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Pokemon fan creates amazing stained glass togepi for Halloween


A Pokémon fan creates an amazing stained glass Togepi with a spooky aesthetic just in time for the Halloween season.

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Pokemon is one of the most popular and creative video game franchises Pokemon fans have been creating tributes to their favorite Pokémon for over twenty years. An art fan recently decided to create a seasonal stained glass Togepi to celebrate the approach of Halloween.

Halloween events in the Pokemon The games often put Pokemon in cute little Halloween costumes, but Togepi isn’t often on the official Halloween list. That didn’t seem to have stopped Reddit user kmglasscreations from using fan-made Halloween Togepi designs as inspiration for a gorgeous piece of stained glass fanart made just in time for the holidays.

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Togepi is a small, round Pokémon mostly hidden in a white eggshell covered with red and blue markings. Her exposed head, arms, and feet are usually cream in color, but this rendition of Halloween Togepi appears to feature gray skin and an orange Jack-O-Lantern instead of an eggshell. The top of the Jack-O-Lantern has been removed to allow Togepi’s head to see through, but a peeping black face still watches from Togepi’s chest, creating an atmosphere that’s both cute and spooky.

According to kmglasscreations, this is one of their favorite creations, and fans might have a hard time figuring out why. Although this is not the first time that a Pokemon fan has created stained glass fan art, this is perhaps one of the most striking examples of stained glass Pokemon art. The piece has very crisp color definition and sharp angles on the jagged top of the Jack-O-Lantern part. The creator has confirmed that these seemingly sharp edges are in fact rounded, at least when it comes to the pieces of glass. Apparently, the sharp angles are an illusion created by cleverly shaped pieces of foil rather than something embedded in the glass itself.

At the time of writing, the Halloween Togepi stained glass window appears to have been about as warmly received by others Pokemon fans like the official themed stained glass Pokemon collectibles. One fan described Halloween Togepi as ridiculously cute, while another simply said he loved it. A third fan described the project as amazing. Kmglasscreations have a long history of creating stained glass fan art inspired by video games, so this Halloween Togepi fits their established brand. The Halloween Togepi and the artist’s other artwork, including other stained glass Pokémon, can be purchased from their Etsy store, KMGlassCreationsShop. At the time of writing, they have a few other Halloween designs available for fans of spooky stained glass designs.

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