Richard’s Rainwater Announces New Distribution at Sprouts and Expanded Offerings at Whole Foods Market

AUSTIN, TX— Richard’s Rainwater, the national leader in the capture and bottling of pure rainwater, reports exciting retail growth. Richard’s Rainwater is now available at Sprouts Farmers Market stores in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Richard’s Rainwater, America’s first FDA-approved cloud-to-bottle company, captures recently fallen rain and packages it in endlessly recyclable aluminum cans or glass bottles. Rain is captured before it even hits the ground, is 100 times cleaner than the toughest bottled water standards, and requires minimal treatment. Richard’s Rainwater never contains additives or harsh chemicals like chlorine or fluoride. It is available in still and sparkling rainwater and is the cleanest, most refreshing water you will ever taste.

In addition to new distribution at Sprouts locations, Richard’s Rainwater is also expanding its presence on the shelves of Whole Foods Market. The retailer made a rare off-cycle cut to add 12 packs of still canned rainwater alongside 12 packs of sparkling bottled rainwater on the shelf. Whole Foods Market also offers Richard’s Rainwater single-serving still and sparkling rainwater in the chilled beverage section.

“This is an exciting period of growth for Richard’s. We have long been known as the best choice for renewable water in our home state of Texas, but awareness and demand for our ethically sourced water is exploding nationwide,” said Taylor O’Neil. , CEO of Richard’s Rainwater. “We have seen sales double in the last 3 months and the expansion of retail distribution allows more consumers to join our mission to revolutionize packaged water.”

Find Richard’s Still and Sparkling Rainwater at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide and now at Sprouts stores across the Southwest.

About Richard’s Rainwater

Richard’s Rainwater is the premier brand of bottled rainwater and sparkling rainwater in the United States. Its founder, Richard Heinichen, began a quest to find cleaner, better-tasting water for his family ranch near Austin in 1994. His dream turned into a movement to build a network of decentralized rainwater collection distributed throughout the territory in partnership with existing local breweries and beverage manufacturers. Richard’s rainwater is collected clean from the sky before it hits the ground, bottled fresh in 100% recyclable cans and bottles, and delivered the shortest possible distance from the cloud to the consumer.

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