Shortsville community intensifies after house fire

Sisters Treena Thompson and Tonia Holmes spend their days running T. Spex Eyewear in Canandaigua – but for now, rather than glasses, their goal is to help a family in need.

“Something that was needed, I felt it was important to me to help as much as possible once I knew they had lost their glasses and I just wanted to make sure,” Holmes said. . “They’re an amazing family, and I wanted to make sure we could do everything we could to help them get through this horrible time.”

Holmes owns the shop which collects donations for the Plaisted family after fire raged in their Shortsville home Wednesday evening, spread the word on social networks.

“It really worked because the donations were received, surprisingly, be it cash, gift cards, clothing, housewares,” Holmes said.

The community calls, ready to donate furniture and bulky objects. This includes Jean Corino, who knows what it’s like to lose someone in a fire.

“My brother died in May from a fire in Middlesex,” said Jean Corino of Manchester. “And I know what it was like trying to get my sister back together. So that’s why I want to do this.

“It’s been nice to see faces that don’t even know family come up and just say, you know, ‘we just want to help. We can’t imagine, ”said Holmes.

Holmes got to know the family, having fitted the children with glasses during a previous practice. In fact, Holmes heard that all the children’s glasses were destroyed in the fire, so she made new ones for them.

A GoFundMe account was also set up to help the family.

Luz W. German