Shark Tank India’s ‘Glass Ka Mask’ pitcher rejected by Ashneer Grover finally ‘made it’

Rohit Warrier may not have been able to impress the Shark Tank India panel, but that won’t stop him from pursuing his goal. In his recent tweets, the founder of oral hygiene brand, Sippline, showed how he promotes his products at Hotel Show Dubai 2022. The show is one of the premier events for the hospitality industry and hospitality in the Middle East where the world and regional entrepreneurs, agencies and suppliers come to attract more customers.

Sharing his experience at the show, Rohit wrote on LinkedIn that he was pleasantly surprised that people in Dubai knew him and even asked for selfies. It comes after his business pitch was mocked on Shark Tank, specifically by Ashneer Grover. In the first season of Shark Tank India, Rohit showcased their Sippline line of products, especially the Drinking Shield. The show’s most popular shark, Grover immediately dismissed the entire pitch, calling out Rohit in dialogue worthy of a now famous meme, “Bhai Ye Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu?”

However, considering the positive response he received in Dubai, Rohit is very grateful to Shark Tank India. In one of his LinkedIn posts, Grover mentioned that the reality show has provided him with a platform that has catapulted the careers of many entrepreneurs. Although his experience on the show was embarrassing to say the least, Rohit nevertheless writes, “I use it to my advantage and advantage, as it should be!”

In one of his recent tweets, Rohit shared another customer interaction and wrote, “Q- How was day two The Hotel Show Dubai | May 24 – 26, 2022

A- It was incredibly awesome! Glad Sippline Drinking Shields, Glass ka Mask can do this. No less gratitude to Shark Tank India ever.

Internet users also support Rohit who continues to persevere. As one user commented, “Good luck, never give up.”

Another user wrote: “Super confident of the product. Grover’s reaction was brutal on such a platform. But I think the product is very unlikely to work in the market, at least in India.

One of the users encouraged Rohit and commented, “Awesome Rohit, well done.”

Rohit revealed that he will also be showcasing his products at Singapore Food and Hotels Asia (FHA) in October.

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Luz W. German