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Steubenville Police

Pellet wound: A man was treated at Trinity Express Care in Wintersville for a BB in the side on Tuesday. He told police he felt a sting while driving east in the 2400 block of Sunset Boulevard. Police said his windows were rolled down, so there was no apparent damage to his vehicle and no one in the 2400 block of Sunset recalled seeing or hearing anything.

Lucky man: A townsman was treated and released after his car drifted into another lane of traffic, he overcompensated and ended up riding the guardrail on Tuesday, police said the car of the man had taken off, then wheeled several times before landing on his roof.

Questions about the report: An Oak Grove resident said he got into a run-in with minors harassing his girlfriend, and after chasing them away, the father of one of the minors came forward, threatening him shoot for pulling a gun on his son on Wednesday. The man who had an altercation with the children told police he did not have a firearm and would produce security camera footage of the incident. Police spoke with the other father, who said his child said there had been an argument and the other man pulled out a gun so he went to look “manage it.” He also claimed he was unarmed. She was advised to stay away from the other man.

Bitter break: A couple in the 1000 block of Wilson Avenue struggled to end their relationship with civility on Tuesday. The man had locked up his property in a bedroom and the woman was asking for a bed which she said was hers. The police told them that they do not arbitrate property disputes and explained the eviction process to them. They were called back to the residence shortly after when the man reported that the woman was becoming violent. Police say he recorded her breaking her own glasses, so they documented the state of the residence “in case it damages anything structural.” The man then told them that he was going to bed and that he would lock himself in his room.

Theft: Someone broke into a construction trailer at Trinity Medical Center West, stealing a Kobalt trimmer and a propane cylinder for a gas grill on Tuesday.

Booked: Robert A. Love, 50, 531 Linden Ave., Steubenville, was charged with possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, Sunday. Love was found on the floor of an upstairs bedroom, unconscious. Those who found him said they did not see him using drugs, but police said his breathing was shallow and his skin was gray, both consistent with an overdose, and when Steubenville firefighters gave him Narcan, he had a positive reaction. After he was taken to the ambulance, police reportedly spotted a crack pipe with burnt chor and a burnt spoon in plain sight on a television cabinet next to where he was lying. They said he was charged because he had received more than two drug treatment forms and was currently on probation in city court.

Walking away: Erika L. Benitez, 22, 732 N. Sixth St., Steubenville, charged with drug possession and probation violation (pending), Sunday. Police say they responded to the intersection of Adams and Eighth streets for a report of a woman possibly under the influence of drugs, flailing and found Benitez on the ground, slamming her body against the soil in a weeded area. Fearing she was falling into an overdose, an officer called an ambulance and restrained her to prevent further injury and said he had spoken to her to try to keep her awake. Firefighters arrived and gave her Narcan nasally, after which she was able to speak coherently in short bursts and told them she had taken fentanyl. Because she had already received two or more overdose forms, she was told she would face charges. When searched, officers said they found a blue silicone capsule containing a white rock substance believed to be crack cocaine.

Too much: A woman in the 400 block of Linden Avenue overdosed on Sunday. A man who accompanied her told her that she had used heroin. Firefighters administered nasal Narcan, resuscitating her. She received a drug treatment form.

Charged: Brian C. Digman, 35, 707 Market St., Steubenville, warrant and petty theft, Tuesday. Walgreen employees allege Digman walked into the restroom with a basket of goods and walked out with an Aldi bag full of items that hadn’t been paid for, ignored calls to stop at the checkout and left the store without paying as a passenger in a green Ford Ranger. Digman, wearing the same clothes seen in security footage, was charged with stealing cleaning supplies worth $137.

Code Issues: Notices of Violation have been sent to owners/occupiers of properties located at 726 Kendall Ave. and at 2121 Paddy Mudd Road, both for tall grass/weed.

Trashed: A Weirton resident reported that someone threw rubbish and old furniture around the old wine cart on Tuesday.

Charged: Laken Giuliani, 35, 1502 Overlook Drive, Apt. A, Wintersville, small flight, Tuesday. Wal-Mart employees allege Giuliani scanned $233 in clothing and groceries.

Quoted: Brittany Wilke, 29, 2400 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, parking in a restricted area. Wilke’s car was found parked in the 500 block of Grandview Avenue, blocking the street. She told police she loaned the car to a friend who parked it there, but by the time she arrived on the scene to move it, the tow truck had already been dispatched. Also cited: Matthew L. Withers, 34, 743 Kendall Ave., Steubenville, expired/illegal plates; Otis E. Allen, 45, 503 McDowell Ave., Steubenville, trash; Carlston R. Dudley Jr., 42, 612 N. Fifth St., headlight failure and driving under suspension, Sunday.

Hit: A miner on a bicycle was hit by a car at Carnegie Street and Wellesley Avenue on Monday. Police say the minor was taken to Harding Middle School and then airlifted to UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh for further evaluation.

Lost: A Wilkins Street resident told police she lost between $500 and $600 at the Kroger ATM on Sunday.

Stolen: A Garrett Avenue resident told police that $160 in cash and nine pills went missing from her purse while staying at her grandmother’s house on Monday. She said Family Recovery gave her 11 pills and is now missing 9.5. Another family member was in the house, she said.

Booked: Roy Neil, 38, 3 Grace St., Slovan, Pa., fugitive from justice, Sunday; Stormi D. Eddy, 21, 1648 Ridge Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence.

Jefferson County Sheriff

Troubled deals: A Cadiz man who paid his boss $4,000 for a used car and had the title change and insured vehicle notarized says the man waited until he was not there and l took over his lot, then convinced the state to issue him a lost title and now has the vehicle put up for sale on Tuesday. He told MPs that the only reason he hadn’t completed the title change was that he ran out of money that day to cover taxes owed. In the days he said he was driving his boss’s tow truck, which he said the boss assured him was insured, only to find out when he was pulled over by the Ohio State Highway Patrol that this wasn’t, and ended up with a license suspension, and then his boss fired him because of it. He said when he went to his old boss to find out why his car was on the man’s lot and “tried to be civil about it,” the man told him to leave his property and said he had already “has filed for lost title and now has a clear title to the car.”

A few friends: A resident of Tweed Avenue told MPs that someone broke into his home while he was in jail on Monday. He said he would let a friend stay at the property for the month he was incarcerated and found his 32-inch television, a saw and several other tools missing, as well as broken doors and scattered objects throughout the house. He told deputies the catalytic converter had been severed from the car he was working on, the gas lines had been pulled out and broken, the battery had been taken and there was other engine damage.

Booked: William Curtis Owens, 37, 13832 State Route 213, Irondale, domestic violence, Tuesday; Alan Michael Stevens, 32, 1204 Gilchrist St., brilliant, domestic violence; Michael Wolfe, 41, 78 County Road 8, Dillonvale, robbery, Monday;

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Nathan Ralston, 56, Louisville, Ky., receiving stolen property, Wednesday.

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