys or cell phone safe and in place. The hip belt will likely have a smaller pocket for storing snacks, a compass, and a map. Those who like to keep things simple may want to have a bag without compartments or pockets and use plastic bags, storage bags or waterproof bags to keep things safe and organized inside the bag.

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Hiking man with bright red backpack on a green field.

Finally, don’t forget to think about the backpack’s ability to repel water. Most backpacks are not waterproof, but they tend to have a water resistant coating to prevent water from soaking and soaking the entire bag. But water can still get into the seams and zippers. This is why it is essential to keep a rain cover, dry bags or garbage bags handy. Bag covers can fly off in open conditions and in high winds. But storing items in a variety of plastic bag or dry bag sizes can work in a pinch to keep anything that needs to stay dry inside the bag that way.

No matter how long you plan to stay outdoors or what style of hike or trek you plan on doing, take the time to think about your habits and how you want to stay organized on the trail. Understanding how you are doing and want to use your pack will make it easier to select the best option.

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Liquor crisis: Delhi drinkers invade government stores as private outlets close shutters | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: As private liquor stores closed their shutters for 45 days from Friday following an order from the Delhi government, alcohol lovers flocked to government outlets to quench their thirst .
Private liquor stores in the nation’s capital will not operate in 105 of the 272 municipal wards between October 1 and November 16 due to the implementation of the Delhi government’s new excise policy which will take effect in from November 15th.
The Delhi government recently unveiled its new excise policy for the year 2021-2022 with the aim of securing optimal revenue for the government while eradicating the sale of fraudulent alcohol or unpaid alcohol in Delhi. It also aims to transform the consumer experience, in addition to simplifying the very complex and highly regulated excise regime, ensuring the ease of doing business in the whole trade and not allowing the formation of any monopoly. or cartel.
The ignorant of the public have reached private outlets, only to come back disappointed after learning of the stores’ closings.
There are a total of 849 liquor stores in Delhi, of which 276 are privately owned, the rest being operated by Delhi government agencies.
Owners of cigarette shops located near private liquor vendors also appeared angry as they feared a loss of business during the 45-day period. “You tell me how I’m supposed to earn. My main source of income was the location of my store which was right next to a liquor outlet,” a disgruntled tobacconist told IANS.
The rush to government liquor stores was also more due to Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 which is a dry day across the country.
Despite knowing the pandemic has not gone away and the country still experiences nearly 300 deaths every day, social distancing rules were blatantly flouted as soon as people reached liquor stores. Apparently having no fear of dying or contracting coronavirus, people could be seen breaking the rules in several places in the nation’s capital.
A disgruntled drinker, who couldn’t get a bottle of alcohol for at least 30 minutes, told IANS he tried to maintain social distancing, but there had been a huge influx of people. “The government or the police should have made arrangements in advance to attack such a crowd,” he said.
According to the Delhi government led by the Aam Aadmi party, new auctions have been launched to resume alcohol sales across the city, meaning those who previously held a liquor sales license but did not been able to win the offer this time around, will no longer be able to stay with the same company.
The government, as part of its new policy, will renovate liquor stores, commonly referred to as “thekas”, which will not have windows opening onto the road. The stores will have a whole new look that people can enter and browse the products.

Comfortable fall fashion and Canali luggage: October’s best-designed items


A new Trésor model from Omega’s De Ville collection offers classic styling with subtle new details.

Omega’s new power reserve chronometer, featuring one of the brand’s most sophisticated movements, is a sleek addition to its De Ville Trésor line. The very first Trésor, introduced in 1949, was a refined dress watch with a slim profile and a 30mm movement that the brand called the ‘treasure’. This version continues to balance watchmaking innovation with minimalist design. It’s fitted with a hand-wound caliber, which debuted in 2019, and inside the 40mm 18k yellow gold case is a silver dial with power reserve indicator and sub-dials. small second. Omega Trésor watch, $ 17,500, omegawatches.com. —Jenny Hartman



Buy the book

From Beau Brummell to Emily Adams Bode, The book of men’s fashion documents over 200 years of fashion history by highlighting the people and brands that have shaped the world of menswear. With an introduction written by Jacob Gallagher, menswear editor at The Wall Street Journal, the next comprehensive guide includes 500 entries on the most influential people – ubiquitous brands and behind-the-scenes image makers – accompanied by iconic photographs that reflect their sartorial impact. $ 80; phaidon.com. – Isaiah Freeman-Schub

Trend report

Casual wear is heading outdoors this fall with belted coats, flowy drawstring pants and slippers.

Clockwise from top left: Harry Winston watch, price on request, harrywinston .com; Hermès bag, $ 6,050, hermes .com; Saint Laurent Eye Mask by Anthony Vaccarello, $ 195, Saint Laurent, 469 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills; Herno Cardigan, $ 1,060, herno .com; Ermenegildo Zegna; Louis Vuitton coat, $ 5,350, select Louis Vuitton stores; Manolo Blahnik shoes, $ 695, manoloblahnik .com; Wales Bonner Pants, $ 655, ssense .com; Fendi






Canali has partnered with emerging Chinese fashion brand 8on8 on a collection of clothing and accessories. Several pieces, including this suitcase, present Canali’s iconic Cafra cat like a Marco Polo reinvented during his travels. Canali x 8on8 suitcase, $ 4,950, canali .com.



Make yourself comfortable

This fall, designer Jonathan Saunders is expanding his Saunders collection, launched in 2019 as a furniture line, to include home and ready-to-wear items. “There is a link with the body,” says the designer of his line. “Draping a blanket over you, wearing a sweater, resting your head. Everything is connected. Saunders sweater, $ 790, matchesfashion.com. —Christine Whitney


courtesy of Stellar Works

Brilliant terms

Luca Nichetto’s colored glass furniture debuts in Stellar Works’ new Manhattan showroom.

Seven years after the closure of Manhattan’s iconic Pearl Paint, Shanghai-based design firm Stellar Works takes over the ground floor of the 1860 building that once housed the boutique for its first permanent showroom in the United States.

Designer Luca Nichetto’s new Space Invaders collection will debut with space, a series of tables, lamps and trays he created for the brand. With the guidance of the Creative Directors of Stellar Works, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Nichetto decided to combine their basic materials, woods and metals, with his expertise in glassblowing, a craft that connects generations of his family. Venetian. He designed the parts as compact, easy-to-move accessories that would work well in changing hospitality and work environments.

For the Dhala table and lamps (shown), Nichetto stacked minimal metal frames with bulbous Murano glass beads in juicy colors, while the Kaali tray is a solid wood halved egg resting on a ceramic stone. brilliant. Nichetto, who has studios in Venice and Stockholm, describes the objects as “friendly creatures dotted around a room that can hopefully put a smile on your face – something we could use a lot more these days.” Stellar Works Dhala Table Lamp, $ 1,650, stellarworks .com. —Laura Raskin

“Deux fragments”, 2019, oil on canvas, 150 x 144 cm



Double sockets

A new show at Dallas Contemporary is an immersion in the world of artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov.

Conceptual artists of Russian origin Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are renowned for their multisensory installations – complex and whimsical dream landscapes, sometimes optimistic, sometimes rather dark. Paintings have always been part of these alternate realities, but probably never the main attraction: “This is the first time that we have done an exhibition where there are mainly paintings. It’s very unusual for us, ”says Emilia, 76, of Paints over paints, the couple’s latest corporate show, which just opened at Dallas Contemporary in Texas. Although the program presents a range of recent and new works on canvas, such as two fragments (2019), shown – there is more to the story. The exhibition space has been completely transformed to look like a museum from the past, and in this larger installation live smaller components, one musical, others interactive, including the 1998 work. Charles Rosenthal: The Auction, 1927-1928, a 20-foot-wide painting of a bustling auction room, infused with electrical elements that light up with the push of a button. The exhibition returns to the thematic interests that the Kabakovs have pursued for more than 30 years: utopia, fantasy, reality, oppression and flight, among them. “The work is focused on today,” says Emilia, whose artist studio trips to Long Island, New York, to Dallas were her first since the start of the pandemic. Ilya, 88, stayed at home. “Where to escape during a time like this? For Ilya, it’s an escape in painting, ”explains Emilia. “The artist focuses on everything that is going on inside: the outside world exists, of course, but it is so far away at the moment. ” dallascontemporary .org. —Natalie Rachlin

unique companions

Put your best foot forward in fall suede desert boots.

Clockwise from top: Gabriela Hearst, $ 1,090, gabrielahearst .com; Etro, $ 600, etro .com; Loewe, $ 690, loewe .com; Loro Piana, $ 1,050, us .loropiana .com; Brunello Cucinelli, $ 895, Brunello Cucinelli, 136 Greene Street, New York; Tod’s, $ 595, tods .com.





On beauty

As a K-pop singer in Seoul, Paul Baek discovered that his skin was constantly monitored. When his music career went bankrupt, the Harvard graduate developed a vitamin C skin-brightening serum so promising that he raised $ 9.1 million to launch his skincare brand, Matter of Fact. The trick? The serum stays fresh even after a year. $ 92; Matteroffact.com. —Mickey Rapkin


F. Martin Ramin for wsj. magazine, Styling by Deidre Rodriguez

Object of desire

Tiffany & Co. has a long history with locks, dating back to the 1870s when it sold functional padlocks. The shape of the lock later appeared as a decorative element on key chains, money clips, brooches and necklaces. Now the brand is harnessing that past for a jewelry line, Tiffany Lock, which launches next year with four bracelets. “We have created a unisex collection that offers a strong message of inclusiveness,” said Alexandre Arnault, executive vice president of products and communications for Tiffany & Co., who has been responsible for re-energizing the jewelry company since LVMH acquired it earlier this year. Made in 18K yellow and pink gold, and available with or without diamonds, the bracelets will feature a pivoting clasp that subtly evokes a padlock. tiffany.com. —Jessica Iredale

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Harvest season rituals date back thousands of years


The scents of autumn always evoke the most powerful emotions for me. The smell of a roaring wood-burning stove floating in the air, the damp earth and the freshness of the autumn dew, and my favorite: the aroma of tomatoes mixed and cooked in a delicious sauce.

Fall food preservation rituals are events with roots stretching back thousands of years. They are a precious time for families to come together and focus on a singular task and achieve a unified goal. Bitter politics and distracting cell phones have no place in the kitchen as the blender roars and the pot boils like a witch’s cauldron. This time is a crossroads, a reflection of the past summer and a forward-looking look at what the future holds. No matter what comes next in 2022, you and your family are at least a little better prepared. A little marinara does a lot of good.

Is this your first year in northern Idaho? Maybe you’re looking to pick up on an old family tradition, or just looking for a way to get kids off their electronics to connect like humans again. You might have saved foods your entire life and just need a whole new recipe. Fortunately, whatever situation you find yourself in, the library has a resource for you. A brief search of the library catalog found over 100 books on food preservation, and 81 on canning in particular. The library also has at least 12 DVDs on canned food, if you’d rather watch and listen instead of flipping through pages while juggling boiling water and fragile glass.

Plus, butternut squash mash is much easier to clean up on a DVD than a book.

Keeping your own food has more benefits than connecting with your family. It can lower your grocery bill, improve your health by reducing the amount of sodium you consume in store-bought foods, and even expose you to new tastes and flavors you’ve never experienced before.

Even if you don’t have all the supplies you need to start canning your own food this year, now is a great time to start learning more. Knowledge requires no refrigeration, has no expiration date, and as long as you borrow an item from the library, it doesn’t take up space on your shelf.

Brenden Bobby can be reached at the East Bonner County Library, 1407 Cedar St., Sandpoint, by phone at 208-263-6930, or by email at [email protected]

FOREWORD: Holtville dentist Dr. Gayle Cheatwood has served smiles and souls across nations | Valley of Women


In 1974, Gayle Cheatwood had just finished her first year as a dental student at Creighton University when he was invited on an eight-week trip in Christian missionary dentistry to a small village in the Central African Republic.

Suffice it to say, it was a far cry from Omaha, in Neb., Where the university is located, let alone Brawley, where Cheatwood was born and raised.

The experience marked the spirits. He remembers that people sometimes walked for days to get treatment for a toothache. Their faces were often swollen and they were in great pain. Cheatwood appreciated being able to treat them and give them immediate relief. He also remembers a father who walked for two days to seek help for his 5-year-old son whose infection was so severe that he became gangrenous.

“Noma, they call it,” Cheatwood said of the disease, orofacial gangrene, which tends to target malnourished children in developing countries.

The child was hospitalized immediately, but it was already too late.

“He died – of a toothache! he recalls: “It really had an effect on me. So many people die from toothaches that can be treated so easily. I just broke my heart. I wanted to do whatever I could to help.

Cheatwood graduated on time from Creighton in June 1975 and passed the California Dental Board exam on its first try in August. He moved to Holtville at the suggestion of his father, Arnold, who had heard that the town needed a dentist, and has been practicing there ever since.

For several years Cheatwood focused on building his private practice, but in 1983 he began making regular mission trips to the former Mexican penal colony, Islas Marías. He estimates that he visited the islands an average of three times a year until 2000. During this time he began to make other missionary trips, first to Brazil.

Cheatwood estimates that he has led 150 missionary dental trips over the years. These trips have included destinations such as China, Romania, Haiti, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea, to name a few. He works with translators, of course, but he masters a few useful phrases – “Where does that hurt?” ” “Open the mouth.” “Close your mouth.” – in several languages.

Sometimes travel can be scary. Perhaps most dangerous was for Sri Lanka following the earthquake and tsunami of December 2004 in the Indian Ocean, which killed an estimated 228,000 people in 15 countries.

“We were working with the Tamils, and the Tamils ​​were basically the enemy of the Sri Lankan army,” Cheatwood recalls. “Then we would change. One day we were working with the Sri Lankan people, and another day we were working with the Tamils, but the people we were working with where the missionaries were were the Tamils, and there were a few times we had to pick it all up. our stuff and zoom out of there. We had scouts on little motorcycles, and they were like, “They’re coming. ‘Who is coming?’ “People with clubs! You have to go, go, go! ‘”

Fortunately, Cheatwood’s gear on these trips is designed to be transported quickly and easily. Years ago he adapted the design of the mobile dental station he encountered to make it lightweight, compact, hygienic and portable. The entire unit is constructed of corrugated plastic and consists of a reclined patient chair with a headrest that decomposes to fit into a box which itself fits into a worktable. Corrugated plastic makes the unit both easy to clean and durable.

Cheatwood said he had never had a failure on any of the units, even after being tested on a patient weighing 400 pounds.

“At first I would bring duct tape, just in case,” he said. “I kept thinking that one of these things was going to break or crack, but it never did.”

Cheatwood has the units made by a box company and is offered for sale through the Christian Dental Society, an organization he joined in the early 1990s, made up of 800 to 1,000 dentists nationwide. . He is past president and current member of the advisory board.

All proceeds from unit sales go to a scholarship fund for dental students, he said, although in recent times sales have not been very rapid due to the pandemic. He thinks he has around 100 portable dental stations in stock.

In 2008, Cheatwood started their own nonprofit called Dental Vision Mission. In addition to facilitating its dental mission work, the organization also collects reading glasses for distribution to people in need.

“The reason I started was because when I was in my 40s I started needing reading glasses,” he explained. “So we were in Islas Marías, and one of the prisoners couldn’t read, so I gave him my glasses. Dude, it just turned on. So I said, ‘You can have them.’ Then I started taking a few pairs, like maybe five, six, seven, 10 pairs each time, and I offered them. And now it’s over, we make over 1000 pairs on each trip.

Cheatwood and his wife, Nita, have been a constant on Dental Vision Mission’s travels, and they are usually joined by a group of other dentists and health care professionals, ministers, family members (his children and several of her grandchildren have been on trips at this point) and basically anyone else who is willing to lend a helping hand. Although the pandemic has put the kibosh on most of his missionary work over the past two years, Cheatwood has continued to hold workshops teaching other dentists to practice portable dentistry. These sessions usually take place either at the men’s home at the Turning Point Ministries in Holtville or just across the border in Mexico.

Cheatwood, now 73, hopes to hit the road soon. He has a mission trip scheduled for January 12-20 to Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico.

He said the job has never ceased to be rewarding, as people generally respond favorably to kindness and compassion.

“That’s what Jesus did,” Cheatwood said. “Jesus showed compassion and that people were ready to listen to his message. And so we’re basically doing the same thing. We show compassion through eye and dental care. And then the people are ready to listen to these pastors, and it really opened up a lot of doors. This is what motivates me to continue. “F

Red Deer’s Humble Landmark to be demolished to make way for new linear mall development – Red Deer Advocate


A stocky Red Deer building with an illustrious past as the home of the “Colonel Burger” is due to be demolished on Monday.

The old drive-thru Peacock Inn at 3321-49th Ave., has seen several incarnations since the early 1970s. In the most recent, it was rented to a Taco Time restaurant.

Now the owner plans to demolish this aging structure, along with the neighboring building, recently occupied by Reddhart Workwear, to pave the way for the construction of a new five-bay mall.

Owner Cindy Mandrusiak said both spaces are getting old and tired as there is growing demand for the development of new shopping centers on South Hill.

From the early to mid-1970s, the drive-thru at Peacock Inn was the place to go for homemade burgers in Red Deer.

The most popular item on the menu was the Colonel Burger. Town resident Michael Sutherland remembers regularly stopping in with his teammates to get this stacked and mouth-watering treat after football practice at Camille J. Lerouge High School.

With a thousand island dressing, two patties and pickled onions, “it was every kid’s favorite,” Sutherland recalled. “Even after the Big Mac came, it wasn’t the same… not so good.

“You had to buy a colonel hamburger,” he added.

Mandrusiak said she still had people asking her why she couldn’t reopen the drive-thru at Peacock Inn. But the business – an offshoot of the original Peacock Inn his parents opened in 1948 on Ross Street – has had its day.

She doesn’t remember exactly why the South Hill location was closed. His parents, John and Mary Konopaki, owned about 11 local restaurants at the time, including the first Kentucky Fried Chicken between Edmonton and Calgary.

No construction date is yet scheduled for the new linear mall, although four of the five planned bays already have interested tenants, Mandrusiak said. This includes the Taco Time restaurant, which wants to reopen in a new space on the same property.

The approval of the project has not yet received the green light from the Municipal Planning Commission. Mandrusiak said one outstanding issue is the number of parking spaces provided at the site. She expects an MPC hearing to take place in October.

Meanwhile, Bettenson Sand and Gravel is expected to start tearing down Red Deer’s humble landmark next week.

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ConstructionCite du cerfRedDeer

Two older buildings along Gaetz Avenue North are slated to be demolished to make way for a new shopping center in Red Deer. (Photo by LANA MICHELIN / Lawyer Staff)

The 2021 Porsche Panamera 4S exists for EV resistance


Shining in an eye-catching shade of metallic Mamba green, the 2021 Porsche Panamera 4S sampled here has garnered surprising public interest. He was given several thumbs up and collected snapshots from paparazzi, with one asking if this was the new electric Porsche.

Ironically, this interaction happened while the car was parked at a gas pump. Since there has been a lot of buzz about the Taycan EV sedan, which bears more than a fleeting resemblance to the Panamera, we gave the silver-haired gentleman a pass and explained that it is actually the Porsche’s gas-powered sedan (we were concerned calling it a hatchback might lead to more confusion). He nodded approvingly, then ended the conversation by saying, “I’m not so sure about these electric cars yet.”

Michel simariCar and driver

HIGH: Surprisingly agile for its size, unmatched steering feel, wheel and tire improvements help perform.

The Panamera offers a selection of plug-in hybrid powertrains, which can be a bridge for people who aren’t ready to go all-electric, in the 552bhp 4S E-Hybrid and 690bhp Turbo S E-Hybrid. For electric vehicle enthusiasts, the updated Panamera 4S for 2021 is a compelling conventional option. It features a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6, an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and standard all-wheel drive. Porsche extracted three more horsepower from the engine this year, so the power is now 443 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. With a recalibrated electric power steering system and new tires, all 2021 Panamera are said to behave better. Other updates include newly standard air springs, improved infotainment features, and styling tweaks such as a full-length LED strip connecting the taillights.

Driving down the street, the Panamera 4S looks like a 911 limousine. Although it weighs 4,543 pounds and is 76.3 inches wide and 198.8 inches long, our example was incredibly agile in tight spaces, for the most part. thanks to its rear axle steering system, which is part of the $ 5,450 Sport package. Also included is a sports exhaust and the Sport Chrono package (dashboard mounted stopwatch, Sport Plus driving mode, launch control). Our 4S rode on $ 2,980 21-inch wheels with sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, size 275/35 up front and a whopping 315/30 in the rear. They contributed an impressive 1.02g of cornering grip and helped the powerful, non-fading brakes stop the car from 70 mph in just 153 feet. A 2017 Panamera 4S we tested had similar results, but it wore Continental ContiSportContact 5P summer tires.

Michel simariCar and driver

LOW: Insulated cabin decreases the feeling of speed, fancy electronically controlled vent, high price tag and low fuel economy are downsides.

The new Panamera 4S was a tenth slower at 60 mph and through the quarter mile, completing them in 3.6 seconds and 12.1 seconds at 113 mph, respectively. While it’s almost as fast as a 1,000-pound lighter 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4, the sizable dimensions and the tomb-like cabin lessen the drama during take-offs. At least we appreciate the subtly sinister exhaust note that rumbles on startup and makes sonorous sounds as the revs rise. Too bad we saw fuel economy of just 16 mpg in mixed driving, 4 mpg less than its combined EPA estimated 20 mpg. Equipped with high-tech chassis components, including the $ 5,010 Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport with electronically controlled sway bars and brake torque vectoring, our heavy 4S fearlessly stayed flat in the corners and never seemed floating. We also did not feel any severe impacts on the roads which generally induce such reactions.

Michel simariCar and driver

The driving position of the Panamera is comparable to that of the 911, with a low seat and the best steering wheel in the industry. The helm has primary controls discreetly integrated into the upper spokes, and the leather-wrapped rim is the perfect thickness. The Marvelous Wheel also offers something that competitors such as the Audi S7 and Mercedes-AMG GT53 cannot duplicate: a formidable steering feel. The effort gradually increases as you get off center, and there is enough feedback to interpret the grip from the front.

Our Panamera’s stilted black leather interior was less impressive compared to some of the competition, but Porsche has plenty of color choices. Unfortunately, the central air vent can only be adjusted using the touchscreen, a particularly silly gadget. Likewise, the glass panel on the center console collects dust like a CD in a sawmill. Luckily, the new wireless Apple CarPlay worked flawlessly and saved us the trouble of messing with the infotainment system’s loaded menus. We also liked the different sized cup holders between the front seats. The larger one saved us from having to use our inner thighs to store hot drinks in bulky containers, a potentially catastrophic scenario.

Michel simariCar and driver

Inflated by $ 21,690 in options, our Panamera 4S had a tested price of $ 128,040, a jaw-dropping reliable figure for admirers who have asked how much it costs. We don’t know if the attention was due to the paint job on our car or whether onlookers thought it was the new electric Porsche; maybe it was a bit of both.

Growing interest from Taycan, however, signals a change of guard, as he sold the Panamera 4414 to 3870 in 2020. Compare that with the 6625 Panamera the Americans bought the year before. With Porsche recently confirming that the 718 Boxster and Cayman will go all-electric for 2025, the brand’s transformation towards electrification (with the exception of the 911) is inevitable. Meanwhile, those – like the gentleman at the start of this story – who seek to bypass the shift to electric vehicles will find refuge and be rewarded with the Panamera 4S.



2021 Porsche Panamera 4S
Vehicle type: front engine, all-wheel drive, 5 passengers, 4-door hatchback

Base / As tested: $ 106,350 / $ 128,040
Options: Sport package, $ 5,450; Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport, $ 5,010; 21-inch Sport Design rims, $ 2,980; 14 seats, $ 1,780; Bose surround sound, $ 1,600; lane change assistance, $ 1,060; ventilated front seats, $ 840; Mamba green metallic paint, $ 840; soft closing doors; $ 740; heated front and rear seats, $ 550; gloss black window trim, $ 420; GT Sport steering wheel; $ 330; smoking package, $ 90

24-valve DOHC twin-turbocharged intercooler V6, aluminum block and heads, direct fuel injection
Displacement: 177 ”3, 2894 cm3
Power: 443 hp @ 6,600 rpm
Torque: 405 lb-ft @ 1,900 rpm

8-speed dual-clutch automatic

Suspension, F / R: suspension arm / multi-link
Brakes, F / R: 14.2 ” ventilated disc / 1 x 3.0 ” ventilated disc
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
F: 275 / 35ZR-21 (103Y) ND0
R: 315 / 30ZR-21 (105Y) ND0

Wheelbase: 116.1 ”
Length: 198.8 ”
Width: 76.3 ”
Height: 56.0 ”
Passenger volume: 96 ft3
Cargo volume: 18 ft3
Curb weight: 4,543 lbs

60 mph: 3.6 seconds
100 mph: 9.5 seconds
1/4 mile: 12.1 s at 113 mph
130 mph: 16.8 seconds
150 mph: 24.6 s
The above results omit a 1 foot extension of 0.2 s.
Roll start, 5 to 60 mph: 5.0 s
Top speed, 30-50 mph: 2.9 s
Top speed, 50-70 mph: 3.4 s
Maximum speed (mfr claim): 183 mph
Braking, 70-0 mph: 153 ft
Braking, 100-0 mph: 298 ft
Handling, 300 ‘skid pad: 1.02 g

Observed: 16 mpg

Combined / City / Highway: 20/18/24 mpg

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Dita Von Teese on Her First-Ever Streaming Burlesque Show and Secrets of Eternal Beauty


It’s a scene from Botticelli Birth of Venus– if the goddess in the shell was supplanted by a movie star of the 40s played by a burlesque queen of today. that’s how Dita Von Teese first takes the stage in The night of the tees, its immersive filmed showcase which broadcasts for three days from October 1. As a mist slowly rises over an enormous bronze flapper, the striptease artist holds court in a two-part frame of Swarovski crystals, swaying languidly to a tune titled “Sleepy Lagoon”. The camera dives near the bottom edge of the bivalve, taking a ballet leg extension bathed in amber light. Off comes a cape, followed by a jeweled bra, revealing a more delicate number underneath. Von Teese moves like satin in the air, giving the impression of a time warp to another era, while also raising the question of his own deadly envelope. (With a birthday this week, she is now 49.) Her physique invites wonder. Is it God? Is it the man? Do I ever have to make an appointment with this man? All the while, as she throws a pearly white wingspan balloon into the air, Von Teese coolly maintains control: aware of the audience on the other side of the screen, but never mind. not caring. Then, as if to signal the curtain: Pop! goes the ball.

“How does it feel to walk around the stage?” How does it feel to be so close that you can see all the details? Von Teese said by phone from Paris, explaining how she and the director Quinn Wilson, with production by Derivative, addressed the unconventional filming of this multi-performer event. It is hardly a static recording of a theater performance. Because there are no spectators – except Von Teese herself with opera binoculars, seen watching her friends’ acts from a house seat, between her own stripes – Stylized teases in a birdcage and champagne glass – the camera has carte blanche. Everything is possible, from unobstructed wide-angle views and mesmerizing close-ups to a voyeuristic behind-the-scenes tour.

Wilson, who started his career as Lizzomakeup artist from before overseeing the musician’s creative direction, has become a singular voice in the music video space, with projects like Ziwe and King princess. The world of glittery pastries was a new avenue for the director, but “I loved Quinn’s enthusiasm for burlesque,” says Von Teese, who recognized Wilson’s sense of humor and palpable respect for artists in his work. “She has the feeling of whimsy, and I love that she likes all the same performers” – a mix here that includes the tassel ride Dirty Martini, Marawa with its many hoops, Fictional Frankie, Vontourage, Jett Adore, and Black Pearl with his tribute to his predecessors like Josephine Baker. (The production and travel constraints during the pandemic inherently reduced the scope, so “we couldn’t have all the performers, all the performance that I wanted to have,” Von Teese adds. “I still hope we can. do a series together like this because there are so many unreturned stones. ”)

From left to right: Marawa in orbit. Perle Noire, making its return on stage in The night of the tees.

For Von Teese, a woman whose self-presentation is so impeccably executed, it makes sense that she waited such a moment to make her screen debut. (She’s not the only one: she’s in Paris for the next French version of Dance with the stars with jean paul Gaultier among the judges; while we talk, Christian Louboutin give her a ring. “I’ll call him back. We worry about my ballroom dancing shoes because they are so ugly! “) The three-day execution period for The night of the tees carries with her the feeling of an event, although Von Teese has to correct herself when she calls it a livestream. “It’s a streaming EventShe says of the 45-minute film. (There’s also a bonus Dita beauty tutorial, as well as a lesson on tassels from Dirty Martini.) The same goes for Von Teese in the conversation, below, talking about her pandemic dress-up fashion, d ‘a revealing beauty discovery and taboos – about aging and cosmetic adjustments – that she’s happy to leave behind.

Vanity Fair: With this special and Dancing with the stars in mind, what is your background in dance?

Dita Von Teese: My dance training is that of a very poor ballet dancer. I have danced ballet since I was five years old, I always liked it. I dreamed of being a ballerina, but I have always been the flower in Nutcracker in the back because I don’t remember the choreography. I have a really good car and all of those things that are the hallmarks of a good dancer, but I just wasn’t cut out for it. But if I had been a successful ballet dancer, I wouldn’t have thought of stripping. So that’s a total of lemons in lemonade.

When did you first return to the stage after the start of the pandemic?

This special is exactly that! In fact, it’s not true: I made an appearance in the next one Harry Styles and Olivia wilde movie, Don’t worry darling. I filmed this last November.

It’s funny. How did you get hooked on this project?

Well, [costume designer] Arianne phillips is involved in this movie and – I don’t want to say too much about what I’m doing in it – but it fits so perfectly. They said they must have me. It couldn’t be someone else. So it was really fun and exciting, but also intimidating after not playing. In many ways, whenever I don’t play for very long I’m sure I’ll never be able to do it again. It’s a weird thing: the only time I get any version of stage fright is feeling rusty, like, “I can’t remember what to do.” And then of course the lights come on and the curtains open and it’s like being on a roller coaster. There’s that excitement, and at the end, I say, “Are you okay?” I was fine. I am not too confident.

It’s totally relevant, but also interesting to hear it from you, because you’ve created this whole world that feels so empowered.

I like to have a good dose of self-doubt, or “I can probably do better than that.” It wasn’t my best. I’m sure you’ve spoken to a lot of artists of all types; I sat next to a huge movie star telling me, “I can’t watch my movies. I think I am horrible. I am the same way. I have to force myself to watch myself on video, to criticize myself. I don’t have that thing in me that’s like, “I’m going to watch how amazing I am.” I do not do it. It’s brutal for me.

Warby Parker and the spirit of invention


This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. Here is a collection of past columns.

In yesterday’s newsletter, I lamented that more and more companies are not asking, “Is this a good idea?” When they prepare new products.

Today I want to write about the admirable question behind many inventions: why does it have to be so?

This is the unifying question behind technologies that attempt to simplify the sale of a home, enable small businesses to avoid renting and operate their own office space, and give us the power to buy a car. from our sofas.

Sometimes the upstarts who bring these ideas to life are wildly overrated or create miserable jobs. Often, however, it is worth admiring the spirit of defying the old ways.

I’ll tell you the dirty secret of a lot of start-ups and “technological” inventions: there is often very little technological magic. The big idea behind many so-called tech companies is often a new but boring twist on what came before. (Remember, I love boring stuff. So that’s not an insult.)

The boring idea behind Warby Parker, the internet eyewear seller who sold his first shares to the masses this week, was that all the middlemen involved in buying glasses and contact lenses made the process much more boring and expensive. . Why do we buy glasses where we receive prescriptions? How much more are the glasses because of all the steps involved: designers, manufacturers, novelty brands, opticians and retail stores?

Warby Parker and other relatively young online sellers, such as Casper Mattresses, Glossier for Cosmetics, and Dollar Shave Club, have approached this issue with a similar approach. They bought products from the same factories that made glasses, mattresses or razors for established businesses. (In some cases, they bought the factories.)

Then these upstarts flooded Facebook or other online sites with relatively inexpensive marketing. They could offer these groups of potential customers a product at a lower price than their competition because they have taken out Walmart, LensCrafters, or many other players involved in moving a product from concept to store shelves.

And because a company like Glossier sells on their own website and in their own stores, and Revlon usually doesn’t, they can tell right away which eyeliner is popular, do more, and present it to their customers. most dedicated buyers.

It’s totally boring, isn’t it? But that’s the magic behind many businesses whose products you only see on Instagram or TikTok. It’s a new economy twist on old ideas like Costco making its own brand of coffee and dog food. Warby Parker and the store’s cereal brand have the same DNA.

It is not clear how many internet product companies like Warby Parker will last. Warby Parker spends a lot, including marketing, and the business is not profitable. Also, maybe you’ve noticed that there are four million mattress companies online? What were the new ways of making, promoting and selling products ten years ago? have been copied to death. And many internet product companies have told investors they are the next Facebook when they look more like Costco. It’s a recipe for disappointment.

But I don’t want to dismiss what young companies are trying to do. Even if their models don’t work, we can applaud the optimism and arrogance of trying to break the status quo.

Tip of the week

here is Brian X Chen, the consumer tech columnist for the New York Times, with the bane of the week. Um, I mean tip of the week.

It disrupts your keyboard and your phone’s charging port. It overheats your video game console. It’s everywhere.

Yes, your gadget’s worst enemy is dust.

Every time I’ve had major issues with a piece of tech and have taken a close look at its interior, it has been filled with dust. I don’t blame myself. The innards of our gadgets are out of sight and out of mind. But it is a problem that is snowballing.

So what to do? You can develop better electronic hygiene habits.

Obtain cleaning supplies, including cans of compressed air, a microfiber cloth, and a set of screwdrivers to open your electronics. (Some Apple devices require specialized screwdrivers. I recommend that you search the web for your model to determine what tools you need.)

For your computer or video game console, open it about once a year to clean up dust. For smartphones, remove dust from the charging port or headphone jack, if your phone has one. If you can unscrew the back of the phone, carefully use compressed air or a sewing needle to remove any dirt from the insides.

Some modern electronics are difficult to take apart and clean, but you can ask for help. Contact a local independent technician and request routine cleaning. It will go a long way to extend the life of your device and make it look like new.

  • There is still time to shout about Facebook: Business Executives Appear in Congressional Hearings to Answer Recently Revealed Questions Facebook internal documents on what the company knows about the damage caused by its applications. My colleagues Ryan Mac and Sheera Frenkel write about the Facebook rotation on some of this research.

  • Why is it difficult to use Siri to control a Nest thermostat: Tech giants tend to want exclusive control of connected gadgets in our homes. This makes it nearly impossible for our home speakers, televisions or light bulbs to function properly, writes the Washington Post.

  • A billboard feud: Amazon wants to take over a gigantic billboard in the heart of Manhattan. It just happens to surround Macy’s and this is where the retailer is pitching messages for its flagship department store. Macy’s is not happy, reports my colleague Tiffany Hsu.

It’s big bear week! It’s an annual celebration of animals gaining weight before winter, and you can vote Choose your favorite brown bear in Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. All of these bears are winners. (But I support Otis.)

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Dollar Tree increases its prices – Marketplace


Is a dollar store still a dollar store if most of its products cost over a dollar? With the rise in inflation, discount chain Dollar Tree announced that it will start raising some prices and offering more items costing $ 1.25 or $ 1.50, as part of a test .

The first Dollar Tree opened in 1986. At the time, it was called Only $ 1. And that 1986 dollar is worth over $ 2 today. John Strong, professor of retail at William and Mary, said the discount chain was faced with “how do I find ways to buy products that I can sell for a dollar.”

Generic brands and small packages work, but only work for a while. By charging over a dollar, Strong said Dollar Tree will be able to stock items with higher profit margins.

John Zhang studies pricing strategy at Wharton. He said dollar store customers are price sensitive. They are also loyal.

“I think Dollar Tree in this particular case just means it’s a cheap store,” he said.

Dollar Tree plans to open 1,500 traditional stores next year and 5,000 Dollar Tree Plus locations over the next several years. Items cost up to $ 5 there. Zhang said the company may have a branding issue.

“It would be really interesting if they later changed their Dollar Tree to Dollars Tree,” he said.

Dollar tree? It doesn’t quite sound the same.

20 easy book character costumes for kids and adults on Halloween


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The nights are darkening and in some places that chill has hit the wind… are your pumpkins and candy bowls ready? Halloween is almost here! That wonderful, spooky time of year when we get creepy – or just dress up in easy book character costumes to celebrate the characters we love!

And there are so many characters to love! Some of the most classic, iconic and beloved characters of our time come into our lives through the books we read, which means that books can offer an endless amount of Halloween costume ideas, for kids, kids, kids. adolescents and adults. (Hello, where do you think you are? Of course, we’re all about the books here.)

But hey, we are in 2021. There is (still) a pandemic, the world is on fire (again) and things are tough. If Halloween is your thing and you need a quick fix to finding a great Halloween costume this year (or if you just don’t have the energy for anything fancy) … hey, my friend, I can feel it.

The good news is that there are still a lot of fun options you can put together at any time, and everything on this list is super easy too. From the Wimpy Kid to the Wandaverse to Ms. Marvel, don’t worry, there’s something on this list of easy book character costumes for you.

Here are 20 easy bookish Halloween costume ideas:

Easy book character costumes for kids

Eloise, Eloise by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight

This early little troublemaker is one of my all-time favorites, and her iconic look is actually very simple. Just put together a white button down top, black skirt, black suspenders, white socks and black flats. Leave the hair sideways and tie it with a red knot. Hope your child does not acquire attitude.

Stella Diaz from Stella Dias has something to say by Angela Dominguez

This sweet mid-level protagonist is a pillar of courage and heart! I would opt for the classic look of the first two volumes of the series, with a black t-shirt, a blue sweater, black leggings. Top it off with a headband and red flats, and don’t forget the contagious attitude.

Greg Heffley from Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Child

This extraordinarily popular character is actually quite easy to bring to life! All you need is a white t-shirt, black shorts, and a black backpack. To take it on top, add this printable Penguin mask.

Elizabeth from Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko

This rambling heroine has a distinct style that is easy to replicate. Create your own paper bag princess dress with this tutorial from Mama Papa Bubba.

Max where are the wild things from Maurice Sendak

Another iconic yet surprisingly simple costume! There are two ways to relax with this one. If you have the time and budget, get yourself an adorable costume kit from Etsy and call it right. But if you prefer DIY, I’ve always got you. All you need is a white jumpsuit or sweatshirt and sweatpants set, and construction paper to shape a crown and tail. Thanks to the Franklin Springboro Public Library, you can use this printable template for a simple guide.

Betsey Biggalow, from Magic Betsey by Malorie Blackman

I don’t have a tutorial of this one, but I don’t think you need it to bring this lovely character of a winner to life for kids. Drape a purple cape or blanket over a white button-down top and jeans, and top it off with a top hat and a magic wand. To take it a step further, cover the hat with white construction paper and decorate with yellow stars.

Sam Wu from Sam Wu is not afraid of the ghosts of Kevin Tsang, Katie Tsang and Nathan Reed

Another character with a distinct yet easy look, and a particularly suitable set of books for the Halloween season! (Don’t miss this book while reading the author’s video.) To bring Sam to life, simply put together some green pants, a blue top, and green glasses (or make your own from construction paper using the round pattern from this First Palatte printables set).

Alice from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and Sir John Tenniel

We can all recognize Alice in a flash by her blue dress and overalls. Polka Dot Chair offers several ideas on how to bring this character to life with seamless creativity.

Easy book character costumes for teens

Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved By Jenny Han

With the trilogy adaptation completed earlier this year on Netflix, Lara Jean’s signature look should be recognizable with her stripes, flowers, sweaters, skirts and scrunchies. Add the names of her five favorites on envelopes to take with you to keep it crystal clear.

Black Panther’s T’Challa: A Nation Under Our Feet by Ta-Nahisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze

There are a few options for this one, but if you want to keep it as simple as possible I recommend black pants and a fitted high neck top, and invest in a stylish, layered cosplay jacket like this- this. If you are a DIYer, you might be able to make your own with these sewing patterns from Mood Sewciety.

Mystique de Mystique by Brian K. Vaughan, Jorge Lucas, Michael Ryan and Manuel Garcia

What’s cool about Mystique is that she could be anyone, or anywhere – in this particular comic, she even plays the role of an undercover spy. Become a true mystic with blue leggings, a top, and face paint, or keep it low-key as a Mystic under cover as a high school student, party guest, or famous character by dressing up as you want, but with the added touch of Mystique’s sparkling yellow eyes.

Waldo d’Où est Charlie by Martin Handford

For a low-maintenance teenager, Waldo is cool, easy, and comfortable. Take a red and white striped t-shirt, knit yourself a Waldo hat with this pattern from Ravelry, and put on a pair of dark-rimmed round glasses.

Kamala Khan by Ms. Marvel: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson, Sara Pichelli and Adrian Alphona

This super-teen’s signature look can be emulated with a black zipper t-shirt, a vividly printed scarf, a denim skirt and red tights. A tutorial to help you put it all together is available on White Hot Room.

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts by Lewis Carroll and Sir John Tenniel

It’s one with a lot of room for creativity. Keep it simple with a red dress, red lipstick, and a deck of cards, or get elaborate with dramatic touches like a set of card necklaces, a crown, or makeup tutorials from Hative.

Nancy Drew by Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene, Mildred A. Wirt and Russell H. Tandy

Channel this classic teenage super sleuth with a 1960s style dress and magnifying glass. Show off by styling your hair with extra flip flops and a headband. This Costume Wall costume guide may give you some ideas.

Miles Morales by Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli, Chris Samnee and David Marquez

The clutch factor for this one is a navy hoodie with red details, but you can increase the impact with a Spidey mask or other iconic details. For a complete DIY approach, this video from The Costume Kid is a great resource.

Easy Book Character Costumes For Adults

Wanda Maximoff from Marvel Comics

The new show has tons of options, but you can create your own retro Scarlet Witch vibe with a red leotard and cape and pink bubble gum tights. If you want an even more casual look, tap into the Modern family ambiance with old sweatshirts and a checkered bathrobe. Make sure you break the fourth wall every now and then.

For more information, check out the WandaVision coloring book or the full breakdown of Wanda’s many iconic looks in the series can be found on SyFy Wire.

James Bond from Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

To channel the vibes of 007, dress in your most stylish tuxedo, be suave and for bonus points add a Walther PPK gadget or template from designer Etsy

Offred from The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

To make a statement with Handmaid’s Tale’s ominous dystopian future, all you need is a bright red cape and a handmaid’s signature beanie, which you can create using this video tutorial from Evie Willox.

Nick Fury from Agents of SHIELD: Hydra Reborn by Scott Lobdell and Eliot Brown

It’s not easy to look this badass while running the world’s largest spy organization, unless you follow this simple DIY tutorial from Costume Wall. With a sleek long black jacket, black top, and utility pants and boots, you’ll be ready to kick your ass topless. Don’t forget the eye patch.

Sustainable tableware line, Fable, launches new addition for a dream table


Whether it’s dinner or a quick weekday meal, dining at home has never been more desirable. What you eat always matters, but ask any chef and they’ll confirm that the plate you use is just as important as the food you eat. Vancouver-born tableware brand Fable has made a name for itself with its luxurious ceramic plates, bowls, cups and serving platters, all made by Portuguese artisans. While classic white is still on the table, pale pink and beachgrass green have become a surprise bestseller.

From September 29, Fable will be expanding its own line of glassware. Like their plates, the glasses had to be chic and thin but also durable enough for everyday use. So how do you fix this problem? By partnering with an expert in the field. Specifically a “Japanese glass company with roots stretching back over 120 years.” Using an innovative high quality soda lime material that provides superior clarity, strength and transparency similar to crystal. To guarantee their lifespan, each part undergoes an “ionic reinforcement” treatment which makes them particularly resistant to scratches, while being incredibly light.

Co-founder Joe Parenteau has always been aware that any business he is involved in should be as close to zero waste as possible with minimal footprint and maximum attention to art. Compostable potato starch packaging is just one of the intentional steps Fable has taken. With their pending B Corp designation and carbon neutrality, they are on the right track.

See below for a Q&A with Joe Parenteau.

When did you decide to launch glassware?

Since we established the company, we have been searching for the perfect glassware to complement our hand finished ceramics. Since Fable is rooted in sustainable practices and ethical sourcing, it was so important for us to find a designer who shared these values ​​and could create a timeless design. glass roots that go back more than 120 years.

What is the story behind the concept of Fable.

Fable was founded as a solution to a personal problem. When we wanted to switch to top quality interior design and tableware, we couldn’t find anything that is affordable, ethically made, and also offers a streamlined shopping experience. We saw an opportunity and set out to fill the void with Fable, our goal is to elevate the everyday moments at home, and we are driven by a common vision to create products that are as enjoyable as they are ethical. Starting with tableware, our mission is to bring sustainable interior design to every room in the house. Through transparent pricing and ethical practices, we want our products to bring a sense of excitement and joy to everyday moments – and we plan to continue to make Fable a lifestyle brand and source. trustworthy for everything related to interior decoration.

How did you find your partner for glassware, and what were the criteria?

At Fable, we only work with manufacturers who are as committed to sustainable and ethical practices as we are. We landed on a glassware maker in Japan whose commitment to these areas seemed aligned with ours, and who has been making beautiful and very durable glassware for over a century. The combination of high quality products and earth-friendly practices is what sealed the deal for us.

What’s the best way to pair glassware with the table?

With clean lines and timeless shapes, our tall and short glasses were designed to blend beautifully with any table setting, all without stealing the show. The simplicity of their silhouettes make them perfect for everything from iced coffees in the morning to evening cocktails, and a round of water for the table for everyday meals or special occasions. They are as versatile as they come.

What does Fable have on the horizon for the rest of the year?

At Fable, we see a lot of opportunity beyond the dining table, and we plan to continue our mission of bringing elevated interior design to every space in the home, starting with the kitchen. Beyond glassware, discover a handful of exciting new products for the year that we look forward to sharing with you. Keep an eye out!

Get out! On a night in Seinfeld, the Marlins rally late to topple Walker, Mets 3-2


Taijuan Walker entered Wednesday night’s start with a 7.74 ERA since the all-star break.

His regression since being named to his first NL All-Star team has been well documented. For the Mets, this fall was at the center of their fall in the second half.

For Walker, one can only imagine the frustration he has gone through over the past two months.

As of July 18, the Mets were 2-10 when he started. As for decisions, Walker himself has gone winless, 0-8 since the Mid-Summer Classic in Denver.

But on his final start to the season, Walker stepped back in time in the spring – for most of his evening. Before packing up his locker for the winter, Walker threw a quality start that should keep him optimistic as the offseason approaches.

Unfortunately, as has been the case since July, Walker failed to secure the victory. In this case, it didn’t even matter how well he pitched.

A streak of hits in the eighth inning propelled the pesky Marlins to a 3-2 victory, a game the Mets controlled for most of the game.

The Mets’ 83rd loss, their last second-half loss, was a microcosm of their season in general. After leading for so long, late mistakes doomed the late team. This not only applies to that loss to Miami, but also reminds fans of how the Mets were once a first-place team for over 90 days earlier this season.

Setting a season high with 7 1/3 innings pitched, Walker allowed two runs to cross the plate. While he left the match to a standing ovation allowing no runs on just two hits and three walks, it was the two runners he put on base to start the eighth that ultimately doomed his. chances of securing his first victory since July 3.

The fact that Walker didn’t get a win in that game is even more shocking considering how focused he was in seven frames. The only Marlins affected during this period was a Alex jackson single in the third inning, who quickly retired on a bunt to the ground by Elieser Hernandez. Jazz Chisholm, Jr. has also reached base on three occasions, via a defensive error and two walks. Otherwise, # 99 was perfect and was well on its way to having its best start since May.

Unlike many Jacob of Grom debut, in which the dominant pitcher failed to secure a victory due to a lack of running support, the Mets provided more than enough offense to save Walker’s stellar pitching line.

Michel Conforto exploded a solo homerun at center field in the fourth inning, while Brandon nimmo doubled house Dominique smith in the next inning to extend the Mets lead to 2-0.

With Walker, everything looked good for the boys in orange and blue. Even after opening with an eighth allowing for a brace and a walk, with one strikeout recorded in between, things looked upbeat for Walker in his pursuit of his eighth win in 2021.

After Walker left his last start of the season, Seth lugo (3.50 ERA tonight) entered the game looking to bail out his starter. But a double by Alex Jackson and a single by Miguel Rojas quickly eliminated any chance that Walker would land in the win column.

Before Rojas got caught in a pickle to end the inning, the Marlins had scored their third run of the inning and their second at bat. All of a sudden, not only was Walker’s shutout gone, but so were his hopes of actually finishing 2021 at the top.

The score would remain the same until the ninth inning, when the Mets had their last chance. Unlike last night, when James mccann finished things with a walk-off, Wednesday did not bring such joy.

New York lost 1-2-3 in its last frame, with the last punch being a Jonathan villar strikeout to officially close the Mets’ penultimate game.

Many fans may wonder why a weekend match at the end of September between two non-competitors matters the least. No playoff involvement is involved and at this point the focus is likely on the next six months called free agency.

But seeing Taijuan Walker clinch a victory after such a difficult second half would have been one of the best scenarios for the Mets in an otherwise declining year. When asking for the smallest wins is still too much for a baseball team, it’s a sure-fire sign that a complete organizational change is needed.

The hearts and souls of thousands of New York City baseball fans – the same Metropolitan baseball team we so passionately root for – will officially go into hibernation mode after around 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. If there was one almost laughable way to end the 2021 calendar, this debacle against the Marlins is exactly this.

Hopefully Thursday brings some good news to officially put 2021 on the books.

Game player:

Obviously to Taijuan Walker who gave all his heart during his last appearance of the season.

Get out!  On a night in Seinfeld, the Marlins rally late to topple Walker, Mets 3-2

Retailers’ latest puzzle: closures at their Vietnamese suppliers


After 18 deadly months of the pandemic, this fall marked a new beginning for clothing company Everlane. She was getting ready to release a slew of new products, September marking the start of an ambitious marketing campaign around her denim.

Instead, Everlane has spent this month scrambling just to get jeans – along with other goods like bags and shoes – out of Vietnam, where an increase in coronavirus cases has forced factories to close or to operate at a considerably reduced capacity with personnel living in construction sites.

“At this point we have factories 100% locked down,” Michael Preysman, managing director of Everlane, said in an interview. “Are we hovering over things? Are we moving things? Do we adjust in the factory? It’s a non-stop Tetris game.

Vietnam has grown in recent years to become the second largest supplier of clothing and footwear to the United States after China. Vietnam went through the first part of the pandemic relatively unscathed, but now the Delta variant of the coronavirus is unleashed, highlighting the uneven distribution of vaccines around the world and the dangers that new outbreaks pose to the global economy.

As the holiday season approaches, many U.S. retailers anticipate delays and shortages in merchandise, along with higher labor prices and already skyrocketing shipping costs. Everlane said he faces delays of four to eight weeks, depending on when the factories he worked with in Vietnam have closed. Nike cut its sales forecast last week, citing the loss of 10 weeks of production in Vietnam since mid-July and reopenings set to begin in phases in October.

“We weren’t expecting a full lockdown,” said Jana Gold, senior director of Alvarez & Marsal’s consumer and retail group, which helps retailers resolve supply chain issues. “We will continue to see a high demand for goods coming from highly vaccinated countries or regions, but obtaining goods from highly unvaccinated countries which may be in difficulty.”

The stalemate has highlighted Vietnam’s key role in equipping American consumers. Many retailers have moved their manufacturing to the country from China over the past decade due to rising costs. The new tariffs on China instituted under former President Donald J. Trump have accelerated the change.

Contract factories in Vietnam made 51% of total Nike-branded shoes last year. Lululemon and Gap, who also own Old Navy, said a third of their goods came from factories in Vietnam. Everlane said the country supplies 40 percent of its goods.

As the coronavirus ravaged the world, Vietnam was hailed as a bright spot for its lowest workload and strong economy. Over 15 months, only 3,000 infections and 15 deaths were reported in the country. But over the summer, the Delta variant burst into an almost entirely unvaccinated population. Now the workload has exceeded 766,000 and the death toll is approaching 19,000.

The densely populated industrial hub of Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s virus epicenter, has seen a series of increasingly stringent shutdowns, with many factories temporarily shutting down in July. This has crippled business activity and added stress to a strained global supply chain. Although new cases have started to decline, the the government extended the confinement until the end of September, when it struggles to vaccinate its residents.

At the beginning of September, only 3.3 percent of the country’s population was fully immunized, while 15.4 percent had received an injection.

The US clothing and footwear industry has called on the Vietnamese government to prioritize clichés among factory workers. Executives from around 90 companies, including Nike and Fruit of the Loom, asked the Biden administration in a letter in mid-August to speed up vaccine donations, saying “the health of our industry depends directly on the health of Vietnamese industry. The group said the industry employs about three million American workers.

During a visit to Vietnam last month, Vice President Kamala Harris said the United States would send a million additional doses of vaccine, on top of the five million already donated, as well as $ 23 million in emergency aid and 77 freezers to store the vaccine.

“The situation in Vietnam is exactly why we need to step up our efforts to provide vaccine donations around the world,” said Steve Lamar, president of the American Apparel & Footwear Association, a trade group. Retailers have set up vaccination sites in factories to help administer vaccines once the doses are obtained and try to maintain manufacturing under the ‘three in one’ policy, where workers eat, sleep and work in the areas. factories, he said.

According to the latest government figures, almost everyone in Ho Chi Minh City has received the first blow.

Jason Chen, president and founder of Singtex, which owns a garment factory, said last week that the company’s 350-person factory in Binh Duong province was down to 80 people, who were living there for comply with government restrictions. The factory erected a tent to serve dinner to workers and transferred some retail orders to Singtex factories in Taiwan. Mr. Chen said he was prepared for Vietnamese factories to remain closed until November.

“This year in the United States, everyone wants to go shopping,” Chen said. “Some goods cannot be delivered on time. So it will really affect the holidays.

He added that factory administrators were calling workers who were in detention to see if they needed financial and other assistance. But many are in difficulty.

Le Quoc Khanh, 40, who assembles household appliances at Saigon Hi-Tech Park, said the rigidity of the government lockdown had been “very difficult” for him and his wife, who have three young children and rent their house in Ho Chi Minh. City. His employer is not yet able to bring him back, even though he is vaccinated, and he said he was forced to borrow money at high interest rates to pay for electricity, diapers and food.

“On September 15, when I heard that anyone who had two doses could go to work, my wife and I were so happy we broke down in tears, but now the government says to wait until the end of September,” he said. he declared. “My wife and I are so worried. It’s like we’re sitting on fire – we really need the money to live now.

The continued disruption of critical supply chains by the pandemic could have a longer-term impact on future investment decisions in Vietnam and other emerging economies. Companies choosing where to invest overseas have always assessed a wide range of conditions, such as taxes, regulatory requirements, and labor availability.

“All of a sudden, they have to start thinking about the public health response,” said Chad P. Bown, an economist at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Huong Le Thu, senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, added: “The Delta wave is just one variation. Vietnam, like other countries, will have to prepare for the long game and potentially more epidemics even after a mass vaccination. “

Hoping that the restrictions will be relaxed in October, some factories in Ho Chi Minh City closed since July are preparing to resume production.

For now, however, American companies are looking outside Vietnam, often returning to Chinese factories they previously worked with or finding partners in other countries that are not expanding rapidly.

It is questionable whether they will have enough time to travel before the holidays. “September is a bad time to reposition things,” said Gordon Hanson, economist and professor of urban policy at Harvard Kennedy School.

Vietnam has been a regular subject of recent revenue calls for retailers, and concerns have likely increased as reopenings have been pushed forward. Adidas, based in Germany, said last month that the delays that began with the closures in mid-July were among the problems that could cost the company more than € 500 million in sales in the second half of the year.

Restoration Hardware cited closures as a key factor in its decision to delay the introduction of a new collection until next spring and delay fall catalogs. Urban Outfitters said that while it would normally restock top-selling products during the holiday season, its main concern now is just getting products into the United States.

The outbreak emerged just as the United States appeared to be regaining its economic footing and retailers saw a rebound in sales after a difficult 2020.

“In mid-June, the world looked like a pretty good place, at least in the United States, and we anticipated this great recovery and here we are,” said Gihan Amarasiriwardena, president and co-founder of Ministry of Supply. , a small clothing company. Mark.

Production delays aren’t the only problem. Sea freight costs have skyrocketed during the pandemic, ports are overcrowded, and demand for air travel has increased so much that Ms. Gold of Alvarez & Marsal said some retailers have chartered their own planes to carry cargo.

Since last year, the cost of shipping a container from East Asia to the west coast of North America has increased from $ 4,000 to $ 20,000, according to freight company FreightCo. .

Mr Amarasiriwardena said the Supply Department paid around $ 1.50 in freight costs for a $ 125 shirt before the pandemic. Now the cost is almost $ 6 per shirt.

Macy’s chief executive, Jeff Gennette, said, “He’s the one that keeps me awake at night,” referring to supply chain issues at ports and in Vietnam. For the company, “this is a larger potential problem in the short term than where Covid is currently,” he said.

Retailers are already trying to prepare customers. LL Bean just added a banner to their website to alert customers to shipping delays and shortages during the holidays and urge them to buy early. Stephen Smith, chief executive of the company, said the post was “unprecedented” for mid-September and the company would normally start talking about holiday orders and shipping times “until October or same November “.

Mr Preysman of Everlane said he predicts the supply chain will not return to its pre-pandemic health for several years.

“You have to live in a new normal where the stability of 2019 will not return for three to five years,” he said. “It will take a long time to resolve. “

Chau Doan contributed reports.

Cardi B puts Schiaparelli’s surrealism on the streets


Photo: Getty Images

Since American designer Daniel Roseberry took over as head of Schiaparelli in 2019, he has continued the brand’s long surreal tradition. Her recent fall collection included whimsical details such as large gold brooches shaped into the shape of ears or doves; knit dresses with built-in gold plastrons; even sunglasses with a built-in spout! It’s no wonder Cardi B is a fan. The musician has just released some of his bold new fall pieces on the streets of Paris today.

Now Cardi B is used to taking style risks, so Schiaparelli’s otherworldly designs match her aesthetic perfectly. With her partner Offset by her side, the rapper strolled down the street in a tweed-style coat with a gold bib, a chunky chain necklace and, most notably, a gigantic gold helmet that also served as glasses. of Sun. You might think it was clearly for a big occasion, maybe a photoshoot or a fashion show. It actually looks like she was just going on a regular outing. We relish the idea of ​​her going to the corner store to buy a chocolate bar, casually dressed in one of fashion’s craziest fall collections. You can always count on Cardi to take her there.

UAB gameday protection stadium parking seating plan Birmingham



Protective Stadium: What UAB Fans Need To Know About Parking, Seating, Tailgating & Traffic

The inaugural UAB Blazers football match at the brand new Protective Stadium in Birmingham city center is scheduled for this Saturday! Protective Stadium is located downtown at BJCC in the Uptown entertainment district. More than 10,000 parking spaces are available within a 10-minute walk of the stadium. Construction of the 45,000-seat stadium began in late 2019. Here’s what fans need to know before visiting the new home of the UAB Blazers: PARKING AT PROTECTIVE STADIUM Visit protectorstadium.com for the most recent parking information and click to buy parking. Purchases are limited to one space per vehicle and guests must enter the parking lot in one vehicle. Reserved parking is not available for purchase online and overnight parking is prohibited. car parks are open six (6) hours before the start of the event and the car parks close 90 minutes after the end of the event. There is no re-entry once the vehicle leaves the parking lot. Trash cans will be deployed in every lot in the BJCC complex, but please bring trash bags with you to collect trash in your tailgate area. Please refrain from leaving garbage and litter in the parking areas. — WHAT CAN I BRING TO THE TAILGATE? TENTS – must fit inside the purchased parking space. Recommended tent size is 8’x8 ‘, as a standard parking spot is 9’x16’ GRILL – must be propane or electric and charcoal barbecues are prohibited. allowed but must fit in the allocated space. FRYERS – the use of large amounts of cooking oil for frying food is prohibited. PETS – with the exception of service animals in parking spaces. Motorhomes on BJCC Resort property are subject to approval and allocation of space event by event. BANNERS AND FLAG – are allowed in the parking areas, but not inside the stadium in accordance with its policy on prohibited items. RECREATIONAL GENERATORS – are permitted but cannot exceed 80dB during operation and are subject to review by the Fire Marshal and BJCC staff. – ALCOHOL AT BJCCP Public intoxication and behavior impaired by alcohol will be dealt with by the police. Fighting and threatening behavior against other fans will also be dealt with by law enforcement. Games involving the consumption of alcohol or the use of alcohol-related props are prohibited. Please do not use glass containers. All drinks should be placed in plastic / disposable cups. The use of controlled substances and the consumption of alcohol by minors are prohibited by law. The consumption of alcoholic beverages in tailgating areas after kick-off is prohibited. As of September 2015, the Uptown Entertainment District has been governed by rules and regulations to define on-site consumption of alcoholic beverages within the confines of the Entertainment District. The boundaries of the entertainment district will be clearly defined with approved signage and markings, and licensed premises within the district must comply with all Alabama Alcohol Control Board (ABC) laws, including the ban on the sale of alcohol to minors. Rules and Regulations on the Uptown Entertainment District, visit BJCC.org. – ADDITIONAL RULES AND REGULATIONS Selling items or soliciting any promotional, merchant or marketing activity on BJCC Complex property without written consent is prohibited. Large-scale parties are strictly prohibited. Examples of large-scale parties include, but are not limited to: tents larger than 10ft x 10ft; rental of furniture, on-site catering; fencing; reserved space; amplified sound; commercial grills, evenings sponsored by companies or commercially. Failure to follow these guidelines, as well as all applicable city, state and federal laws, stadium or event policies, may result in a subpoena or arrest as well as loss of privileges. tailgating and / or match tickets. —PDF: Protective stadium parking, seats, traffic maps Can’t see the integrated maps? Press here.Click here to find out more and plan your visit to the protection stadium.—

The inaugural UAB Blazers football match at the brand new Protective Stadium in Birmingham city center is scheduled for this Saturday!

Protective Stadium is located downtown at BJCC in the Uptown entertainment district. More than 10,000 parking spaces are available within a 10-minute walk of the stadium. Construction of the 45,000-seat stadium began at the end of 2019.

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Here’s what fans need to know before heading to the UAB Blazers’ new home:


  • Visit protectorstadium.com for the most recent parking information and click to buy parking.
  • Purchases are limited to one seat per vehicle and guests must enter the grounds in a vehicle.
  • Reserved parking is not available for purchase online and overnight parking is prohibited.
  • The parking lots are open six (6) hours before the start of the event and the parking lots close 90 minutes after the end of the event.
  • There is no re-entry once the vehicle leaves the parking lot.


  • Portable toilets and hand sanitizing stations will be available in each parking lot of the BJCC complex.
  • Trash cans will be deployed in every lot in the BJCC complex, but please bring trash bags with you to collect trash in your tailgate area. Please refrain from leaving garbage and loose rubbish in the parking areas.


  • TENTS – must fit inside the purchased parking space. The recommended size tent is 8’x8 ‘, as a standard parking spot is 9’x16’.
  • GRILL – must be propane or electric and charcoal barbecues are prohibited.
  • SOUND SYSTEM – levels must be respectful to other tailgaters and DJs are prohibited
  • TELEVISIONS – are allowed but must fit in the allotted space.
  • FRYERS – Large amounts of cooking oil may not be used to “fry” food.
  • PETS – except service animals are prohibited
  • OVERSIZED VEHICLES – including box trucks, trailers or grill trailers are not permitted in parking lots. Recreational vehicles on BJCC Complex property are subject to approval and allocation of space on an event-by-event basis.
  • BANNERS AND FLAG – are allowed in the parking areas, but not inside the stadium in accordance with its policy on prohibited items.
  • RECREATIONAL GENERATORS – are permitted but cannot exceed 80dB during operation and are subject to review by the Fire Marshal and BJCC staff.


  • Public intoxication and impaired alcohol behavior will be dealt with by law enforcement.
  • Brawls and threatening behavior against other fans will also be dealt with by law enforcement.
  • It is forbidden to play games involving the consumption of alcohol or the use of accessories related to alcohol.
  • Please do not use glass containers. All drinks should be placed in plastic / disposable cups.
  • The use of controlled substances and the consumption of alcohol by minors are against the law.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages in tailgating areas after kick-off is prohibited.

As of September 2015, the Uptown Entertainment District has been governed by rules and regulations defining on-site consumption of alcoholic beverages within the boundaries of the Entertainment District. The boundaries of the entertainment district will be clearly defined with approved signage and markings, and permitted premises within the neighborhood must comply with all Alabama Alcohol Control Board (ABC) laws, including including the ban on the sale of alcohol to minors.

For full Uptown Entertainment District rules and regulations, visit BJCC.org.

This content is imported from Facebook. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.


  • The sale of items or the solicitation of any promotional, merchant or marketing activity on BJCC Resort property without express written consent is prohibited.
  • The tailgate areas are reserved for tailgating. Large-scale parties are strictly prohibited. Examples of large-scale parties include, but are not limited to: tents larger than 10ft x 10ft; rental of furniture, on-site catering; fencing; reserved space; amplified sound; commercial grills, company or commercially sponsored parties.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines, as well as all applicable municipal, state and federal laws, stadium or event policies may result in a citation or arrest as well as the loss of tailgating privileges and / or tickets. match.

PDF: Protective stadium parking, seats, traffic plans

Can’t see the built-in maps? Tap here.

Click here to find out more and plan your visit to Protective Stadium.

New World Settings – Graphics, FPS, Gameplay


How to get the best graphics, highest FPS, and smoothest gameplay by adjusting settings in New World? Like virtually all video games, the default settings that the game starts up on aren’t necessarily the best. As an MMO, New World has the added difficulty of performing well enough in an online environment. This is a very tricky balancing issue, where you often have to sacrifice things like graphics fidelity for better in-game response time. But which options to turn off, which to turn on, and what is the best graphics range? for your computer? In this New World Settings – Graphics, FPS, Gameplay guide, we answer all of this and more.

New World Graphics Settings

The best graphics setting depends on your hardware. The minimum requirements for the game are:

  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • Operating system: Windows® 10 64-bit.
  • Processor: Intel® Core â„¢ i5-2400 / AMD CPU with 4 physical cores @ 3Ghz.
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM.
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670 2 GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 or better.
  • DirectX: version 12.
  • Network: broadband internet connection.
  • Storage: 50 GB of available space.
  • Additional Notes: Internet connection required to play, offers in-game purchases.

And here are the recommended system specs:

  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • Operating system: Windows® 10 64-bit.
  • Processor: Intel® Core â„¢ i7-2600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1400.
  • Memory: 16 GB of RAM.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390X or better.
  • DirectX: version 12.
  • Network: broadband internet connection.
  • Storage: 50 GB of available space.
  • Additional Notes: Internet connection required to play, offers in-game purchases.

So use it as a basis for determining which graphics settings you should set your game to. Gamers have reported that they get the best results when setting the options to high, while very high – even on very powerful machines. – resulted in a notable drop in FPS. Either way, the best thing here is to experiment and see for yourself. Activate the option “Show FPS” to determine which of them will give you the best results. A good option to enable if you haven’t already is high performance mode. It can be found under your computer’s power settings. This will give your computer priority over performance over power consumption. You should also always make sure to disable unwanted background apps. These can cause your computer to use CPU, GPU, and memory, instead of using it on New World.

The specific graphics settings that have the most effect on visual fidelity in New World are: Effects Details, Lightning Details, Object Details, Shadow Details, Terrain Details, Texture Details, Details of water and V-Sync. If your game is choppy, the best graphics options to set to medium or low are texture detail, shadow detail, and lighting detail. Otherwise, do not hesitate to set them to high, or even very high.

New performance and FPS settings in the world

In the Visuals tab, inspect your “Max FPS” setting. Set it to the frame rate of your monitor. Otherwise, those extra images will be rendered, but they won’t show, which means you are pushing your GPU and CPU for the lost images. A very surprising option that you wouldn’t normally think would have an effect on game performance is “Player Nameplate Amount”. If you set this setting too high, your screen will be filled with the names of other players, which can reduce your FPS from 5 to 10.

New World Game Settings

While the graphics settings depend on the type of hardware your computer packs, these gaming settings are something every user should configure. The first of these comes in the form of Key Bindings. Go to this tab in the settings menu. In the Action tab here, select “Swap active weapons” and choose the key combination you want. Swapping weapons like this is actually faster than doing it by pressing 1 and 2, for whatever reason. Then go to the Preferences tab and select the “Bandwidth Mode”. Set it to High. This will give New World priority when it comes to internet usage. A very important factor when it comes to online gaming.

Go to the Gameplay tab. Disable the “Enable camera shake” option. When you face a particularly large monster, it will often cause the screen to shake. By disabling this option, you will be able to more precisely control your goal. Likewise, activate the option “Always show crosshair”. If you plan to play a remote or magical user, this will make your aim much easier. Activate the options “HUD – Always show weapons” and “Show cooldowns of additional abilities”. These will tell you exactly when your abilities recharge, allowing you to use them again.

In the Audio tab, there is the option “Output configuration”. Select your preferred audio output method. This is only important if you have several audio channels on your computer (speakers and headphones for example). If you only have one, ignore it. Continuing with the audio settings, go to the Communications tab. Decide how to set the “Voice Chat Mode” option. By default, it is set to On. This means that anyone with a microphone in the game who also has this option enabled can speak to you. If you prefer not to listen to random people, set this option to off.

Target launches deals on October 10 with price match


A customer buys the party section at a Target store in Clifton, NJ

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Target is trying to win over eager shoppers this holiday season by promising them they’ll get the lowest prices on freebies.

The discount retailer announced Wednesday that from October 10 through December 24, buyers will for the first time be able to request a price adjustment on all items purchased from Target if the price drops later in the season. . Target said it will continue to match the prices of certain competitors within 14 days of a customer’s purchase, as it has done on past holidays.

Target competes for shoppers’ money against rivals such as Walmart, Amazon, and Macy’s. The holiday forecast points to a sharp increase in consumer spending. But retailers also face a host of other challenges, including inflationary pressures and slowdowns throughout the supply chain.

Buyers are encouraged to shop earlier than ever to ensure they receive all of their Wish List items. Otherwise, consumers run the risk of tripping over empty shelves.

According to a Salesforce forecast, consumers prices are expected to increase by up to 20% this holiday season. The pandemic has caused disruptions throughout the supply chain, from intermittent shutdowns of overseas factories to higher labor and transportation costs that eat away at companies’ profits. The retail industry faces an additional $ 223 billion cost of goods sold, Salesforce said.

Target will launch its holiday campaign with “days of offers” online and in stores from October 10 to 12 this year.

The company previously announced that it is taking a different approach to staffing this holiday season: it will reduce seasonal hires and give more hours to existing employees.

In total, the discount expects the store’s current staff – around 300,000 people in total – to work 5 million extra hours during the holidays. Target still plans to hire around 100,000 seasonal workers, but that’s less than the 130,000 more it hired for each of the past two vacation seasons.

Target stocks are up over 32% year-to-date. The company has a market value of $ 114 billion.

Stephanie Thatenhorst adorns child-friendly optician with graphic designs


Triangular patterned tiles and an eyeglass dispenser feature in Stephanie Thatenhorst’s playful interior for this children’s optician in Munich.

Called Rookies, the specialist outlet occupies just 30 square meters in downtown Munich and is owned by German eyewear brand Leidmann.

Local interior designer Thatenhorst designed the store as a “noisy, wild and unique children’s paradise”, with all seats and product displays adjusted to their height.

All walls in the Rookies store are finished with geometric tiles (top and top)

“When you walk into the room, you enter uncharted territory,” she explained.

“The blue carpet signals that you are entering a new world. Every little detail is kid-friendly without using the usual clichés.”

Mirrors were placed on the walls of the store
Display areas are covered with peach colored fabric and fitted with blue hardware

Filled with intriguing textures and vivid colors, the walls and ceilings of the Rookies are wrapped in green and white triangular tiles, and the glasses are sparsely displayed on apricot-colored shelves.

A ribbed yellow column with a bench seat at its base extends from the ceiling to the floor, while a series of U-shaped neon lights, designed to recall monkey swings in a zoo, light up the space.

Strip lighting illuminates space and shop windows by Stephanie Thatenhorst
U-shaped neon lights are designed to remind of monkey swings

Fabric-covered drawers with contrasting blue handles provide storage space for stock, while a series of round and oval mirrors with blue frames sit between each wall display.

“Everything is round, there are no corners to collide in,” Thatenhorst said. “Even the display cases with the glasses are round and shaped so that children’s hands can open.”

The eyeglass dispenser, which is recessed into the wall and allows children to collect their new glasses, is a highlight of the interior. It’s framed by a red plaid fabric that coordinates with the upholstery of the surrounding stools and benches.

“It’s always an experience for small eyeglass wearers when the machine comes to life and ‘spits out’ the new glasses,” said the designer. “Who would want to go home? “

Brightly colored tiles and rugs cover the walls and floors of the Leidmann eyewear
A glasses dispenser surrounded by a red checkered print is recessed into the wall

Rookies was shortlisted for Small Retail Interior of the Year at the 2021 Dezeen Awards.

Other nominated projects in the category are Flamingo Estate’s Harvest Shop, which is anchored by an adobe counter carved into the brand’s own garden.

The photograph is by Günther Egger.