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Problems in the manufacture of glass cause shortages in stores selling alcohol; rising price


BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (WAFB) – There is no hole in the bottle but there is significantly less alcohol on some shelves.

Hokus Pokus Liquor in Prairieville is trying to tackle alcohol shortages to retain customers like Hampton Adams.

“They always have a great stock here,” Adams said. “I find a bunch of friends. We always meet. They have some of the best shopping choices.

There is a huge selection of spirits that people can choose from, but there are always particular brands, whether large companies or small brands, that can be difficult to find.

“So it is difficult to source products mainly from international suppliers, therefore products coming from France at the moment, whether it is vodka, cognac, champagne”, said Alex Van’t Leven, director General of Hokus Pokus Liquor. “These products are becoming a little rarer and especially with the approach of the holiday season.”

One of the main reasons for this is glass. Three Roll Estates, which is a rum distillery in Baton Rouge, I’m already having issues getting their specific branded bottles out. It is to the point that they seek help from manufacturers outside the country.

“We kept getting our production for bottles that kept getting pushed back every month to the point where I started looking for alternatives,” said Olivia Stewart, COO of Thee Roll Estates.

However, whenever a product is in high demand, this is when liquor and grocery stores will need to start raising prices affecting wallets.

“The way it works, especially with inflation and all that stuff and supply chain issues, it starts at the producer level, who’s going to charge a little more, and then it goes down to the consumer. “said Taylor Calandro, director of the Calandro liquor department.

Some store managers added that shipping was also a problem when it came to getting liquor items off the shelves. They hope it won’t last long after the holiday season is over.

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